How I Prepped For My 14km Run


I took part in the 14km Passion North East Run this morning at Pasir Ris Park. It was my first 14km race, and truth be told, I’ve never trained for 14km. Only 10km.

It could be the lack of adequate training or just really bad air due to the haze, such that I was panting by the 3rd kilometer. So I didn’t push myself during this race and completed the run in 92 minutes.

Here’s some of the prep work I did before the race (not including training) :

1) Attached the race bib to the race tee after collecting it about a week before race day. *Cos I forgot about the race bib last year and thankfully had time to head home for it before my 10km Shape Run.

2) Cut off the sleeves on my race tee so it’s more comfortable during a long race. Should have just won an exercise tank top instead, like some of the other participants.

3) Put plasters on my feet as a blister prevention measure.

4) Laid out everything I’d need the night before my race. Socks, bobby pins for my hair, etc. *I use bobby pins to secure all stray hairs so no part of my fringe ends up poking me in the eyes during the race. I also tie my hair in a French plait instead of a regular ponytail as the latter tends to feel ‘heavy’ after a while, as it tugs quite strongly on hair roots.

5) I had a banana and mini energy bar ready for a quick boost just before the race, at the race venue.

Things I Should Have Done But Didn’t:

1) Left my drawstring shorts at home instead of wearing them for the run. Should have worn the pair with an elastic band so it sits snugly above my hips, unlike the drawstring one which required multiple adjustments during the race.

2) Worn a watch with a timing function instead of having my handphone strapped to my arm. It would have helped in regulating my running pace.

3) Trained for the 14km run (duh!). The pain of regret is truly greater than the pain of discipline.

*This 14km run cost me just S$20, which was the price for early bird registrations for Passion card holders. Compared with last year’s Shape Run, there were no pacers during today’s run, and unlike the Shape Run’s 3 pre-race practice runs, there were no practice runs for Passion North East run. I received just a tee, shoe bag and medal for today’s race. 😉

**I don’t think I’ll run any race involving more than 14km, but I just might attempt another 10km run this year. 😀

Battling The Post-CNY Bulge: 7 Ways To Shape Up After Chinese New Year

[Grace: This is a guest post by Raphael Lim, my personal trainer from Quantum Fitness. I asked him for tips on how to battle the post-CNY bulge – yup, I HAVE put on weight, no denying that. If you have a couple of inches you want to be rid of too, Raphael’s the guy to get some advice from!]

Raphael Lim 8 Days Quantum Fitness

Raphael is featured in the latest issue of 8Days magazine!

It’s Friday… and the end of the Lunar New Year. Copious amounts of eating and drinking – most of us are guilty of it during the CNY period, right? So, if misery loves company…we’ve got plenty!!!

Then reality hits and we have all gained a pound or two, maybe more, and it is time to get back on track not just metaphorically but literally!

So here are 7 quick tips on getting back in shape (or better)!

1) [A not-so-mainstream tip] Pick up where you left off. If you can, stay in generally decent if not good shape throughout the year. Doing so will allow you to quickly get back in shape despite the binge eating during festive periods. In fact, sometimes when you binge during such periods, you get leaner!

Anyway, if you fall under this category, you probably have a routine all planned out, so you just need to pick up the pieces from where you last left off.

For the general population of busy sedentary folks…

2) Choose anaerobic exercises over aerobic exercise. An example would be sprints versus long distance running. Interval training over long slow distance training.

For these 2 mentioned points you can achieve a solid workout from 20 minutes instead of an hour on the treadmill or outdoor run, more bang for the buck and MUCH better results. Just like not all calories are equal, not all exercises are equal and longer does not mean better ya, ladies? Time to stop running like a lab rat! [Grace: he’s referring to me, I think (@_@)]

3) Strength Train – Increased lean tissue leads to increased metabolism which means we are more efficient at expending calories. (For the ladies, no worries no shape shifting into She Hulk from some weights. Lifting a dumb bell will not lead to ridiculous increased muscle growth as you gals think. If it does, then all of us will have legs the size of tree trunks considering the fact that we walk on our legs which carries more than what one dumb bell weighs, so lift away please!)

4) No Crash diets – That just kills your metabolism and messes up your hormones. Oh, did I mention one will end up fatter after too?

5) Minimize sugar intake – Need I say more?

6) Make time for your body/exercise routine. It is the only body you have got and it is not replaceable!!!

7) Maintain a sensible eating habit, drink plenty of water and move/exercise regularly. When you can do that, it brings you back to the AWESOME tip at the top.

Have fun, stay safe and keep on the move!

nalgene bottle


[Grace: Thanks, Raphael! All great tips which I have come to experience myself. Lifting weights, especially, does not give me Hulk-size muscles. In fact, I struggle to get barely-visible muscles. It’s tougher for ladies, apparently ‘cos this requires testosterone, which we have too little of. Gotta keep going! 

If you decide to adopt any of the tips above and it works for you, write to me! I’ll be happy to celebrate your success with you! :)]

*Have a question for Raphael? You can reach him at raphael [at] quantum-fitness [dot] sg. 🙂

You have indulged. Now shape up! 😀

Sunday Siesta 5: I’ll Keep Running Even If I Slowly Bleed To Death

[The Sunday Siesta series: You’ll find no advertorials and no sponsored posts. Just recommendations of stuff I really like, in no more than 3 paragraphs (usually)! Every Sunday! 🙂 ]

Shape Run 2013

[In slippers after the race, due to blisters!]

I know the title of this post seems a little strange but it was exactly what was running [pun fully intended] through my mind when I participated in the Shape Run this year [Blogpost HERE]. What caused me to have such morbid thoughts were those blisters on my feet which were (ironically) not caused by running or training for the Shape Run, but due to ill-fitting Korean-style shoes a sponsor gave me. I ran the Shape Run with badly blistered feet and told myself that I was not going to give up, and that I’d keep running through the pain, even if it means I slowly bleed to death.

Why I’d think that way, I know not. Perhaps it’s because the 10km run was my goal for this year, having run 5km last year (and the SHAPE run got postponed from earlier this year due to the haze). Perhaps it’s because “giving up” is something I’m unaccustomed to. During that period, I’d also witnessed how the future MIL and most of the other old folks in the rehab centre STRUGGLED to get back on their feet, usually after suffering a stroke. Hence, if I can run, I will NOT walk to the finish line! I endured and completed my run in 58 minutes 38 seconds. I’m proud to say that I never once stopped for a “walk”. It is not just about completing the race. It is about completing it in good time despite the odds stacked against me: painful blisters [the blisters were pretty big, so I stuck something like 3 plasters on each one], a bad cough, insufficient training hours due to said cough.

While I am by no means saying that you should run a race despite feeling really ill, I’d like to say “Don’t give up so soon!” just because of a little discomfort. Of course, don’t go to extremes like Anne Qi Hui (who won this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon despite stopping to vomit several times during the race) but don’t cheat like Tam Chua Puh did just to get the finisher’s t-shirt and medal. Also, don’t stroll to the finish line and collect your tee and medal. We have enough paper chasers, so there’s no need for medal chasers as well. Where’s the glory in flaunting a medal and tee you didn’t even work hard for, right? 😛


Grace’s Quick Tips On Running Your First 10km Race:

1) Train with a pacer

2) Eat some fruit, like a banana, before the race

3) Get as close to the Start line as possible

4) It’s ok to run a little slower when you are tired. Just don’t stop.

5) Prepare your tee, bib and all the night before.

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013 WINNER: Cain Ng :D

8 Days Shirtless Guy 2013 with Rebecca Lim

I attended the 8 Days Shirtless Guy Finale Party at RedDot BrewHouse Dempsey last night and wanted to blog about it when I got home, but was too sleepy after 2 half-glasses of beer. Why half? The first was a free drink, and the second was from a stage game I was picked for and reluctantly joined. LOL!

In any case…

My trainer, Cain Ng WON! 😀

Here’s the 2nd Runner-up winner: Edward Tan, 19

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

1st Runner-up: Roshan Rohit, 26

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

And WINNER, Cain Ng, 35:

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

Cain was also awarded not 1 but 2 subsidiary titles! He is…

Mr Hot Physique

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

And Mr Well-Groomed

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

* woohoo *

I’m hoping he gets scouted for MediaCorp too, so we’ll get to see Cain on TV. He has the whole package: good looks, a hot bod and a winning personality.

And at this point, I really HAVE to casually mention that I (yes, that’s right) was the one who suggested he should join this 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search. And I constantly bugged him with questions of “Have you submitted your application? Are you sure it has been submitted? Have they contacted you?” 😀

And the rest is history.

I thought the 19 year old contestant, Edward Tan, had a good chance of winning as he has boyish good looks. But he was ultimately no match for Cain’s amazing stage presence.

I think many of the contestants were too nervous on stage and did not seize the opportunity to present themselves in a good light. There was an interesting segment in which they had to pick an envelope and the host would tell them what scenario they had to act out. After that one minute of acting, they would be given a choice of exercise equipment: hula hoop, double wheeler or resistance band. And they would have to use the equipment to flaunt their bods.

Why the 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search is more than just a flesh parade:

The 1-minute segments really tested the contestants’ poise on stage, their composure in unfamiliar situations, and whether they have a good sense of humor and creativity.

Cain was told to pretend he is the conductor of an orchestra, and he gamely put up a great performance. At the end, he even used his chest muscles to do the conducting, as he is able to isolate and move just his chest muscles. I used to laugh at him when he did that in the gym. Little did I know how entertaining that little act is on stage!

The 1st runner up, Roshan Rohit, also did a good job. He was supposed to pretend he is in a hostel and there are ‘sexy noises’ coming from the room next door. Roshan took a resistance band and began working out, stretching and flexing his muscles, claiming that the sexy noises (“oh yeah! yes!!!” etc) would be his motivation. It was hilarious!

Some other guys picked topics such as:

1) Your arm is injured but you want to impress your girlfriend’s mother, who has many shopping bags she’d like your help with carrying.

The contestant came up with an unconvincing tale of how he had injured himself from giving his girlfriend’s dad a piggyback ride to the hospital. And therefore he cannot help with the shopping bags, and he would train his girlfriend so she’d have the muscles to carry the bags. (@_@)

What I think he should have done: At least try to carry some bags despite his (fake) injury. And to top it all off, use his teeth to get a grip on an (imaginary) bag and carry it that way. Hey, you are trying to impress someone right?

2) Another contestant picked a topic that involved training a lazy client in the gym. ANYONE can bark out orders so there was really NOTHING special about what that contestant did.

What I think he should have done: Get down on the ground and do those push-ups together with your client. Shouting orders motivates NO ONE, really! When my trainer makes me do planks and hold for a minute or two, he actually joins in, and even though it is easy-peasy for him, it IS more motivating for me, the client!

I should so totally be a coach for next year’s contestants, OR be a judge. Hahaha! 😀

Here’s a final picture of the dashing and daring winner of 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013, Cain Ng:

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

Contact Cain:

*If you’d like to sign up for a personal training session with Cain, send him an email:, and cc. the email to Alternatively, you can leave a private message on Quantum Fitness’ FB page:

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013: I’m Voting For Cain Ng!

The 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search is back for the third year in a row! 🙂 And my personal trainer, Cain Ng, is a finalist! I went to show my support last Saturday in the “unveiling” (literally) of the 9 finalists. They first came on stage fully clothed, then took off their shirts right in front of us. Temperatures kinda soared from that point on…

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013The 9 Finalists with Ann Kok

As part of erm, stage games(?), the guys had to pose with Ann for pictures, impress her with their “acting” (like, seriously, 8 Days?! This isn’t Star Search, ya know!) and play a game of charades.

My trainer, Cain Ng:8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

I believe that’s “8-pack abs”, not just “6-pack abs”. 😀 Wanna find out how he gets his abs? Leave me a comment here and I’ll go ask him!

Based on Sat’s event, I think my trainer really deserves to win. And it’s not because I’m biased or anything like that. Here’s why I think he should be 8 Days’ Shirtless Guy 2013:

1) He has awesome stage presence and a winning smile. Really.

2) He’s so comfortable walking around topless. Unlike some of the guys who hemmed and hawed and weren’t too comfortable removing their shirts. One even got his shirt stuck around his neck as he tried to take it off. (@_@)

3) During charades, he randomly picked the card that read “kicking a soccer ball” (or something along those lines) but when the contestant next to him (sneakily) asked if they could swap cards, my trainer agreed! And ended up having to dance, which is erm, not quite his forte. He is just so nice like that! Extra points, I say! Judges, are you reading this?!!! 😛

4) When the third contestant had to act out “Winning a beauty pageant”, my trainer actually ‘volunteered’ his help as the “prize presenter” or else that guy (and the person trying to guess) would have been so helpless. What a gentleman! Totally deserves to win!

Here’s a picture of me and my trainer, Cain. The little blurb above sounds so wrong. Just ignore it:8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

I’m giving away a box of goodies worth over S$1,000. Stand a chance to win it if you ‘like’ my giveaway on facebook and help vote for Cain to win the 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search here:


Giveaway for the guys

*Special Giveaway* ‘Just For The Guys’ box of goodies! Ladies, you can also take part and win this for your man!

Guys, if you don’t have a personal trainer like I do, I’ll send you to AbsTrim (endorsed by actor Chen Hanwei) with this giveaway so they can work on your abs, in time for Christmas and the new year!

Win this whole set including a $1155.60 AbsTrim voucher, NIVEA For Men Cooling Volcanic Mud Foam Cleanser, Sunkiller SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunblock, and Stephen James Organics goodies!

How To Win:

1) Like my giveaway post on Facebook
2) Vote for Cain Ng (My personal trainer. Hehe!) to win the 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013:
3) Comment here when you are done with Step 1 and 2

It’s that simple!

Results: Friday, 13th Dec 2013.


Hoping my trainer wins the title! Results will be out this Thursday! 🙂

Meeting Alex Gustafsson at UFC 20th Anniversary Party

When Alex Gustafsson came and sat down at the table I was at, I had no idea who he was. 😀 If you don’t already know, I’ve only just been introduced into the world of UFC / MMA. And it’s also not my fault ‘cos he doesn’t sport that (scary) beard in the EDM I received. Muahaha! 😀

Alex Gustafsson in Singapore

Alex Gustafsson is a giant! He’s 195cm tall!!! (@_@)

Alex Gustafsson

What is more shocking is his age – he is 26. That makes him younger than me! (@_@) Ditch the beard, young man! 😛

He also has an awesome nickname: The Mauler. Watch this video and find out why. If you’re fighting him and you get knocked to the ground, he just pounces on you and bashes your head in. *shiver*


I’m looking forward to UFC Fight Night SG. Who’s gonna win – Jake Ellenberger or Tarec Saffiedine? 😉

Get your tickets here.

~ UFC Premiums Giveaway – Winners ~

UFC Jake Ellenberger Tarec Saffiedine

Folder autographed by Jake and Tarec: Matthew

Thumbdrive + Wristband: Muhammad Azmi

Congratulations, guys! I’ve sent you guys an email so kindly reply by 15th Nov, 2013, 23:59hrs to claim your prize, or I’ll pick another winner.

Signing Off, and feeling like a Champ,

UFC belt

NudeAudio: The Cutest and Coolest Speakers I Own :)

When I was first introduced to NudeAudio speakers, I was stunned at how small and light they are. I brought the smallest one with me for my staycation at Quincy Hotel.

It’s great for playing some music while at the gym. With good music in the background, my workout is a lot more fun!

Size comparison with the Samsung S3 Mini:

workout with nude audio

Connect your devices via Bluetooth and have a great workout!

nude audio

Music lovers, rejoice! You can bring this portable Bluetooth speaker anywhere with you, even to breakfast:Quincy hotel breakfast buffet 

What I love most about NudeAudio speakers is that I can bring them outdoors with me, like when I go cycling…

Cycling with NudeAudio

NudeAudio on bike

Find out more about NudeAudio via Digital Hub’s FB Page + Redeem An E-voucher:

*Reader Privilege* Receive a NudeAudio e-voucher via this Facebook link: [updated link – previous one doesn’t work for some people]

Simply ‘Like’ Digital Hub’s Facebook Page then redeem your e-voucher at Elush, Infinite and Nubox outlets:

–       istudio @ Changi Airport T2
–       istudio @ Changi Airport T3
–       istudio @ Change Alley
–       istudio @ Orchard Central
–       istudio @ Paragon
–       istudio @ Plaza Singapura
–       istudio @ Novena

–       Infinite @ Vivo City
–       Infinite @ Changi City Point
–       Apple Shop @ Best Denki Compass Point
–       Apple Shop @ Best Denki Century Square
–       Apple Shop @ Best Denki Clementi Mall
–       Apple Shop @ Best Denki Great World City
–       Apple Shop @ Best Denki IMM
–       Apple Shop @ Best Denki Junction 8
–       Apple Shop @ Best Denki Ngee Ann City
–       Apple Shop @ Parkway Parade
–       Apple Shop @ Best Denki Vivo City

–       Nubox @ Tampines
–       Nubox @ Causeway Point
–       Nubox @ Jurong Point
–       Nubox @ Sim Lim Square

Bring your music everywhere with you! 🙂

My Introduction to MMA: UFC 2013 Rule Book & Fight Terms

This is embarrassing to admit: I knew nothing about MMA till I was invited to attend today’s UFC Fight Night Singapore Press Conference. Want to find out how you can get tickets for the 4th Jan 2014 UFC Fight Night Singapore? Then check out my blogpost here.

With the press release given to me is an insightful document: The 2013 UFC Rule Book & Fight Terms.

UFC Rule Book 2013

For the clueless like me:

What is the UFC

What is MMA

There are various fight styles in a UFC bout, like boxing, judo, karate, kickboxing, kungfu, and taekwondo. Those particularly interesting to me are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and ‘Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling’ – I never knew BJJ existed till I signed up for personal training with Quantum Fitness.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling

UFC Rules & Regulations:

UFC Rules and Regulations

UFC Weight Classes:

UFC Weight Classes

This puts me in the flyweight category! 😀

There are 31 match fouls listed within the Rule Book, such as “Groin attacks of any kind” and “Kicking the head of a grounded opponent”. But one made me laugh out loud:

Timidity, including, but without limitation: avoiding contact with an opponent, intentionally or consistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an injury

It seems “timidity” is not an option in a fight! 😀

How to win, then?

Ways to win in UFC

The glossary of fight terms is also an extensive one. Know what “Butterfly Guard”, “Armbar” or “Guillotine Choke” mean? I have the descriptions but I think the terms are scary enough. Guillotine Choke, anyone? 😛

Virgin Active Singapore: Why I Cancelled My Membership

[Read my earlier post about Virgin Active Singapore here]

Virgin Active Singapore is definitely a ‘virgin’ in the local gym business. Before I’ve even worked out once in the gym, I’ve already decided to cancel my membership.

On 10th October, I actually brought a friend to their Open House to check out the facilities. He eventually signed up. I was pleased with what I saw, though workers were still busy putting together the shower facilities, the toilets were in a mess and the gym didn’t seem like it would be ready for an opening anytime soon.

I was impressed by the high energy levels of the staff, the freebies (fruit, snacks, drinks, massages), and the surprises (such as the roaming caricature artists who drew our portraits while we spoke with the consultants!)

Because I was really busy after the Open House, I didn’t have the time to pop by the gym. I thought I would wait a week or two, till the crowd died down before I’d go over.

8 days after the Open House visit, I get an email which says my membership fees are overdue. And this is extremely strange to me, because I had given Virgin my credit card details and all they needed to do was charge the fees to my card, and not hound me for money.

I ignored the email and 4 days later, I get a call from someone from Virgin about the same overdue fees issue. I tell her to just charge the fees to my card but she says it can’t be done, and I have to come by the gym personally to pay up. I tell her that I’m so busy, I don’t even have time to work out at Virgin’s gym, but I have to head down to pay?! Absolutely nuts!

She also couldn’t tell me which credit card apparently has given Virgin problems. I ask for the last 4 digits so I can check with the bank, and she cites some confidentiality clause, and promises to check and call me later.

She never called.

Two days’ later, I head to Virgin Active and met up with Duty Manager, Nora Neswan. I told her how disappointed I am with the gym, the staff (who don’t keep to their promises) and how I don’t want to have anything else to do with this gym.

She explained that during the signup process (via fancy tablets and all), the credit card details apparently didn’t get sent to the bank / were rejected. Hence, customers who had already supplied their credit card details had to do so once again by heading down to the gym AGAIN.

Is it the customer’s fault that Virgin’s payment process is unreliable? Why does the customer have to PAY for Virgin’s incompetence?

To make matters worse, I received yet another call today, from another of Virgin’s staff – Priya Naidu. In a rather accusatory tone, she tells me that my membership fees are overdue, and that I have to come by the gym to make payment, it is past the 7 days’ cooling off period, blah blah blah. I tell her that Nora has already processed my membership cancellation, and I am expecting a call only to tell me WHEN the refund of my initial signup fee (S$25 + GST) will be credited back to my card.

I got so exasperated speaking with Priya that my blood pressure must have shot up. She just couldn’t understand a word I was saying, it seems.

About an hour later, Nora calls to explain that customer forms got mixed up so Priya mistakenly called me. Er… OKAY?!!! (@_@)

I tell Nora that I would like to get an email from her, to put it all down in black-and-white, so that anyone else who calls me about membership fees will get a scolding and a forwarded email from me.

Thankfully, I have received the email:


Hi Grace,

As per our tele-conversation we will process the cancellation of your membership as of 24thOctober 2013. And it will take (14) working days for the refund of your activation fee. Please do not hesitate to call us if there’s any further issues.


Nora, Duty Manager – Raffles Place


During the Open House, I was blown away by the facilities. I was envisioning myself working out at the Virgin Active gym. But alas, it is not meant to be.

If you want to price your gym’s membership fees at a premium, PLEASE provide GREAT/ASTOUNDING/OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD customer service. For the level of service I have received, I wouldn’t pay S$50, not to mention the close to S$200 you are charging.

~ What GOOD I Have Derived From This Experience ~

  1. Delight and surprise the customer in unexpected ways: The caricature artists at the Open House really blew me away! Virgin Active really taught me a thing or two about creativity and being a fantastic host.
  2. The membership cancellation form looks great, with questions like “Why do you want to go?”, “Is there anything else you’d like to get off your chest?”, “We’ll miss you. Is there anything we can do to change your mind?”, etc. AMAZING membership cancellation form I’ll model for any future business I own!
  3.  Always, always, always keep your promises. I’m glad Nora did. This is something I’ll really drum into my staff (if I own a company in future) 😀

Even IF you are a “virgin” in this business, I’m expecting more from you. I have to, if I’m paying so much more. Does this make sense to you, Virgin Active Singapore? 😉


Shape Run 2013: My First 10km Race :)

Last year, I ran a 5km race with the fiance. This year, I decided to go for a 10km run alone (he waited in the car, and snoozed. Lucky fella!). In any case, the Shape Run is an all-female run, with only a couple of hunks taking part in the race as pacers *wink wink* 😀

Those taking part in the 10km race had to be at the flag-off point by 6.30am:

Shape Run flagoff point

My Training Regime

Basically, I have nothing to share with regard to my training for this run. LOL! The Shape Run 2013 was supposed to have taken place many months ago but it was postponed till today because of the haze previously (thanks ah, Indonesia!) 😛 My body was well-conditioned back when the race was supposed to have happened.

I haven’t been training at all recently, not this month at least. After my October 3rd trip to Jakarta, I have been nursing a cold and recently, a bad cough. And this week, I only managed to do one practice run. And I clocked over 1hr 20 minutes.

But today, I managed to complete the race in under an hour – 58 minutes and 38 seconds, to be exact. I’m definitely pleased with the outcome. I just wonder what the timing would have been like had I done enough practice runs. 😀

Taken after I was done with the race:

After shape run 2013

What I love most about the Shape run has to be the goodie bags and sponsors. 😀

After my run, I went for a free massage at the Dermal therapy booth *super awesome!*

Dermal Therapy Shape Run 2013

I also visited the Casio booth… and won a BabyG watch worth S$118!!!

Casio Booth Shape Run 2013

Shape Run 2013

There were other sponsors as well, such as BRANDS, DUO, etc. I disliked only one sponsor – Alpheus. They supplied water in small plastic cups to us. After the race, I had expected to receive at least a 250ml bottle of water, but no, it was still the small plastic cups. I spotted a small bottle at the booth but was told that it was only for volunteers. Then I spotted other ladies with 1.5litre Alpheus bottles and requested for one, but was told they were given out by mistake. I was made to feel like I was begging for water. Terrible, terrible service! I hope Alpheus never gets to be a sponsor at any other race event EVER. We run a 10km race and all we can get are puny cups of water after? *sigh*

But I shall choose to focus on the wonderful sponsors: Casio, Dermal Therapy etc. 😀 I’m definitely very happy with my brand new watch. 😀

Would I take part in the Shape Run again? Probably not, unless they have a 15km race, for instance. BUT, I would recommend all ladies to take part! It’s actually not that difficult – pick the pacers according to your desired race time (e.g. 55 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hr 20minutes, etc) and just follow them throughout the race! And the goodie bags are awesome! Train with Shape for FREE (there were 3 practice runs this year, with pacers too!) and receive goodie bags too!

Thank you, Shape Singapore! 😀

Also, lots of thanks to my energy bar sponsor, Stephen James Organics / Orevoworld. I ate two of the mini bars before the race, and I believe they helped keep my energy levels high, as they usually do. 😀 And my trainers from Quantum Fitness also did their best in ensuring I stay fit. I can now move on to the next challenge!

I’ll be on the look out for a 15km race to join next year! Wheee!~ 😀