Madame Patisserie: A Sweet “10% Off” Code Just For You :)

Madame Patisserie

Yes, #SG50 might be over but the good deals don’t stop coming! :) One of the businesses which supported my 50 for SG initiative is Madame Patisserie, a cafe at The GrandStand. I’ve not been to this cafe before, but I’ll certainly pop by the next time I head over to The GrandStand for some ‘Dancing Crab’. Who can resist desserts which look like that?! :)

Here’s a quick intro from the folks at Madame Patisserie, to tempt you into checking out their cafe when you next want to satisfy your craving for some sweets:


If you are into decadent sweets and desserts or fanciful customised cakes, Madame Patisserie’s offerings will strike all the right notes with your taste buds. Located in The Grandstand at Turf City, the quaint and feminine café serves cakes, desserts, high tea and main courses.

The kitchen is helmed by the former pastry sous chef of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Miss Sherie Quek, who places her heart into making even basic items such as white sliced bread from scratch. She prides herself in producing nothing short of high quality pastries and delicious main course meals.

If you’re looking for cakes for your next event, do not hesitate to check out what Madame Patisserie has to offer! -> <-


Get 10% Off Your Total Dining Bill:

Simply quote my name ‘Grace’ for the discount :)

You’re welcome!~

Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh at Chui Huay Lim Club

I’m not a big fan of bak kut teh but it seems that the humble pork ribs soup is enjoying a revival and becoming… dare I say it… “hip”! In fact, my blogger pal from Penang came over recently and wanted to have bak kut teh instead of the usual chili crab or char kway teow or hainanese chicken rice!

What’s going on?

I visited Seletar Mall when it first opened and there was a long queue outside Song Fa. I was rather impressed that the humble bak kut teh could find its way into a brand-new shopping mall.

And upon the bf’s invite, I am now at Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh at Chui Huay Lim Club (near Newton MRT station and Newton Circus).

The walls are filled with framed photographs of the staff and owner(?) with celebrities – both local and from overseas. A sure sign that the food is delicious? *wink*

The signature spare ribs set ($11.80) seems to be good value for money.


The soup is served almost blisteringly hot, and full of peppery hot spice. The you tiao is cut up into small bite-size pieces for one’s convenience and the preserved vegetables are surprisingly sweet.

The spare ribs are the highlight – a good balance between chewy and tender, with a good amount of fat. Oops.

The homemade barley drink’s rather diluted… though he liked his homemade luo han herbal tea.

Here’s the menu for your reference:




Opening hours: 9.30am to 9.30pm daily
TEL: 6250 4537

Ng Ah Sio has other outlets at Rangoon Rd, MBS and Tanjong Katong Rd.

Ziaja Manuka Tree: Skincare For Oily And Combination Skin

*Giveaway* Be 1 of 2 Winners of the FULL Manuka Tree range. Details at the end of this blogpost :)

Ziaja Manuka Tree skincare

I don’t think I have ever done a review of an entire range of skincare products. It’s because I tend to pick out the products I think would best suit me and incorporate them into my already very basic skincare regime. But Ziaja has this range for oily and combination skin (which suits me to a T) and the company wants to sponsor two full sets (worth S$59.50 each) for my readers as well, so I thought it best if I try all 5 products myself first. So here goes…

Ziaja Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Cleansing Gel

1) Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Cleansing Gel

I’ve said this before – I like products which smell good. And this one sure does smell good. My skin feels clean and soft after the cleanse so I really wouldn’t mind getting another bottle of this cleansing gel.

2) Manuka Tree Purifying Astringent Face Toner

The toner comes in a spritz bottle so I thought I should just spray it onto my face directly. The instructions on the bottle say otherwise though. You’re supposed to apply the product using a cotton pad. In which case, it should just be any regular bottle, no? This one makes me feel like spraying it on, like I do with a face mist. Ha!

I like how it’s cooling on the skin and gets absorbed quickly too. And it smells pretty good for a toner! It’s a pretty big 200ml bottle so it’s gonna last a really long time.

3) Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Day Cream (SPF 10)

Ziaja Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Day Cream

What’s great about this day cream is the matifying effect it gives. After one full day, my face doesn’t get oily like it usually does. I’m very impressed! Of course, the low SPF of just 10 is not as impressive, but this product helps even out skin tone and has moisturizing properties too. If you’re someone who doesn’t wear sunblock ‘cos you find it sticky/heavy/oily like I do, then you might really want to consider getting this product. This 50ml tube will fit into any handbag too, so stick it into your bag and you can apply it anytime in the day if you forget to do so in the morning. *I tend to forget about sunblock. :D

4) Manuka Tree Purifying Gently Exfoliating Night Cream with Almond Acid

I have mixed feelings about this one. It’s supposed to help with “exfoliating” but you’re supposed to leave it on overnight, instead of washing it off. And I got a huge pimple under my right eye the next day (not sure if it’s due to this). My skin also looked a little dry, with more visible pores. I’ve read reviews online and this product works better on other people, I’m not sure why, and the company has assured me that it’s not supposed to cause any pimples. However, my recommendation is that you apply a face mask after cleansing in the morning, and problem’s solved. :)

5) Manuka Tree Purifying Deeply Cleansing Peeling Paste

It works as an effective scrub with micro-beads to help remove impurities. It’s not too harsh on my skin, so I don’t mind using it more than once a week. It is supposed to help prevent the formation of blackheads too, so go ahead and apply it generously on your nose during cleansing. :)

~ Giveaway ~

To win the full set of products so you can experience what Ziaja’s Manuka Tree range has to offer, simply head over to my facebook page to take part in the giveaway! :)

Also, there’s a cool 20% OFF ALL Ziaja products at Watsons, starting TODAY! :D If there’s any Ziaja product you’d like to try now, hurry and get it at Watsons stores before the promo ends!~

National Day 2015 Dinner With Seafood From Crab Towkay

Crab Towkay

[Pictures in this post are courtesy of Max Clyne, unless otherwise indicated]

I usually look forward to watching the National Day Parade on TV but this year’s was eclipsed by something special. I had a sumptuous seafood feast for dinner with my pals! :D We had fresh seafood sponsored by Crab Towkay and the meal was put together by my talented buddy, Steven Lek.

It was truly a celebration of what’s awesome about being in Singapore. We had seafood from different parts of the world: crabs from the Philippines, oysters from USA, lobsters from Canada and mussels from Australia!

And what’s more, three of my pals in this picture are from Malaysia:

National Day 2015 dinner

And this kiddo is super amusing. He makes the funniest faces in photos. LOL.

Admittedly, it was a rather long wait for our seafood to be delivered – it’s the Jubilee weekend, what to do? We had a prawn stir-fry with some potatoes and salad while waiting. Plus bak kwa too – ‘cos there’s 50% discount at Bee Cheng Hiang!!! :) I have to say that’s a pretty cool SG50 discount, ok.

And thankfully, the wait for the seafood was worth it…

There’s nothing quite like fresh oysters and lemon. YUM:

Crab Towkay

Shucked those oysters ourselves! *pat on the back* Fresh, meaty, and very yummy. (Blogging about this dinner is torturous)

And there were the mussels Steven cooked in a secret sauce… *wink*

Crab Towkay

The MasterChef behind our seafood meal is none other than Steven, my 67-year-young pal – the blogger behind and the Executive Director of NATAS:

Steven Lek

Crab Towkay

Interesting how we had prawns, crabs, and lobsters at the same meal, but every dish was yummy in its own way. Steven had a butter sauce prepared for these lobsters, the prawns were cooked in a special dark soy sauce while the crabs retained their natural sweetness after being steamed.

At the end of the meal, we had some fruit and this kopi luwak from Bali…

Kopi Luwak

I don’t drink coffee much so I can’t fully appreciate this premium coffee. Found it really ‘smooth’ though. The coffee drinkers agreed that it’s an acquired taste. Try it when in Bali, maybe?

Lotsa thanks to Crab Towkay for this awesome sponsorship, and to Steven and Mel for putting simple ingredients together and making it an awesome feast. :D


Check out Crab Towkay for seafood deals. There’s one right now for 50 Oysters at S$168 with free delivery and free tabasco sauce. Those oysters are really good! *thumbs up*

Find Crab Towkay online via their website or facebook page :)

SIA Training Centre’s Open House 2015 – An Unforgettable Experience :)

You might have read a news report that some 5,000 people attended SIA Training Centre’s Open House last Saturday. I was one of the 5,000 and I have to say that it was one Saturday afternoon well-spent! Mind you, it was not a media invite. I signed up online and paid S$5 for a “Cabin Crew Training Tour”. It was probably the best S$5 I’ve spent this year. :D And I’ll show you why…

On Saturday afternoon, I hopped onto a free shuttle bus from Tanah Merah MRT station and got to the SIA Training Centre which is usually not open to the public. It’s located at 720 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore 486852.

Went to register for my tour, which I’ve pre-booked and paid for online… and I was given one of these souvenir-worthy boarding passes:

SIA Training Centre Open House

I can’t bear to throw it away yet (>_<)

And before the actual tour started, REAL cabin crew popped out of a mock-up plane and handed us drinks and snacks (just like on an actual SQ flight)!!!

Get a picture with these stewardesses-in-training:

SIA Training Centre Open House

Orange juice or water? Granola bar or chips?

SIA Training Centre Open House

It was such a pleasant surprise! I skipped the chips and took one of those Nature Valley granola bars. :D It’s now fuel for me as I hammer out this blogpost. Ha!

And not forgetting that goodie bag (I collected the ice cream from a SATS food truck) –

SIA Training Centre Open House

The chocolate ice cream tastes really good, by the way!

And now that we’ve gotten the snacks out of the way, was the actual tour as good?

I signed up for the Cabin Crew Training Tour (all of 30 minutes). I’d wanted to go for the Flight Simulator Tour but tickets were all sold out FAST.

However, I got to see the mock-ups of planes in the Training Centre, find out what the new Business Class and First Class seats are like, and got an introduction into the grooming standards expected of the cabin crew (courtesy of a Lancome instructor).

When your plane seat can become a ‘bed’ – a luxury the well-heeled enjoy:

SIA Training Centre Open House

Of course, you also pay a 5-figure sum for this privilege (on a flight to London) (@_@)

Spacious and filled with mirrors, the training room where our SQ girls learn about makeup, skincare and the hairstyles permitted by the company:

SIA Training Centre Open House

There are strict standards to adhere to – for instance, the bun should only be 6.5cm to 7cm in diameter, pins must be neatly hidden and the bun must not come loose when you shake it. Cabin crew should also have good skin – if you have a breakout, you’ll be given a few days of rest.

And I don’t know how these ladies can keep looking good in the very unforgiving kebayas.

If you don’t already know, the 4 colors represent the different ranks: Blue for Flight Stewardess, Green for Leading Stewardess, Raspberry Red for Chief Stewardess and Aubergine for Inflight Supervisor. The same applies for the tie color of the male cabin crew.

Cabin crew undergo 15 weeks of intensive training to prepare them for their first flight. I’m definitely curious about the training sessions because I’m always amazed at how SQ cabin crew can maintain their composure when customers are being extremely difficult. Even at this Open House, there was a “gentleman” who kept asking weird questions, such as “How come your flight stewards can wear eyeliner?! Is this allowed?!”, to which the Lancome instructor said that it was not permitted, that it was most unusual, and thanked him for the feedback.

And guess what’s the minimum height requirement if you want to join as cabin crew? Just 158cm!!!

I could have, but…

I’m not the best at hiding my emotions. Like the time I witnessed a passenger asking the crew for more bread, then asking for tea – and when it was served, requested for coffee instead. And when the coffee came, decided she’ll just have tea anyway. I had half a mind to head over and ask her what her problem was. So nope, my dream of being an SQ Girl will stay just that… a dream.

There were food and games booths that day:

SIA Training Centre Open House

And performances plus exhibits too! :)

Thank you, SIA, for that wonderful experience. I believe it was an event enjoyed by both the adults and the children. :)

SIA Training Centre Open House

If SIA Training Centre organizes another Open House next year, I’ll be sure to sign up once again! :)

Desire Aesthetics: Get An SG50 Promo For An Award-winning Facial Treatment :)

Desire Aesthetics

If you enjoy a good facial and massage (I sure do!), then you might love what I have in store for you in this post! Desire Aesthetics is offering a special SG50 promo for my readers, which you’ll find at the end of this post! :) But first, here’s a brief introduction to the company…


Desire Aesthetics is a premiere aesthetic boutique that offers a complete range of aesthetic services for the rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. The programs are customised to each individual by qualified staff producing clinically proven results.

Desire Aesthetics has won awards from Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore every year since 2008! Want to try their award-winning treatments? :)

Desire Aesthetics invites you to enjoy a treatment consisting of:
– Deep cleansing
– Non surgical skin tightening
– Massage

All for just S$50! The total value of this package is S$200! Only available at the International Plaza branch (10 Anson Road, #03-33, International Plaza, Singapore 079903) *Strictly by Appointment only: +65 6222 8586

Stay beautiful, folks! :)


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King Of Nests: Bird’s Nest Lovers, Get Your SG50 Promo Code Now :)

King Of Nests

If you’re a fan of bird’s nest goodies, well, you’re in luck! :) I have a special promo code for you from King Of Nests. :) Read on for their intro…


We are an online bird nests specialty store in Singapore. We deliver Gifts of Love to your loved ones and help you nourish relationships and build lasting bonds.

Gifts of Love = Family Love + Food

We believe in family love and strong bonds, healthy gourmet dishes and super food. Our online store sells only premium white house bird’s nests from Indonesia. Our dried nests and freshly cooked nests are packed in lovely packages and jars, which are delivered to your doorstep for your convenience.

We create unique bird’s nests dishes in our own kitchen for our family at meal times so that we can have a hearty meal together and bond over the dining table. This recipe for sharing love has worked for 4 generations in our family and we want to pass it on to you as well.

So here’s an SG50 Promo code for you so you can get $10 off with a minimum spending of $30: WWGSG50

*Please note the following terms and conditions for usage of the code:
– Only valid for online purchases / pre-orders at
– You must enter the coupon code at checkout.
– Coupon code is valid until 30 September 2015.
– Each individual can only use the coupon code once.
– Coupon code cannot be used in conjunction with other online voucher codes, privileges or discounts.
– King Of Nests reserves the right to amend/cancel the promotion at any time and without prior notice.
– Limited edition bird nests moon tarts on sale between 1 to 30 September 2015 at $18 per box. Pre-order starts online from 15 August 2015.


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BREAKFixNow Will Repair Your Smartphone & Give You A FREE Screen Protector :D



With over 22,000 fans on Facebook and an offer of a warranty of up to 6 months, BREAKFixNOw is the go-to company for professional iPhone & Samsung repair services in Singapore.

BREAKFixNow provides repair services at affordable prices for all smartphones, so give them a call if you need help with any of these issues:

+ Shattered Screen
+ Unresponsive HOME button
+ Faulty Components
– Audio
– Power
– Vibration
+ Water Damage
+ Camera Blur
+ Wireless and Bluetooth
+ Unlocking / Jailbreak
+ Software & OS Corruption
+ Battery fast discharge
+ Damaged LCD Panel
+ Microprocessor Slow
– A4
– A5

To enquire, call 6337 2739.

Visit their website here:
* SG50 Promo: Get a FREE Screen Protector with every Screen Repair *


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The Photography Academy: Up To 50% Off Coaching Fees!

The Photography Academy

The Photography Academy (TPASG) aims to “nurture and improve the professional standings and values of current and aspiring photographers, giving them an edge in the industry and profession”. TPASG is a consortium of award-winning and full-time professional photographers and coaches with 5 to 10 years of experience in the trade in Singapore.

TPASG offers customized 1-on-1 Photography Coaching to unveil your strengths and talents in photography and help you hone your photography skills.

Check out their Official Facebook Page @ or follow them on IG @TPASG :)

Services TPASG offers: Photography Workshops & 1-on-1 Coaching
SG50 Promo : 10% off all Workshops, 50% off all 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions


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Kinworks Tsubaki Hair Care: Claim Your SG50 Promo Code Now :)

Kinworks Tsubaki

Established in 1932 (in Spain), KIN Cosmetics is an international hair-care brand with a strong presence in more than 20 countries. KIN Cosmetics is a market leader among the professional labels, using the natural ingredients and formulations to deliver products of the highest quality.

KIN Cosmetics Singapore has won several awards, such as:

  • 3 distinctive 2015 Hair Awards by The Singapore Womens’ Weekly
  • 2015 Hair Awards by Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore
  • SME Asia Award 2014 by Asian Business Journal

KIN Cosmetics Singapore specialises in a wide array of professional hair products, such as hair colouring, hair and scalp treatments and home-care products, with an island-wide presence of over 200 salons and still growing.

Their latest arrival is KINWORKS Tsubaki, a simple 2-step home-care treatment that consists of a shampoo and a mask. The 400ml shampoo is paraben-free, and the 200ml mask is both paraben-free and silicone-free.

What is Tsubaki Oil?
Tsubaki oil is a natural beauty ingredient used by the Chinese and Japanese for centuries. It contains high levels of Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9 acids. KINWORKS Tsubaki Oil Shampoo (S$38) & Mask (S$40) will smoothen, moisturise and add shine to all hair types. This treatment has a warm and seductive fragrance that evokes a relaxing experience.

It is available at authorised salons and online at (Use promotional code “gracesg50” for 10% discount on all items and get free domestic delivery)

For enquiries, call +65-62580118.


*This post is part of my 50 for SG campaign – details HERE. Business owners who donate a minimum of S$50 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation will get a feature (at no cost) on my blog. :)