(Traveling Soon?) Cheapest Portable WiFi Router Rental @ 50 Cents Per Day!

We Go Native travel app

I’m used to paying at least SGD5 per day for wifi router rental when traveling overseas. So when my pal told me about the launch of the new Native Experiences mobile app and its launch offer of wifi router rental at 50cents per day (for up to 5 days)*, I signed up immediately! Japan, here I come! ๐Ÿ˜€ You may know all the benefits of getting a wifi router (no need to change SIM cards, can share among multiple devices / users, etc), but this particular wifi router can be used within the specified region. For instance, if you get the South-east Asia one, you can use the wifi router inย Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore – with one device, you can visit all four countries if you’d like! The North-east Asia wifi router will be valid for use in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Macau. And at 50 cents per day, seriously, just get it now!

(*After the 5th day, it’s SGD4.70 per day. Refer to the app for more details.)

Native iOS Android app

Available on both iOS (Native) and Android (Native Experiences).

Native is also backed by travel industry veterans, in particular Euro-Asia Holidays, which was established back in 1988 and has been a favorite of holiday goers since.

Now, you’ll want to HURRY because the launch price effectively doubles to $1 per day on 11th August. One dollar is still (dirt) cheap, obviously, but nothing beats 50-cent wifi, in my opinion. ๐Ÿ˜€

And while you’re at it, take a look at the experiences Native offers. There are also some Travel Revolution Fair Deals that you can still book via the app!

Travel Revolution 2018 Deals

Native Singapore

Just type in the country / city you’re headed to, and let Native show you what activities and attractions are on offer. Take advantage of the current National Day $5.30 promo (which ends on 12th Aug), that gives you a discount of $5.30 off any activity (limited to the first 250 redemptions)!

Euro Asia Holidays and Native travel app

The team behind the Native travel app, including the Events Management specialists from Marvele Group Pte Ltdย and the travel industry veterans from Euro-Asia Holidays.


Website:ย http://wegonative.com/

Facebook:ย https://www.facebook.com/wegonative/

Download via these links:

Native App Store Appย Native Google Play App



Uncle Bobby: Recommended Balloon Artist Who’s Fab At Balloon Sculptures

Balloon Artist Singapore

I was on my way home yesterday when I found a queue forming within Waterway Point. Some bank or insurance company had hired a balloon artist to give out free balloon sculptures. So I got in line! ๐Ÿ˜€ Ahead of me in the queue was a secondary school girl still in her school uniform. She’d gotten a chipmunk balloon sculpture that you can see ‘Uncle Bobby’ holding in the picture above. I was blown away! He even gave it a tail AND EYES! Plus a cute little red balloon nose. Since the balloon sculptor was taking requests, I asked for the ‘Enchanted Rose Bell Jar’ (made famous in the Beauty & The Beast movie) in balloon form. ๐Ÿ˜€ He made a balloon base for it so I can place it on my desk. How cool is that? And oh, the ‘rose’ isn’t tied down to anything so you can shake the ‘jar’ and it’ll move. ๐Ÿ˜€

Here’s why I think Uncle Bobby is a fab Balloon Artist:

#1: His balloon sculptures look fabulous

Maybe he’s into that whole ‘skills upgrading thing’, and always coming up with new designs, practising, honing his craft? I don’t know as I didn’t ask. But it’s clear he’s talented at this. He works at lightning speed AND he still manages to offer eye contact to people in the queue.

#2: He is so entertaining

Watch him make these balloon sculptures and you’ll realise that sometimes certain balloon parts have to be burst. He immediately makes funny noises after each mini explosion so it becomes entertaining. And with his clown getup, I was really trying hard not to laugh.

#3: He’s engaging

He’ll talk to you as he’s making the balloon sculpture for you. And he’ll even get you involved by asking you to hold on to the inflated balloons for him.

Yes, I even asked for his age (he sheepishly said “30 something”) and why he calls himself an “Uncle” (hello? I’m 30+ too). His real name is Steve and his stage name is Bobby. Why Bobby? ‘Cos it sounds like “Po Pi” in Hokkien (he says) which loosely translates to divine protection or blessing?


I hope Steve a.k.a. Uncle Bobby is back at Waterway Point again today. I’ll certainly want to make another outrageous balloon request and see what he comes up with. ๐Ÿ˜€

*He has a Facebook page called ‘Uncle Bobby Balloon Art’ – you can head over to FB and check it out.

16 Totally Lame Singaporean Jokes Only Locals Will Understand

lame Singaporean joke

(This is what you call a prawn without legs) Credit: From SGAG’s FB Page

SGAG ran a Facebook contest recently, asking its fans to submit lame SG-related jokes. Sure, some people posted stuff they found on the Internet (and which had absolutely nothing to do with SG) but others managed to follow the instructions and there were some pretty funny entries in the end. But first, this one’s the winning entry, from a FB user calledย Jimmy Lim:

Rice, Pasta and Mee kena called up for NS and they all wanted to defer. When all 3 of them wrote in, only Mee was granted the deferment.


Coz Mee Siam.

~ And here are the rest of the ‘good’ lame jokes I read, and which might send a chilly wind blowing past you soon. ~

After their date, Ah Beng and Ah Lian walked to the bus stop. She saw her bus arriving and dashed to catch it, leaving Ah Beng behind. As the bus doors opened, Ah Lian looked back to see Ah Beng desperately miming a steering wheel โ€“ heโ€™ll drive her home instead. Ah Lian responded by repeatedly pointing to her boobs and then at her head. The bus sped off.

Later that night, Ah Beng angrily called Ah Lian for an explanation: โ€˜Why you never wait?!โ€™

To which she replied, โ€˜Huh, where got? I already told you โ€œneh-mind, neh-mindโ€ what!โ€™


A Russian, an Ethiopian and a Singaporean were being surveyed by the World Bank. The question was “What is your opinion on how much money you spend on food?”

The Ethiopian asked, “What is food?”

The Russian asked, “What is money?”

The Singaporean asked, “What is an opinion?”


Interviewer: Name me 3 fruits starting with the letter โ€œAโ€.

Singaporean: โ€œAPPLEโ€

Interviewer: Good, next

Singaporean: umโ€ฆ. โ€œAPRICOTโ€
Interviewer: Good, last one
Singaporean, thinking for a while, says โ€œANG MOH TANโ€


Ah Beng and Ah Kow went travelling. After checking in to the hotel and putting down their luggage in their room, they took the lift back down. But when they looked at the buttons, they couldn’t find the floor labelled 0. Instead it was G 1 2 3 4 5 and so on. They didn’t know how to get to the ground floor.

After much head scratching, Beng pressed G, and bingo, the lift took them to the ground floor. Kow was impressed. “Wah Beng, how you know which one to press?” Beng replied, “G for Gero mah”


One day, 4 babies were born at K.K. Hospital: a German, a Jewish, a Filipino and a Singaporean.

However, someone mixed up the babies by mistake, and the nurses couldn’t differentiate between them.

However, the head sister had a bright idea. She lined the babies up in front of her and exclaimed, “Heil Hitler!”

At hearing this, the German baby raised his arm in a salute, while the Jewish baby soiled his diapers. In the meantime, the Singaporean baby turned to the Filipino baby and said, “Clean that up!”


So one day this aunty overheard this conversation on a bus:

Wife: ไปŠๆ™šๅ›žๅŽปๆœ‰ๆฒกๆœ‰ๅš็ˆฑๅ•Š? (Tonight got make love not)
Husband: ๆœ‰ๅ•ฆๆœ‰ๅ•ฆ! (Got got)

The aunty was so shocked- since when Singaporean so open minded? That is, until that night, she heard the opening song from the TV series- “็ˆฑ”


“Kak, here a fax. Yusof Ishak Uncut Sheet”
She looked at me stunned. “How dare you? And its our President”
“What?” Really had no clue what she was shocked about.
“Just because the person no longer around cannot make jokes like that”
“You just said Yusof Ishak Angkat Shit”
I said “Yeahlah. Yusof Ishak Uncut Sheet” showing her the fax.
“Oh uncut sheet”


Why doesn’t LHL work in the mornings?
Cos he PM


what kind of ghost walk backwards?
ah tan’s ghost
cause ghost tan


A plane made an emergency landing on water. The stewardess asked the passengers to slide down to the lifeboats, but the passengers refused.

The stewardess then asked the captain to help. The captain, being very knowledgeable and experienced, guided her โ€“ โ€œYou tell the Americans this is an ADVENTURE. Tell the British this is an HONOUR. Tell the French this is a ROMANTIC activity, and tell the Germans this is the LAW. Tell the Japanese this is an ORDER, and everyone will be sorted out.โ€

The stewardess remembered the flight had some passengers from India and Singapore too. โ€œWhat about themโ€, she asked.

The captain laughed. โ€œEasy. Just tell the Indians this activity is FREE.โ€

โ€œAnd what about the Singaporeans?โ€, she persisted.

The captain, taking a deep breath, patiently explained โ€“
โ€œYou need not tell the SIngaporeans anything, my dear. Once they see a QUEUE, they will join it without questions.โ€


Which is the most inaccesible place in Singapore? Kent Ridge.


Which mrt station was a teletubby?


One day, bread and kopi had an argument. Who won?

Bread won. Because when breadtalk, kopitiam.


What do you call a samosa that went to Universal Studios Singapore? Sentosa.


Question: Which local dish is the heaviest?

Answer: Wanton Mee (One Tonne Mee)


Which MRT station is the oldest?


Do you have a very lame Singaporean joke to share? Let me know. ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy National Day in advance!~

NETS: ‘Most Engaged Brand’ On Social Media For National Day 2018

NETS FlashPay Singapore National Day 2018 Merlion Collectible

I don’t usually share infographics on my blog, though for some reason unknown to me, marketers LOVE sending me their infographics via email. I’m choosing to post this one below because, interestingly, it’s about a contest that I have taken part in and also won! Apparently, NETS’ NDP Merlion Collectibles Giveaway on Facebook got almost as much engagement as the NDP Funpack Giveaway, netting it hundreds of likes, shares and comments. I’ve already collected my prize, as you can see in the picture above, and I had no idea it looked like this. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’d thought it would be a Merlion plushie of some sort, like the Merlion plushie that has been sold (out) at Daiso, but maybe better. NETS’ version is like a pleasantly plump Merlion that needs to be enrolled in the Health Promotion Board’s 10K Steps Challenge. And I just spotted someone selling it on Carousell for S$10.

National Day Singapore infographic

Credit: Isentia Singapore

There have been a number of giveaways happening on Facebook and indeed, they’ve been creating a lot of buzz surrounding NDP 2018. I have a giveaway happening on my Facebook page at the moment, and I’m giving away two leather coin pouches, and it has nothing to do with NDP. ๐Ÿ˜€ Somehow in recent years, I haven’t felt that sense of patriotism anymore. When I was a kid, about 80 to 90 percent of my neighbors would have proudly displayed the flag outside their homes maybe a month ahead of National Day. Now, I can’t even see 8 flags when I look out the window. (@_@)

How are you celebrating National Day? And more importantly, what does it mean to you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

(GIVEAWAY) Two Handmade Leather Coin Pouches From Personalised Love’s Leather Crafting Workshop

Leather Crafting Workshop with Personalised Love

My artisan teacher for the day, Yong Nian, a 22-year-old with moderate autism, is in the white PLOVE shirt.

I spent my Sunday afternoon yesterday at Sengkang Library, learning how to stitch together a leather coin pouch. More importantly, I got to interact with the artisans – young individuals with autism or cerebral palsy. I think the facilitator did a really good job of helping us get to know these artisans better. The very first activity was for us to try and break the ice by asking them questions about themselves – name, age, favorite color, favorite food, number of girlfriends (ok, I threw that one in), etc. ๐Ÿ˜€ These artisans work at PLOVE (or Personalised Love), a social enterprise which not only recognizes the individual talents of these young people but also helps them integrate back into society by teaching the general public at workshops how to put together these unique leather craft items. I made a red leather coin pouch (in that cute Monkey design) and my teacher for the day, Yong Nian, helped stitch together the blue Hippo one.

~ Update: The giveaway has ended, and winners have been announced and notified via email. ~

What also left a lasting impression on me was the facilitator’s sharing about how adults and kids respond to these artisans with special needs. At workshops with adults, people might stand an arm’s length away instead of interacting with the artisans. But when it’s a kids workshop, the young ones would be clamoring for the artisans’ attention, asking “Can you teach me how to do this?”, “Can you help me?”, etc.

How would you respond?

If I had the attention and focus that a person with autism has, I think it’ll be a great asset. All too often, we get so distracted by what’s happening around us that we miss what’s in front of us. We lack the patience to work at honing our craft, and want to be overnight successes, or instant “YouTube sensations”, or whatever it is that you want right NOW.

Though it was a short 2-hour workshop, I’m grateful for this fantastic opportunity to get to meet the lovely artisans and learn something valuable from them.

[The workshop was organized by The Best of You team, and the artisans are from PLOVE – you can find them at personalisedlove.com. I signed up as a member of the public, and this post is by no means sponsored by the companies mentioned.]

p/s: You can purchase a DIY Leather Kit over at personalisedlove.com and make your own coin pouch, card holder or luggage tag. ๐Ÿ™‚


Personalised Love giveaway

The giveaway has ended. Thanks for all your support! ๐Ÿ˜€ The winners are Amanda Lee and Sophia Ang. ๐Ÿ˜€

Amanda: Hippo coin pouch
Sophia: Monkey coin pouch

Stay tuned for the next giveaway coming up real soon! ๐Ÿ˜€

Update: Sengkang CC’s Durian Festival – Complimentary Durians REDEEMED!

sengkang cc durian festival

After I blogged about Sengkang CC’s Durian Festival, I got a full refund from the CC the very next day. AND we’ve also gotten our complimentary durians. Durian 36 really impressed with the size and the quality of the durians! So all is forgiven! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Btw, this has nothing to do with my blogpost or status as a blogger) My sweetheart went to collect the durians on his own. Durian 36 offered him a choice: either 6 medium-sized durians or get 1 really big “Old Tree” durian in place of 2 medium-sized ones. So he came home with one big Old Tree durian and 4 medium-sized durians, in exchange for our 3 Durian Festival tickets. As you can see in the picture above, with my 1-litre Nalgene bottle for a size reference, that Old Tree durian is humongous. Besides Old Tree, there’s Red Prawn, Penang Prawn and D24. But don’t ask me which is which ‘cos I can tell they taste different but I won’t know which is a D24 and which is a Penang Prawn durian. ๐Ÿ˜€

The huge Old Tree durian, not Mao Shan Wang by the way (since I’ve reviewed Old Tree Mao Shan Wang in an earlier blogpost I’ve since deleted)…

durian 36 singapore

We’re guessing this is the Red Prawn:

durian 36 geylang

One small segment (2 seeds) seemed to be rotten and was discarded. But we had enough durian for 3 containers…

durian festival singapore

Taste-wise, they’re creamy, bittersweet, not too watery, pretty delightful when chilled. Seeds are big, yes, but they aren’t Mao Shan Wang durians so it’s understandable.


So after the end of this durian debacle, I think it’s clear that the next time someone decides to organize ‘Singapore’s Largest Durian Festival’ and perhaps set some kind of record, it is best to consider a few factors, such as:

  1. Getting more than 1 supplier
  2. Have the event at the start or middle of the durian season, instead of nearing its tail end, when supply would have lessened
  3. Getting people to book the timeslot for durian collection to reduce waiting time in the queue
  4. Not overstretching. 6,000 tickets = 12,000 durians = greater chance of failing. Why not just sell 1,000 tickets and make the event a resounding success?


If anyone’s wondering, the durians are from Durian 36’s Geylang outlet (which is also the company’s HQ). Get your durians there if you still have your Durian Festival tickets with you. Best to call before you head over, to check on the durian stocks / arrival times.

FinalStraw’s Collapsible Straw Ships In November; Knockoffs Already Flooding The Market

I remember watching the FinalStraw video a few months back and when I saw the product on Shopee (I think it might even have been advertised as “final straw” or something like that), I ordered one and it’s now in my hands! Unfortunately, it’s not the real deal. BUT the pink case is gorgeous, and so far, the straw works just fine. For the uninitiated, FinalStraw is a reuseable, collapsible straw that fits into a tiny case you can hang on a keychain. Because the metal straw is divided into 4 parts, it can be folded, just like some walking sticks that the visually-impaired use. It’ll certainly fit into any handbag, clutch or pocket.

collapsible straw singapore

A size comparison with my ibanking dongle. Incredibly lightweight too!

The Original FinalStraw costs 20USD (if pre-ordered) and 30USD (retail). I bought mine for S$6.80 which is about 5USD. Shipping from China is incredibly fast as well. So yes, many manufacturers are riding on the publicity generated by FinalStraw and making lots of money from shipping out their products a lot faster than the original guys!

final straw kickstarter update

Final Straw knockoffs

What businesses can learn:

  1. Patents. Make sure you have them.
  2. Expect there will be copycats. Provide lifetime warranties, which the copycats won’t give.
  3. Speed. I can’t believe I’m getting my collapsible straw 3 months ahead of the people who pre-ordered them way before I went on Shopee and bought something similar.

Would I invest in another collapsible straw? I’m not sure. I’ve just bought a whole lot of glass and metal straws. I’ll test them all first. ๐Ÿ˜€


To pre-order the original FinalStraw, head to https://finalstraw.com/

Book Review: ‘Dying To Meet You: Confessions of a Funeral Director’ by Angjolie Mei

Dying To Meet You by Angjolie Mei

While preparing dinner, I began reading this book ‘Dying To Meet You’ by Angjolie Mei and now, before I head to bed, I’m ready to do a review. Proof that the book was ‘unputdownable’. In fact, it got me crying by page 12. What’s up with authors these days? Can’t they make us laugh, or at least laugh till we end up crying? ๐Ÿ˜€ Very good book, though I’m not so sure about whether locals would buy a book featuring a (quite stunning) coffin on the front and back cover, albeit accompanied by a HOT female who loves salsa (though you won’t know that till you’ve read the book). Though some might think it’s ‘pantang’ to work in this industry or even to be associated with someone working in this line, I think it would be quite a privilege to be friends with a funeral director (Hello Angjolie, we should meet!) because if she’s someone who does her job well, I would think that happy spirits would be hanging around her and probably granting her wishes or something – perhaps something like always having an empty parking lot in a crowded carpark or finding money on the ground, maybe. ๐Ÿ˜€ What’s there to be ‘pantang’ about?!

I learnt a few things from reading this book, that I didn’t know before:

  1. Islam forbids cremation, so Muslims have to be buried. (You can Google this. I have. It’s considered haram and apparently Muslims cannot witness a cremation or even state their approval of it)
  2. A casket has 4 sides while a coffin has 6. (Again, you may Google for images)
  3. A person’s sense of hearing is the last to go when a person is dying. So feel free to keep talking to your loved one lying on his/her deathbed.
  4. The Ngee Ann City mall is located where a former graveyard used to be.
  5. In Singapore, you may only remain buried for 15 years. (So you might as well be cremated. Just saying.)
  6. Funeral wakes usually last for 3 or 5 or 7 days. Odd numbers because the Chinese believe that good things come in pairs (ๅฅฝไบ‹ๆˆๅŒ) and funerals are considered inauspicious therefore are held over an odd number of days.
  7. The fabric square worn on sleeves of family members of the deceased are worn on the left for males and on the right for females. (Yes, I didn’t know that!)

Ok, now back to the author. Angjolie Mei changed her original name and included ‘Jolie’ because of Angelina Jolie, whose courage and commitment to humanitarian work she admired. Angjolie is the daughter of ‘the Coffin King’, the late Ang Yew Seng. When she was in Primary 5, her best friend died after he was run over by a cement mixer. Hence she now makes it a point to look out for kids at funerals and help them cope. In the book, the author also shares how she helps shield grieving family members from the media, such as when a Japanese lady in a taxi was killed after a crash involving a Ferrari in 2012. I like that. All too often, people handling newsworthy cases (such as lawyers) try to manoeuvreย  themselves into the limelight. Of course, I have not met Angjolie and can only trust what I’m getting from the book. We’ll see. ๐Ÿ˜‰

“…the day you stop feeling sadness for the family is the day you lose empathy and compassion, which is needed to work well in the industry”

If I do meet the author one day, I have two questions for her:

  1. Why PINK as a corporate color for your company?
  2. How did you do so well in the financial planning industry when you say your heart wasn’t in it? Qualifying for MDRT for 3 out of 4 years is pretty amazing.


Go purchase or borrow a copy of this book. It’ll certainly get you thinking. I remember reviewing another book involving a mortician, ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’ by Caitlin Doughty, which is also really good. Strange how funeral directors are such fantastic writers. Or perhaps they just have outstanding co-writers and editors. ๐Ÿ˜€

p/s: I would love to be cremated (please ensure I am really dead first, ‘cos you know getting burnt to a crisp is irreversible but some people are able to claw themselves out of coffins after being buried). No embalming, please! All those chemicals – yucks! And people touching my body – ARGH!!! I hate being touched when I’m alive. I’ll probably haunt those who dare touch me when I’m dead. Muahaha! And forget about turning my cremains into a diamond – please lah, spend money more sensibly. I don’t mind becoming fertiliser for a plant though. ๐Ÿ˜€

Fish & Co. @ Waterway Point: Surprisingly Good Food!

fish and co review

I’ve dined at just about every F&B outlet in Waterway Point, yet I’ve never visited Fish & Co. before. Isn’t that strange? Had a fabulous lunch there today, also because of the awesome company (thanks, Samy!) I don’t have much to say about the service (rather lukewarm, like Monday blues have been carried over to Tuesday) and the company itself (processes not quite in place since they ran out of ‘chips’ so you can have fish and (no) chips today). But either we are geniuses at ordering just the right items, or the standard’s just so high at this outlet, ‘cos both the mains we ordered were SO YUMMY!

Here’s the lunch set menu:

fish and co lunch menu

I had the White Fish with Ebiko Gratin ($13.95) that comes with two sides and a drink. My pal had the Peri peri chicken with golden fried fish ($15.95), also with two sides and a drink. As they were totally out of chips, we had the paella rice and coleslaw. SO GOOD!

Just look at the state of my plate after I was done:

fish and co waterway point review


And here’s the best of both worlds… the peri peri chicken (that sauce is amazeballs, and yes, I think it goes better with rice than chips. Haha!) and the fried fish which my pal says is battered and fried so well, it’s like goreng pisang. ๐Ÿ˜€

fish and co waterway point

Pic credit: Samy Rajoo

For a business that serves such delicious fried fish, it’s rather strange how few diners there are at lunchtime, as compared to its neighbor next door that serves raw fish.

My pal asked how I would jazz up this business. And I think you really have to get customers through the door, that’s all. I’ve been blogging about Waterway Point since the mall first opened its doors to the public, and I’ve not dined at Fish & Co. Maybe the fengshui isn’t good and I’ve never felt “drawn” here? There must be some awesome promotion that gets people in, to try the taste of the food and get them hooked.

Maybe a 1-for-1 promotion? Maybe a $5.90 lunch set meal offer for a week? Maybe buy a main and get a soup, drink and dessert for free?

But service, yes, service definitely needs to be better. Welcome diners and usher them to their seats. SMILE. Be friendly. Ask if they’ve dined here before. Don’t just hand them an iPad after the meal to ask for feedback / to collect particulars for marketing purposes. ๐Ÿ˜›

And don’t you dare run out of chips again. Seriously? Fish and chips WITHOUT chips? Would you have chicken rice without rice? Prawn mee without noodles? ๐Ÿ˜›


And don’t place the spoon on my fish (as in the first picture above). Put it on the side where there’s no food. Or place it on the serviette on the table. It’s a $13.95++ meal, not a $3.50 one at a hawker centre, after all.

Still, the food was delicious. So all is forgiven. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

*StarHub subscribers who spend at least $40 on a la carte items can redeem complimentary Fried Calamari. Only for dine-in; no takeaways! Valid till 31 Dec 2018. Check in-store for more details.

Sengkang CC’s Durian Festival Is An EPIC FAIL And Supplier ‘Durian 36’ Disappoints

sengkang cc durian festival

Sengkang CC got durian lovers all excited when they started selling tickets to the Durian Festival 2018 last month. The much-anticipated Festival would see some 6,000 durian lovers (residents of Sengkang and Punggol) descend on the Sengkang CC Hardcourt today, between 10am and 8pm, to enjoy what is supposed to be a durian feast. Tickets were sold at $5 each and limited to 1 per person on 24th June. Each ticket would entitle you to collect two durians. Some Sengkang residents were even turned away because they didn’t stay within a certain “residential area”. Others queued for hours and finally got their tickets. Today, it was a major disappointment when the event ended early because of a host of reasons: insufficient durians, poor quality of durians, etc.

It’s really strange how the CC can sell 6,000 tickets a month ago, and still not have sufficient durians for the event today. There are a ton of complaints over at the Sengkang CC Facebook page, and also on MP Teo Ser Luck’s page.

Many found themselves in the queue for the redemption of durians for hours, and were then told there were no more durians, and they had to QUEUE again for a refund. Let’s clap for the organisers…

sengkang community centre durian festival 2018

And because there’s “No Selection of Durians”, people received puny durians and also rotten ones too, according to posts shared on Facebook…

sengkang cc durian festival small durians

sengkang cc durian festival rotten durians


As we’d been told they had run out of durians, we left the queue and proceeded to the nearest outlet where the durian supplier supposedly had a stall…

Durian 36’s outlet at Blk 102 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1195, was totally out of durians.

durian 36 hougang

So many of us went over to this Hougang branch and were turned away as there simply were no durians. The dude manning the stall seemed a little shifty to me, when he claimed he did not have the contact number of the HQ in Geylang and did not know how to contact his boss. He was eventually persuaded to put a call through to his boss, but even then we did not get the response we expected. We were told to make a trip down to Geylang but there’s no guarantee there’ll be durians there. Well played. We left for home instead.


I found this new update by another person who went to the Durian Festival and was turned away a little later than us:

sengkang cc facebook page

Apparently, the CC had run out of cash for refunds (wahaha!) but would give us refunds from tomorrow onwards, till 5th of August, and we can still proceed to Durian 36’s outlets and get “complimentary durians”.

And here’s Sengkang CC’s update: We should “wait for the next durian season which could be up to 6 months later“…

Sengkang Community Club

I’m so tired of this nonsense. In 6 months’ time, who knows whether the company would still be around or whether it would have rebranded to call itself something else – maybe Durian 69 or something else – and then we’d still not have any durians. Sigh.