Review: Prawning @ ORTO (Yishun)

orto yabby fishing

What better way to celebrate National Day than to enjoy a buffet lunch and then go prawning – eat our fill then go ‘lepak one corner’ at a prawning venue. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve heard quite a bit about ORTO but never visited till yesterday as we’ve kind of retired our prawning rods – we used to have all the equipment; from new, super sharp hooks, to the ‘xia fen’ (powder used during prawning, to coat the bait). It’s true: most people won’t catch many prawns if they don’t have the necessary equipment, technique or endurance. At ORTO, there are ponds where you can fish for prawns, and others for yabby (crayfish).

This prawning venue is evidently designed for prawning enthusiasts. There are lots of plastic chairs available and many adults even stack them up for added height so they get a ‘better view’ when prawning. There are also pole holders which can hold your rod while you prepare more bait, etc. *And it appears that customers can bring their own drinks to the venue. We brought sugarcane juice while other people brought 1.5litre bottles of Coke. (We also used double hooks for the first time in Singapore, since we’d noticed on ORTO’s fb page that double hooks are allowed; or so it seems.)

What we forgot to bring, though, were caps and sunglasses. The afternoon sunlight reflected off the water surface is dazzling (and not in a good way) while the light from above was pretty harsh already.ย 

orto prawning review

It was a decent catch for both of us as we haven’t gone prawning in ages. For 2.5 hours, using just 1 rod, we caught 16 (I think) prawns. Some lucky folks caught really big prawns with tags attached to them – I don’t know what they won with those tags. But we paid some $108 for 10 hours of prawning. Yes, it’s really not cheap if you’re just counting the number of prawns you catch vs. the number of prawns you can purchase from a supermarket. But the feeling of landing a catch and having your heart beat that much faster from the excitement is something you can hardly replicate in a supermarket.

And getting to the prawning section in ORTO is a little tricky. You have to follow the signs closely or else you end up in the longkang fishing department, or the trampoline area, or the F&B section, etc. Yes, the place is pretty big. There’s also futsal and paintball too!

Lots of kids engaging in longkang fishing here. Gosh, the fish must be so stressed out. I wonder how many even survived their first night away from ORTO…

orto longkang fishing

So here are the signs you have to follow very closely to get to the prawning venue. There are a couple of these signs, with small indicative arrows. Miss a turn and you end up somewhere else. Not a bad thing if you need the extra exercise. But when the weather’s so hot, I just want to get to the venue extra quick, grab a chair and sit down and sip on sugarcane juice. (@_@)

orto prawning

ORTO is located atย 81 Lor Chencharu, S769198. They are open 24 hours for prawning, so head there any time you like. ๐Ÿ™‚


And here’s a video tutorial the folks at ORTO did, to help you out if you need some guidance:

Uncle Ringo FunFair Is Back In Punggol: Here’s What We Won

uncle ringo win

Remember I blogged about Uncle Ringo previously, and the plushies we won (1 pooh bear and 1 minion)? The mega funfair near the Punggol MRT was pretty awesome! I went to the next one at Sembawang and was sorely disappointed (didn’t even bother playing anything). This newest “pop-up” one at Punggol – near the Riviera LRT station – is not as impressive but at least we were tempted to play 3 games. Won a balloon at one of the game booths (but we didn’t claim our prize ‘cos I didn’t want a balloon) and an Uncle Ringo cushion (that you see above) from another booth. It was actually a ‘Large’ prize which we won. *We didn’t realize there’s another tier no one told us about. ๐Ÿ˜›

According to the instruction sheet on the table, getting a ‘3’ gives you a large prize, ‘2’ a medium prize and ‘1’ the smallest prize. I thought 3 would win me the bear… but lo and behold, the staff pointed to the ‘4’ pinned to one of the bears hanging above the booth. ‘4’ was nowhere on the instruction sheet. Argh. So… we won a cushion. LOL. And we were so happy at getting a ‘3’… #happyfornothing ๐Ÿ˜›

uncle ringo prizes

Anyway the game we played here was the dart-throwing one. There are balloons of various colors. You get 3 attempts to burst a balloon, but you can collect only a maximum of 1 prize. Tip: Aim for the balloons at the outer corners, or perhaps those at the bottom row. Those at eye level for adults or in the center are unlikely to contain the ‘big’ prizes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can visit the funfair over the weekend. It’s near the container eateries at Punggol. Lots of parking spaces available too.

uncle ringo funfair

uncle ringo punggol

This next game looks deceptively easy. But you have to aim for only the blue cups. If your plastic ball lands on any other color… no prize! I had 3 tries and none landed on a blue cup. Bummer… The previous edition was easier… there are different prizes attached to different colors.

uncle ringo games

I tried this next one too. Use a small net attached to a pole and fish out one of the ping pong balls. Won a balloon here but didn’t want to claim it.

uncle ringo singapore

Saw many people try to land a hoop around one of the bottle necks… and how they failed. So I didn’t play this one. The bears look like they may want to come home with me though. Next time…

uncle ringo game

I think kids will surely enjoy the rides. I was there just for the game booths. And I have to say that this smaller pop-up version was more enjoyable than the one at Sembawang, though it still pales in comparison with the awesome mega one at Punggol previously. Oh well. I’m sure they’ll be back ‘cos there are lots of kids in Punggol. ๐Ÿ™‚

uncle ringo rides

Anyway, who is Uncle Ringo, ah? I’ll have to find out next time!

Recommended: Hong Kong Street Zi Char @ 339 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

hong kong street zi char prawn paste chicken

After attending the Books Box Sale at Pansing yesterday, my pals and I were famished! We decided to trust Google for a zi char recommendation. I basically keyed in the search terms “ang mo kio zi char” and the stall at the top of the list was closed so next in line was this Hong Kong Street Zi Char which had some 4 out of 5 stars (what sort of ranking this is, I have no idea but hungry people don’t question supposedly questionable ratings). And it was barely a 7-minute drive away so off we went. And my goodness, Google is awesome! My very atas and very picky pals couldn’t find any fault at all with the dishes we ordered! We were hungry, yes, but every dish was delicious. You can’t even find fault with the plating, as you can see with the Prawn Paste Chicken dish above in a fan / flower layout with the lime in the middle. ๐Ÿ™‚

At other zi char places, the food can be stacked haphazardly like this:

wang ji 268 seafood restaurant

Prawn Paste Chicken I ate elsewhere. And they weren’t properly cooked through either.

We ordered a total of 5 dishes, and the bill came up to just $41. We were almost bursting at the seams by the end of this makan session.

hong kong street zi char ang mo kio kai lan

Even the Hong Kong Kai Lan fried with garlic was delicious. What sorcery is this?!

I had the fish (meat) bee hoon soup. Very fleshy portions of fish – watch out for the small bones within though. Add some chili padi and this is a very yummy meal on its own.

hong kong street zi char bee hoon soup

Many of this zi char stall’s specialty dishes contain salted fish, which I’m not a fan of. But I went ahead and tasted these next two dishes and boy, where they good!

ang mo kio zi char

zi char ang mo kio

If you are in Ang Mo Kio and would like a good zi char meal, look no further than Hong Kong Street Zi Char. I read online that there are a few other stalls with similar names in Ang Mo Kio but this one has a 4-out-of-5-stars rating, ok? I’d give it 5 stars anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

Address:ย 339 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

Note the opening hours below:

hong kong street zi char opening hours

Books Box Sale: How Many Books Can You Pack Into Each Box? ;)

Books Box Sale

If you don’t already know, the annual Books Box Sale is back again (4 – 13 August) and it’s a real book buffet. Just get a box for $50 and you can take as many books as you want (*as long as they fit into the box, and the box can be sealed flat, i.e. no bulges). I went for the media preview session yesterday and came home with 2 full boxes of books! In the picture you see above, that’s one box of books I packed myself. There’s a trick to it, which I’ll share with you in a bit. And yes, I paid for it! ๐Ÿ˜› In one box, I managed to pack 33 books, and in another, 39 books. So each book costs less than $1.50! (@_@) What was more shocking was the selection of books available. Some of these titles I’ve actually paid FULL PRICE for in bookstores (usually over $20 each) and they are available at the Books Box Sale! What?! Like the book ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes‘ I reviewed two days ago. Ridiculous, isn’t it? I think I’ll adjust the amount I spend on books every year by saving up the money I usually spend on buying unhealthy stuff like bubble tea and during the next Books Box Sale, return home with four boxes of books! ๐Ÿ˜€ I really need a new bookcase!

*Tip for packing: First arrange the books you’ve selected according to height, then place them into the box as I’ve shown you above. Do not stack them up! Smaller books can be used to fill the tiny spaces remaining and really thin ones can be placed flat on top just before you seal the box. ๐Ÿ˜€

Available in both hardcover and paperback at the Sale:

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Hardcover

*sniff sniff* You can get it at less than $1.50 when I’d already paid over $20. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

There’s Belinda Lee’s award-winning book too – Larger Than Life

Larger Than Life

I’ve reviewed ‘Larger Than Life’ as well, if you remember. Oh gosh. Just buying two titles at regular bookstores is the equivalent of getting an entire box of books at the Books Box Sale. Grrr.

what color is your parachute

And here’s another book that I already own, having paid full price for it:

The Leader The Teacher And You

There is one very Singaporean word that fully encapsulates how I feel about this: Sian.

There are books for just about everyone. Many of Richard Branson’s books are available, and there will be some from female authors you love as well:

Female authors

I spent over two hours at the preview and my neck was aching by the end of it, from looking down at all the titles. There are so many! There’s everything from kids books to cooking, literature to pets, history to business. And lots of fiction books too.

I found Signed Copies:

Kampong Spirit

Books I didn’t even know existed, written by people I know:

Game Of Thoughts

That’s Magic Babe Ning!

And lots of coloring books, even the famous (and expensive) ones from Johanna Basford:

coloring books

*If you bought them at full price previously… well well well… you can pack dozens of them into a $50 box now.

And there are FREE books for students too! Read T&Cs:

Books Box Sale students

And lots of kids and toddler-friendly books. Here are just a few:

Kid toddler books

Enough said! You have to head down to the Books Box Sale. Make sure you follow the organisers on Facebook so you can be alerted to things like flash sales, crowd situation updates, new stocks, etc:ย

It’s quite easy to get to the Books Box Sale by public transport. I took the train to Bishan MRT station, and crossed the overhead bridge to get to the bus stop opposite the MRT station. From there, I took bus 55 and alighted at the third stop. And the Pansing building is just across the road. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can either take the stairs or the lift to get to the Sale at level 3. If possible, bring sufficient cash ($100 should be enough) and a trolley so you can pull it around while browsing and also for transporting your books home! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Shopping & Reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

MUJI Cafรฉ @ Plaza Singapura: For Atas Japanese ‘Cai Fan’

muji cafe pork katsu donburi

The Pork Katsu Donburi $15.90 (MUJI cafe @ Plaza Singapura)

Brought my pals to the MUJI cafe at Plaza Singapura the week after it opened, and procrastinated with regard to blogging about it thereafter. ๐Ÿ˜€ The food was good, and so was the ambiance but the waiting in line was enough to make the most patient person get a little frustrated. You don’t get to sit down and have wait staff come over to take your order. Nope, you have to stand in line, place your order at the counter, make payment then go back to your seat (and hopefully, you’ve already chope-d one). You can order their deli set (or what I call Japanese cai fan) and select whichever hot or cold deli dishes you fancy, and staff will weigh each portion in a slow and steady process. To make matters worse, some fickle-minded customers who have been staring at the deli showcase for the past 30 minutes or so suddenly can’t decide if the salmon or the salad is a good idea or not when they reach the head of the queue. As they hem and haw about their selection, you’ll feel like hitting them on the back of the head. ๐Ÿ˜€ Tip: Avoid the peak lunch hour crowd if you can.

Muji Cafe Deli Set

What I call Japanese ‘Cai Fan’ – you decide which hot + cold deli dishes will accompany your rice

*Update: My atas pal, ‘Angie’ (also know as Angelina Kelly) said the Sunset Tea she’d ordered with her meal had (in her own words) “no taste”. I think she meant to say that it was not flavorful enough. Or she’d forgotten to dump the syrup into her drink. Her husband, a Mr ‘Bread Pitt’, said Japanese food comes in such small portions that one can never be full. But perhaps that is the whole point – so Japanese people stay slim.

I picked the Pork Katsu Donburi you see in the very first picture above as it’s so much easier to order with no need to select any sides and it’s supposedly exclusive to the outlet at Plaza Singapura. The salad was delightful, and I enjoyed eating the onsen egg and pork katsu as well. The 16-grain rice, well, sounds a little extravagant but the best part of this ‘Japanese’ meal is that it is light on the stomach. Yes, you are unlikely to experience a post-lunch food coma.

If you’re a fan of baked rice, there’s another ‘exclusive’ item for you:

muji cafe plaza singapura

What we enjoyed most was the mushroom soup at MUJI cafe. It costs something like $2 and is easy to overlook on the menu, but it’s delicious!

Muji cafe mushroom soup

Just look at the color of the mushroom soup and you can tell it’s full of flavor. Go give it a try – you won’t regret it!

muji plaza sing deli set

They have takeaway bentos as well. And once again, the staff will slowly ladle out your choice of hot / cold deli. MUJI cafe really should have a separate queue for folks who want their food fast, as in “1 Pork Katsu Donburi” fast. It’s so weird that I have to join the “cai fan” queue when I want to order just the donburi.

But I did have to walk past the food showcase and ogle the oh-so-pretty dessert. Try to resist those, if you can. ๐Ÿ˜› I bet it’s a tactic to get customers to spend more. “Oh I’ve been waiting for so long, might as well get another side dish or two. And the dessert looks so tempting, might as well order the cheesecake or panna cotta too!”

muji plaza singapura showcase

Here’s the dessert menu:

muji cafe dessert

Japanese ‘cai fan’ doesn’t come cheap. Prices start from $8.80. But the good thing is you can select the pricier meats instead of going for the greens, ‘cos you’ll be charged the same price. Why not?

muji cafe prices

For the Hot Deli items, I think the items which offer the most value for money are the baked salmon with miso cream, beef patty with yuzu mushroom sauce, glazed balsamic pork with roasted vegetables, spicy yuzu pork, and saba fish with japanese yuzu soy sauce. Why choose the “healthy tofu patty”? (Unless you’re vegetarian)

Muji Cafe Hot Deli menu

For the Cold Deli items, I’d choose Prawn couscous salad with yuzu-sesame dressing, thick omelette with Japanese-style mushroom, and sweet potato and pomegranate salad. No tofu salad or hijiki (seaweed) salad for me! ๐Ÿ˜›

Muji Cafe Cold Deli Menu


Have you been to the MUJI cafe at Plaza Singapura? You should pop by if you’re a fan of Japanese food or the very zen dining experience. Just don’t head by during the busy mealtimes as it’s not very zen then. Quite a good place for brunch though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’ by Caitlin Doughty

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Some books are ‘unputdownable’ which means you read them cover to cover in probably just one sitting. That usually means they’re pretty good reads. And I’ve only just discovered another type of book which you have to ‘put down’ and come up for air every so often before you dive back into reading again. Caitlin Doughty’s ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’ is a book I didn’t know I’ve been avoiding my entire life. It involves a topic that I, and the rest of society (probably), try to avoid discussing or even thinking about – death. But there’s so much to learn from this woman who went to work in a crematorium at the age of 23.

Do you know how dead bodies are embalmed? Which part of your corpse gets sliced, what gets removed, what gets drained and what is injected into your system?

Did you know that metal pieces or even superglue (as a safety measure) is used to ensure the mouth of the dead person stays shut? And the spiked contraption to keep the eyelids in place, to complete that peaceful look of being ‘at rest’ in the casket?

And if, unfortunately, you have a baby or a child that has died, do you see to it personally that your child gets cremated or would you choose the ‘online’ option of keying in your credit card details and have someone else pick up your baby/child from the hospital and get it cremated out of your sight?

All too often, people don’t want to think about such things. After all, when you kick the bucket, someone else will have to make a decision on your behalf and it’s very likely you’ll either be buried or cremated. After reading this book, I’m pretty sure I don’t want any of that embalming done. And I’m probably going to pop the question to family members and friends, and find out if they have any ‘last wishes’ as to what they want done with their corpse.

While death is certain for everyone, most of us seem uneasy about planning how we want to ‘return to the earth’. I suppose some people would classify this as a taboo topic and be so superstitious as to think that thinking about death would mean the Grim Reaper’s going to come knocking on your door soon. These same people would probably think buying insurance would hasten the occurrence of an accident or bringing an umbrella when you go out would mean it’d rain that day.

I think it’s good to have certain plans in place because if a death happens suddenly, the deceased person’s loved ones would be overcome by grief and loss. They might look for an undertaker via a Google search or ask someone for a recommendation. And all too often, they might be ripped off. Like everything else in Singapore, funerals don’t come cheap, especially if you meet funeral directors who are master salespeople.

If a funeral director posed me this question:

“Wouldn’t you want a premium Batesville casket for so-and-so? Former U.S. Presidents and celebrities like Ronald Reagan and Michael Jackson had Batesville caskets! Look… it has blah blah blah… and would totally demonstrate your love for so-and-so and it even comes with a special drawer for your keepsakes blah blah blah”

… I might find it tough to say “nope, just the regular casket will do. Yup, the cheapest one. Thanks. The rest are overpriced. Any other hidden costs?”

It would be so much better if everyone had already made their wishes known, so no grieving family member needs to fall prey to hard selling, right? No need to purchase costly add-ons unless finances allow and a “show” needs to be put on for the other people coming to the funeral.

I like how Caitlin Doughty also busts some myths with this book. For instance, you don’t have to be afraid of dead bodies and that you might catch some disease from a corpse. You won’t. According to Caitlin, the bacteria involved in decomposition is different from the bacteria that causes disease. And you are more likely to become ill from being in an airplane than sitting next to a corpse. So, if you’re up for it, why not help clean and clothe the body of a loved one?

And the book is also full of interesting bits of wisdom, such as…

“When you know that death is coming for you, the thought inspires you to be ambitious, to apologise to old enemies, call your grandparents, work less, travel more, learn Russian, take up knitting. Fall in love.”


If you haven’t read this book, go purchase or borrow a copy. It’s probably one of the most life-changing (or rather, death-changing) books on the planet.


Caitlin has also done a couple of TED talks, and here are the videos for your viewing pleasure:

Great idea: composting instead of cremating the dead ๐Ÿ™‚

And the BuzzFeed video which drew a comment about ‘what if people draw dicks on the dead guy’s face’:

Pathlight Students’ Artwork Now On EZ-Link Cards And Thermosยฎ Products

Thermos Pathlight School

I think Pathlight School has truly helped students with autism to shine by encouraging the public to support inclusion, celebrate their students’ abilities, and offering the students various avenues to showcase their talent and possibly even carve out a niche career. Some Pathlight students have recently gotten their artwork featured on EZ-Link cards andย Thermosยฎ products and I think it’s absolutely brilliant!

The tumbler you see above has the artwork ofย student artist Jonathan Cai, while this food jar below is embellished with local kueh by student artist Grace Ong.

thermos the pathlight school

You can find the products in major department stores and at The Art Faculty by Pathlight. The tumbler retails at $47 and the food jar at $49.

And if you like one-of-a-kind items, you can bid for and (possibly) win one for yourself here:ย

And as for the EZ-Link cards, I love that Sheng Jie’s dinosaur artwork are used once again. This design went on the pouch that Ho Ching made famous (if you recall) ๐Ÿ˜€

Pathlight Dino Series ezlink card

The Dino Series is available in six different colors (with packaging) at S$8 each on EZ-Link’s Online Shop. The Singapore Shophouses Collection will be available in a set of three cards at EZ-Link’s Online Shop at S$15 from 21 July 2017 and individually at TransitLink Ticket Offices at S$12 with S$7 load value from August 2017.


Follow Pathlight on Facebook for more information:ย 

*Pictures used in this blogpost are from Pathlight’s Facebook Page and EZ-Link’s online store.

Bangkok Jam @ Plaza Singapura: Extra Enjoyable Meals With 50% Discount

bangkok jam review

There are a few restaurants I always go back to when I visit certain malls. And if it’s not for websites / apps like Groupon / Fave or Eatigo, I certainly won’t get out of my comfort zone. Because of Eatigo, I had dinner at Bangkok Jam with my pals (‘Angie’ and ‘Bread Pitt’) for the very first time. And what do I order at a place which sells Thai food? Phad Thai, of course! ๐Ÿ˜€ This version with seafood costs just $6++ after the 50% discount, thanks to Eatigo.

‘Angie’ ordered the Tom Yum Seafood with noodles ($6++), and found it was a rather small portion size. I joked that it’s 50% of the usual quantity because of the discount.

bangkok jam promotion

My other pal ordered the Soft Shell Crab with a Mellow Yellow Curry ($9++). I thought the crab was overly salty, but since he’d ordered rice to go with it, it wasn’t too bad. The curry, on the other hand, seems to be more of an acquired taste.

bangkok jam plaza singapura

Angie wanted dessert so they had Caramelized Tapioca with Coconut Milk ($3.95++). She found the tapioca rather hard but her husband thinks it’s fine. I don’t usually eat tapioca so I don’t have a verdict on this one.

bangkok jam caramelized tapioca with coconut milk


All in all, this meal cost about $10 per person. I love Eatigo already. Note that the discounts will usually not apply to drinks. But Bangkok Jam serves complimentary iced water (and they put oranges into the water too so there’s a nice fragrance) which I’m thankful for! ๐Ÿ˜€ Also, the ‘percentage’ discount is different across outlets and depends very much on what time you arrive at the restaurant. For us, because we came by the restaurant for an early dinner (between 4pm and 6pm), we were entitled to the 50% discount. If you make a reservation and pop by at any other time slot, the discount varies, so check the Eatigo website / app and make your reservation there.

Book Review: Sherlock Sam’s Orange Shorts

Sherlock Sam's Orange Shorts

I think it’s perfectly fine for adults to enjoy cartoons and indulge in reading children’s books as these forms of entertainment (and also, education) were created by adults anyway and I do think they help in encouraging creativity. It’s only in books like this one that you can stop the ‘enemy’ by throwing chicken wings at it, for instance. ๐Ÿ˜€ And I think the authors do include a few Singapore-related details that may go over the heads of the young ones, but which the adults reading the books would be able to pick out.

In this particular title, ‘Sherlock Sam’s Orange Shorts’, which has 10 short stories within, my favorite is ‘Wen Di and the Art of Colour-Fu In the Middle Kingdom’. I think the idea of wielding magic (colorful magic!) by saying the names of the colors in Mandarin is such a cool idea. And like so many Singaporean kids, Wen Di has trouble with her Mandarin and so cannot pass an entrance exam, but keeping her cool and being brave helped her save the villagers, her parents, and even the examiners from a nasty ‘void demon’. So, all’s well that ends well. I think it’s a great story that many kids will be able to relate to, as Mandarin is not a subject that many speak at home or do well in at school. Once kids can relate to this heroine, they are so much more likely to be able to appreciate the lessons within the story, such as how a little bit of creative thinking and keeping cool in a dangerous situation can help you get out of a tight spot.

Also, if you’re wondering, A.J. Low (the ‘author’ of this series) actually refers to a husband-and-wife writing team – 1 angmoh, 1 local. Hence the stories have fantastical elements yet include a few Singaporean details. I do look forward to reading and enjoying more of the titles in this series. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have a kid in primary school, or if you’d like to read a children’s book once in a while, this book would be a good choice.

Addicts Anonymous: My New Favorite Shoe Brand For Sneakers!

Addicts Anonymous

Aren’t these pompom sneakers the cutest? ๐Ÿ˜€ They are from the brand Addicts Anonymous which offers affordable shoe designs. The parent company, Enviably Me, also manages the brandsย Melissa (the original jelly shoe from Brazil) and Emu Australia (a premium Australian footwear brand). You can get Addicts Anonymous footwear (not just sneakers) online on Zalora, for instance.

These pompom sneakers are now selling on Zalora for just $29.90 (pink) and $26.90 (grey). And in case you were wondering, the pompoms are removable! I like the pink ones more, obviously. And for the added metallic detailing at the front and back!

Addicts Anonymous shoes singapore

This color combination reminds me of the Karl Lagerfeld bag accessory:

addicts anonymous shoes review

I’ve returned this next pair as I felt it looked better in the picture online. I think it’s modeled after Adidas’ designs but I don’t think the beige looks very good.

addicts anonymous shoes review singapore

There are some hits and misses but when you find a pair you really like, that’s priced really affordably, it’s awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€ This pair is in a sweet rose pink, and is for keeps!

addicts anonymous shoe brand

*Update: This particular pair needs some breaking-in. My first time wearing it out, I got such bad cuts at the back of my ankles. It felt like paper cuts with each step I took.


“Enviably Me was set up in 2009 by Terence Yow in pursuit of his vision to creating a business that is not only commercially viable but also one that makes a positive impact and real difference to the social and physical communities it operates in.

Enviably Meโ€™s first retail outlet, echo, opened in 2009 at Wheelock Place was a multi-brand retail concept that offered eco-friendly lifestyle products such as Harveys seatbelt bags, and Melissa eco-plastic shoes to consumers. In 2012, echo made way for MDREAMS, Singapore’s first Melissa flagship store.

In 2017, Enviably Me introduced 2 more new brands – Emu Australia and Addicts Anonymous, a new milestone for the company, and the beginning of new adventures as the company sets its eyes on the global stage.

The team also volunteers at Child at Street 11, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping low income and dysfunctional families provide quality early years education for their children.”