Green Signature: Vegetarian Food At Waterway Point

Green Signature Waterway Point

Green Signature is one of Waterway Point’s new additions and I had lunch there today. I was feeling a bit sad that Zakka Thai has been replaced by Green Signature. But I perked up at the sight of the S$1 Claypot Rice with Chicken in Gong Bao Sauce. S$1? Where can you find $1 Claypot Rice in Singapore?! What’s the catch? Well, you have to buy a drink, and I did. Their Homemade Barley drink costs $2.30++. Take a good look at the poster and you’ll see a claypot dish brimming with “chicken”, veggies and mushroom, and you can see almost no rice. That’s the Expectation. And now… here is reality:

Waterway Point Green Signature review

What went through my mind when the server put the dish in front of me was “erm, so much rice, and just half of the ingredients shown in the poster?” Looks nothing like what’s advertised. But for $1, you really cannot complain, ya? As for the barley drink, it was incredibly diluted. Basically, it’s water that looks like it could be a barley beverage.

I actually found the taste of the food decent. The seasoning’s done just right so it’s not too salty. The rice even had that burnt/charred smell and taste – I know some people love it.The claypot keeps the dish steaming hot throughout the meal so if you’re a slow eater, this will ensure the food doesn’t get cold before you’re done. However, be very careful. I nearly got myself scalded when the back of my hand accidentally brushed against the claypot. It’s SUPER hot. If you’re dining with young children, make sure you keep the claypot out of their reach otherwise you’ll have howling and wailing kids in no time!

I didn’t finish the rice as it’s pretty charred at the bottom:

Green Signature vegetarian food at Waterway Point

For a total of just S$3.90, it was a so-so meal. Would I be back again soon? Maybe. I’ll give the other dishes a try. This place is opened by the AONE Group. You’ve probably tried their porridge elsewhere before. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very smart of them to take over this outlet that used to house Zakka Thai. They’ve kept the furniture and the kitchen looks similar. Probably didn’t have to spend very much on renovation.

That said, sit as close to the entrance as possible. The further into the shop you get, the more cramped the seating space is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Green Signature is located at #01-29 of Waterway Point. Tel: 6242 3919.


Why Millennials Are Always Late, And Why It’s Actually YOUR Fault!

Why Millennials Always Late

I’d wanted to title this post “I Threw A Millennial Out Of My Class” but figured it sounded too harsh. The millennial in question is also one who teaches CEOs and bosses about how to handle millennials in the workplace. *cough cough* He even wrote a book about it. Recently, he showed up unannounced at a talk I was conducting. During the self-introduction round, I asked him to share with the class about how we’d previously met to talk about a book review I was (initially) happy to do about his new book on millennials. He proceeded to tell the class how I’d read only half of his book and did not review it.

Gosh that sounded bad. If you follow this blog, you know I LOVE reviewing books.

The reason I could not bring myself to complete reading the book is because of the way I was treated by this millennial who showed up really late for our appointment. How he behaved (first impressions last, remember?) and how he is portrayed within the book were total opposites.

We’d arranged to meet at Suntec City on 23rd March 2017, then he changed the location 2 hours before the meetup:

Author Of Book On Millennials

He did not ask for permission: “Hi Grace, would you mind meeting at Dhoby Ghaut instead of Suntec City?”. And he certainly did not provide a reason for the sudden change, e.g. “I’m so sorry, I forgot that I’m meeting someone else at Dhoby Ghaut right after so I can spend more time chatting with you if we meet at Dhoby Ghaut instead. Would that be alright with you? I really want to hear more about what you do for a living.”

Yes, millennials take things and people for granted.

I arrived at 10.40am, a good twenty minutes before our scheduled appointment time, and at 10.55am, he says he is “reaching”. <- NEVER trust a millennial who tells you he/she is reaching. If they say they’re on the way, you can bet your last dollar that they’re still at home.

At 11.15am, the person who was supposedly “reaching” at around 10.55am reveals he’s at Suntec. He says it was a bad idea to change the location for our meetup, but does not say whose bad idea it was. Certainly not mine. I accommodated the change and I was even EARLY, not just punctual.

Then he tells me to wait a little while longer because he’s “only [a] few stops” away.

Finally, he asks for directions to get to where I am. From the time I arrived till the time he sat down across from me, a good hour has passed.

To add insult to injury, this millennial takes a stack of books out of his backpack and proceeds to hand them to me, and I’m like “woah woah hang on a minute”. I need just ONE copy for a book review, but you want me to take this stack and hand it out to the bosses I meet or do a giveaway? I’m not even carrying a handbag. You expect me to lug this stack of books around the ENTIRE DAY, for the rest of my appointments?! (@_@) It’s not even ‘arms day’ for me at the gym!

I take one copy and the rest is history. When he showed up unannounced at a talk I did last month, I made sure I told the class that I abhor lateness. If you’re late, you’re disrespectful. First impressions last, indeed! I think I’ll still remember how he made me feel ten years from today.

As for him, I think he’ll remember how I “threw” him out of class. Actually, I didn’t ask him to leave. I simply told the class how I waited for an hour, and that resulted in me not really wanting to review the book. And he decided to leave on his own accord, telling everyone he has another appointment to go to. Right.


So back to the topic of why millennials are always late, and why it’s YOUR fault, really.

#1: You’ve “trained” your millennial friends to be late

If you have never made a fuss about their punctuality issue, then you’re condoning and encouraging it. If your friend shows up late, says “Eh sorry I’m late. You didn’t have to wait for me. Should have started eating first!”, tell the person that he/she is disrespecting you (and everyone present) by being late, but all of you decided to be respectful and wait for everyone to arrive before tucking in or even ordering the food.

If the person still doesn’t get the point, and start respecting everyone’s time by being early the next time, then you really should consider getting the person out of your life.

Don’t ever say to someone who is late that “it’s fine”. NO, it is NOT fine.

If your spouse has a punctuality issue, YOU take responsibility for ensuring he/she makes the change. Explain, cajole, put in place penalties (buy everyone a round of drinks), encourage the person to do better.

#2: You don’t point out how obnoxious and entitled they are

I’m guilty of this one. A JC schoolmate was late for our girly meetup at Orchard. She’s usually late but what made this particular occasion different was her comment that “I’m worth the wait, right?” gave me such a shock I couldn’t react in time. I remember her words till this day, some 14 years after she had uttered them.

No! Tell these people that they are NOT worth the wait. They are simply disrespectful folks who think they are the life of the party. They think they are being “smart” in showing up late and not having to wait for anyone to arrive (because everyone’s already here) but they are just being horridly disrespectful.

No disrespectful person is ever worth the wait, my friend.

*And no, that girl and I, we aren’t friends anymore. Thank goodness.

#3: You make fun of people who show up early

That friend who shows up early for the wedding dinner reception? You told him/her that it never starts on time and people who show up early seem to be kiasu or gluttons afraid of losing out on the sumptuous food?

When someone says he’s setting off early so that there’s ample buffer time should there be any accidents or unexpected circumstances, you ask why the person would want to reach so early and how he would “kill time” when he’s there way ahead of schedule.

You question your friend’s decision to head to the airport early to check-in, because there’s “nothing to do at the airport, so boring!” I’m sure you’d much rather show up late because of traffic, plead with staff to let you board and race to the boarding gate, right? I’d prefer reaching way ahead of time, leisurely checking in, visiting the duty free stores, getting something to eat, charging my phone, filling my water bottle for the flight, and doing everything that a chill traveler would do.


At the end of the day, yes, I do feel bad about “throwing” someone out of my class. I got triggered when the person said I didn’t review his book after taking it. What an accusation. BTW, book reviews are not guaranteed, ok? Just putting it out there first. And I did not ask him to leave the class. He just felt embarrassed probably when I was sharing about how important punctuality is (just as other people were streaming into the class, late).

I’m not sure he even understands how he made me feel with the way he treated me during our first meet-up. I’m sure he’s only just pissed that I told the class he made me wait for an hour. Oh well.

Just in case you think all millennials have a problem with punctuality, think again.

I’m a millennial. And I’m hardly ever late. I also wrote this blogpost myself (no ghost writers!) So if you’re meeting me, and I’m late, please go ahead and ask me for S$50 (or a meal or a free book or whatever) as a penalty. ๐Ÿ˜€ <- My Number 1 strategy to ensure I’m always on time. ๐Ÿ˜€

Sudio NIVร… True Wireless Earphones – Their Most Stylish Yet

Sudio NIVร… True Wireless Earphones

I like companies which keep on working at improving on their product range, pushing the envelope when it comes to quality and especially, aesthetics. Sudio impresses with its newย NIVร… earphones because it’s already love at first sight when you spot the package. Remember when I reviewed the Sudioย Vasa BLร… earphonesย about a year ago? Back then, it’s just a small nondescript inner case for the earphones. Now… it’s pretty awesome. *Also, I have a discount code you can use to get 15% off your purchase at Sudio’s website!

Available in two colors: black and white.

Sudio earphones singapore

First up, it’s a clean all-white packaging which inevitably reminds you of Apple products. Inside, there’s a small lightweight charging case which houses the earphones. The clamshell case is reminiscent of beauty brands’ compact cushions, and you open it to find the gorgeous earphones which, with the help of magnets, sit snugly within the case. You can go ahead and attach the case to your bags – let it dangle outside a backpack or within your handbag so you can reach for it easily.

sudio niva earphones review

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Sudio Niva Earphones

When I’ve connected these newย NIVร… earphones to my laptop, I can walk about 10 steps away and the connection’s still perfect. Further than that, and there’ll be some interference. So this means that I can walk from the living room to the kitchen and there’s no issue. But if I enter the washroom, I’ll lose sound in one or both of the earphones.

I have not tried using these earphones when I’m out running because I’m afraid I’ll lose them and if they land in mud, it’s reason enough to freak out. Will people use these in examination halls? *cough cough* I hope not, though I’m sure the temptation is there – with hair covering your ears, no one will be able to spot the earphones, really. I’m not sure why I’m thinking about clandestine operations! You guys will use technology for the right purposes, yeah? ๐Ÿ˜€

So, why should you get a pair of these new earphones from Sudio? Why not, really? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sudio Singapore

With the current promotion, you can get Sudio’s special edition canvas tote bag with every purchase from their website (until 30 Jun)! PLUS, you get 15% discount when you use this code:


Shop now at:ย

Uncle Ringo Carnival Back in Punggol! :D

Uncle Ringo Carnival Punggol 2018

The Uncle Ringo Carnival is back in Punggol and naturally, we’d have to visit. ๐Ÿ˜€ The first time that Uncle Ringo landed in Punggol, the prizes were awesome and the games were a lot of fun. This time round, it’s been scaled down a little and there are a few new and unexpected games. The best prizes have to be the brown stuffed bears you see in the picture above. But good luck trying to win one! ๐Ÿ˜›

Uncle Ringo Dino Egg Hunt

I was quite surprised to see the LCD touch screens with the Spot-The-Difference and Dino Egg Hunt games. Starting at S$5, these aren’t exactly cheap carnival games. I would have expected slightly better prizes. We spent a bit of money at the Spot The Difference game, and walked away without any prizes. Bummer. It’s truly difficult! Unless you can spot the minutest of details, it’s near impossible to get a medium or large prize at Spot The Diff. We did see someone wearing a Pastamania uniform successfully spot 4 out of 5 dino eggs in the Dino Egg Hunt game, and he won a Medium prize which is a scary-looking Uncle Ringo plush toy. ๐Ÿ˜€

Uncle Ringo Punggol

The most popular game has to be this one with the shiny paper bags. You use a pole with a hook at the end to get the bag of your choice. Inside, there’ll be a slip of paper with a number. If you get a ‘3’, you get one of the yellow chicks, I’d gotten a ‘2’ and one of the stuffed puppies hanging at the sides. Try to avoid the ‘1’s because you’ll get a balloon which is quite easily the most unpopular prize at the Carnival (adults have no use for it, young people don’t want to carry it and cramp their style, and kids actually sulk upon being told they’ve won yet another balloon).

Uncle Ringo fishing game

As for the old-school fishing game, this is one which you can potentially “cheat” at. When the stall is crowded, just note which numbers are written on which fish and where they are placed after the players get their prizes. When it’s your turn, just aim for the one with the prize that you’d like to get. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The top prize (number 4) is an Uncle Ringo cushion though.

This next activity puzzles me a little. It seems to be gaining popularity in Singapore – I’ve even seen such “digging sites” in shopping malls. Are we prepping our young to take up jobs in the construction industry in future? Why not put mops in these little hands, and have them mop up spills instead? At least they’ll be of use at home and can help out with the housework later. ๐Ÿ˜›

Kids can try these:

Uncle Ringo excavator game

Adults can try these:

Excavator operator Singapore

If your kiddos are too young to play any of the Carnival games, go take a ride instead. Like this Samba one, which allows parents on board too…

Uncle Ringo carnival singapore


As for how long Uncle Ringo will be at Punggol, it’s really anyone’s guess. On Facebook, the description says “12 May – 14 Jun” which seems rather weird since they’re leaving in the middle of the school holidays? While the text in the image says “24 May to 24 Jun”. Seriously, guys. Major confusion here. Just pop by whenever you’d like lah. If it’s there, good. If it’s not, head over to Geylang Serai Bazaar where Uncle Ringo is also at. (@_@)

Uncle Ringo Punggol duration

Singapore Airlines’ New Business Class and Suites Showcase

Singapore Airlines 787-10 Dreamliner regional business class

Before popping by Artbox Singapore 2018 the other day, I’d visited the Singapore Airlines’ showcase at Tanjong Pagar Centre. ๐Ÿ˜€ I think it’s a really smart idea to let more people experience what it’s like to fly via Business Class or Suites by hosting a roadshow like this. Now more travelers will know what they’re missing out on when they choose to fly Economy Class. Also gives them something to aspire to, e.g. “I’ll only fly via Business Class in future”. ๐Ÿ˜€

In the picture above, you see the New 787-10 Dreamliner Regional Business Class. The armrests are adjustable so you can get even more space (an extra 6 inches, or so I’ve heard). *I think the customised trucks are very cool but I think it doesn’t exactly give me the feel of being in an airplane, unlike the actual mock-ups which I’ve been in at the Singapore Airlines Open House event previously. Still, it’s nice that they allow us to have a seat and “imagine” we’re flying Business Class or in one of those fabulous Suites.

There are apparently Mickey Mouse toys for the young ones when they fly:

Singapore Airlines children's toys

Then there’s the new A380 Business Class:

Singapore Airlines new A380 Business Class

What I really love would be the Suites. Like they said, it’s just like a hotel room. You head in and you have a bed, an armchair and all the space you’d need.

Singapore Airlines new A380 Suites


Besides offering to print your Instagram pictures taken onsite for free (you get a photo sticker), Singapore Airlines also has a Spin & Win game. My pal won a pen while I received an SQ luggage tag.

Singapore Airlines Spin and Win


If you’d like to visit the roadshow at a location near your home / workplace, check out this link for more details:ย

Artbox vs Geylang Serai Bazaar: Which To Spend Your Time + Money At

Artbox Singapore 2018

I visited both Artbox Singapore 2018 and the Geylang Serai bazaar with friends yesterday, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you only have to visit one of these ‘mega’ bazaars as there are a number of vendors which set up shop at both of these events. How do you decide which one to go for then? Well, that’s what this blogpost is for…

Artbox Singapore

At Artbox, there’s now a lot more space between the rows of stalls and at the event venue, as you can see in the pictures above. And while you have the usual stalls selling mango sticky rice, dragon’s breath snack (below), 555 Thai Milk Tea, plants, apparel, accessories, etc, there are interesting ones such as the 24K Mao Shan Wang Premium Ice Cream (which I didn’t try). *You’ll find Dragon’s Breath at Geylang Serai too – I’m surprised the novelty hasn’t worn off yet.

Dragon's Breath Artbox Singapore

Grab a FREE balloon art sculpture at the StageMetro booth or play the fun + easy games at the SUNPLAY booth and receive 6g tubes of sunblock. While most of the stallholders pay rent at Artbox (I’ve heard it’s $1,000 for 3 days though I did not verify this with the organizers), the ones which are social enterprises got their booths rent-free, so they can offer bigger discounts.

Here’s my pal Steven in a photo with Lydia from The Clay Day:

The Clay Day Artbox Singapore 2018

I bought a pair of earrings and a funky ring from this booth, as this social enterprise helps the underprivileged in Cambodia. I’ll show you the items in another post. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also bought some flavored banana chips (think BBQ and Wasabi) from another booth (not a social enterprise though).


To get to Artbox, take the train to Bayfront station and head out of Exit E. Artbox is just a short (probably 1 minute) walk away.

25 – 27 MAY 2018 | 01 – 03 JUNE 2018

*Expect rain, so bring your umbrella or a raincoat. Good for families – young children, persons with limited mobility, etc.


And now we move on to the Geylang Serai Bazaar, where it is full of people once the sun sets and our Muslim friends break their fast.

It’s ‘people mountain people sea’ but there’s shelter from the rain:

Geylang Serai Bazaar 2018

When you’re collapsing from hunger and the humidity, it might not be a wise idea to join one of the queues. It’s difficult to get a seat even if you’ve successfully purchased some food. So unless you fancy standing around and wolfing down your meal, I’d suggest you do what we did and drop by the Haig Road Market and Hawker Centre.

We hadย ๅ˜Ÿๅ˜Ÿ็ณ• / Kueh Tutu / Putu Piring:

Putu Piring

[ Haig Road Putu Piring ($2.50 for a packet of 5) and Indian Rojak from Haig Rojak Centre ($4.40) ]

Haig Rojak Centre

As the prices of the individual ingredients aren’t listed, I kept asking the Indian stallholder how much the items I’m taking cost. And his constant reply was “Just take, just take”. But I’m not making the same mistake we’ve made elsewhere. If you “just take” whatever you fancy, you might find that you’ll suddenly have a large bill for items which really don’t cost very much. Based on the prices I managed to get out from him, for 3 small potatoes and one prawn fritter, I did a mental calculation that it would be $4 but he said it’ll be $4.40. I can live with that so I said ok. ๐Ÿ˜€ (He’d asked me to get the cuttlefish, but no thanks, that’s usually one of the pricey items which I don’t actually enjoy eating anyway) The sauce that accompanies the rojak was delicious, though!

Heard some squawks and found the famous Parrot Man seated at a table close to us:

Parrot Man

I’ve actually seen this guy on a motorbike before. His 3-wheeler bike has a number of motorcycle ‘boxes’ – not sure what he carries around with him. If you have some compassion for the guy, buy the tissue paper he’s selling. Don’t have to buy his story about raising funds for Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s cancer research though.


To get to the Geylang Serai Bazaar, take the train to Paya Lebar MRT station and once you exit the station, instead of taking a left towards SingPost Centre, go towards your right (just follow the crowd) and you’ll get to the start of the bazaar. There’s an Uncle Ringo carnival there too!

*Bring an empty stomach as there’s lots to eat. If you have young kids, just hang around the Uncle Ringo area, as other parts may get insanely crowded. I noticed at least 2 wheelchair users struggling to get through the crowd. Keep an eye on your valuables too!

McDonald’s HELLO KITTY Perfume Bottle Sticker Dispenser

McDonald's Hello Kitty Perfume Bottle Sticker Dispenser

When I saw this on Instagram, I knew I had to go get one. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s a Hello Kitty perfume bottle that does not contain perfume. Instead, it has a row of 8 stickers which you can pull out from the side of Kitty’s face. Why not just include some perfume? LOL. It might not be the most practical gift in a Happy Meal – there’s a hair band and purse in the upcoming weeks – but it is just so pretty.

There’s a whole new set of Hello Kitty and Yo-Kai toys at McDonald’s and if you don’t already know, you don’t have to pay for the toy – it’s free with every Happy Meal!

McDonald's Happy Meal toys

Probably the smartest thing that McD has done is to create the Happy Meal. Parents think it’s a good deal ‘cos there’s a free toy with the not-too-pricey meal, and kids get hooked on McDonald’s from a young age, and are likely to be loyal for life. Awesome business strategy.

I’m not sure if I’m collecting the rest of the Kitty toys though. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t have an urge to collect ’em all. I don’t need “complete sets”. If there’s just one item I really like in a collection, I get just that one item. Do you do the same? If you are the kind who collects everything, well, I envy the storage space you have at home. ๐Ÿ˜€

Nam Kee Pau’s Amy Yip Pau (่‘‰ๅญๆฅฃๅคงๅŒ…)

Nam Kee Pau

I don’t think the cash register at Nam Kee Pau (at Waterway Point) has stopped ringing since they first opened for business. These days, I have to queue for a good 10 to 15 minutes if I want to purchase one of their pau for breakfast. Today’s no different though we did get the Amy Yip pau instead of the regular-sized Big Pau or char siew pau. The monster-sized Amy Yip pau costs S$4 and they’ll put it in a box for you, instead of the usual plastic bags.

We did wonder why it says “malaysia Boleh!” on the box. Turns out Fei Siong Group (which runs Nam Kee Pau) also has 12 other F&B brands that it’s managing – from Encik Tan to London Duck (which I suppose is not to be confused with my favorite London Fat Duck which is under the Akashi Group). Malaysia Boleh is located on the 3rd floor of Jurong Point 2. It is a foodcourt featuring Malaysian street hawker fare. I guess Nam Kee Pau simply uses their food boxes as they are all under the same management anyway.

Nam Kee Pau - Malaysia Boleh box

Truth be told, I think the Big Pau ($1.80) gets my vote. It’s just the right size (hur hur) versus the massive Amy Yip pau. I don’t really know who Amy Yip is so I speculated that this pau, modeled after her substantial cleavage (so I’ve heard), must mean she’s a double D at least? Googled her and found she has a H cup.ย ‘H’ probably stands for “How is this possible”?

I think Nam Kee Pau makes really good pau. I like their Big Pau and Char Siew Pau. Though the Amy Yip one is way too big, it’s moist and the filling is tasty. It’ll just put you into a food coma straightaway.

Flight Simulator Review: Flight Experience – Singapore

Flight Experience Singapore review

I’ve never been in the cockpit of a plane before so this ‘Flight Experience’ was a nice introduction to the world of flying… as a pilot.ย From the get-go, you’re addressed as “Captain”. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I took a while to get used to it because… Captain, you’ll need to watch a 15-minute pre-flight briefing video first before you’re allowed to fly. ๐Ÿ˜€

flight experience simulator

The video is just so mind-boggling that at the end of it, you probably won’t remember a thing. It’s better to just listen to your co-pilot (i.e. instructor’s) directions. People train for 2 to 3 years before they become pilots so don’t expect a 15-minute or even a 30-minute video to do you much good. ๐Ÿ˜€

Sidetrack: I found it interesting that pilots are trained to escape from the flight deck in an emergency situation by breaking a window (a really small one) and climbing down with the help of a rope. No wonder most pilots look pretty fit. If they don’t watch their weight, they’ll most certainly get stuck. I don’t even think I’ll be able to get out of the window easily.

Landing the plane is not quite simple either. Often, I’m horrified when the plane lands “badly” when I’m on one of those commercial flights. I wonder why the pilot can’t brake gently and just land the plane like a leaf gently drifting down to the water surface causing barely a ripple. But when I’m the one “behind the wheel” (so to speak) I find that it takes both skill and luck. There are things like wind which the pilot cannot control, but which can greatly affect how the plane lands.

The great thing about this simulator is that where you’re seated doesn’t move or else someone’s going to throw up (either you, your co-pilot, or the unlucky person(s) seated behind you two). The sound effects, though, are pretty realistic.

At some point, I got so bored I took my hands off the controls, but everything seemed to be going well. I turned to the instructor and asked if it auto-pilot mode was on, but it wasn’t. So, ladies and gentlemen, do not trust me to fly the plane you’re on, ok? ๐Ÿ˜€


If you’re raring to go, just note that prices start from $175 (for a 30-minute flight). Yup, and effectively, you don’t go anywhere. ๐Ÿ˜€ Would I do this again? Probably not. Also, I think it’s a better idea to let the instructor pick the route. We had selected (1) Grand Canyon National Park and (2) Tokyo Haneda to Narita Mt Fuji. Both were rather boring.

Still, it’s a great opportunity to ask a trained pilot any questions you may have about flying. ๐Ÿ˜€ And you’ll also get a Certificate of Achievement when you’re done.

3 Cheap Snacks That Will Satisfy Mid-day Cravings

I’m finding it terribly difficult to work when the weather’s really hot, especially when it was around 32ย degrees Celsius at noon. To fight the lethargy, I find myself munching on some of the snacks we’ve bought recently: the OREO soft cake, Tong Garden’s wasabi peas and Lotte’s Double Dip snack. Let me know if you’ve tried these, and whether you like them:

OREO Soft Cake

OREO soft cake

You can get a whole box of the OREO soft cake at ValuDollar stores, and one box costs around $1.65 or so. I’ve noticed it got sold out a couple of times at the ValuDollar store in Waterway Point. It’s OREO like you’ve never experienced it before. It’s so soft that it just melts away on your tongue, giving you an instant sugar rush. Resist the temptation to eat more than 1 at a time, though, for obvious health reasons. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tong Garden Wasabi Coated Green Peas

Tong Garden Wasabi Coated Green Peas

On a whim, I decided to get these Tong Garden Wasabi Coated Green Peas while shopping in JB. I thought the flavor would be mild but these actually pack a punch. After a handful of peas, my nose begins to run and I start tearing up. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s a snack you won’t have to worry about eating too much of (and getting fat) because it has so much heat; you’ll be crying before you can finish it all. ๐Ÿ˜€ Get them at FairPrice for $1.75.

In unrelated news, the siblings running the business are back in court. The late Mr Ong, who founded the Tong Garden business, had 10 children and they seem to be taking turns to squabble over shares and how the company is run. Makes me wonder if having so many kids is a good thing.

Lotte Pepero Day Double Dip Gift Pack

Lotte Pepero Day Double Dip Gift Pack

There are two flavors: Yoghurt and Cafe Latte. I’m not a fan of coffee so obviously the yoghurt flavoured ones are my pick. Just $7.90 for a set of 4 from the Korean mart at Marina Square. Psst, there might be a 1-for-1 promo going on right now.