National Achievers Congress 2015 – Day Two Takeaways

There’s just one final day to go before the NAC 2015 wraps up for the year! :) Day Two (today) was even better then Day One. And it was a delight to hear from Jay Abraham, who has a reputation for being the “World’s No. 1 Marketing Genius”. I was scribbling and doodling furiously as he spoke. Admittedly, his voice is so soothing that it is easy to fall asleep listening to him (the guy beside me did. hahaha!), but if you managed to stay awake, boy, were you in for a treat with all those nuggets of wisdom. I took lots of notes but I won’t be sharing them here as there are just too many pages. If you missed today’s session, well, get tickets the next time Jay speaks at the NAC! *wink*

In this post, I’ll show you the first 3 doodle-and-scribble-filled pages of notes I took from the sessions by Richard Tan, Sean Kim, JT Foxx, Johnnie Cass, and Joel Comm:

National Achievers Congress Singapore

National Achievers Congress Singapore

National Achievers Congress Singapore

Some of my doodles are related to the topics, and some are just to keep me awake. I’m not quite used to waking up early on consecutive days (>_<) So… if you cannot understand my scribbles, here are some of the takeaways from today’s NAC:

  1. Make it (next to) risk-free for people to do business with you.
  2. “You Only Live Once”? No! You live every day and you die once!
  3. If you are born broke, it’s not your fault. If you die broke, it’s your fault.
  4. Start Unknown, Finish Unforgettable.
  5. For every trade you do, have an OUT figured out first.
  6. Get a Competitive Advantage, Get a TEAM.
  7. “If there is no enemy within, then the enemy on the outside can do no harm”
  8. What is Success? What makes you HAPPY? What are you passionate about?
  9. Start where you are.
  10. Use social media for social good.
  11. 4 Steps to Selling More: Like me, Know me, Trust me, Pay me.

Check out the takeaways from Day One here.

My takeaways from last year’s NAC can be found here.

Looking forward to Day 3 with Chris Gardner, best-selling author of The Pursuit of “Happyness” :D

National Achievers Congress 2015 – Day One Takeaways

Once a year, I find myself awake really early for 3 consecutive days and learning from a diverse group of speakers. :) While most people are enjoying a long weekend break from work this year, and lazing at home, I’m attending the National Achievers Congress (NAC). Today’s Day One of the NAC 2015 in Singapore, and though I did not stay right till the end of the day, I’ve taken some notes from the sharings of at least 4 speakers – Richard Tan, Peng Joon, Pip Stehlik and Sean Seah.

And here are my doodles:

National Achievers Congress 2015

National Achievers Congress 2015

In case you cannot read what I have written or understand what I have drawn (haha!), here are some takeaways:

  1. From Richard Tan: “Do you have a reason to live?”, “you become the person it takes to achieve the goal”, “good people are attracted by good goals”.
  2. From Peng Joon: “What are they doing differently that I’m not doing?”, “Marketing: The #1 skill for money, so you can get paid again and again”, Sell ebooks and membership sites, Don’t trade time for money, Automate a niche, Build a product, Sell a solution to a problem.
  3. From Pip Stehlik: “Have a BIG Why”, “Find out why you are on this earth”, “See opportunity, take action”.
  4. From Sean Seah: “Diversify”, “Aim for 15% ROI”, “Assess businesses in the real market”.

For the notes to make real sense to you, you’ll have to be there at the seminar in the first place. *wink* If you’d still like to get tickets for Day 2 or 3 of the NAC (Chris Gardner will be speaking!), drop me an email at gracewwg (at) gmail (dot) com. :)

First Visit to Komtar JBCC (New Mall Beside JB City Square)

Since the time I interviewed Miss Lemonade for my blog, and found out that she goes on overseas “beauty trips” with her blog readers, I’ve wondered when it would be my turn to go on a trip with a blog reader too. :D And my wish was granted today! I’ll not name the person, and I’ll show you only what we ate. Ha! Still, I count it a real blessing that I had this #AchievementUnlocked moment today. I love finding out why people do what they do. And this reader is particularly intriguing – being voluntarily unemployed for the past two years, and enjoying each day, while heading to JB on a rather frequent basis for food and movies.

If you’re working hard and earning as much money as you can, so that you can have a leisurely life in future (like what those “financial freedom” gurus preach), you should really meet this blog reader of mine, who is already leading a simple and leisurely life right now. I’m wondering if we can strike a balance of sorts – work hard for the future while enjoying the present to the fullest. This person is living at one extreme end – no job, no stress, few(?) worries but will probably be bombarded with questions like “when are you going to look for a job?” every week. :D

Anyway, we had lunch at Azuma Japanese Restaurant (2nd floor, Komtar JBCC). I had this teriyaki salmon and fried oyster set:

Azuma Japanese Restaurant Komtar JBCC

The portions are really small, so don’t mind me, I won’t be heading back anytime soon. The staff were really polite though, and the food tastes ok. But just two oysters?!

We then went shopping at City Square before heading back for an early dinner at Fat Burger at Level 3 of Komtar JBCC. It was a really slow business day for them, and even for KFC next door. While City Square was buzzing with people, Komtar JBCC had few shoppers, and even fewer diners. So if you’re looking for a mall for a quiet date night/day, head to Komtar JBCC. I found the mall really cold though. The fiancé suggested that it might be because the air-con’s new! :D

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

The Mushroom Plate:

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

A fried egg on some rice, a patty with mushroom sauce, some lettuce and potato crisps. Kind of like Saizeriya, but not as yummy.

My blog reader pal ordered the Fat Burger (single) – there’s single, double, triple, quad. The presentation doesn’t look appetizing but the verdict of “better than average” meant that looks are probably deceiving. The fat fries though were pretty amazing. Pardon me… I’ll be heading back just for the fries. :D

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

The fiancé had the Ranch Chicken Sandwich, which came with substantially fewer fries. Presentation is, once again, rather off-putting, like the burger was vomiting and its innards were spilling out. The taste was, however, not too bad.

Fat Burger Komtar JBCC

My favorite (fast food) fries in Singapore and Japan are those from MOS Burger. But now, my favorite in JB has to be these (unsalted) fat fries from Fat Burger. Really sinful though. Please go for a run after eating in JB. I sure did.

Perhaps in future I’ll be going on more trips with readers and to further places. *fingers crossed* :)

The Main Reason I Visit Rivervale Plaza: Nasi Padang

Rivervale Plaza

I kid you not. The main reason I look forward to visiting Rivervale Plaza is for a meal at the Indonesian Padang stall. Some people call it ‘Chumpo Chumpo’ while others call it ‘Chumpo 2′. Either way, this is the one:

Rivervale Plaza Chumpo Indonesian Padang

One thing you need to note about this stall is that the good food runs out really fast. And I don’t know why they can’t just cook more of it. Go for dinner at 7+? Well, you might not have many dishes to choose from already. You need to head there early. This is the reason why I’ll sometimes pop by wanting a nasi padang meal, but end up heading next door for some laksa instead.

If you’ve never visited Rivervale Plaza before, well, drop by and try the nasi padang.

Also, this HDB shopping complex looks rather small from the outside, but it houses over 40 shops for all your shopping needs. There’s NTUC for your groceries, a number of bakeries, fast food outlets, a wet market (there’s a stall selling durians for S$2 now!) and there’s not just one but TWO foodcourts (imagine that) within Rivervale Plaza!

Anyway, the main reason for this post is to have you join me in voting for your favorite shop in your favorite HDB shopping centre. I’ve voted for Chumpo in Rivervale Plaza, of course. *wink*

Vote for Chumpo Rivervale Plaza

From now till 31st October, you stand a chance to win prizes in the Top 50 Favorite Shops contest. And oh, I voted for Unity too. Just did a S$15 health screening there on Monday. The staff are really nice – no Monday blues at all, which is weird. :D So, thumbs up:

Vote for Unity

If you’d like to vote and stand a chance to win some prizes, download the app (for Android) – it’s called ‘myfavHDBmall‘. Sign up for an account and you will be sent an activation link via email to verify your email account, before you can access the app.

Also, I found the HDB Gift Redemption (temporary) booth near the security guard post at Rivervale Mall. Just spend S$20 and redeem a luggage cover:

Luggage Cover

Take note of the redemption dates though! :)


There are also two other contests you might be keen on, with more prizes to win…

1) #myfavHDBmall Photography Competition: 

Photography Competition

Register here:

2) Help create the largest SG50 logo made from stamps!

SG Book Of Records

Donate your used or unused stamps at the specially designed post boxes at a HDB shopping centre near you: details HERE. A total of S$2000 cash vouchers are up for grabs!

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving all the freebies, competitions, and activities surrounding the celebration of our nation’s 50th birthday! :) I’m glad that even malls in the heartlands are joining in the fun! Time to celebrate with more nasi padang! Haha!

Want To Hire An MOE Teacher For Home Or Group Tuition? Try SchTutors!


A pal of mine is looking for a job and because she has two young kids at home, I recommended that she explores the option of being a tutor and conducting lessons in her home.

I was a tutor for many years (on a part-time basis) since my NUS days because it’s good money and I do love teaching (some) kids. I’d be lying if I said I loved teaching ALL of them because there are some who will make you want to tear your hair out. I’ll share some tips for parents who are hiring tutors for their children at the end of this post. :)

But first… ever wondered how parents find tutors for their children?

Do a Google search for “Singapore Home Tuition” and you’ll see over 3.2 million results! If you are still not convinced by media reports about the booming local ‘tuition industry’, do a simple Google search and be amazed.

With so many agencies and so many choices, as a parent, how do you determine which agency to engage and which tutor to hire?

Thankfully, I’m not a parent and have no such worries. However, I do know of a site which recommends only MOE teachers (whether they are current or ex-teachers).

I’m not saying that MOE teachers are better than other tutors (e.g. undergrads) though. ‘Cos I’ve been a tutor myself, and a pretty good one too! :P

If you have a preference for certified teachers, then you might want to check out this site:

Sch Tutors

Established in 2008, SchTutors is said to be the sole tuition agency in Singapore that recommends only MOE current and ex-school teachers to parents. SchTutors also guarantees that the tutor is a current or ex-school teacher – the administrative fee will be refunded if the tutor doesn’t have the stated qualifications! Thus, some of their clients include school principals and tuition centres!

Go ahead and check out their testimonial section, rates, FAQ, etc. :)

And since I’ve been a tutor myself, I have some tips for parents who want to get the most out of the tuition fees they pay tutors…

Tips For Parents Engaging Tutors

  1. Provide as much information about your child as possible, so tuition agencies can find you the most suitable tutor. Also, the tutor can come prepared. For instance, if you share that your child needs help with grammar, the tutor can prepare more grammar exercises.
  2. Treat the tutor as a guest in your home, whenever possible. If it’s a hot day, offer the tutor a glass of cold water or juice. I’ve been offered bread, cake, soft drinks, etc. And it really makes the session more enjoyable. I won’t even mind giving the child an extra 30 or 45 minutes of my time because the parents have been so sweet to me. :D
  3. Pay your child’s tutor on time! I cannot emphasize this more.
  4. Don’t micro-manage. Instead, establish a way of ‘communication’ regarding lessons covered and work done or to be completed. Prepare a notebook in which the tutor can list the topics covered today, and what the kid needs to do as ‘tuition homework’.
  5. The ‘study area’ should be conducive to learning. Having the television or radio switched on while the lesson is ongoing can be very disruptive. Also, get the younger siblings to stay clear.

Ultimately, I do think it is sad that students these days are so bogged down by classes, extra-curricular activities, tuition, additional lessons (e.g. ballet, piano, golf), etc. Looking back, I have to say I truly enjoyed my childhood and days as a student. If I could give just one piece of advice to parents, it would be to ensure that your kid enjoys these lessons and if the tutor’s not a good fit with your child’s learning style or personality, then it’s best to get a change of tutor ASAP!

And oh… it’s best to take a 15 minute break after every 45 minutes of lessons, to ensure your child stays in a peak state for concentration and learning. :)

*If you’re a current or former MOE teacher and want to earn some extra income from giving tuition, head over here: 

*If you’ve found this blogpost useful, please share it with your friends! *wink*

9 Must-Buy Hello Kitty Items From Daiso Japan

Here’s a picture I took of my Daiso Hello Kitty loot after I got back from my most recent Japan trip: Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

And yes, there are obviously more than 9 Hello Kitty items, but I think some are sold in Singapore – either in Daiso stores, or elsewhere, so I’m leaving those out of this post. These kitty items cost 108 yen (about S$1.25) each in Japan and are quite a steal for this price! :) If you’ve always thought that Hello Kitty items are expensive or that everything is more costly in Japan, think again. ;)

Here are the 9 Hello Kitty items from Daiso Japan that you must buy if you are in Japan for a holiday, because they are most likely not sold in Singapore at the moment:

Hello Kitty Sponge Holders

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

Have you ever seen a sponge holder that can be attached to the sides of your kitchen sink? Can’t say I have. I guess I don’t notice these things till Daiso decides to come up with one with Kitty’s face on it.

And these are just too kawaii. So one is never enough. LOL!

Hello Kitty (extendable) Hangers

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

The hangers are very pretty – what with the bow and Kitty’s cute face on each one. But they are also rather cool as they’re extendable too, so you can hang your coats, jackets, winterwear, etc, on them.

I saw 4 of them at one Daiso store, and bought them all. XD

Hello Kitty Clothes Pegs

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

Laundry days will be a little more fun and a lot more kawaii with these clothes pegs. LOL.

I wonder what the neighbors will say when they spot these! :D

Hello Kitty Hooks For Bags & Rubber Bands

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

Rubber bands usually end up in a small container or in a drawer, right? Well, not anymore.

Hello Kitty Clips – Fridge Magnets & Food Bag Clips

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

Some of these food bag clips might have been available in Daiso Singapore stores at some point. But I don’t think they’re available anymore. But it’s ok, I’ll get them in Japan during my next trip. :)

What Do You Call These?

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

It’s like a cute rain shower for one’s kitchen sink. LOL. Am saving this for my new place, just to make guests go “Aww so cute!” :D

Hello Kitty Paper Napkins

Daiso Japan Hello Kitty

Because plain paper napkins are boring.

Have you spotted any other Hello Kitty Daiso items while in Japan? Let me know as I’m heading back soon and look forward to getting more of these. :)

Siam Botanicals’ 100% Natural Skincare

Siam Botanicals cleanser and face serums

Even before trying the products, I was already drawn to Siam Botanicals’ packaging which is made from recycled material. The entire look and feel is probably best described as “back-to-Nature”. :D The products themselves wow customers because they are 100% natural, with no synthetics, no sulphates, no parabens, etc.

And I use the Siam Botanicals products with confidence because I can read the ingredients list! No chemistry degrees required! :) You should check out the range of Siam Botanicals products available in Singapore, either online or at Scent Witch Wellness in Novena’s Square 2 (#02-24/25). Alternatively, take part in my facebook giveaway and win the Rose Geranium Milk Cleanser! :)

Because I don’t usually wear makeup, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a bottle of makeup remover. Hence the preference for cleansers which can do double duty and remove makeup when needed. :D The Siam Botanicals Rose Geranium Milk cleanser is one such product.

Why a milk cleanser? Because it’s gentle on your skin and even suitable for use around the eye area! After washing my face, my skin feels soft and clean, not tight and dry. Because of its all-natural content though, the cleanser is a bit pricey at S$36.90 for a 90g bottle.

And this next product is my favorite because it smells really good…

Siam Botanicals Natural Balance Face Serum

It’s the Siam Botanicals Natural Balance Face Serum (S$16.90). As I apply it to my face, I keep breathing in the scent which is so soothing. This may be a face serum, but I’m quite sure it can be an aromatherapy product as well! And why does it smell so good? Surprise surprise, it contains lavender and grapefruit oil! Remember my blogpost about Lavender being the #1 sold-out scent during the exam period? Little wonder why. Products with lavender smell really good and are calming and relaxing.

This face serum is also said to be able to “help preserve the natural balance and elasticity of your skin and protect it from the harmful effects of extreme weather and pollution”. I’m not sure about this point but protection from pollution is definitely welcome.

Once again, a multi-purpose product. No wonder I like this range.  :)

There is also another face serum: the Replenish Face Serum, which has moringa and argan oils. This particular face serum is a bestseller because of its anti-aging and skin-repair properties. It also helps “detoxify and cleanse congested skin of the harmful effects of pollution”.

Purchase them online HERE [ Use code Grace10 to get 10% off regular-priced items now till end-July. Get the same discount in-store by quoting my name :)

Siam Botanicals Face Serums


One lucky WINNER will receive the Rose Geranium Milk Cleanser worth S$36.90 in the giveaway on my facebook page. Hurry over and take part now. Good luck!~

Siam Botanicals giveaway

Enneagram: Helping You Understand Your “Difficult” Spouse Better

I’ve previously blogged about my interview with a dating and relationship coach, Cindy Leong. She’d also explained my Enneagram test results to me during a 1-to-1 coaching session, and I began to understand why couples whose marriages are in trouble look for her and take the Enneagram test as well. People who have been single for a while now and are unable to attract the “right one” can also find some answers via this test. Read on as I share my own test results so you get to know me a bit better. :D



Put simply, the Enneagram test involves 200 questions (MCQ-style) and helps determine which of the 9 “types” / ‘styles’ you identify most with.

“Bear in mind that your scores may change over time but your “type” is inbuilt and your environment continues to reinforces it. This is unlike DISC, which is a “trait instrument” and changes with situation, Enneagram is a “type instrument”. Having that said, you are not boxed into a single type. When we say you are a particular type, it just means you are more dominant in this type but all other 8 types reside in you, but your most comfortable/preferred type is this particular one. We liken it to a baseball team. You will have your star player, mid fielders and reserves.” – Cindy Leong

Here’s why the Enneagram test is useful:

1) It helps you understand yourself better

I belong to Type 8. Here’s a quick description of Type 8 people: “EIGHTS are attracted to and appreciate power. They endeavor to be strong, independent, straightforward, assertive persons, who use their strength and influence to make the world a more just place. They value equity, the equal distribution of power, and show a concern for the underprivileged and disenfranchised. EIGHTS are chiefly concerned with being their own person, doing their own thing, and protecting their own people and interests”. 

Of course, there’s the other side of things. For instance, some Type 8s may “frequently desire and actively seek revenge when … unfairly treated”.

The report goes on to state:

“When you are stressed, you may become occupied with vengeful fantasies. Your ability to discern others’ weaknesses may get expressed in cruel or even violent ways. Try letting your ability to see the bigger picture help you get in touch with your natural compassion, so that you can be kinder and more humane to yourself and to others”.

I’m 100% convinced by the result, based on Type 8s I know. It also gives an accurate assessment of my inclinations, and also provides “advice” on how I can use certain good traits to counter the not-so-good ones. This report is SPOT ON. 

I haven’t found something I disagree with in the results yet. One other thing that was mentioned about how I may “dislike and avoid situations where there is poor leadership” is also stunningly true. I don’t like wishy-washy leaders and I value decisiveness.

2) It helps you understand others around you better

If you know more about the 9 types, what makes each one tick, what pisses each one off, and how they would like people to relate to them, it makes your life easier – whether you are a husband, boyfriend, salesperson, colleague, boss, etc.

From the session, I could roughly tell which types/styles my loved ones most identify with, but of course, it still won’t be as accurate as if they’d taken the test themselves.

3) It helps your loved ones understand you better

I’ll be sharing these results with my fiancé so he knows what married life’s gonna be like. Muahaha. What I love about him, though, is that he’s cool when I’m impulsive and aggressive, he makes me laugh whenever I’m stressed out, and he helps me appreciate the joys of just being alive. :)

And what’s not so useful about the Enneagram test? Well, for one, if you are having trouble with your mother-in-law, you won’t be able to force her to take the test. And two, even if you’re taking the test yourself, bear in mind that you have to answer all 200 questions in one sitting. If you have a “monkey brain”, then the results may not be as reliable. *wink*

Here are some Enneagram events you might be interested in:

1st August – introductory talk about Enneagram


7-8 August – intensive boot camp for singles + in-depth session on Enneagram

Relationship Rediscovery Adventure

Book Review: ‘Thank You For This Moment’ by Valérie Trierweiler

Reading List

This picture above shows my “reading list” for these 2 weeks, I guess. :D I borrowed ‘Life in the Skies – Everything You Want To Know About Flying’ from the library as I thought it might be a pretty interesting read as most of the cabin crew stories we usually get to read about are sensational or scandalous. This one by Captain Lim Khoy Hing turned out to be pretty mild, and is a 249-page essay to convince you that flying is super safe and there’s really nothing to worry about. And oh, to fly with AirAsia, of course. ;)

The book ‘Thank You For This Moment by Valérie Trierweiler, however, has these words “A story of love, power and betrayal” on the cover. And if I may add, it should be “betrayals” (plural form) because that’s what it seems to be.

Thank You For This Moment by Valerie TrierWeiler

After reading its 298 pages, I’m still wondering if there is any nobler purpose to writing this book. For those who don’t know the author, she was married twice and got divorced twice as well. She was in her second marriage (with 3 children) when she fell in love with (the current French President) François Hollande who was also married and had 4 children at that time. So they each split with their respective spouses and got together, and she became First Lady. In the end, François left her for an actress named Julie Gayet.

* big sigh *

On page 286 is what I think sums up the purpose of this book:

“Before I saw the pictures of François on his way to meet his mistress, I would have staked my life on the fact that he would never betray me or abandon me – that he would never do such a thing to me, not in a million years. But he did and I still cannot get over it. I will not get over it.”

*I also find the name of the publishing house very cute – “Biteback Publishing”. Oh yes, indeed. *wink*

 “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is true. And “sometimes we are our own worst enemies” is also true. We do need to give ourselves permission to move on.

I’m sure it’s now easier for the author to move on since the book has sold many hundreds of thousands of copies.

If anything, this book teaches us all about karma (what goes around comes around) and that cheaters will never stop cheating. I don’t know why the author would compare Julie Gayer to “a snake in the grass” (p127) when the author herself had cheated on her second husband (I don’t know what happened with the first divorce).

Plus, this book just goes on and on with no chapters to divide the story. Yup, it’s one of those rare books with no chapters at all.

While some self-righteous people will say “Cheating is easy, try something more challenging like being faithful”, I’d say that the only thing we need to learn here is to avoid the cheaters. Even if someone appears to be a good catch and he is willing to leave his wife for you, don’t fall for it. He’ll leave you for someone else in a heartbeat.

And the children really do suffer. From hatred of the “mistress” to the hatred of their own dad or mom. I see this very clearly in the life of a prominent figure – dad cheated multiple times, mom becomes bitter, blogger herself becomes super wary of instances of betrayal and abandonment. Female bloggers she hates get labelled as “whores” and “sluts”. Because the father left the family when she was young, this blogger feels she has been robbed of a happy childhood. I guess this is why after getting married and becoming a mother, she’s still wearing what netizens call her ‘ridiculous kiddy outfits’.

But such is Life. We cannot choose the families we are born into. We cannot choose our parents or change the way they behave and think. But we can choose the right person to be in a relationship with. And we can definitely choose to be happy in spite of the situations we find ourselves in. :)

National Achievers Congress – Grab Your VIP Discount Now!

The National Achievers Congress (NAC) is back again [17th to 19th July 2015], and as usual, there’s a key speaker whom everyone is there to hear from (sorry, all you other guys). Last year, I was there to meet Nick Vujicic. Read about my 29 Key Takeaways from last year’s NAC here.

And this year, as you’d have guessed from the video link above, there’s Chris Gardner, the author of the book ‘The Pursuit Of Happyness” which had a spinoff as a movie starring Will Smith too.

Did you get even one takeaway from the video? Mine: that a Plan has to be Clear, Concise, Compelling, Consistent and Committed. :)

I’m looking forward to more gems of wisdom from NAC 2015. Will you be there too? Join me in booking tickets together, and we can benefit from a bulk discount. All you need to do is email me at gracewwg (at) gmail (dot) com if you’d like to order tickets together with me. But first, here are the full prices as stated on the NAC website:

NAC 2015 prices

Simply email me and provide your name, mobile number and category and number of tickets required. I’ll then respond with the price after bulk discount. Hurry and email me before 5th July 2015!