Gion Dining Japanese Cuisine at Royal Plaza on Scotts

When I was told that we were going for an 11-course Japanese dinner at Royal Plaza on Scotts, home to the famous buffet restaurant Carousel, I was skeptical about how the meal for 2 cost only S$48. You see, I’m not the biggest fan of Groupon deals because the low prices can sometimes translate into not-so-good customer service or food quality.

However, Gion did not disappoint. I love the sashimi, the silky smooth chawanmushi (you have gotta try it!) and the chicken katsu which is UNBELIEVABLY tender and juicy! I’m a big fan of Japanese cuisine, and I have to say I’m impressed by Gion Dining. I don’t know what are the usual prices they charge, but the Groupon deals are definitely value-for-money.

The sashimi – YUMZ. And I like how they piped out the wasabi :D

Gion Dining

The salad was good (even the dressing!). I liked the potato salad. But the best part has to be the chawanmushi. It looks unassuming but it is so silky smooth, like no chawanmushi I have ever eaten before. Thumbs up!

Gion Dining

The sushi was good though I didn’t like the fish as much because there were so many bones!

Gion Dining

Prawn tempura – nothing to shout about. However, the chicken katsu is amazeballs! It’s really good! You have to try it! :D

Gion Dining

I’m not a fan of cold noodles… so I didn’t eat much of these:

Gion Dining

Fruits to end the meal. No ice cream but it is ok.

Gion Dining

And that sums up our 11-course meal for two. :) There is a lunch deal too so you can head over to Groupon if you want to purchase the S$9.90 deal.

Groupon Gion Dining

Just go to Groupon’s website and seach for ‘Gion’. (I’m not sure when this deal’s gonna end)

I also received a Gion Dining ‘Fidelity Card’ after the meal. With the card, I can get 30% discount off set meals and 50% discount off à la carte items. Yup, I’ll be back again soon.

Gion Dining


25 Scotts Road, #02-01

Why Are Original Source Shower Gels So Popular?!

Original Source Shower Gels

I’ve seen the ginormous Original Source ads at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, and know that these shower gels are very popular among younger folk. And I got this value-for-money set from online shopping platform GoBuyLah. I’ve already used up the Mint & Tea Tree and the Shea Butter & Honey ones. Hence the two bottles in the middle of this picture above are empty. :D The 3rd bottle I’m using is the Lavender one.

I brought the Shea Butter shower gel with me to Japan recently as it was still rather cold when I visited and this shower gel plus my moisturizer helped prevent cold rash on my legs, which I’m usually susceptible to. And I do like the Mint one pretty much, because (believe it or not) it leaves a tingling sensation on your skin after your shower – it’s like what Halls mint candy does to your mouth. LOL.

This set of 6 costs S$32.50 on (and comes with zero delivery charge – read my blogpost here for an additional discount code) and while I like the cap’s location at the base of the bottle as it means there’s very little wastage and you get (almost) every last drop, the shower gel might leak out of the bottle during delivery or on a flight overseas. For the latter, please be reminded to seal your toiletries in (separate) ziplock bags. GoBuyLah wraps them in bubble wrap so I got mine intact.

What I think Original Source has done really well is their branding. I love the bottles and how they state the quantity of the (main) ingredient in the shower gel e.g. “40 real zingy limes…”, “157 relaxing lavender flowers…”, “7927 tingling real mint leaves” (in each shower gel bottle). It is both intriguing, and helps justify the slightly higher price you pay for this brand of shower gels, which are vegan, come with natural fragrance and are not tested on animals. :) Very clever indeed.

Just as I love Herbal Essences shampoos because they smell so good, I’m really liking this colorful range of shower gels which have natural fragrances and also make me think about what goes into each product. 49 bee miles for one bottle of this Shea Butter and Honey? Very interesting indeed. ;)

Book Review: A Kim Jong-Il Production by Paul Fischer

A Kim Jong-Il Production

If, like me, you enjoyed the movie ‘The Interview’ and learning more about North Korea, you’ll like this book too. Before reading this book, I’d wondered what “production” the title was referring to. I now understand it to be “North Korea: A Kim Jong-Il Production”, i.e. what is presented to North Koreans and to the world is essentially what its leader(s) wants it to be, just a representation of an idea and not reality.

Author Benjamin Wallace describes this book as “unputdownable”, which is possibly the highest honor one can give to any book. I am inclined to agree with him, except for the fact that I’ve watched the movie which gave me more laughs. And the power of movies is also the reason why we have this book today…

Apparently, (the late) Kim Jong-Il was fascinated with movies (and especially the foreign ones) and wanting to harness the power of film for propaganda, kidnapped a famous South Korean director (Shin Sang-Ok) and his star actress (Shin’s ex-wife, Choi Eun-Hee) so he could force commission them to make movies to rival Hollywood and inspire the North Korean people too. Note too that North Korea has a history of using kidnapping as a political tool, so these two people are not the only ones who have been abducted.

And here’s an interesting nugget of information – Kim Jong-Il was given a Russian name when he was born: Yurei Ilsenovitch Kim, or in short, Yura (which I have to say sounds pretty cute. LOL) He later combined his mother’s and father’s first names, Jong-Suk and Il-Sung to get ‘Jong-Il’, and this name gave him that ‘legitimacy’ he craved as a ruler.

As for his South Korean abductees, director Shin Sang-Ok definitely got the shorter end of the stick, especially after he tried to escape but failed (read this book for all the heart-stopping action!)

Author Paul Fischer wrote that “For almost two years he (Shin) had lived in brutal, meaningless captivity” – Thrown into a solitary cell, he could not sleep until the guard gave his permission. He had to sit up at attention with his back straight and with his hands on his knees, looking straight ahead with his eyes wide open, and not moving his head and hands. Meals were likely a mixture of corn and beans, sprinkled with rice.

This came to be known as the torture position: Sitting for 16 hours a day looking at the wardens and prison bars. Choi’s description of him when they were reunited indicated the sorry state the once-famous director was in: “he had lost weight, his ankles were swollen and misshapen, his face covered in psoriasis from months spent sitting in a dark cell, and his skin riddled with sores and ringworm scars.”

Because the torture position sounds too horrible for anyone to have lived through, I’m not entirely convinced that Shin survived this daily 16-hour mental and physical torment for over 2 years. Hmm. Read this book and form your own opinion about this. However, author Paul Fischer reiterates at the end of the book that he had done all the fact-checking and corroboration of sources as is humanly possible. So… fact or fiction? You decide.

Other interesting North Korea trivia:

1) The Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) was famous for its “Korean barbecue” in which a detainee was strung up by his wrists and ankles and hung over a bonfire until he confessed. Confess or be cooked! :D

2) Jong-Il had the use of many cars, his personal bulletproof train which ran on its own exclusive tracks, his own cruise ship, and even had his own ostrich farm!

3) Jong-Il allowed Shin and Choi to experience what they would call “luxury filmmaking”, in which nothing was refused them. When they needed a fan to simulate wind, Jong-Il sent them a helicopter. When they requested fake snow in the middle of spring, Jong-Il flew the entire crew to the top of Mount Paekdu. When they planned a scene with thousands of extras, Jong-Il put at their service the entire military. And when Shin needed special-effects scale models to achieve a shot of an exploding train, Jong-Il ordered an actual, functioning train to be delivered to the set, loaded to the brim with explosives.

4) Where the money came from: drug trade, insurance fraud, trading in nuclear secrets, etc (@_@)

If you’ve always been fascinated by this country because we know so little about it, and whose leaders are often described as being heroic and legendary figures, you’ll really enjoy this 339-page about North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il, a dictator who led a most interesting life. Read the book for the juicy and scandalous details. :D

This hardcover edition retails at S$44.81 (before GST).

Interview with Cindy Leong, Dating and Relationship Coach

Cindy Leong relationship coach

Cindy and I are from the same business networking group, and I dare say I’ve never met a coach quite like her. She’s a dating and relationship coach, life coach and business coach rolled into one and she dishes out advice which might seem unconventional at first, but then ends up making a lot of sense. For instance, she and her husband have no qualms sharing with each other and laughing about their past relationships, as they take each (failed) relationship as a point of reference for improvement, instead of the start of reminiscence. This runs contrary to what many relationship coaches say about past relationships being a “taboo topic”.

Cindy is also a huge fan of giraffes and has a Giraffe Room at home. Interestingly, the BTO flat she now resides in with her husband is the one which he had applied for together with his ex-girlfriend. Instead of feeling uncomfortable, Cindy is happy that she did not have to wait, like every other couple who applies for a BTO flat, for the keys. They did the name change in the application, and voila, she has skipped to the head of the queue. :)

Cindy and her first book:

Cindy Leong dating relationship coach

A cozy corner in the Giraffe Room:

Cindy Leong dating and relationship coach

Cindy says she likes the giraffe because it is “cheerful, chirpy, friendly”, and I’d say that somewhat describes her too. Having said that, know that she is a coach who will give you her no-holds-barred take on what you need to get done, and I get the impression she’ll give you the ass-kicking required to accomplish your goals too. *wink*

And here are my 5 questions for Cindy:

1) Is there really a Mr / Ms Right out there for everyone, or do we just learn to accept people as they are?

You have to first be the right one to attract the right one. Usually people go to a dating agency and state their demands. But if you are a level-2 chap and you want a level-10 girl, that’s impossible! Even if a level-10 girl is attracted to you, it’s likely for the wrong reasons.

What are these levels? They are from a socially agreed-upon kind of ‘scale’. In Psychology, we call this “Mate Value”. If you date someone with a lower mate value, you feel lousy about the relationship, and you don’t feel like bringing the person out with you.

It transcends beauty/looks as it’s also about the person’s character. (Check out this article:

For instance, if I believe my mate value is at least a 7, I won’t settle for a guy with a mate value of 1, who doesn’t work, has bad grooming, and is procrastinating all the time. Having said that, if you are a 10, and you happen to see the potential in a 7 or 8, then you might still take the chance. If a guy is generally a nice person, caring, and responsible, at about 5 or 6, but just does not have good grooming, you might still give it a go. When I first met my husband, he was just a 4 (to be very honest). Then when I got to know him better as a friend, his character is what attracts me, so that brings him to a 5 or 6. But the outward bit was still lacking. I suggested a revamp and he was open to the challenge. My point here is, it is important that he decides to make the change(s) out of his own will and motivation.

If a man is doing a revamp (or any change) just for you, he has just won himself the bullets to arm-twist you in the future. He may do it halfheartedly then when it backfires, he may blame you for how it doesn’t work. Most importantly, never go into a relationship or marriage expecting the other person to change.

2) What are the differences you’ve noticed between coaching men vs. coaching women?

Men are generally more defensive while women are more willing to spend and invest in their lives. I have to be brutally honest with the men, and give them the truth in an in-their-face manner. Most are not open to grooming sessions so I have to say something like “You tell me you are 32 years old. Can I be honest with you? You look like you are 38.” Yes, you have to just ‘give it to them’ in a straightforward manner. Only then will they wake up their ideas.

3) You conduct so many different workshops. Which is your favorite one?

The Enneagram workshop, because whatever the issue, we have to work on fixing what is internal first. For instance, a guy may be well-groomed and sweet to people but not “authentic” and doesn’t know what he wants so he still ends up in the wrong relationship. Many have to learn to be authentic.

And what is being authentic? I’ve met a lot of nice guys who are just nice but don’t portray the right image. They may be a 6 or 7 inside but portray a 2 on the outside. Others may just be 2s but portray themselves as 10s – that is simply lying and putting up a cover.

4) You’ve interviewed so many couples for your book ‘SuffeRing or ConqueRing – Happy Marriages in Singapore’. What’s the most important ingredient for a happy marriage, and do you also do marriage counselling?

It still boils down to communication and relationship management. Sometimes, problems are due to external factors such as a friend, job, boss, or mother-in-law. Communication and openness is key. For example, when the wife says “Your mom has been doing this…”, the husband should not ‘judge’ her or be offended (“Hey that’s my mom”). Instead, he can say something like “I’m sorry to know you are thinking this way. How can we solve this issue together?”

It’s important that no one’s views are discredited. Don’t demean or discredit your spouse as that usually leads to a marriage breaking down. Problems in marriages are usually caused by personality problems, and that’s where Enneagram can help.

I once helped a couple experiencing problems even after 10 years of marriage. The woman is a go-getter and the husband is the “chillax, ‎take it easy” kind. The wife often has a lot of expectations of the husband and he finds it hard to match up to her standards. She tends to get frustrated and the husband usually returns home late as a form of avoidance from possible conflicts. They were growing further and further apart. After 2 sessions of Enneagram coaching, they began to see the root of the problem. Both parties started to focus on each other’s strengths, and learnt about ways to affirm each other and work effectively as a team. The wife learnt not to impose her working styles on the husband but to use the lingo that motivates him. Their ‘near break-up’ marriage was restored.

Enneagram is about being versatile, operating in the other person’s ‘language’ and methods. And awareness of the various “types” is always the first step.

Sometimes people need help with their past baggages and require inner healing. They also have to clarify their life goals, learn how to be assertive about their view points, and fix their life before they go dating. I call this ‘Responsible Dating’. :)

5) You organize a very interesting dating event called ‘Dating In The Dark’ in which singles meet at a restaurant and dine in the dark. Any interesting stories to share?

Dating in the Dark

The feedback is usually very good. There are no shocks due to the prior screening which I do. I ensure their grooming is ok, and I handpick the people who attend. I will also meet those I don’t know first, and check if they can hold a conversation because it would be extremely awkward if they cannot talk during a date in the dark! Sometimes, I offer tips on what to wear to look presentable that day, so as to make that good impression last once the lights are switched on.

I’ll usually organize events at the more atas (high class) locations, such as the Fullerton Hotel. I do my best to push the envelope and come up with interesting events. Take my Improv Drama workshop, for example, it is one of my customer-centric events. It helps participants to be more artistic and engaging, qualities which Singaporeans tend to lack. Improv Drama offers an easy gateway to be creative and to be in touch with your emotions. Our society is not creative enough – there is definitely room for more creative expression and for people to better demonstrate their feelings.


Enneagram workshop

Thanks to Cindy’s recommendation, I’ve taken the Enneagram profiling test which comes with a total of 200 questions. In an upcoming post, I’ll share about the results and what I think of the coaching session with her. I do find her rates for 1-to-1 Coaching very affordable, especially if it helps you “Experience The Metamorphosis” (as in her company’s slogan). If you’re single and ready to mingle, here’s one site* you should check out:

Cindy Leong relationship coach

*There are recordings of the media interviews she has done previously. Listen to those and you may just pick up some very useful tips! :)

Be Kind To Taxi Drivers

Comfort Delgro

Pic credit:]

Have you ever wondered why there are so many taxis on the road, and yet, when you desperately need a cab (when it’s raining, or when you are almost late for an appointment), there are absolutely no cabs in sight?

Have you ever felt frustrated when a seemingly empty cab just zooms past you without stopping? Or when the driver just makes some weird hand signal at you supposedly because he wants to convey the message that he needs to go elsewhere or for some other reason cannot stop his vehicle and let you board?

I thought I might be able to find some answers yesterday, as I was going to meet many taxi drivers in one place. But… by just observing, and by letting the cabbies do much of the talking, I got to know more about this profession. :)

You might already know this, if you read my blog regularly: In my free time, I volunteer with the Health Promotion Board as a Health Ambassador. And yesterday, by 8.30am, I was at Comfort Delgro’s workshop in Sin Ming Drive, where the drivers send their vehicles for servicing and repairs. My duties? To direct cabbies to the Health Screening area and also to provide them with information about the CHAS program if they’re keen.

I’ve long suspected that taxi drivers might be at higher risk of certain diseases because their job is a tough one – driving long hours, staying in a seated position, having to hold their pee when they don’t have access to a toilet while ferrying a passenger, stress brought on by unfavorable traffic conditions, etc.

What I observed, however, was that many taxi drivers experience eye fatigue and some of them have blood pressures outside of the normal range. One female driver even shared with me her concerns about liver and kidney issues that might come about due to her long working hours (before she managed to find a relief driver) and how she’s worried about getting diabetes. Also, being the sole hirer means she doesn’t get very much rest, and there’s no time to exercise too. Her relief driver thus comes almost as a lifesaver.

And I also noticed that some cabbies walk with a limp, but we won’t be able to tell as passengers.

So the next time a taxi goes past without stopping for you, perhaps it’s because the driver just did not spot you. And if he did, and makes weird hand signals, he might just need to visit the restroom (and how does one communicate via hand signs that one needs to pee?) so don’t get too upset. Despite being in an air-conditioned “environment” all day, the job of a cabby is a tough one.

If you know of a taxi driver who works for Comfort Delgro, share with him/her about the free health screening at the Sin Ming workshop – it’s available from 8.30am to 11.30am (Mondays to Fridays) and they should also fast for about 8 hours before doing the blood test. :) Likewise, if eligible for CHAS (e.g. per capita household income is S$1800 and below), they should also be encouraged to apply for a CHAS card for subsidies at CHAS GP and Dental clinics islandwide. More information here:

And if you ever meet a grouchy cab driver, know that you have the power to make his day (and your day) brighter; just wish him a great day ahead and share your best smile. :D Try it!

Top 5 Online Deals For The Great Singapore Sale

I tend to spend less money in the months leading up to the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) because (1) I know better deals are coming up and (2) I need to save up for those good deals that I want to grab! Are you like that too? *wink* When I was less savvy about shopping, I’d just buy what I fancied without wondering if there’s a sale coming up soon. And I learnt my lesson the hard way when MANGO literally ‘flipped’ a price tag around during the sale season. The dress I had paid S$95 for actually retailed at S$59 during the GSS barely a month after I’d bought it! :(

And there really is no better time to shop than during the GSS. And if you’d like to beat the crowd by shopping online, I’ve found 5 deals that you might enjoy too. They are from this site called Cuponation. All their GSS deals can be found here: Cuponation Singapore

This site is interesting because you can find great deals for big brands like Zalora, Lazada, Food Panda, etc. There’s even Groupon here! And it’s not what you think…

1) 20% Off on up to 3 local Groupon Deals

Cuponation Groupon

Groupon deals are already great money-savers. And now you can get an additional 20% discount? Wow. If you’d like to get the coupon code for this deal or any of the others, click on the Cuponation Singapore link above.

2) 35% + 5% off Helen accessories at Rakuten

Cuponation Helen

Helen’s having a buy-2-get-1-free promotion at their brick-and-mortar stores, if I remember correctly. Sometimes I’d rather just have an outright discount for an item I’d like to buy, instead of having to pick out 2 more items to complete the purchase. ;)

3) Extra 30% off women’s bags on Zalora

Cuponation Zalora

4) Extra 20% off Zalora purchases

Cuponation Zalora

Zalora currently has a Everything-At-S$15 Sale section. That’s where you’ll find me tonight. LOL. I might be able to get an additional 20% off with this coupon too! *fingers crossed* :D

5) $10 off all Lazada orders *no minimum cart value!*

Cuponation Lazada

Shop smart this GSS season! And if you find any great deals you’d like to share, do drop me a note, and I might just credit you (and your awesomeness) in my next blogpost! :)

My Beauty Diary masks – Amazingly Low Prices at Guardian Stores

My Beauty Diary

Thanks to fellow blogger Mummy Rei, I came to know about the My Beauty Diary sale going on at Guardian stores. I like the My Beauty Diary range of face masks because they are very affordable (I find the new range a tad pricey though) and most importantly, they work. I used to apply two masks daily till I got lazy. And in Singapore, you have to be careful about where you purchase these masks from. The official distributor, Alphico Marketing, stocks these masks at Guardian, Watsons and SASA stores. If you find the masks elsewhere, they are likely parallel imports… or fakes.

And yes, there are fake My Beauty Diary masks. I found some in China previously. Each box was going for about S$4 when the usual price is about S$14.90! And the packaging is exactly the same. You’re unlikely to notice the difference – everything is the same, from the font to the feel of the packaging, to the masks themselves. The only difference I managed to spot was a very small one: that little perforation at the top (which helps you tear the packet open) was in a different shape! (@_@)

As for the current sale, the My Beauty Diary x AIKO FUKAWA range (with the cute cat and rabbit illustrations on the box) are going for S$8.45 per box. I think that’s a discount of 50%! You’ll find 12 masks in each box, which means each mask costs just 70 cents! The taller ‘Prettier Day by Day’ sets are even cheaper – at S$5 per box of 12 (i.e. 42 cents per piece).

These sets are in extremely limited quantities, so count yourself lucky if you find one. Some of the masks (sold individually) are going at 2 for S$2. I bought the Black Pearl and Vanilla Moisturizing Aroma ones.

My favorite will, however, still be the Hyaluronic Acid ones. :)

*If you’re into beauty- or kid-related lobangs, do follow blogger Mummy Rei on Instagram (@reinni) or via her blog – Mummy Rei.

Haruhonpo Bags Are Now In Town! For 2 Weeks Only!


Starting from today, Haruhonpo bags will be available in Takashimaya for two weeks! This brand (Haruhonpo or 小晴天本舖) is very popular in Taiwan, and has found fans in many other parts of the world too! Available in adult and kids sizes, the range of backpacks and handbags are well-loved not just because of their candy-colored tones. The fabric is imported from Japan, the material is water-resistant, and if I have to describe the bags in one word, it’ll be “SQUISHY”! :D

This baby pink backpack is my fav. It comes with additional pouches for everything from cosmetics to stationery in the same irresistible hue:


I do also own the backpack in a leopard print design.

Meanwhile, the hand bag range easily doubles up as a stylish diaper bag for mothers, with compartments on all sides.


Look out for the ‘extras’ within the bags. The handbag range comes with an insulated water bottle holder, a large pouch and also a (detachable) sling for the bag!

Priced from NT1580 (S$69) on their website, these bags are selling like hotcakes. So make sure you pop by Takashimaya any time within these 2 weeks to check out the range. The Haruhonpo booth can be found at Level 4 (I’ve been told it’s beside the escalators). I’m not sure if the prices will be the same as those listed online, so I’ll have to check out their booth at Takashimaya too! :)

If you’d like to have a look at the designs available online (it might not be the full range), you can head to:

Ride A Fliker At Punggol End – It’s For Adults Too!

Have you seen kids riding this before?


[Photo from here]

Well, there’s a bigger version for adults!

Thanks to a recommendation by a mommy blogger, Phoebe from BPDGTravels, I got to know about Fliker rentals at Punggol End, specifically at this bike rental shop called “Jomando Adventure & Recreations“.

It is located right next to Giant:

Jomando Adventure and Recreations

At Punggol End, there are a number of activities for families with kids to enjoy. Besides that row of seafood restaurants, there is a place for horse-riding (click here) and now the dads and moms can also enjoy Fliker rides while their kids cycle.

And because the weather is SO HOT lately, I’d highly recommend you pop by Giant for at least a small bottle of mineral water first. Costs only 40cents, but it will keep you hydrated.

Bike rentals are priced differently from Fliker rentals, so you might want to take note… Fliker rental costs S$10 per hour, but you get an additional hour free if you pay for 2 hours, i.e. S$20 for a total of 3 hours.

Bike rental rates as follows (*Accurate at point of writing) –

Punggol End Bike Rental

And Suzuki car owners get 20% discount – don’t ask me why:

Punggol End Bike Rental

We rented the Fliker for 3 hours yesterday, and got thoroughly sunkissed. XD (Please apply and re-apply sunblock!) The verdict: It’s a lot of fun, and a great lower body workout to help tone your hip, butt and thighs.

How To Ride A Fliker:


Just remember that it’s largely a lower body workout so put one foot onto the fliker and push off with the back foot, as if you are getting onto a skateboard. Once you have that momentum, put the back foot onto the fliker and move your feet together in a gliding motion, left and right.

Ask Uncle Jo (or is it Joe?) at the bike rental store to do a demo for you if you’d like.

And at the end of your Fliker ride, I’d recommend you head upstairs to Wayne’s Chill Out and grab some ice cream and a waffle:

Wayne's Chill Out

Yesterday’s waffle was a tad too crispy and the passionfruit sorbet was really sour. Pink grapefruit was nice though. Because business was really good during the Public Holiday yesterday, they’d run out of my usual favs: Chocolate and Mango.

Address for both:

3 Punggol Point Road, The Punggol Settlement

Opening Hours and Contact Details for Jomando can be found here:

The Small Xiaxue And Nuffnang Bloggers Exposé

This spat could have been settled amicably. But Xiaxue ignored my email sent on 23 April 9.46pm and also failed to show up in Court for mediation on 26 May 9.30am. You’ve read her loose stools side of the story. Now, here’s mine.

I don’t need a year to collect evidence, and I took less than a week to put this together. Hence, I call it ‘The Small Xiaxue And Nuffnang Bloggers Exposé’ as opposed to The Big Gushcloud Exposé. ;)

Because this is still the longest blogpost I’ve ever written, packed full of the PROOF that people have DEMANDED of me (including that of a top blogger who STOLE toilet paper #faithinhumanitylost), I have divided the blogpost into these 15 parts/categories so you can pick whichever ones you want to read, or read them all if you will:

General Overview:

#1: Why I Want To Respond To The ‘Loose Stools’ Blogpost & How XX Lied Under Oath

#2: How XX Harassed / Bullied Me

#3: Am I Bipolar Like She Claims?

#4: Why My “Offensive” Post Is “Still” Online

#5: That Lee Kum Kee Video And Why I’m Upset

#6: Why I Shared SMRT Ltd Feedback’s Posts Seemingly Despite A PO

#7: Plagiarism

#8: The “Top Blogger” Title

#9: Why The Need For A PO

#10: My Supposed Rude Emails to XX’s Lawyer

#11: Why I Emailed The Ministers

#12: My Version Of A Nuffnang Blogger Exposé – Ad Masking and Smearing

#13: Why I Said Her Hair Color Is Blue In My Police Report

#14: Why I Mentioned The Loose Stools


Toilet Paper Thief

#1: Why do you want to respond to Xiaxue’s ‘I caused Grace Tan to have LOOSE STOOLS’ blogpost? Xiaxue has already said she’s not gonna talk about you anymore!

The short answer is this: Can you slap someone, and then say you won’t slap the person again, so he/she shouldn’t get angry at you, and mustn’t retaliate?

It doesn’t work that way.

She has done her best to humiliate me with that blogpost, ignored my email to her to remove the blogpost and its accompanying social media mentions, and aggravated the hurt and distress by promoting the post even more:

Loose stools

On Instagram (*Note: SMRT Ltd Feedback cannot “vandalize” her child’s photo, but she has no problem vandalizing mine) – She is definitely not a hypocrite. 




Twitter – tweet once not enough; must tweet twice:


My email to her, and her lawyer, on 23rd April, regarding removal of the above went ignored:

Wendy Cheng Email

Ignored My Email & Proceeded With Aggravation: “Oh and don’t forget to read the latest blog entry!”




Instagram aggravation post

The even shorter answer is this: I do not trust her.

On 13 April, under oath, she swore that what is in this affidavit is true:

Wendy Cheng's Affidavit

On 13th April, in the affidavit, she wrote in BOLD FONT SOME MORE (scared the judge cannot see these words) “If she (Grace) had asked for me to remove whatever content she was displeased with, I would have done so”. Well, on 23rd April (just 10 days later), I emailed her regarding removal of her ‘Loose Stools’ blogpost and she ignored me, telling people once again to read the blogpost. She is definitely NOT a liar.


13th April: “I have no intention to make any further comments on the Applicant”

(CAN SAY THIS UNDER OATH SOME MORE! I SALUTE YOU!!) By 23rd April, buay tahan and did a FULL blogpost about “the Applicant”. #WinLiaoLor #Don’tCallYouLiarAlsoDifficult

Wendy Cheng 2

In Conclusion, reiterate SOME MORE: “have no intentions of making any sort of offending communication (as defined by the POHA) on the Applicant henceforth”.


Wow. What sort of absolute bullsh*t did I just read?

**Did someone LIE under oath? UH-OH!!! Hard to get out of this one. Better faster call lawyer ah!**

Our settlement terms on 15 April 2015:


(Dear XX, wanna screenshot, screenshot the whole thing lah. Don’t cherry-pick, please.)

Since she has undertaken not to make anymore “insulting, abusive and threatening communication” about me, how do you explain this?!

Loose stools

And what about me? Have I made any insulting, abusive or threatening communication about her after the PTC and settlement?

Honestly, no, I haven’t. It was more than a gentleman’s agreement, it was an undertaking before a JUDGE: I said and shared things about her that were not kind (I’d removed the pineapple blogger posts, and whatever smrt-related content she disliked), and since she has undertaken not to make any insulting, abusive or threatening communication about me, I could FOCUS on preparing for my presentations at the Malaysia Social Media Week (21st to 24th April).

In fact, when my followers commented about her, on unrelated posts that I had shared, I reserved a “no comments” stance:

19 April – before XX uploaded her ‘Loose Stools’ blogpost

No comments fb 2

21 April – before XX uploaded her ‘Loose Stools’ blogpost

No comments fb 1

24 April – after XX had uploaded her ‘Loose Stools’ blogpost:

No comments fb 3

I even deleted my supporter’s comment because it might be seen as insulting and abusive towards Wendy. And I told the person to refrain from doing so again.

Now, in all fairness, tell me… am I wrong to say she has bullied me? 

Toilet Paper Thief

#2: How exactly has Xiaxue harassed you? How did she ever bully you? (Before the Loose Stools blogpost)

First, know that the Protection from Harassment Act is to protect individuals from “words, communication or behavior (in both the online and physical world) that intentionally caused harassment, alarm or distress, causes fear or provocation of violence”, and a few other things.

What Wendy wrote about me on the facebook thread which originated from Walter Lim’s facebook post include, but are not limited to:

“I suggest you see a psychiatrist about being bipolar”

“You can also talk to the psychiatrist about you(sic) delusions of grandeur, thinking you are even mildly qualified to conduct blogging workshops or pen a blogging book when you are a nobody”

“you are an absolute psycho attention-seeking cunt”

“I look forward to seeing my post on your blog as your eyes shine brightly while you salivate”

“Is your book completely copied too?”

“you are bipolar. See a doctor”

“I will see you in court”

“raving like a madwoman”

“Yes I’m saying you are ugly”

“And yes I’m threatening you with a motherfucking lawsuit if you repost that SMRT exposé”

“tell people (all 4 of them who read your pathetic blog)” [*Editor’s note: Eh hello… if only 4 people read my blog, does it matter what exposé I repost?]

“you are clearly a little kee siao”

“You can put this episode on that embarrassing sidebar on your blog with all your mediocre achievements”

[ Just some of the “wonderful” things Xiaxue said about me ]

Why didn’t I reveal all these earlier? Well, I HAD stated that I was going to sue her for defamation right after the PO. So how can I perpetuate those defamatory statements by sharing about them on my blog? I could only share the evidence AFTER I’d brought my suit against her or if I’d decided to drop it. Like, now.

And I did decide to drop the defamation suit. WHY?

1) Interestingly enough, she claims that by MY saying she defamed me, I have also defamed her. So I received a 7-page letter of demand from her lawyer on 31 March. Bear in mind that I’d sent her the court documents for my PO on 30 March and the Pre-trial Conference was slated for 15 April. Want to sue me also can wait till after I will (supposedly) fail to get the PO, right? Since your lawyer said your case is “very strong”, so kancheong for what?

And only her lawyer and my lawyer were there. Hello?

strong case

Do I want to continue with my defamation suit when she also thinks she should sue for defamation? This could last forever! And every cent I earn will go to my lawyer in the meantime. They collect upfront payment, you know?

2) I realized I couldn’t reason with someone who wanted to protect her ‘face’ (面子) at all costs. I mean… a simple apology – “Grace, I’m sorry I called you bipolar, a psycho attention-seeking cunt, ugly, kee siao, etc. Those remarks were unkind, untrue and unnecessary. I will not do it again.” End of story.

Instead, she was adamant about taking things all the way… to where, though?

fucking way

I made a public apology on my blog immediately after one person on facebook pointed out that calling someone a “pineapple blogger” (and its variations) is mean, and can be seen as “bullying” too. So I did apologize. And because Xiaxue requested for the blogpost to be removed, let me say I’m sorry again here ok?

Pineapple blogger

[Start of apology] Wendy, I am sorry I called you a pineapple blogger (and its variations) multiple times. It may not be vulgar, but it may still be hurtful. I wouldn’t want to be called a pineapple blogger myself. So I apologize, and will not call you that ever again. [End of apology]

There really is NO need to make lawyers richer by handing them the hard-earned money we earn from blogging. At least that’s how I see things.

Toilet Paper Thief

#3: Why do you sometimes say positive things about Xiaxue, and at other times, negative ones? Are you bipolar, like Wendy says you are?

Firstly, I’d like to maintain that I am NOT bipolar. And Wendy has no proof from any doctor that I have any sort of mental illness.

Secondly, and most importantly, I changed my attitude towards her after I realized she called me a “bitch”, a “nobody” and an “idiot”. The date is 30TH DECEMBER 2014.


Xiaxue FB ss

Is THIS using her private, PERSONAL account, like she tells you? ;)

When a couple gets a divorce, is it because one party has become bipolar? At first vowing that “till death do us part” and later citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for splitting? Bipolar is it? If one female blogger french kisses another female blogger (and gets it recorded on video) because they are such good friends, and then they later decide not to be friends anymore, and become almost sworn enemies, is one of them bipolar too?

xiaxue kiss kay kay

No! That’s stupid!

People’s attitudes toward others and things CHANGE. If I like you today, and you piss me off tomorrow, it DOES NOT mean I will continue liking you ok?

Toilet Paper Thief

#4: Why did you keep one “offensive” post online?

In all honesty, cross my heart and hope to die, it was truly an honest mistake. After I’d received that Letter Of Demand from her lawyer on 31st March, I’d already clicked on “Hide from timeline” on that facebook post about my suing her, because I had to let my lawyers check if it IS indeed defamatory. To avoid aggravating the matter when she had already sent me a letter of demand, I quickly hit on “Hide from timeline” first.

And I can even demonstrate to you what happened. Take this facebook post about my Business Class airticket:


If I decide to click on ‘Hide from timeline’ now, it will disappear from my timeline:



BUT… if you click on the ‘PHOTOS’ tab at the top, you’ll still be able to locate the post:


Herein lies my mistake: NOT checking the PHOTOS tab before the deadline was up. I had scrolled through my timeline again and again to ensure none of the posts which Wendy felt were offensive were still around. I thought I had deleted them all. But alas, I missed out one! After deleting ENTIRE blogposts, does Wendy really think I would begrudge her one facebook post? Seriously? My mistake was in not checking thoroughly, and not having emailed her before the deadline was up to have her check if I’d left out anything, for I would definitely have deleted them. (And I only agreed to delete those blogposts because she swore under oath to stop making insulting remarks about me. And if there’s anything on my blog or facebook page that she disliked, I’m happy to remove them regardless of whether I think they are actually insulting or offensive.)

Toilet Paper Thief

#5:What is it about the Lee Kum Kee video that you are upset about?

I thought I’ve already blogged about it. Why ask me again? Oh right, Xiaxue had me remove the blogpost about how I think even the best bloggers can lie.

But first things first… Xiaxue now claims that she had no idea I was a blogger when she met me for the filming of the cooking video. Wow.

From the ‘Loose Stools’ blogpost:

I actually liked her

Watch the cooking video on her facebook page then:

I shall transcribe:

Dr Leslie Tay: “Hey everyone! Welcome to the Lee Kum Kee 3 + 1 cooking video. So what we are gonna do today is we are gonna cook 3 dishes 1 soup in 30 mins. And to help me, I’ve got Wendy from, and Grace from Working With Grace.”

Xiaxue: “And most importantly of all we have Dr Leslie Tay here, famous food blogger from ieatishootipost… (blah blah blah)”

Jenna Marbles the face

Hey Wendy, come on… you KNEW I’m a blogger. You even asked me why I looked so familiar (maybe you’d read my book? Haha!). And Dr Leslie Tay introduced us too. I’d interviewed him for my blog, remember???

Ok nevermind. Maybe you forgot, or you just didn’t bother to watch the video that Lee Kum Kee paid you to be in, and just put it on facebook and called it an “intense cook-off”. It was neither “intense” nor a “cook-off”. If anything, it was a cooking lesson taught by Dr Tay to us.


Perhaps someone skilled in the culinary arts (like Dr Tay) CAN pull off the ‘3 dishes 1 soup’ with his exact recipes within 30 minutes. With us as hindrances, like you already discovered, we DID NOT complete the 3 dishes and 1 soup “in just 30 minutes” like you wrote.

And people who purchase sauces in convenience packs are not exactly the chef type, right? I’d like to see you, Wendy, pull off this ‘3 dishes 1 soup’ menu that Dr Tay came up with in 30 minutes, with no video ‘cuts’ or editing. Perhaps a new Guide to Life video idea?

What I’m upset about? That Wendy thinks only other bloggers lie. Come on, we’ve all at least told one white lie before right? Even if it’s not an outright malicious one??!! And Wendy, the PROOF you want is in this blogpost, so read on till the end. ;)

And REALLY, you GOTTA watch the video you were paid to be in and tasked to share about:

xiaxue video

“What video, can link?” #ThatSponsoredOneLah #aiyoh #EvenYourFansKnowBetter !!!

Jenna Marbles the face

Toilet Paper Thief

#6: How can you share SMRT Ltd Feedback’s “defamatory” posts or blog about SMRT Ltd Feedback’s content when Xiaxue has taken out a Protection Order against them?!

This one is very easy to answer.

Xiaxue announced on her blog on 6th Feb 2015 that she had been granted a Protection Order against SMRT Ltd Feedback. The SIXTH OF FEBRUARY. 6th Day Of The 2nd Month Of The Year!!!

Xiaxue Protection Order blogpost

Before 6th Feb, NOTHING that SMRT Ltd Feedback posted or shared had been deemed defamatory by the Courts.

So people were free to share. Seriously. Just go and check out all the posts that Xiaxue says I am guilty of sharing because it violates the terms of the PO – all shared before 6th Feb!

And to be fair, this one wasn’t even about her. I was sharing with my followers that SMRT Ltd Feedback forgot about Data Register. But you know… someone’s obsessed with thinking people are obsessed about her:


*** [ Before PO ] ***


*** [ Before PO] ***


*** [ Before PO ] ***

smrt car

*** [ *yawn* Before PO ] ***

nn ipo

And, guys, by the way… you need to check these recent updates:

NN ipo news on CNA

AFR Netccentric ipo

And what the Australian Financial Review quoted Boss Ming as having said:

Stifling Competition

#WINLIAOLOR Was SMRT lying? Was I wrong to share SMRT’s post? ;)


I can’t believe I’m being made to explain this to a “Mensa genius”. LOL. I’m not even one myself.

Toilet Paper Thief

#7: Why did you plagiarize Shu Yin’s dayre post and put it wholesale on your blog?

Firstly, if Shu Yin is offended by it, I’m sorry.

Secondly, I did credit and link back to her dayre account, right at the top of my “plagiarized” blogpost.

Since the post is gone, I have nothing to show you. But here’s another post which some may say I also “plagiarized”. In all honesty, I was just sharing the good stuff with my readers, and I also linked back to the original post right at the top:


Toilet Paper Thief

#8: Why do you say Xiaxue’s title of “Asia Pacific’s top blogger” is “self-proclaimed”?

Bad choice of words. I should not have used “self-proclaimed”. Sorry. I should have said “awarded by a company she has shares in” (which is the truth). And for all you people who have ever taken part in a lucky draw, you know that if you want to take part, there are terms such as how you must not be an employee or a family member of an employee of the company organizing the giveaway, right? What about taking part in blog awards given out by a company you are a shareholder in? Do you think there is a conflict of interest if you take part as a shareholder???

ALSO, the Asia Pacific region is HUGE! Who dares to say he/she is the top blogger in this entire region?! There’s China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Korea, among a whole list of other countries:

Asia Pacific Region

I think as bloggers, we should exercise some humility.

Toilet Paper Thief

#9: Why Do You Need A PO? You Are Not 100% Innocent Yourself! That’s Why You FAILED To Get A PO!

Well, the main reason is because Wendy tends to go overboard with her comments sometimes. And her reach and influence is far greater than mine. Sure, I called her a pineapple blogger. Apologized.

I can tolerate being called a Bitch because honestly-speaking, which woman has not bitched about another person before? But don’t hit below-the-belt. THAT I cannot tolerate.

YOU will want a PO as well, if you received all these vulgarities, insults and untruths hurled at you:

“I suggest you see a psychiatrist about being bipolar”

“You can also talk to the psychiatrist about you(sic) delusions of grandeur, thinking you are even mildly qualified to conduct blogging workshops or pen a blogging book when you are a nobody”

“you are an absolute psycho attention-seeking cunt”

“I look forward to seeing my post on your blog as your eyes shine brightly while you salivate”

“Is your book completely copied too?”

“you are bipolar. See a doctor”

“I will see you in court”

“raving like a madwoman”

“Yes I’m saying you are ugly”

“And yes I’m threatening you with a motherfucking lawsuit if you repost that SMRT exposé”

“tell people (all 4 of them who read your pathetic blog)”

“you are clearly a little kee siao”

“You can put this episode on that embarrassing sidebar on your blog with all your mediocre achievements”

At the Malaysia Social Media Week, while Tun Dr Mahathir was speaking, I realized that Wendy had tagged me on Instagram with a picture of mine that she had vandalized. Apparently, I had been tagged because she wanted me to know that she had blogged about me.

It was definitely uncool, and hitting below-the-belt. Thankfully, I did not read the blogpost, kept my wits about me, and delivered well on stage.

Before the Malaysia Social Media Week:

15th April 2015: Pre-Trial Conference (PTC) – I had been advised to stay at home and get some rest, instead of getting ‘grilled’ by a lawyer in court as I had no legal training before. So I did. We were both represented by our lawyers.

I was eager to reach a settlement during the PTC because I would be flying off to KL on 21st April 2015 for the Malaysia Social Media Week.

I’ve already shared this earlier:

My Respondent sent a lawyer to represent her, I did not state that I was being stalked/had death threats made against me/have hate sites about me that constitute a serious harm to my well-being, PLUS my Respondent had removed all her comments made about me a few days before the Pre-Trial Conference. Also, her lawyer was instructed to send me her affidavit and written submission THE DAY BEFORE the PTC, “out of goodwill”.

So the judge and I agreed that there was no longer a need for a PO since my Respondent seemed very agreeable, and even undertook not to make any further comments about me after the PTC. And so I withdrew my application for the PO. Why pay more money and go for mediation, right? Since the judge already said it’s gonna be costly to go all the way and fight for a PO, and my Respondent seems, erm… friendly?

Realized too late that she’s not at all friendly.

Toilet Paper Thief


Wendy wrote in her ‘Loose Stools’ blogpost that I was rude to her lawyer (friend) –

Fong Wei Li

Sorry, I don’t think I was rude. If you are referring to Fong Wei Li’s email to me on 20th April, and my response, well, here are the subject titles of the emails and you can tell me if I was being rude:

His “Lunch Tomorrow” and My “(Rejecting) Lunch tomorrow with Fong Wei Li”

Fong Wei Li

On 20th April 2015, 6:24pm, I received an email from Fong Wei Li with the subject title “Lunch tomorrow”.

Jenna Marbles the face

My heart nearly stopped beating. Why is HER lawyer asking me out for lunch??? I’ve never even had a coffee with my lawyers, as it was always business only in their office.

I responded to his email and cc-ed his bosses, and turned down his lunch invitation (which he later said was sent out by error, but whatever yah?). He was upset that I had cc-ed his bosses and emailed me to say this:

“Note that, by having circulated the contents of your last email to third parties (notwithstanding such third parties being members of my firm), you have opened yourself up to being the subject of possible legal action, should I decide to bring a case against you.”

Jenna Marbles the face


Email cc-ed to his bosses, I can also get sued? :(

So I dare not show you screenshots of his (or my) emails. You can ask Fong Wei Li for them if you want. Or if Xiaxue publishes them, it means I have permission to share our email thread.

And this brings me to that question which some have been asking:

Toilet Paper Thief


I felt the ‘PO’ system, as it stands, can be easily abused. And perhaps, the notion of a “Protection Order” is not being accorded the respect it deserves…

From the ‘Loose Stools’ blogpost: “But friendship wasn’t the reason I chose him…”

Fong Wei Li

On March 22nd, Xiaxue made some very mind-boggling statements on Fong Wei Li’s Facebook profile picture. [Before he threatens to sue me again, let me just say that the pictures are ‘public’ on Facebook, and you don’t even have to be Fong Wei Li’s friend to view the pictures, and the comments.]

See? I didn’t ‘Add’ him as ‘Friend’ ah:

fong wei li

Fong with what looks like a very long… stick:

fong wei li


Jenna Marbles the face

If you don’t know the meaning of the word “appendage”, it usually refers to protruding body parts, such as legs, or erm… sexual organs.

I definitely blushed a little reading about the “appendage” but that’s not the point. I was upset that this term ‘PO’ was used so flippantly,so readily, so daringly. I was also shocked by the way a lawyer would threaten (even jokingly, perhaps?) to “harass” a client/friend with “it” (which is presumably the “appendage”). I mean… Wendy said she chose him because he is “well versed in the Harassment Act”. Wait, is the legal “Harassment Act” as in POHA that I’m thinking of the same one she (or her lawyer) is talking about? Haiyah. I am SO confused now. :(

I wrote to the Law Minister regarding the POHA and how it can be easily abused / not accorded the respect it deserves.

Toilet Paper Thief


[From Xiaxue’s Blog]

walter post 3

1) Cos Xiaxue wrote “Dear Grace, or lack thereof” – This is why I wrote:

Yan yan

I didn’t even state “Yan Yan” and actually… no one figured it out. #cheapthrill But, you know, just pointing out that we both have names which can be easily made fun of. So why do it to each other?

2) And Xiaxue also wrote “… you better have proof when you say shit like “NN’s young bloggers make the same mistakes.” Where did you see NN bloggers participate in smear campaigns? So some of them mask ads. They are exposed thoroughly by Gushcloud, why do I have to lift a finger?”

Ahh… be careful what you wish for… :)

#1: Is this AD MASKING OR NOT? You decide!

On February 9th, I noticed that a Nuffnang Blogger, @mongabong, had posted about a Nivea product on Instagram:


I responded to her IG post and asked her why she took that drastic step of “shaving everyday since (she) was a little girl”. Little girls have armpit hair meh? She responded with some comment I cannot recall anymore, and then she deleted my IG comment. I swear I wasn’t rude or anything. I took a screenshot and did the post on my own facebook page you see above.

And it seems that most people agree with me that “little girls” don’t really have armpit hair that needs shaving off “everyday” lah.

I had commented on mongabong’s post when it had 155 likes. She deleted my comment. The post now has 761 likes:

And no comments…


But, I mean, aiyah she forgot to label it as “sponsored” or “ad” just once mah. Maybe she really has a bad memory?

Then she did a second post:


Ok, so… is this a masked ad?

And how do I ensure this mongabong is INDEED a Nuffnang blogger?

Ask Google:


Wah! I’m not the #1 Most Honest Blogger in Singapore lah, but I don’t try to trick people like that:


Anyway, Mong Chin is likely 22 this year, and is from Nuffnang.. So yah… I have proof that “NN’s young bloggers make the same mistakes”. I was not lying or trying to antagonize Xiaxue when I commented on Walter Lim’s FB post.

I JUST DID NOT WANT to do a Big Nuffnang Exposé blogpost! WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO FOR ME? Let her learn on her own lah… eventually. But now, to clear my name… Sorry ah. People want proof, I give them proof.

#2: What about this next example – Is it a Smear Campaign?

This one is even more interesting because Xiaxue can claim she does not know mongabong since Nuffnang has so many influencers. But what about another bong? Namely, bongqiuqiu, her bestie?

In an advertorial for Marigold, Bongqiuqiu picked on Meiji, Greenfields and Magnolia:


She even went to the extent of doing a ‘survey’ among friends first to get their opinions about the origins of Meiji, Greenfields and Magnolia milk.

After stating that Magnolia milk is labeled “product of Singapore”, she points out that the origins of the milk is “confidential” and that she noted “Singapore does not have a milk farming industry apart from niche goat farms in Lim Chu Kang.” So, she’s saying the company is not aboveboard???


She also wrote that Greenfields has “the MOST misleading carton info for fresh milk”, and that Indonesian cow farming results in the “cheapest” brand of fresh milk. OUCH for Greenfields!


Meanwhile, of course, the brand she is advertising for (Marigold) is a gift from heaven:

Something about “fresh air, sunshine, and green pastures



Bongqiuqiu: “The best is never the cheapest for consumable products! The best states BIG AND CLEAR, confident and proud of where their products is(sic) from”


Yah… but Greenfields DID state BIG AND CLEAR leh:


fresh milk from DAIRY COWS IMPORTED FROM AUSTRALIA” is right at the top!

Do you want Greenfields to state that it’s “100% Australian-Indonesian fresh milk” because the cows have ‘migrated’ to Indonesia, and the milk they produce should adequately reflect their current location?!!!

Haiyah. Anyway, does this constitute smearing?



Something about breaching the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice !!!

“11. Non-denigration

11.1 Advertisements should not unfairly attack or discredit other products, organisations or professions directly or by implication.”

Jenna Marbles the face

Perhaps Greenfields has a business model which keeps costs low, keeps milk fresh, keeps cows happy and healthy, and streamlines their operations so they can offer the BEST and LOWEST price to consumers? How can Bongqiuqiu say that Greenfields doesn’t give us the best (fresh) milk and that “The best is never the cheapest for consumable products!” ??? Did she send the milk samples for lab testing to check for contamination, nutrient levels, etc?

So… will Magnolia, Greenfields and Meiji go after Bongqiuqiu? She does have over 257K Instagram followers, 39.3K Twitter followers, and 25K Facebook followers. What she blogs about does have a significant reach.

And yes, I think I have given Xiaxue my answer to her questions of:

“… you better have proof when you say shit like “NN’s young bloggers make the same mistakes.” Where did you see NN bloggers participate in smear campaigns? So some of them mask ads. They are exposed thoroughly by Gushcloud, why do I have to lift a finger?”

Having met and spoken with people who know Althea and Vincent from Gushcloud, I can safely say they are terrible at trying to get anyone or any company “thoroughly exposed“. Which is why I blogged about how your “exposé” blogposts have “finesse”. Even if I dislike a person, I can be FAIR about giving credit where it is due. Also, even if everyone calls a person “plastic” for having had plastic surgery done, I am still capable of being FAIR and pointing out that while the good looks are artificial, the person STILL looks good.




It is not in my interest or nature to do so! I have been following QiuQiu on Instagram and I am very impressed whenever she posts about looking auntie-like at home (because I look like that too) and that picture of her with super-messy hair and looking tired after the birth of her child was a gem – She’s such a genuine person that it’s hard not to like her. As for Mong Chin, I think she’s just very young lah (like Eunice Annabel) and all of us made mistakes when we were very young, and even when we get older.


I just want Xiaxue to know that one should not laugh at other people’s “loose stools” symptoms if one has experienced diarrhoea before. Similarly, one should not point out the filth in a neighbor’s toilet bowl, till one has cleaned up the sh*t in one’s own loo.

Is this fair?

I think so. I don’t try to be right all the time. I just try to be fair.

Toilet Paper Thief


There is a very simple reason for this. I’ve already said that she has “rapidly-changing hair color” and she happily did a GIF for it. It’s due to the limited options available on the e-police report website. I was looking for “purple” but the closest I got was “blue”: [*And please note that an e-report does not require you to head down to a police station. It’s just e-filing and you can print out a report for recording purposes, that’s all. No waste of police resources or taxpayers’ money.]

Hair Color

According to SPF, a suspect can only have either black, blonde, blue, brown, grey, red or white hair:


And I’m quite sure there’s blue in there somewhere:

xx hair


Toilet Paper Thief


Because I knew that someone who is not my bully would never take advantage of my health condition to ridicule me.

And she did…

Loose Stools

I wrote it down with a pen instead of typing it out like in the rest of my affidavit submissions because it would STAND OUT. :)

Yes, so I blamed one day of diarrhoea on Xiaxue. It could have been due to the food I ate that day OR due to anxiety-related diarrhoea caused by her stress-inducing attacks via FB:

Anxiety related diarrhoea

I was under a lot of stress because Xiaxue decided that I was bipolar and kept harping on the fictitious mental illness she came up with for me.

And yes, diarrhoea can be embarrassing but WHO HAS NEVER HAD DIARRHOEA BEFORE? All you losers who keep asking about my loose stools and sending images of toilet paper, oh gee, I hope you guys never have a day of diarrhoea in your life, or never run out of toilet paper when you desperately need it ‘cos you know, there’s a toilet paper thief among us. ;)

I don’t mind sharing about an embarrassing condition which affects some people when they are under intense stress, and at least I am not an embarrassment who ridicules others by picking on their weak spots. I have never made fun of her actual height after I found out the figure and included it in my e-police report (she hid that part in her blogpost ‘cos she doesn’t want you to know) or her plastic surgery experiences either (no “plasticzilla” references from me, though Dawn Yang has been called that by you-know-who, because I don’t think anyone should be called that).

The difference between XX and me? I know where to draw the line.

She, however, on top of showing my medical report to the world, has also stolen pictures of me off my blog and Migme account, and used them in her shitty blogpost. I think it reeks of hypocrisy when someone can accuse SMRT Ltd Feedback of vandalising her child’s photo and apply for a PO against them, and then steal my photo and vandalise it to an even greater extent:


Is it now OK to steal photos off people’s blogs and use them without permission? 

If so… here are some of our top blogger, courtesy of Guru Gossiper (credit:

Guru Gossip original

Yes yes, I would look SO ugly standing next to you, Xiaxue. I will go to Korea and repent, ok?



Jenna Marbles the face

Toilet Paper Thief


No Mensa genius for sure. And quite an opportunist too! If people want to send me toilet paper to ‘help’ me with my loose stools issue, I unashamedly ask them to send me Hello Kitty ones. Opportunistic mah. Why? Cannot?

Then I don’t have to steal pink toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Thief

toilet paper thief


Jenna Marbles the face




Oh wait… shit. Better not laugh too hard. Scarly get bowel movements again. And for sure she will not lend me some toilet paper… because SHE USES A LOT OF IT:


#HousewarmingGuestsUseStolenToiletPaper #TopBloggerUsesCheapoToiletPaper #TopBloggerUsesALotOfToiletPaper #AlsoHasLooseStools ?

Moral of the story: Don’t use so many toilet paper images in your blogpost about me, and think you are a freaking genius (oho so hilarious). Spamming virtual toilet paper while stealing real ones and depriving other toilet users of toilet paper is just plain MEAN.

So, who is Grace Tan? WHO CARES?! The people who love me, do. The people who don’t? YAWN.

All I’m asking is that you think twice before you send out a nasty message online. I have had my fair share. Here’s just a sampling:

Hater blog comment 2


Some lousy fella on Twitter even went to tag the Malaysia Social Media Week organizers in a bid to discredit me because I have, in his opinion, too few Twitter followers. Thankfully, the MSMW team spoke up on my behalf. Eternally grateful, guys! :)

Another fella even went to tag my new friends from Malaysia and harass me and them on Twitter:


To all those haters: Oh no, you’ve all got it wrong. My career is not over. It has only just begun.

#DRAGONSlayer #AlsoCatchesToiletPaperThieves

#SayNoToBullying #AndOtherUselessHashtags

*Photo Credit: Jenna Marbles’ ‘The Face’ picture is from here.