Taobao Shopping Made Simpler And Safer With Superbuy

Alibaba Group founder, Jack Ma, explained (perhaps jokingly) at a Credit Suisse event the difference between shopping on Amazon and on Taobao – “If you go to Amazon, you go buy what exactly (sic) you want. You get it, you feel happy. In China, on Taobao, it’s different. The things you ordered, (when delivered), may not (be) the things you want.” I would add that even if the item delivered is the one we ordered, it may not arrive in good condition. Thus, while there are many Taobao agents to choose from, I’ve found Superbuy Taobao agent to be the most impressive in terms of the care they take with our parcels. I received my order of Chinese books last month in pristine condition, possibly better than if I had visited the stores myself to select those books! Read on till the end to find out why I feel this way…


Screenshot: the Superbuy website

Here are 8 reasons why I enjoy using Superbuy for my Taobao shopping:

#1: Great for folks who aren’t familiar with Mandarin

Superbuy Taobao

If you think Taobao is difficult to navigate because the site uses Mandarin predominantly, you’ll love Superbuy. Even their emails come in both English and Mandarin.

As English is my first language, reading stuff in Chinese characters can be frustrating sometimes. And even when it isn’t, my reading speed has been slowed down considerably.

Thus, I think it’s absolutely brilliant how Superbuy helps global users shop on Taobao in a fuss-free manner via its platform.

#2: Superbuy advises you on which sellers to be wary about

Superbuy Singapore

Superbuy Taobao

I avoid sellers whom Superbuy tells me are “Risky” or “Not Recommended”. As you can see in the screenshots above, they are also color-coded according to (perceived) level of risk. Of course, you can go ahead and purchase from these sellers, especially if the item is not too costly or if you don’t need it urgently. I’d prefer to avoid the hassle of dropping a seller later on, and having to pick a new one, so I simply pick the ones who have gotten good reviews.

#3: Coupons for discounts

Superbuy Singapore

I love discounts. Actually, who doesn’t? 😀 Superbuy makes it fun to use their platform as simply signing up will give you 188 RMB worth of coupons. 😀

#4: Negotiation with the seller(s) on your behalf

how to use superbuy

I know some other Taobao agents offer this service too. I didn’t use it this time as the books I ordered were relatively cheap and I didn’t want to bargain for the sake of bargaining even though I did order 5 books from one seller. 😉

#5: Superbuy’s Value-Added Services

Superbuy Singapore

I absolutely LOVE how Superbuy offers ‘Package Removal’ and ‘Brand Tag Removal’ free-of-charge. If you select these options, Superbuy will remove the original packaging (I believe this can considerably reduce the weight of my parcel) and the brand tags from your items can be discarded too (so you pay less in custom duties? OOPS).

I do prefer having the original packaging removed, so Superbuy can check the items for me. If there are defects, Superbuy can help me get a refund or an exchange. If the items are kept in their original packaging, who’s to know if it’s exactly what I wanted / ordered?

#6: Delivery Options… EXPLAINED

Superbuy Taobao

My package reached me in about 8 days or so even though I had ordered items from 5 different sellers, requested for all the original packaging to be removed, and also selected the *ahem* cheapest shipping option for my order.

I love how Superbuy explains each shipping option in detail so you know which one is “time saving” or “cost-effective” or which might allow for “easy customs clearance” and which would mean your item can get “taxed in Thailand” very easily. 😀

#7: Payment via PayPal

Superbuy Taobao Agent

I do enjoy paying via PayPal as it’s secure, fast, and doesn’t require me to search for my Internet Banking dongle in order to complete the transaction. 😀

#8: Packaged so well; I couldn’t have done it better myself

I received the box via courier:

Superbuy Review

It’s sealed up so well that I don’t think even an ant could have sneaked in.

Inside, there’s bubble wrap to ensure the books I ordered don’t get damaged:


The order from each seller comes individually wrapped in Superbuy packaging:

Superbuy Packaging

The sticker reads: We have carefully examined your order. (*Or something like that*)

This level of care is mind-blowing. Every single item I received was in great condition. I would definitely recommend you choose Superbuy if you’re purchasing expensive or fragile items. Even books too! I’m one of those people who are super particular about the books I buy – they have to be crease-free, (definitely!) no dog ears, and with no visible imperfections *cough cough*. If you’re purchasing items such as inexpensive clothing, then just about any platform will do, I guess. If I’m getting a gift for someone, or household items (maybe a new lamp or ornament), or anything fragile, Superbuy will be my Taobao agent of choice! 🙂

Give Superbuy a try here:

*Wholesalers and resellers can try Superbuy’s newly launched buying agent service

Cafés Richard: The Best Coffee From France, Now At Resorts World Genting

Cafés Richard resorts world genting

[This post is the second in a 3-part series on my makan adventures in Resorts World Genting. Read part one here]

According to staff at Cafés Richard at Resorts World Genting, Cafés Richard is the #1 coffee roaster in France, with some 80% of the market share there. Wow! And I wasn’t surprised after tasting their beverages and savoring their high tea set.

I ordered their ‘Sun King’s Delight’ while he had the ‘Jamaica Blue Mountain’ coffee which costs RM62 per cup (expensive taste, this one).

Cafes Richard Malaysia

Sun King’s Delight (and it really was delightful)

Because I don’t drink coffee, I ordered their ‘Sun King’s Delight’ which turned out to be (possibly) the best iced tea I’ve ever had. It was fruity, refreshing, and just what I needed after a walk around Sky Avenue (gosh the place is huge!)

Cafes Richard Genting

The ‘atas’ Jamaica Blue Mountain

I like how the staff at Cafés Richard, Resorts World Genting, are chatty and accommodating. This dude, for instance, told us a joke (or was it a riddle?)…

“What makes salt… SALTY?” he asked…

Cafes Richard Sky Avenue

I figured it couldn’t be too hard to answer since he’s not a scientist in a lab coat… so I said… “the Y”. Bingo! 😀


And this is their high tea set for 2 to 4 pax, with drinks. Each item is SO DELICIOUS but SO TINY. Good grief. 4 pax? I can eat all of these myself, thank you very much!  And in the bottom drawer is a chocolate macaron (a really tiny one, or petit as the French would say) which I happily popped into my mouth – it was so good. WHY, oh why, did I not get a box of say, 100, to bring back to Singapore?!

Cafes Richard menu

If you’re wondering, the high tea set with drinks costs RM 138. 🙂 I love how the current exchange rate makes everything seem so affordable.


Fans of slow coffee methods such as the French press, chemex, syphon or cold drip should definitely pop by Cafés Richard. There’s also a special drink (which I’ve heard is very good) called ‘French Genting’. It was specially concocted for Resorts World Genting, and is a combination of French orange liqueur, espresso and local Bentong ginger.

If you’re craving for some high tea / coffee when you’re at Resorts World Genting, I’d highly recommend you pop by Cafés Richard. 🙂

And if you happen to have a craving for lobsters or burgers… there’s Burger & Lobster too!~

Where To Park Your Bicycle(s) at SAFRA Punggol

Bicycle Parking at SAFRA Punggol

I like cycling to places like Waterway Point and SAFRA Punggol so bicycle parking lots are very important to me. The ones at Waterway Point are pretty obvious – it’s almost impossible to miss the designated spots. However, it’s not the case at SAFRA Punggol. And if you don’t like chaining your bicycle to railings or lampposts, and prefer proper lots like I do, then here’s a guide to finding a bicycle parking lot at SAFRA Punggol. 🙂

As you can see in the first picture above, look for Jack’s Place restaurant at #01-01. There’s a set of glass doors to the right of the restaurant (or your left). Once you go past those doors, you’ll enter the carpark, which is also where you can park your bike…

There are two areas for bicycle parking, and I’ve indicated them with (1) and (2) below. The first one can accommodate around 16 bicycles, I think. And another eight bicycles over at the second area.

Where to park bicycle at SAFRA Punggol

Second area right here:

SAFRA Punggol Bicycle Lots

There isn’t ample signage to tell people where to leave their bicycles. So the reason for this blogpost is to help you out if (1) you’re looking for somewhere to park your bicycle at SAFRA Punggol, and (2) you enter the carpark but see that the first bicycle parking area is already full, don’t panic, there’s still a second spot around the corner. The best part is there’s a CCTV camera pointing right at it. 🙂

Happy Cycling!~

KnackStop: For The Coolest Public Transport-Inspired Merchandise

KnackStop Land Transport Authority

I was at LTA yesterday when I saw the “Bus Stopping!” Bell Keychain sold at KnackStop, and I just knew I had to get one! 😀 Press the ‘bell’ and you’ll hear the familiar ‘ding dong’ chime from buses and convenience stores. I wouldn’t recommend giving this to a child though or you’ll be driven up the wall. That said, I wouldn’t mind using this as a prank in a packed elevator. LOL!

I bought the ‘Nostalgic Bus Tickets Adhesive Tape’ too because it seems like one of the coolest things ever! 😀 I know a pal who loves travel scrap-booking so I bought her one as well. Turns out she’d already spotted it at Naiise but didn’t want to shell out a good $7.20 for one. Well, that’s the Law Of Attraction working right there. 😀

If you were wondering, the “Bus Stopping!” Bell Keychain costs $13. I’m going to hang it on my mini backpack from Decathlon that costs just $3.90 (yes, three dollars and ninety cents!) The items at KnackStop don’t come cheap but it’s for a good cause. A ‘Graciousness Pouch’ featuring the characters you’ve seen at MRT stations will cause $13, a set of magnets at $18, etc.

Nett sales proceeds go to charity, so do support this good cause and get yourself a gift that’s not only super fun to play with but also functions as a useful conversation starter! *I received a free mousepad with my purchase yesterday too – how sweet! 🙂

Head to for more details:

KnackStop Public Transport Inspired Merchandise

Burger & Lobster @ Resorts World Genting

Burger and Lobster Resorts World Genting

[This post is the first in a 3-part series on my makan adventures in Resorts World Genting]

Located at Resorts World Genting’s Sky Avenue, Burger & Lobster draws long queues at mealtimes, with many hoping to try the famed Nova Scotian lobsters. While the restaurant’s interior will receive a mention on many food and/or lifestyle blogs, I’m more concerned about the taste of their culinary offerings. 😀

I was only distracted by their Paul Twohill-lookalike Assistant Manager there. 😀 If you remember fondly Paul Twohill from Singapore Idol, you’ll find that the Burger & Lobster Assistant Manager reminds you of him. 😀 He even came over to our table to chat! One of the things Paul’s ‘doppelgänger’ shared with us was that the lobsters (flown in from Canada) arrive every Thursday / Friday. So the next time I pop by will definitely be during a Friday or Saturday, so I can be certain their lobsters aren’t all sold out! It seems the restaurant has been reviewed by a couple of (famous) food bloggers so I won’t be surprised if more and more Singaporeans pop by Genting not just for a game of blackjack or to try their hand at the jackpot machines. They’ll be coming by for the famed lobsters! Simply ‘cos many Singaporeans are foodies. Anyway it’s much cheaper heading to Genting, instead of going all the way to the UK. 😀

Burger and Lobster Menu

The Chili Lobster which I ordered is a menu item exclusive to Malaysia (and not available anywhere else in the world). It was truly delightful, served in a huge claypot and with just the right amount of spice. I really didn’t want to share…

Burger and Lobster Resorts World Genting

Drinks served in plastic bags (kopitiam-style) and suspended from banana stands (likely from Daiso; I’ve bought one there before), the chili lobster in a claypot, LOML holding up a live lobster, and the restaurant’s famous lobster roll (which I didn’t eat)

What the LOML ordered was their B&L, which came with a finger-sized portion of lobster meat within the burger bun. He wanted to share. (>_<)

Burger and Lobster

[Picture courtesy of Resorts World Genting]

The burgers here are made with 100% Australian beef without fillers. Within the sesame seed brioche buns are the beef bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, “in-house pickles” and a signature (read: secret) sauce. Choose from one of these:

  1. The Mayfair (168 grams), served with chips
  2. The Original (224 grams), also with chips
  3. B&L (224 grams), with lobster meat, chips and a salad

I was rather disappointed that the fries had turned cold. I should not have been surprised as I had seen the number of orders sitting in the ‘window’, waiting to be sent out to the diners within the restaurant. The burger itself was unremarkable, with the patty rather dry and with little flavor, and that small sliver of lobster was a tad tough. Slightly disappointing burger but I was very happy with my order of their Chili Lobster so it didn’t bother me (haha!)

If you’re not a fan of burgers too, you can also order their lobsters steamed or grilled with clarified butter or their famous lemon and garlic butter. I NEED to try these next time!

During this visit, we didn’t manage to try many items on the menu. We’ll definitely have to head back again for the lobster rolls (apparently delicious) and their interesting dessert items such as the durian tempura (wow!) or their guanduja (chocolate) or stacciatella ice creams.

A good time to visit would be after the Twentieth Century Fox World theme park opens, as Burger & Lobster will (apparently) remove one of the walls so the restaurant can offer a nice view of the theme park, with alfresco seating. Also, their seating capacity will be expanded from the current 150 to 170. Sweet.


Burger and Lobster Malaysia

[Picture courtesy of Resorts World Genting]

Burger & Lobster is located at Level 1, Sky Avenue. Open daily from 11am to 10pm (weekdays) and 11am to 11.30pm (weekends). The restaurant doesn’t take reservations but if you have any questions (only), call 03-6101 1118 or visit

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day 2017: A Sweet Success!

ben and jerry's 313 somerset

Whenever possible, I show my support for Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day by turning up, queuing in line and enjoying the free ice cream. 😀 This year, it’s no different. I was at 313@Somerset yesterday, queuing for the giveaway. What was different from previous editions of the Free Cone Day in Singapore, though, was that the free ice cream was given out at 4 outlets: Dempsey, Somerset, Universal Studios Singapore and Vivocity. I’m sure Ben & Jerry’s made MANY people very happy yesterday, whether they are locals or tourists. 🙂

Probably the sweetest thing that happened yesterday:

free cone day singapore

The Ben & Jerry’s cow mascot is called Woody, named after its creator. And the person in the Woody costume at 313@Somerset not only went around giving high-fives and posing for pictures, but also spotted these two boys in the queue in front of me and gave the younger sibling a hug. SO SWEET!

ben and jerry free cone day

Ben & Jerry’s has been hosting its Free Cone Day in Singapore for many years now, and they’ve made improvements every single time. This year, their staff went down the queue offering the menu selection of 16 flavors, and recording each person’s choice on a paper sleeve into which the free cone would be placed. Once you reach the head of the queue, the staff present there will shout out your order to those within the store, and you can proceed to hand over this paper sleeve:

ben and jerry's singapore

Once your order is filled, your name will be called and you can collect your ice cream. No fuss, no confusion.

And what was most impressive was how Ben & Jerry’s staff were moving down the line offering quizzes and prizes. The wait was around 30 minutes, and this interaction really helped take the boredom out of queuing. I received a Ben & Jerry’s mini USB fan, a Ben & Jerry’s handphone ring holder, and a couple of their ‘Buy 1 Scoop & Get 1 Scoop FREE’ coupons. I also queued twice for their ice cream, since a pal joined me for the second helping. 😀 Some people also received Ben & Jerry’s metal spoons with long handles – great for scooping ice cream out of their pint tubs. 😀 Thank you, Ben & Jerry’s! I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s edition of your Free Cone Day!

More folk attempting a quiz regarding environmental conservation and Up2degrees:

ben and jerry's free cone day 2017

I wonder what’s in store for next year’s Free Cone Day 😀

Do SMU Students Fare Better At Job Interviews?

SMU Job Interviews

Do SMU students have an edge over those who study at other universities when it comes to job interviews? As an NUS alumnus, I’m very keen on finding out so I ‘sat in’ for an interview conducted by the founder of a local startup. Our interviewee? An undergraduate at SMU who will be completing her studies by the end of this year, and who’s actively looking for internship job offers right now. It’s apparently internship season now for some students.

Even though the founder of the startup and I are millennials ourselves, we did not quite know what to expect going into an interview with a younger millennial.

Besides being confident and articulate, and reading up on the company somewhat, here’s what today’s job candidate did well… (I must say I was VERY impressed by some of the things she did)

*Note: I’m fully aware that this is the first SMU job seeker ‘interview’ I’ve attended, and it may not be reflective of the majority of the students (both past and present) of SMU. Just take this post as a learning opportunity if you’re a job seeker yourself, or if you know someone who’s looking for a job so we can all learn (together) what works well, and what needs to be avoided. OK? Then read on…*

5 Things The SMU Job Seeker ACED:

#1: Arriving Before The Appointed Time AND messaging her interviewer to ask if the latter wanted anything from Costa Coffee

That was a huge PLUS. Firstly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the millennial showed up late. I recently met a trainer (also a millennial) who helps employers manage employee relations with millennials and he showed up 30 minutes late. I was about 20 minutes early, so I ended up ‘waiting’ for him for close to an hour. Our interviewee today was early so extra points go to her.

[ Read this article by Brent Beshore – it’s one of my favorites: 5 Minutes Early Is On Time; On Time Is Late; Late Is Unacceptable ]

On top of being early, our interviewee also took the initiative of sending an SMS to ask what she could help get for her interviewer. Unfortunately, the latter only saw the message after the interview was concluded. Still, the interviewer felt it demonstrated that she had pretty good EQ.

#2: Keeping A Smile And Appearing Interested In What The Interviewer Was Saying

Most people are quite terrible at this – you can be talking to them and you can see their eyes glaze over and they’re obviously not paying much attention to what you are saying. Of course, we try to stay focused during job interviews but what happens when you meet an overly enthusiastic interviewer? You simply have to match his/her level of enthusiasm. 🙂

#3: Sharing About Takeaways From Previous Jobs And Her Contributions To These Companies

For instance, she shared about how she took the initiative of telling her ex-boss that he can include a card with the (expensive) product he’s selling so that customers don’t simply receive their pricey order in bubble wrap but with no other note. Though her ex-boss didn’t like the idea as it’s an additional cost to him, it still showed that she cared about the business and its customers.

#4: No Handphone To Be Seen

The interviewer had her handphone on the table, and I had mine in my hands. But we saw no trace of our lovely interviewee’s handphone. It showed that she wanted to be fully present and had the good sense to eliminate one major source of distractions – the mobile phone.

#5: Asked Questions To Keep The Interviewer Talking

I truly wanted to pat her on the back when she asked her interviewer what the latter wanted to do to in terms of marketing, growing the company, etc. All the questions that required the interviewer to keep talking… and talking… and all she had to do was simply, listen. Who said job interviews are stressful?

Of course, after the interview was over, the feedback I gave to the interviewer was that she should have been the one asking most, if not all, the questions. 😀

Nice work there, though, making the potential employer work to impress you. *wink*


7 Things The SMU Job Seeker Didn’t Do So Well

#1: Not Maintaining Eye Contact When Greeting Everyone Present

Sure, I was introduced as a “friend” who supposedly had lunch with the founder of the startup, and was just sitting in (presumably because I have nothing else to do). 😀 Still, it was a little disconcerting when I shook her hand and introduced myself, and she wasn’t even looking at me. 

It’s probably wise to treat everyone you meet in an interview scenario as equally important. Even if only one person is asking you the questions, it is highly likely that the interviewer will ask for the opinions of the other people who are there once you leave.

I addressed her by her name when we were saying goodbye, and she didn’t reciprocate so I have to assume she had forgotten my name already.

#2: Body Language 

I noticed that she was “digging” around in her left ear for a good three seconds or so while her interviewer was saying something – was her ear really itching or maybe she needed to clean out some earwax in order to hear better?

There was some nose-rubbing as well, which body language experts might tell you are actions which indicate dishonesty / lying.

#3: No Notebook (And I’m referring to a physical notebook made from paper :P)

It’s good she didn’t fiddle around with her handphone, but it would have certainly helped her if she had a notebook with her. Firstly, she could have referred to her notes about the company. At some point, she mentioned that she saw on the startup’s website that the startup is working with a “sponsor” starting with “A” (“You work with a company starting with ‘A’? I can’t remember what it’s called… something A…C…?”) We had no idea what she was talking about, and neither did she, it seemed. Would have really helped if she had written down the supposed sponsor’s company name on paper.

Secondly, it would have demonstrated that she was VERY interested in joining the company if she was taking down notes while the interviewer was talking / sharing.

#4: Lots and lots of BUTS… and LIKES

It was certainly brow-raising to hear her tell the interviewer…

“What you are doing is interesting, but…”

Really? Is it truly interesting or are you just saying that for the sake of sounding polite? That “but” negates all the niceties in front though.

Also, it’s pretty common to hear millennials peppering their speech with “like” e.g. “I feel like…”, “And I’m like…”, “And you know, like…” but it’s probably not that appropriate in a job interview.

What she actually said: “Have you like, I dunno, like…”

#5: Use Of Contractions

Besides BUTS, there was “wanna” – “I wanna hear from you how you wanna grow your company…” It would have been better if she rephrased it to “I am interested in finding out how…” or “I would love to know why you…” It sounds more professional, and not as if you’re speaking with someone of a similar age group.

#6: Letting Slip Certain Things Which Put Her At A Disadvantage

She mentioned that her ex-boss would often point out spelling errors in her work. This might imply that she’s not meticulous. So why did she reveal this to a potential employer?

But what was worse was how she let slip that she’s a drinking buddy of the person who referred her for this job interview. She said that “K______ and I drink a lot” and burst into laughter. Unless you’re selling alcohol, it would be a little disconcerting to know that your potential hire LOVES to drink.

#7: The Millennial With No Instagram Account

She gave very good reasons (which we fully accept) why she doesn’t have an Instagram account. That said, this startup needs someone who can assist with their marketing efforts not just on Facebook, but on Instagram too.

Perhaps, she could have emphasized that she had managed the Instagram accounts of the previous companies she had worked for, so while she does not have a personal account, she is willing and able to manage corporate accounts. Also, she could have mentioned that this is a plus because employees who have both company and personal accounts might sometimes accidentally post unintended updates using the wrong account, and that could be pretty troublesome for the company involved, especially if the post somehow goes viral for the wrong reasons.


If you’re a millennial job seeker, I’d love to hear from you. How can employers impress you? What do you look for in a job? Is it tough landing a job before (or right after) graduation? Drop me a note here (I’ll definitely send you a reply)…

*Interestingly, SMU has an ‘Interview tips 101‘ article for their students. 🙂

Pikachu Meet N Greet at NEX this Weekend!

Pikachu Meet and Greet

This weekend, bring your kids to NEX to meet Pikachu! 🙂 There’s a Pikachu Meet & Greet for the young, and lots of exclusive cherry blossom-inspired goodies and popular Japanese street snacks for the young-at-heart at ISETAN’s Sakura Matsuri fair. Details as follows:

Date: 1 & 2 April
Event: Meet & Greet Pikachu
Address: ISETAN Serangoon Central Children’s Department L3
Time: 1pm, 3pm and 5pm

Also, spend $80 (T&Cs apply) at the ISETAN Sakura Matsuri fair from now till 9 April to enjoy a free traditional Japanese family photo-taking opportunity in yukata from 1:30pm to 6:00pm.


Spring @ NEX (9 March – 30 April)
Five lucky shoppers can stand a chance to win S$1,000 worth of nexVouchers with every S$50* spent at NEX! (*Maximum 3 combined same-day receipts. Maximum 20 chances per shopper/NRIC per day.)

Toys “R” Us’ Grand Opening At Waterway Point: 12 to 16 April

Waterway Point Toys R Us

I’d thought Toys “R” Us would be opening their outlet at Waterway Point with zero fanfare – no balloons, no promotions, no bouncy castle, etc. But apparently they will have their Grand Opening in April, from Wednesday (12 April) to Sunday (16 April). And there will be free balloon sculpting, popcorn, candy floss, among other things!

Character Meet & Greets will happen on 12, 14, 15 and 16 April, while the first 50 customers on 12 April will receive a $20 Gift Card and a Mystery Gift each. Nice.

I suppose there are pros and cons to opening a store before the official ‘Grand Opening’. One obvious benefit would be letting your (new) staff get used to serving customers, working the cash registers, etc, at their own pace. Then they might not be so overwhelmed during the Grand Opening which, if the marketing is done just right, will see tons of visitors to the store.

Of course, for folk like myself who have already visited the store, it’s a little less ‘magical’ during the Grand Opening. It’s not the ‘first look’ at a store anymore. Teenagers have already sat on some of the kiddy rides, some people have already made their purchases, and I might be just a little disappointed if I’ve bought something before the Grand Opening (G.O.) and during the G.O. celebrations, the items are offered at a discount (which I didn’t get).

Still, I hope there’s lots of fun on April 12th. I may just want to buy a few more things using my membership card and earn double points. Don’t judge. 😀


If you’re going to pop by Waterway Point for the grand opening of Toys “R” Us on 12 April, you might also want to note that Umi Sushi is having its Umiday on the same day, with all their sushi going at $1 each. 🙂

Padeve: Herbal Sanitary Pad Brand That’s Winning Fans In Singapore

Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pad

When I first discovered this herbal sanitary pad brand via Instagram, my initial reaction was WHY?! Why would anyone want to use a sanitary pad that has a herbal scent? Then I wondered why anyone would make a herbal sanitary pad in the first place. Gosh. And purely out of curiosity, I headed over to their website to claim a free sample. They’re generous enough to provide 1 day pad and 1 pantyliner in their free sample pack.

I’ve tried it, and yes, I do like it. 🙂 When I went by the Padeve booth last weekend at a Waterway Point event, their staff offered me a free sample pack (which would make it my second), I couldn’t say no. 😀

Anyway, I’d already bought the pantyliners when there was a 1-for-1 promotion on International Women’s Day. And here’s why I think the brand’s doing pretty well in Singapore:

#1: Selling On Qoo10 / Free normal mail via their website

Padeve Sanitary Pads

On one of their listings on Qoo10, I saw that they have over 200+ reviews left by customers, with the majority being positive. Being listed on Qoo10 probably gives Padeve a wide reach, letting more female customers know about this new brand of sanitary pads.

But few things work better at getting your brand new ‘converts’ than handing out samples…

#2: Try Before You Buy

Padeve Free Sample Pack

You have to be really confident about your product if you’re offering free samples to potential customers. And if you’re selling herbal sanitary pads, well, of course you should let customers test it out first to see if they can handle the scent.

Truth be told, I was a little concerned that the people around me would be able to smell the herbal scent. How awkward would that be?! In the toilet, yes, the scent is pretty obvious. But once you’re outside, it seems the scent is not detectable at all.

-> Grab A FREE Sample Pack Here <-

#3: Awesome Promotions

Padeve Sanitary Pads

I don’t usually buy stuff unless I get a really good deal. In this case, I found that Padeve was offering a 1-for-1 deal on all its products for International Women’s Day. I’d already shared about that offer in my post on Nature’s Farm $3.80 supplements. So if you’ve been following my blog, you would have gotten in on that deal. 🙂

From stalking them on social media, I found that they had a 28% discount during Chinese New Year, it seems. But the 1-for-1 deal I scored was considerably better. Hehe! I’ll stock up the next time they have yet another awesome promo. 🙂

#4: Handwritten Note

Padeve Singapore

I think what really impressed me was not the quality of the pads, or how the herbal scent doesn’t overwhelm my senses. It was that handwritten note that came in the package! *sniff sniff* In this day and age, when even wedding invitations are delivered via Whatsapp or Facebook messenger, a handwritten note from someone you bought sanitary pads from is just unheard of, unexpected, and such a lovely surprise!

Because of this, I might find it terribly hard to buy pads from any of the established brands from now on. Well done, Padeve!

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. The folks who bought the pads on qoo10 also loved that that handwritten note addressed to them came with the package:

Padeve Qoo10

Finally, if you’re still wondering about that herbal scent… Well, a couple of reviewers have said that it helps mask odors, which is certainly a plus. The lady at the booth at Waterway Point also told me the Padeve pads are very absorbent, the pantyliners are longer than regular pantyliners, and you can count on the pads to not leak, as they do a decent job of absorbing the blood, save for the blood clots. I really like how honest she was. 🙂