The Coffee House @ Waterway Point: Good Drinks Here!

The Coffee House Waterway Point

I popped by The Coffee House at Waterway Point with my pals for a post-dinner ‘la kopi’ session. It is by no means a Hong Kong style cha chan teng, it is very much Singaporean. Actually we chose The Coffee House because Ya Kun was not serving any food once it’s 9.30pm (very strange since the outlet closes at 10pm), we found that the drinks at The Coffee House are decent!

I had the Teh-C, which was pretty good. And my pals had iced kopi and the soursop cooler. If you’d like to meet your pals for a drink at Waterway Point, do head to The Coffee House.

The food, though, needs some working on. The pictures in the menu are very well-taken, admittedly.

I ordered the laksa (S$7.30) and even before it was served, the wait staff came over to say that the “la la” is unavailable so is it ok if they put more ‘hum‘ into my laksa instead? I was stumped. Laksa got la la meh? Anyway, the boss also came over and offered to include scallops instead. But someone at my table told him there’s no need to, even though it was MY laksa order. Whuttttttttt… And the boss happily did not include any scallops in my laksa. And there were just 5 small pieces of ‘hum‘ i.e. cockles. At times like these, I appreciate the tasting sessions held for bloggers – we get anything and everything we want to eat. If you’re an ordinary customer… well… yeah. ;) :P

One point for improvement: the laksa broth is not quite hot… just slightly above lukewarm… therefore tak shiok.

The Coffee House Laksa

I figured that instead of paying S$25.80 for laksa with grilled lobster and not knowing whether it tastes good beforehand, why not just try the laksa on its own first? If it’s good, then order the lobster version next time, ya? *Anyway the lobster version was not available during my visit. The kong ba pau also wasn’t available. And neither was the muah chee, and a few other items. Bummer.

The Coffee House Laksa with Grilled Lobster

The popiah (at S$5.50 for 2 pieces) tasted very ‘vegetarian’:

The Coffee House popiah

I think the white radish used was not drained well enough so the popiah skin got soaked and rather soggy. The chili could do with more oomph and maybe add prawn or something else into the popiah for better texture?

BUT I have to say that the menu looks pretty awesome. The pictures are so enticing, and the concept is cool. Take their oyster seafood soup, for instance, which seems like something I would try. Question is, if the coffee house runs out of oysters, will they give me scallops? :P ;) :D

The Coffee House Oyster Seafood Soup

Good place for drinks lah! Will be back for Teh-C!

The Coffee House is at #B2-05 of Waterway Point.

Buddy Hoagies @ Waterway Point: No Service Charge, Free Iced Water!

Buddy Hoagies Western BBQ Chicken

My pals ate at Buddy Hoagies at Waterway Point recently and highly recommended (to me) the baked potato and coleslaw. So the fiancé and I popped by for dinner yesterday and we tried the Western BBQ Chicken (S$9.90) and Fish n Chips (S$9.90). The prices are pretty affordable for “Western food”, right? And the best part is you don’t have to pay for service charge, only the GST. FREE iced water is also provided. :)

Buddy Hoagies Fish And Chips

I had the fish and chips and I must say that I like the breaded dory – crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. I hate fish and chips that end up tasting like burnt fish fillets, if you know what I mean. These ones here are pretty good. The fries are ‘meah‘ but I like the baked potato! Can I have 2 x baked potato instead? :D

The Western BBQ Chicken you see in the first picture above was tasty. And there’s that smoky, charcoal sort of smell, like when eating satay. If I had been blind-folded and fed small pieces at a time, I would have thought I was eating chicken satay. It was well-glazed, moist inside, and overall pretty tasty. The onion rings are good too. Pity the coleslaw was so-so (tastes kinda like KFC’s, I feel).

The portions are reasonable, and leave enough space for dessert. I highly recommend Miam Miam‘s. And oh, I’d love to try the rosti at Buddy Hoagies next time. Yes! They serve Rosti! :D

If you’re not in the mood for western food, check out my other top 5 best value-for-money restaurants and eateries in Waterway Point! :D

Buddy Hoagies is located at #02-22 of Waterway Point (just opposite the foodcourt) Tel: 6385 8328

Miam Miam @ Waterway Point: Desserts Probably Worth Getting Fat For

Miam Miam Chocolate Molleaux

Remember in my previous post about the 5 Best Value-for-money Restaurants & Eateries in Waterway Point I mentioned Miam Miam and their Chocolate Molleaux, which I had yet to try? Well, now I have! :D Do not be deceived by my photo – it is actually a really small dessert. If you’re sharing it with a loved one, well, there’s not very much to share! :D It is basically a dark chocolate lava cake (served warm) with softee – that combination of hot + cold is awesome. This little dessert costs S$9.80. Great for special occasions, methinks. :) [*Wait about 15-20 minutes while your dessert is being prepared!]

Then, we had the irresistible Caramelised Bananas Pancake too. It costs S$13.80 (a dollar more than when I reviewed Miam Miam at Westgate two years ago). The softee melts super fast, probably ‘cos the pancake is warm, but the best part has to be those caramelised chunky pieces of banana. Sedap! This particular dessert is more suitable for sharing than the Chocolate Molleaux (try pronouncing the word, by the way!) :D

Miam Miam Caramelised Bananas Pancake


My pals had dinner here too. The omu rice was described as being “egg on rice, that’s all”. But the pasta here seems pretty enjoyable. I have to say it again: Miam Miam is really great for dessert. I’m not so sure about the French-Japanese fusion food, but the desserts are really YUM! :D But, of course, eat them early in the day if you can, unless you are like some of my pals who just don’t get fat no matter how large their sugar intake is. *sigh*

Miam Miam Waterway Point

Waterway Point Miam Miam

Miam Miam is located at #01-62 Waterway Point. Tel: 68370301.

5 Best Value-For-Money Restaurants And Eateries In Waterway Point

Before Waterway Point opened, I spent very little on food, preferring to cook my own meals at home. But now that there are so many restaurants and eateries (which are new to Punggol) to check out, I’ve busted my budget in under a week. In this blogpost, I’ll share with you my top 5 recommendations for the best restaurants and eateries in Waterway Point that are absolutely worth every dollar you spend there! :) Go check them out if you’re visiting Waterway Point, and keep your fingers crossed that these establishments aren’t crowded when you visit! If you need a guide to Waterway Point’s slightly confusing East and West Wings, click here.

#1: The French Table (S$9.90++ Lunch Promo)

The French Table Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up

Read my review of The French Table here. I highly recommend their Braised Pork Belly with Mash set! I had their cream of tomato soup and their iced peach tea with my meal. The total cost for 2 pax to dine here with their lunch promo is only S$23.30. The restaurant is located at #01-31 of Waterway Point. UNBEATABLE price, DELICIOUS food. :)

#2: Encik Tan: S$5 Signature Noodles (*HALAL eatery)

Encik Tan Waterway Point

There’s always a long queue outside Encik Tan’s. And I finally decided to brave the queue for a late lunch today. It was past 3pm, mind you. The lady at the cashier said last night’s queue was even longer, and I would definitely not have gotten any food then. OMG. I ordered their Signature Noodles (S$5 + S$1 top up for lime juice). I like the fishballs, their special chicken meatballs, and especially their chili sauce which works so well with the meepok! And I don’t even like meepok in the first place! But I whacked this whole bowl of noodles because it was yummy and I was hungry after queuing for so long. LOL! Encik Tan’s is located at #B2-03 of Waterway Point.

#3: Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh (*Free soup refills)

Waterway Point Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh

You can read my review of Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh here. I’m not Cantonese but I do love drinking soup. And I like bak kut teh because I get free refills of soup. LOL. I also heard from a friend who dined here after I did, that some customers (who are in the know) requested for free 卤汁 (braised meat sauce?) for drizzling over their rice. And the smoked duck is supposedly pretty good too (I wouldn’t know; I don’t eat ‘smoked’ items). Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh is located at #B1-23 of Waterway Point.

#4: Miam Miam (great place for dessert if you’re already sick of fruit tarts)

Miam Miam Berries Cheesecake Parfait

I’d visited another Miam Miam outlet at Westgate two years ago. Their Caramelised Banana Pancake, and this Berries Cheesecake Parfait are out-of-this-world, according to my earlier review. *Update: I’ve tried the Chocolate Molleaux dessert at Waterway Point! :D Check out my review of Miam Miam at Waterway Point (location: #01-62).

#5: Pizza Hut (Say what?! YEAH! Pizza Hut!)

Pizza Hut Waterway Point

On the opening day of Waterway Point last Monday, EVERYWHERE was packed with people. And for my lunch appointment, I had no choice but to head to Pizza Hut where it had what looked like the shortest queue among all the restaurants that were open for business. XD I ordered the Valulicious Set Lunch which included the Pesto Baked Salmon you see in the picture above, chicken soup and an iced lemon tea. It cost S$17.20. After making payment, I noticed that at the bottom of the receipt was an invitation to take a survey (just like on Subway receipts!) and the reward was a FREE personal pan pizza (choose from Hawaiian and Veggie) on my next visit. Pretty cool eh? I have yet to claim my free pizza, but I’m already very happy about it. LOL. Oh, and service was excellent too. :) Pizza Hut is located at #B1-11 of Waterway Point.


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5 Coolest Gadgets From Lazada Singapore

Facial Fitness Pao

I got to check out some really cool gadgets at Lazada Singapore’s recent Blogger Bazaar. In number 1 position has to be the Facial Fitness Pao, as endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo, who has really nice teeth, by the way. XD This gadget is by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen people use to shape up, in this case their facial contours. You ‘grip’ the mouthpiece using your lips and move your head up and down while the wings at the side flap up and down with a selection of weights. Just 30 seconds a day will give you a nice V-shaped face within a couple of months. I have never tried using this and I don’t think I will too, ‘cos I might just die laughing. But you should give it a go if you’re aiming for a V-shaped face!

Number 2 has to be the Ninebot-P which costs S$1290 on Lazada. It can go pretty fast – up to 18km/hour. You have to charge it for 4 hours and it can then last for about 35km. Get it in black or silver. I tried this at the blogger event and I must say it’s pretty easy to operate – just lean forward a little bit and it’ll advance, and lean back to have it stop. Give it a nudge with your knee to make it go left or right. The scary bit is stepping onto it and when getting off. I’ll be happy to review it if it’s sponsored (*hint hint). It’ll do nothing for helping me clock 10,000 steps a day with my HPB Steps Tracker though.


Number 3 is the BB-8 Droid Toy! It’s pretty irresistible, no? Judging from the pretty big box, I’d thought the toy within would be quite big too, but unfortunately, it’s just slightly bigger than a tennis ball. BB-8 recognizes and reacts to your voice, and you can record, send and view virtual holographic videos with your BB-8. And that’s not all! It has a 30m range, and you control it using your smartphone. :) Every self-respecting Star Wars fan needs one. Hahaha!

Star Wars BB-8 Droid Toy

In 4th position is the Huawei Band – I’ve yet to try it, so watch out for the review in a bit. It comes in 3 colors but black is really the most ‘practical’ color for a fitness tracker, I guess. I’m just starting to get a little sick of black fitness bands, so, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the next one I get will be in a different color. :D I think hot pink is cool, all you fitness tracker manufacturers out there!

Huawei Band Fitness Tracker

Last but definitely not least is the Omron Cushion Massager that massages your shoulders/ back / legs while you work. I WANT ONE!!! I was told it’ll go for just S$30+ during Lazada’s upcoming Mega Sale on 26th Jan. Good buy! Best buy! Must buy! Every full-time blogger needs something like this. And if you are on my subscription list, you’ll know I have been extremely hardworking recently. Yes, just recently. Ahahahaha!

Omron Massager

So there you have it – my 5 recommendations for cool stuff you can buy from Lazada. If you’re itching for some online shopping, why not get something you’ll actually use, or which will impress all guests to your home? :D

3 Life Lessons From Chew Chor Meng’s Book Talk

Chew Chor Meng Meet The Author session at Times

I was at Times Bookstore at Tampines 1 this afternoon to attend the ‘Meet The Author’ session / Book Talk for Chew Chor Meng’s new book ‘Stages of Life’ also known as <回到初衷> (hui dao chu zhong). It’s a book written in both English and Mandarin, and I’ve yet to read it, but I have a feeling I’ll be diving into it and a book review will be up soon. :D

The actor / author’s favorite cool pose this afternoon *same pose as on his book cover*

Chew Chor Meng

Chew Chor Meng, age 47, has Kennedy’s disease (spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy), which is probably as scary as it sounds. He was diagnosed in 2008. The first two doctors he saw gave him 18 months more to live. The third one said he might have “10 years, 20 years, or even 60 years more as Chew’s muscular dystrophy was progressive”, according to this AsiaOne interview.


In this Straits Times interview, Chor Meng said that “he initially found it hard to stomach the stares and insensitive remarks that came his way.”When I went out, people would look at my leg. Then I’d feel embarrassed. I used to think that the whole world was looking at me. I felt ashamed. Now, I don’t feel this way. Step by step, I have overcome it.”

In an interview with Today, he shared that “The most important thing in life, I feel, is to know what you want in your life, what your real purpose is, and plan for that. Every day that I’m able to walk, breathe and eat, I’m happy. When I wake up, I feel I’ve lived another day, and that’s a bonus. Don’t take anything for granted. Always focus on the positive; don’t magnify your problems.”


I’m so glad that Chor Meng decided to write this book. Though he’s spent over 25 decades in showbiz and is a familiar face in Singapore, there’s probably so much more we don’t know about him. For instance, his mother and himself are victims of domestic abuse – his alcoholic father eventually committed suicide. And despite suffering from this incurable disease, Chor Meng has decided to be positive daily in facing each of Life’s challenges.

Here are 3 life lessons I learnt from attending his book talk today:

  1. Cherish Opportunities When They Appear. Even if you have only one line of dialogue in a drama, put in 101% effort into that one line. Make it memorable. Chor Meng related a funny incident from the early days of his acting career: He was acting as a calefare actor part-time. His friend asked if he actually got any screentime at all, or was just in the background. So when he acted in a scene in which he was to flee from a particular place, he kept looking backwards to check if the camera was trained on him or following him. The director shouted “CUT!” and then, to Chor Meng’s surprise, chided his co-actor for simply fleeing and not looking back in fear of pursuers like what Chor Meng had done. LOL. In the end, Chor Meng was given additional acting opportunities. :)
  2.  Face Your History Bravely And Encourage Others. When he entered showbiz, he was initially embarrassed at having people find out about his family situation. Some 25 years later, he reveals his past in this book, so as to encourage others who may be going through similar situations.
  3. There Is Always A Way: In 1997, he got injured during filming, suffered a ‘slipped disc’, and experienced pain which continued throughout the years. The root cause of the persistent pain was not discovered till 2008 after going to church and praying for an answer regarding his illness. The next day, he was diagnosed by a doctor. Then came the worries regarding his career and finances (how will he continue payments for his home and car?) In the end, he decided that even in the worst case scenario, they can sell the house and move to a smaller apartment, live simply, and not have too many demands about Life. There will always be rain and storms. If you can either be happy or unhappy today, why not choose to be happy?

There was a huge turnout at the book talk and it was a long queue for getting our books signed:

Chew Chor Meng Book Talk

I did not expect to get a photo with Chor Meng, hence the no-makeup look (LOL) but one of my blog coaching students was there too, and he helped us take this photo. My student also presented me with a copy of Chor Meng’s book, that he had bought and had gotten Chor Meng to autograph for me (so touched lor!!!) He was actually the FIRST one in the queue. Wahaha! So I got this copy autographed for my blogger pal in Penang – you know who you are! :D :D :D

Blogger Grace Tan and Chew Chor Meng

There were other Mediacorp celebrities who came to lend their support too. There was the pretty Priscelia Chan and her hubby Alan Tern, a beaming Zhu Houren, a glowing Eelyn Kok (who is herself an inspiration to those who are battling depression), singer Chen Diya, etc. I wish I knew all their names! :P And the super pretty lady in red appears to be Chor Meng’s wife, I think.

Medicacorp Artistes supporting Chew Chor Meng book launch

This book retails at only S$15.90 (inc. tax) – It is available at Times bookstores :)

Check back soon for my book review of Stages of Life / 回到初衷 ~

Review: Lazada Singapore’s Blogger Bazaar At Hotel Jen

Lazada SIngapore Giveaway

I’m not the luckiest person when it comes to lucky draws, usually. I tend to look on in envy as other bloggers win prizes from lucky draws at events – boohoo! On Friday, however, I actually won a EuropAce 1.8L Electric Glass Kettle Jug at Lazada Singapore’s Blogger Bazaar! It costs S$79.90 on Lazada Singapore’s shopping platform! Also, we were each given some corporate gifts (as seen in the picture above) and even a Huawei fitness tracker, which is going for S$129 on Lazada! OMG! I already own the Fitbit, and I have the Health Promotion Board’s Steps Tracker, so this Huawei one might be one too many! I will still test it out though. So if you don’t mind a pre-loved tracker, feel free to let me know in the comments section below! :D

Lazada Group was launched in March 2012, and is now in 6 countries across Southeast Asia. It came to Singapore’s shores in May 2014, after launching in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. In January 2014, they also launched a cross border sourcing hub in Hong Kong. Interesting fact: Lazada has 2 Technology Hubs – in Vietnam and Russia. With over 2 million products on their website, Lazada aims to take social shopping and mobile shopping by storm. I have personal friends who LOVE shopping on Lazada. Me? I’m still a newbie. :D

When shopping on Lazada, do note that there are some products with a free returns policy – these are usually fulfilled by Lazada. There are some others which aren’t, so do take note when you are making your purchase. Lazada Group also operates Lazada Express, a provider of logistics services, and HelloPay, an online payment platform that offers consumers a secure way of shopping online.

And here are the Lucky Draw prizes that Lazada Singapore so generously gave out during the Blogger Bazaar. The Grand Prize was even one scooter that costs some S$3,000?!!!

Lazada Singapore Lucky Draw

Congratulations to all winners yesterday! And especially to that blogger who won TWO prizes in the lucky draw. I don’t know how she was permitted to win two prizes while some other bloggers went home empty-handed, but hey, the management’s decision is final, right? :P :D ;)

Then there were so many booths to display products available on Lazada (currently, or soon). One thing I noted was the discounts Lazada Singapore offers. I truly fear for brick-and-mortar stores in Singapore. Business will get tougher and tougher, as more consumers shop online instead of visiting physical stores.

Even brands like SK-II are cheaper on Lazada… Staff assured me that the products are 100% authentic:

Lazada Singapore Shopping

There are My Little Pony toys that are yet to be launched… and so much more…

Lazada Singapore Review

I caught the recent Star Wars movie in Vietnan (ticket prices were at S$4 only. LOL) and found myself loving the BB-8 Droid. And there was one at the Lazada Singapore Bazaar!!! Apparently you can control it using your smartphone:

Lazada Singapore Review Star Wars BB 8 Droid

It’s not cheap (DUH) but it’s super cute, lights up, and rolls about just like in the movie! OMG. It’s rather small though. I’ll share more about its features (like the Holographic Communication) in a separate post so stay tuned! :)

Lazada Singapore Star Wars BB 8 Droid


Mark Your Calendars! On 26th January, that’s in 3 days’ time, Lazada Singapore will be hosting a MEGA SALE! There will be discounts of up to 88%, vouchers to be won when you spin the Hong Bao Wheel, Flash Sales and more! :D Ready? Steady? CLICK! :D

Lok Kee @ Plaza Singapura: Delicious Food In A Playful Setting

Lok Kee Plaza Singapura

I’ve been seeing Facebook posts about the flaming pineapple dish from Lok Kee, and I finally got to try it yesterday evening during dinner with my pals! LOL! Lok Kee is located at Plaza Singapura #03-01 (the original building; not the extension wing). There are so many interesting dishes that you should try when you visit, but this pineapple-set-on-fire one is a must try, for sure.

It’s actually called Awesome Flaming Pineapple Beef (S$32). Braised beef cubes served in a pineapple that’s set on fire right before your eyes. Yes, get those cameras ready. It’s best to take a video of the whole spectacle though! :)

Lok Kee Plaza Singapura

We came here with a Groupon and a prior reservation. If not, I would definitely not have dined here. Because while service standards within the restaurant are good, there was absolutely no one near the entrance to “welcome” us, at about 7pm yesterday. I was flabbergasted. People were coming over to check out the menu but there was no one to welcome them into the restaurant, and people like me who had a prior reservation were left standing around like fools because staff inside appeared busy (while not all tables were filled) and made weird hand signals at us. Tsk tsk.

I had time to photograph the menu, the restaurant, and also take some selfies. :PLok Kee Plaza Singapura

When we finally got ushered to a table (thank heavens), we found the funny place setting that made me chuckle. What looks like a condom packet sitting on your plate actually contains a wet tissue. LOL! So playful right? I told ya!

Lok Kee Plaza Singapura Place Setting

For starters, we had the yummy Golden Crispy Fish Skin (S$12) – the fish skin is deep fried with garlic and salted egg yolk. A really addictive snack. More than enough for 4 people to share!

Lok Kee Golden Crispy Fish Skin

We also had the Poke salad (which is served with your choice of either white rice, brown rice or tortilla chips… we picked tortilla). This S$18 salad contains diced tuna and salmon sashimi, with their house special sauce. The portion size is small… maybe just for one person.

Lok Kee Poke Salad

Actually I have to thank my pal, Steven, for introducing me to both Dancing Crab and Lok Kee. He’s the one with the exquisite taste buds and the generosity for introducing his friends to the restaurants he likes. :) Check out his blogpost about Lok Kee here – he’d ordered other dishes when he dined here previously with his family.

And here’s yet another pal who gamely posed for a picture after this HUGE tray of fish was served! The portion size gave us all a shock. It’s Tomato Broth Grilled Fish (S$68) – it was served with cabbage, tofu skin, tomatoes and white beech mushrooms.

 Lok Kee Tomato Broth Grilled Fish

The fish was tender, I liked the tomatoes, but I found the chinese cabbage strangely sour.

For “carbs”, we had Chow Mein (S$14) – fried noodles with shredded chicken, char siew, carrots, celery, and the chef’s “special seasoning”. It came in a takeaway box. How… erm… unique.

Lok Kee Chow Mein

We also ordered the X.O. Sauce Crab Meat Fried Rice (which usually serves 2). It costs S$20. I like the crab… obviously. But otherwise, it’s a very, very ordinary plate of fried rice, sorry.

Lok Kee X.O. Sauce Crab Meat Fried Rice

For dessert, we had the Banana Egg Roll (S$12) which came with 4 small scoops of coconut sorbet. It was a really refreshing and sweet end to a very filling meal. If we had ordered the fried mantou with ice cream instead, it would have been really ‘jelat‘.

Lok Kee Banana Egg Roll

It’s banana encased in a crispy spring roll. I call this ‘atas goreng pisang’. Hahaha! :D

Inside Lok Kee Banana Egg Roll

Very yummy though! Go give it a try! :D No matter how full you feel, there’s always a little room for dessert! :D

For drinks, we had the 8 Treasures tea. It costs S$3 per person. It’s served in a teapot and the best part is that it’s refillable!!! :D The tea contains goji berries, chrysanthemum, winter melon, red date, ginseng, dried grape, jasmine and baby rose… hence “8 treasures”! I really like this tea!

Lok Kee 8 Treasures Tea

After our meal, the waitress brought over 4 complimentary fortune cookies which we quickly broke open and ate. Here are the hilarious slips of paper within our cookies. Mine read “You’ve just been chosen for the Hunger Games”. LOL. I’ll have to turn it down for fear of indigestion. :P One pal’s read “Error 404: Fortune not found” and he promptly went to take a sad-face selfie with it. Hahaha!

Lok Kee Fortune Cookies revealed

And when you visit, don’t forget to check out the effort put into the decor. :)

Near the entrance of Lok Kee are some cute figurines encased in glass. This one made me laugh. Why bubble tea???!!!

Lok Kee Plaza Singapura decor

Lok Kee is located at #03-01 Plaza Singapura

Tel: 6884 4566

The French Table @ Waterway Point: Amazing Value 9.90 Lunch Sets!

The French Table Braised Pork Belly With Mash

If you don’t already know, I am in love with Waterway Point, the new mall in Punggol. :D This is my 3rd food review in 4 days since the mall first opened on 18th Jan. LOL. I’m sorry the pictures don’t do justice to the AWESOME lunch I had at The French Table this afternoon. I was there slightly after 1pm today and it was so easy to get a table. I sensed that there were decidedly fewer people in Waterway Point today – has the ‘magic’ worn off already? My lunch companion and I had initially thought that The French Table sounds, you know, atas and maybe pricey. But their lunch specials cost just S$9.90 before tax and service charge!

I chose the Braised Pork Belly because who can resist pork belly, you tell me? :D And it was such a fabulous choice, even if I do say so myself! My knife sliced through the skin and fat like a hot knife through butter. The pork is so soft, and the fatty bits are so, well, fatty and delicious, that I just had to stop myself halfway to take this photo, as a reminder of a yummy meal:

The French Table Braised Pork Belly

And the mashed potato which came with the braised pork belly was incredibly tasty too! I want more of it!!! There was a salad as well.

And before I forget, we were first served the cream of tomato soup before the mains. I found it very tangy, and didn’t quite finish it. I guess they used real tomatoes to make this soup, for it to taste this sour. You can request for some pepper, if you’d like.

The French Table Cream Of Tomato Soup

And we both had the iced peach tea which came free with the set lunches. You can select iced ocha too. I was very impressed that the drink that came with my S$9.90 lunch actually had a peach slice in it! WOW! This blew me away.

The French Table Iced Peach Tea

He ordered the Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up. It was a good choice too. Slice through the egg yolk with your knife and watch the runny yolk flow out and coat the rice and other ingredients below. The wonderful flavors feel like a dance is happening on your tongue. And I love how The French Table is generous with the mushrooms, onion, and beef. If the Braised Pork Belly is my favorite item here, this teriyaki beef with rice is a close second!

The French Table Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up

My empty plate… HEHEHE!

The French Table Review

I asked one of the male wait staff how long this promotion would last and he said it’ll probably be 3 months or so. That definitely surprised me. Yummy Pork Belly at just S$9.90 and I can enjoy this promo for the next 3 months? No kidding! I don’t know how long this promo will actually last, but I do know that YOU should definitely pop by and try it yourself. I was told it’s available on weekends too! (Update: TFT Management has written to me to clarify that the promotion is NOT available on weekends! Please pop by on weekdays instead) Starting from 11am to about 3pm. Die die must try ok!

The French Table Lunch Set Promotion

And if your kids are tempted to touch the “display food” outside the restaurant, be warned that it is REAL food, not the plastic display ones. And you can check out the actual serving sizes. REALLY good value for money. I’ll be back, FOR SURE!

The French Table Waterway Point

Waterway Point The French Table

Set lunches for 2 cost us S$23.30 total, inclusive of tax. Unbeatable value for money. So pardon me for raving about this restaurant. In case you are wondering, nope, the food was not sponsored, and I was not paid for this review. I walked in today just like everyone else, lured by the pork belly display and low price! Haha!

The French Table boasts a good view of the Waterway and the surrounding area too. Get a table near the full-length windows if you can. It’s located at #01-31 of Waterway Point. Tel: 63858052. I noted that there were two child seats or high chairs (whatever you call them) during my visit. I’m not sure if it’s sufficient for the young families who will be visiting. So, maybe make a reservation before you head over if you are bringing a young kid, and tell the staff to reserve one for you?

Service was excellent this afternoon too. And they serve free water here – go grab a cup at the water dispenser. :)

And as the French might say… Bon Appétit!~

Final Update: TFT changes the lunch set menu every 2-3 weeks so you’re assured of something new each time you visit :) Most recently, it’s…

Soup: Cream of California and Corn
Main Courses: Pork Ragout Pizza OR Carbonara Pasta OR Chicken Curry Baked Rice with poached egg
Drinks: Iced Peach Tea / Iced Ocha
*I do hope they’ll change it back to pork belly again soon! :D :D :D

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4 Tips For Learning Bahasa Indonesia FAST

Indo Slang bahasa indonesia

[ Student Manual at Indo Slang ]

Besides English and your Mother Tongue, you’ve perhaps tried to learn another language at some point. I certainly have. I took 2 modules of French in NUS, learnt Japanese at a Community Centre, struggled with Korean, and most recently, am picking up Bahasa Indonesia. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some Indonesian celebrities  – Indra Bekti whom I helped to host at Universal Studios Singapore and made sushi with Tarra Budiman in Jakarta. In November 2015, I also popped by the Indonesian city of Surabaya (2nd largest city after Jakarta), attended a traditional Javanese wedding and savored the local cuisine! :)

I’ve found Bahasa Indonesia to be very easy to learn, because of two reasons: (1) It is similar (though not entirely the same) to Malay, and (2) it uses the Roman alphabet so I don’t have to memorize a new set of letters, such as with Japanese or the Cambodian Khmer language.

You probably know a few words already: makan? kosong? nyonya? Selamat pagi? Selamat datang? :D

When I first began to learn Bahasa Indonesia, I realized there are a few distinct differences between this language and Malay. In Malay, we refer to ourselves as ‘saya’, pronouncing it “sa yer“. However, in Indonesian, it’s “sa ya” which rhymes with kaya. It’s the same for “ada” or have. It sounds like ‘ah der’ in Malay and “ah dah” in Indonesian.

And yes, the Indonesians can tell if you are local or not by the words and pronunciation you use. One teacher told me that if I use ‘lapan’ when indicating the number 8 (when I’m purchasing something), the price will go up (i.e. I don’t get the discount locals would get) but when I use “delapan”, the seller will take it as a sign that I’m either local or I speak bahasa indonesia. :)

And when it comes to learning Indonesian, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun with numbers. Take this figure, for instance: 7,565, 271. When spelled out, it’s tujuh juta, lima ratus enam puluh lima ribu, dua ratus tujuh puluh satu. Quite a mouthful actually. But such fun to try to enunciate! :D

And before I get carried away with sharing with you the joys of learning Indonesian in Singapore, here are 4 tips to help you pick up the language FAST. Simply remember F-A-S-T! :D

#1: FIND a compelling reason WHY you want to learn the language

traditional javanese wedding

As with any language, it definitely helps speed up the learning process if you have a clear motivation and reason for spending time, effort and money in learning the language.

If you’re marrying an Indonesian, you’ll definitely have the motivation to learn the language! Also, Indonesian women are gorgeous! :D

I was once pretty hooked on Japanese anime (Go, Naruto!) and ended up picking up some Japanese words and phrases along the way.

I guess it is the same reason why many local housewives can be found in Korean language classes at community centres. They are so enamoured by Korean stars in the Korean dramas they watch fanatically. :D

So my first tip for you is to FIND that reason why you’d like to learn the language. Will you be working in Indonesia? Will you be interacting with Indonesian clients in Singapore? Do you need to converse with your domestic helper who can only speak Indonesian and nothing else? Find that compelling reason, and you’ll be motivated to get fluent in the language.

#2: ASSOCIATE new words with words you already know

Sate Ayam Ponorogo

For instance, “saya suka sate ayam” is “I like chicken satay”. Take note of how the word “suka” sounds similar to the word of the same meaning in Hokkien – you’ll say “Wa suka jiak…”

The word for “like” is pronounced in a similar fashion in Indonesian and in Hokkien. :) Doesn’t this make learning Indonesian a bit easier?

#3: SEARCH online for units you want to revise after class

For instance, this video was helpful for my revision on asking for directions. :) I think it is a great idea to watch and listen to videos put together by native Indonesians. You’ll be able to pick up the tonality they use, and get comfortable with listening and responding to a native speaker.

#4: TRAIN yourself to think / write / speak only in Indonesian

Of course, it would be best to take lessons at a language school with a native speaker of Indonesian. You can consider Indo Slang, which I’ve blogged about previously.

If you cannot go for a full immersion in the country whose language you are trying to learn, then you’ll have to train yourself to eat, sleep, breathe Indonesian while in Singapore. You can start by ordering your nasi padang using just Indonesian. Good luck!

While you’re at it, do also try to pick up some of the Indonesian slang, and then practise it in class or with an Indonesian buddy.

In this video, I’ve learnt some new words: bokap (father), kepo (nosy, *and it also sounds like kaypoh and has the same meaning in Singlish), kece (cool), bokek (broke), nyokap (mom), cieeeeeeee (to the effect of “awwwww”), anjrit (*an exclamation), kentut (fart), sotoy (meaning ‘you don’t know anything), and ee (poop).


I hope these four F-A-S-T tips are useful for your learning Bahasa Indonesia! :) Because I’m having such fun with these articles, I may just share more in future. Do come back for more! :D