8 Chinese New Year Buffet Catering Options Under 18SGD Per Pax

2018 chinese new year buffet catering

screenshot: foodline.sg

I love buffets and since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I’m checking out buffet catering options via FoodLine’s ‘Chinese New Year Catering 2018‘ list. I don’t think we’ll do anything lavish, so our ‘party’ will involve a maximum of 30 people. I’ve narrowed down some options for caterers found on FoodLine.sg, which is probably Singapore’s #1 catering portal. I have to say that there are so many caterers to choose from that it’s mind-boggling. To add to everything that’s going on on that busy site, there’s Xiang Yun in the bottom left-hand corner! 😀 So read on for my top 8 picks for Chinese New Year buffet caterers offering buffets under S$18 per pax. Why 8? Because it’s 2018 and ‘8’ is a terribly auspicious number! 😛

chinese new year catering 2018

Spot their celebrity spokesperson, Xiang Yun 😀

In no particular order of awesomeness since I’ve not tried their offerings before:

#1: Jiale Buffet Services

cny yusheng buffet singapore

They have a ‘Continental Buffet / 招财进宝 (with Yu Sheng)’ for $15.80 /Pax (19 Feb – 02 Mar 18) for a party of at least 30 people. There’s apparently no GST as well.

I like the sound of that ‘Crispy Butter Prawn 香酥牛油虾’, ‘Curry Chicken 咖喱鸡’ (a MUST at any buffet), and ‘Sugarcane Shrimp Roll 蔗虾卷’.

#2: The Caterers

For a minimum of 30 pax, this HALAL buffet would be great if you’re celebrating with Muslim colleagues or neighbors. Everyone can join in for the feast! 😀 It’s $14.77/ pax with GST.

There are items like Shrimp Paste Crispy Chicken (one of the things I love), Stuffed You Tiao w/ Sotong Paste (it’s been a while and I miss you), Thai Cod Fish Tofu w/ Cucumber & Carrot, Sambal Sotong in Banana Leaf, Nonya Chap Chye (OMG I love Nonya Chap Chye!), among others.

#3: 338 Catering

cny buffet

This buffet will cost $16.88 /pax (before GST) and is great for small party sizes as they require only a minimum of 15 pax. However, do note that “all buffets of 338 Catering does NOT come with buffet setup”. <- Their words, not mine.

What I would order from them would be the 遍地黃金 麦片奶皇炒大虾碌 Oat Battered Cream Prawn, 喜鹤临门 人参要财參鸡 338 Fortune Herbal Chicken, and 一帆風順 炸面包蟹 Breaded Crab Claw. 😀

#4: Xin Yi Pin Catering

catering during cny

For this buffet, it’s $16.80 /pax (before GST) and requires at least 30 pax.

There’s the Oven Baked Cola Drumlet 可乐小鸡腿 (that you see in the image above) that I’d love to try.

#5: ECreative Catering

chinese new year food order singapore

Their Happiness Menu A (with Yu Sheng) will cost just $17.98 (w/GST). It’s HALAL!

I also found their menu very similar to Xin Yi Pin’s! So if one’s fully booked on the date you want your buffet, then order from the other caterer! 😀

#6: International Catering Pte Ltd

chinese new year buffet 2018

Yet another HALAL buffet, this one will cost $16.91 per pax (w/GST).

I would definitely order Curry Chicken 咖喱鸡 and Sugarcane Shrimp Roll 蔗虾卷 if I’m hiring this caterer. 😀 Because I love curry chicken… and sugarcane and shrimp. 😀

#7: Tim Delight

Their ‘Economy CNY Buffet Menu A’ costs $13.70 per pax (w/GST), which is relatively cheap, BUT you’ll need a minimum of 80 pax. So if your company has lots of employees, this is the one to go for. It’s also a halal buffet.

I’d definitely order the ‘Traditional Nonya Style Chap Chai’, and I’m terribly curious about their ‘Roasted Baked Boneless Chicken with BBQ Sauce’ <- what’s that gonna taste like? Roasted AND baked AND with BBQ sauce? Interesting. 😉

#8: Oh’s Farm Catering

The ‘Prosperity Delight’ buffet is vegetarian(素)and costs $16.91 per pax (w/GST). It’s also halal.

I would love to try the ‘Signature red curry chicken with baby potatoes 招牌咖喱鸡,土豆’, ‘Crispy tofu skin roll 金脆腐皮卷’, and the ‘Longevity bailing mushroom concoction topped broccoli & cauliflower 百灵菇菜花’.


Head over to FoodLine.sg to book your CNY Buffet Catering for 2018! 🙂