My Hello Kitty Wonderland Photoshoot :)

A couple of months back, the two lovely ladies behind A Square Visual Studio dolled me up and we took some pretty awesome pictures together with *ahem* a portion of my Hello Kitty collection. A big THANK YOU must go to Kombi Rocks too, for kindly sponsoring the venue and letting us shoot inside a baby pink kombi. 🙂


This first one has been my Facebook banner picture for a while so you may have seen it:

A Square Visual Studio

Only the Hello Kitty plushies were brought by me. A Square Visual Studio took care of the rest… from balloons to birdcages. All you need to do is tell them what sort of theme you want for the photoshoot and they will help you make it happen.

A Square Visual Studio

A Square Visual Studio

The weather was awful when we had this photoshoot. It may not look like it but it was raining outside, the humidity was unbearable and my hair was nicely curled but I was perspiring so much that it didn’t look as good as it’s supposed to. However, I think the photos turned out well so it’s testimony to their superb photography skills!

Then things got a little bit steamy… but I had shorts on underneath so don’t bother looking there. LOL!

A Square Visual Studio

Venturing out into the drizzle…

A Square Visual Studio

A Square Visual Studio

And back inside again for a dose of nostalgia…

A Square Visual Studio

There are lots more pictures but those above are my favorites! 🙂 Go sign up for a photoshoot with A Square Visual Studio too! It’ll be most memorable!

And it doesn’t just stop there… wait till you get the A Square Visual Studio premiums, like this hand-sewn CD case:

A Square CD Case

And this picture book – it is filled with my pictures from the photoshoot!

A Square picture book

With some cute embellishments…

A Square picture book 2

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Signing off from my Hello Kitty Wonderland~