Sunday Siesta 5: I’ll Keep Running Even If I Slowly Bleed To Death

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Shape Run 2013

[In slippers after the race, due to blisters!]

I know the title of this post seems a little strange but it was exactly what was running [pun fully intended] through my mind when I participated in the Shape Run this year [Blogpost HERE]. What caused me to have such morbid thoughts were those blisters on my feet which were (ironically) not caused by running or training for the Shape Run, but due to ill-fitting Korean-style shoes a sponsor gave me. I ran the Shape Run with badly blistered feet and told myself that I was not going to give up, and that I’d keep running through the pain, even if it means I slowly bleed to death.

Why I’d think that way, I know not. Perhaps it’s because the 10km run was my goal for this year, having run 5km last year (and the SHAPE run got postponed from earlier this year due to the haze). Perhaps it’s because “giving up” is something I’m unaccustomed to. During that period, I’d also witnessed how the future MIL and most of the other old folks in the rehab centre STRUGGLED to get back on their feet, usually after suffering a stroke. Hence, if I can run, I will NOT walk to the finish line! I endured and completed my run in 58 minutes 38 seconds. I’m proud to say that I never once stopped for a “walk”. It is not just about completing the race. It is about completing it in good time despite the odds stacked against me: painful blisters [the blisters were pretty big, so I stuck something like 3 plasters on each one], a bad cough, insufficient training hours due to said cough.

While I am by no means saying that you should run a race despite feeling really ill, I’d like to say “Don’t give up so soon!” just because of a little discomfort. Of course, don’t go to extremes like Anne Qi Hui (who won this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon despite stopping to vomit several times during the race) but don’t cheat like Tam Chua Puh did just to get the finisher’s t-shirt and medal. Also, don’t stroll to the finish line and collect your tee and medal. We have enough paper chasers, so there’s no need for medal chasers as well. Where’s the glory in flaunting a medal and tee you didn’t even work hard for, right? 😛


Grace’s Quick Tips On Running Your First 10km Race:

1) Train with a pacer

2) Eat some fruit, like a banana, before the race

3) Get as close to the Start line as possible

4) It’s ok to run a little slower when you are tired. Just don’t stop.

5) Prepare your tee, bib and all the night before.