Artbox Singapore: Expect Lots Of Rain And ‘Ponding’

Artbox Singapore 2017

I was at Artbox Singapore on Opening Day on Friday, but wished I had stayed home instead. There was lots of rain, *ahem* ponding, and more umbrellas than open stalls at Artbox Singapore on opening day, at 3pm. Though armed with an umbrella, we left the venue within half an hour. No point getting drenched at an event where not all stalls were open yet (some were forced to close as the rain was getting onto the food and other products).

Artbox Singapore

(bottom right) Yes, there’s absolutely no need for ice-cold Chang beer on a cold, rainy day, but it’s good if you’re seeking shelter. Roasted Marshmallows ARE tempting, though. Most of the stallholders seemed rather upset when the rain came. Only one bunch of guys had smiles on their faces – their ‘tattoo’ booth was located within an air-conditioned(?) container facility. The rest of the stallholders had to brave the rain in their makeshift stalls comprising of metal poles and canvas sheets. Once it rains, you’ll be reminded of the Chinese New Year bazaar at Chinatown – lots of people, lots of puddles, lots of stallholders scrambling to keep their wares dry. The usual MEGA pasar malam sort of set-up would be more helpful (such as the one I visited at Tampines over the weekend) – There’s a roof overhead for shelter for everyone and everything, and the rain cannot dampen the spirits of shoppers.

There are cool Kombi Rocks vehicles you can get a picture with… in the rain:


I felt that there were too many stalls cramped into too small a space. And I’m sure more than a handful of stallholders would have their grouses – perhaps too few people stopping to browse or to buy stuff. The food stalls on the periphery should do well, but those selling knick-knacks I’m not so sure about.

Anyway here’s the map if you intend to head there…

Artbox Directory Map

Artbox Bangkok

Yup, this weekend is the final weekend for Artbox Singapore 2017. Would you be making a trip there? I won’t. Even if it isn’t raining, braving the crowded, claustrophobic space is not what I envision for a relaxing weekend. If you are so brave as to head there, please remember to bring your umbrella… Actually, bring a drone too and take a picture from above – that sea of colorful brollies should look pretty lovely from overhead! 😀


Somehow, I suspect there’ll be thunderstorms this whole week…

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