$30 Lunch For 3: Arteastiq At Plaza Singapura

Me, 6 years ago, at Arteastiq Mandarin Gallery. How time flies!

About 6 years ago, my photographer pal and I interviewed the boss of Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery. Today, together with my pal and his mother, I had lunch at Arteastiq at Plaza Singapura. It was pretty awesome scrolling through the blogpost published 6 years ago and looking at the pictures and being thankful that this friendship’s still going strong. 😀

Also, our lunch for 3 cost just under S$30! 😀 Here’s why…

To get more bang for your buck, simply head to Shopback and click through to Eatigo. Going through Shopback first means you get $1.50 for every Eatigo booking you make. And making an Eatigo booking can get you (up to) 50% off your meal, depending on the timeslot that you select. Furthermore, Eatigo often has promo codes you can use to get shopping vouchers, for instance, use SHOP25 for 4 reservations by the 30th of June (yes, you have to attend them all) and you get a $25 CapitaVoucher! Who will bother with cooking at home? Certainly not me. 😀

LOVE the decor. After all, the boss used to run a furniture shop!

Arteastiq Plaza Singapura review

We had Cod Fish and Chips (usual price: $18++). I love the waffle fries but I love the fish even more. It’s crispy on the outside and firm and well cooked through within. Both go so well with the dip.

arteastiq plaza singapura

We also had the Squid Ink Spaghetti (usual price: S$16++). It comes with 3 scallops – just nice for sharing among the three of us. The spaghetti itself is pretty ordinary. Do not order this dish on a first date though. Your teeth and lips will be stained black because of the squid ink. As it’s not the first time I’m dining with my pal and his mother, we had no trouble laughing at ourselves. 😀

arteastiq promotion

Finally, we had the Chicken Lasagna (usual price S$18). The pictures in the menu are gorgeous. And my pal’s mother and I had both picked this same dish. Haha! Thankfully, we decided not to order 2 plates of the same item, so there’s greater variety. And it’s probably the dish I liked the least after trying the other two.

arteastiq menu

It’s a pity this place doesn’t serve complimentary water. There’s bottled water only – still or sparkling. But I really cannot complain as the 50% discount via Eatigo makes this meal good value for money! 🙂 Also, I got my $3 Boost juice downstairs. 😉

Arteastiq is located at #03-70 of Plaza Singapura (new wing). 

Tel: 6336 0952