Bee’s Knees at Singapore Botanic Gardens: Good Food, Even Better Dessert

Bee's Knees Singapore Botanic Gardens

Brought my pals to the Botanic Gardens on Good Friday to visit the Orchid Garden and we dined at this bistro called ‘Bee’s Knees’ which we haven’t visited before. I hesitate to call it a restaurant because it’s all free seating here and there wasn’t much in terms of customer service from the very young staff. (There’s no ‘service charge’ either, so I’m really not complaining :P) It’s a little strange that there’s a greeter at the entrance, but you have to locate a table yourself, just as if you’re dining at McDonald’s. In any case, I really enjoyed the dessert and I do believe that if the dessert is good, diners can easily ‘forget’ any imperfections earlier on in the meal.

*Bee’s Knees is located pretty close to the Botanic Gardens’ Circle Line exit so it’s convenient to get there by train.

Brown Wagyu (salad) $18

the garage botanic garden

Prawn Pasta $18

bee's knees botanic gardens singapore

I ordered the prawn pasta ‘cos it’s called Tiger Prawn Pasta, or something like that on the menu, and for some reason it sounds impressive. Turned out to be so-so though.

And since the LOML asked me to pick something for him too, I chose the Beef Cheek Pasta (YUM). Actually, beef cheek anything would taste good, no?

Beef Cheek Pasta $16

bee's knees singapore

My pal, Steven, ordered the waffles for lunch, instead of a main course. I’ve known all along that he likes waffles. I just didn’t realize he liked them this much. 😀

Apples Waffle $14

bee's knees menu

LOML ordered this after I said I wanted dessert and OMG that’s possibly the best chocolate-y creation I’ve eaten this year… and I don’t even know what it’s called!

bees knees singapore menu

If you’re at Bee’s Knees and you see this item (in the picture above), you HAVE TO order it. You can thank me after.

We spent about 80-odd dollars for 4 pax, which is reasonable. I love that there’s self-serve free iced water too.

My only grouse, if there be one, is that people who are waiting for a table will happily stand next to yours and stare at you, hoping to get you to finish up and leave fast. I don’t really like this arrangement. It makes me feel as if I’m eating at a food court during the busy lunch hour.

Final note: Bee’s Knees doesn’t take reservations.