7 Of The Coolest BE@RBRICK Designs Up For Charity Auction

If you don’t already know, 313@Somerset and ActionCity are celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee with an SG50 BE@RBRICK competition and charity auction. Up for bids are BE@RBRICKs designed by MediaCorp artistes (like Xu Bin, James Seah, Carrie Wong) and other celebrities too. And here are my top 7 picks, out of the 50 designs available for bidding:


bearbrick Zhou

This is probably a BENGBRICK more than a BE@RBRICK. But I love it! 😀 Gurmit Seng (aka Phua Chu Kang) should most certainly bid for this one! I love the detail – chest hair, mole, thick gold chain and of course, those famous yellow boots! This, for me, is a winner. Don’t play play ah! 😀


Sheila Sim bearbrick

I know Sheila is a fan of polka dots. And I love what she has done with this BE@RBRICK. It’s feminine, cutesy, playful with a hint of haughtiness (that nose, mainly). And… if you look closely, she has a mole just like the BE@RBRICK! TOO COOL!!! 😀


bearbrick Keith Png

I love the creativity behind this BE@RBRICK by Keith Png. He has totally transformed the bear into a bee – with a mustache and red shoes no less! I love what he has done to the ears of the bear. Just paint them white and have the bear in front of a white background (in this case, his white shirt) and the ears ‘disappear’ to reveal just the bee’s antennae. He sure puts a lot of thought into the things he does and the clothes he wears. 😀


bearbrick Alfie Leong

This BE@RBRICK by Alfie Leong is a refreshing burst of color. I love those randomly drawn lines! 😀 I just hope it wasn’t done using correction tape. Hehehe! Looks like it could fit into some arty-farty place, whether it be an atas restaurant or a museum. Yes, I’d love to take it home. 🙂


 bearbrick Adeline Tan

I think this floral design is really cool – I love how the colors selected are so pleasing to the eye. It’s likely a nice piece for any living room, and certainly a conversation starter as well. Why Adeline Tan named this ‘Meet me at the overhead bridge’, I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll have to check out the exhibition to find out.


bearbrick Jayl Chen

This is one wacky design – there’s Mr Kiasu with red-rimmed spectacles and a red ribbon a la Hello Kitty. And those hilarious eyebrows!!! 😀 *The back of the right ear seems like it needs a bit of touching up, maybe.


bearbricks Han Xiang Chua

I’d love to see what the actual BE@RBRICK looks like. I like the addition of the safety pin on top. And I think it’d be pretty cool if actual fabrics were used.


Bids start from $50 at 8days.toggle.sg/313bearbrick and the auction ends on October 5th. Proceeds go to the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN).

To view all 50 BE@RBRICK, head down to 313@Somerset’s L1 Atrium from today till September 27th. 🙂