Book: Billion Dollar Whale by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope

billion dollar whale book

I don’t usually buy books at full-price from bookstores when they are first launched, but I thought this one held lots of promise. And it’s cleverly sealed up so you cannot browse in-store. After reading about a third of this 376-page book, ‘Billion Dollar Whale’, I’m thinking it’s probably not quite worth the $29.96 pricetag. Just borrow a copy from the NLB. If you’ve managed to read the book from cover to cover, consider me impressed.

I think the main reason I’m not a fan is because despite these years of investigating the 1MDB story, the authors include no footnotes, no letters, no emails, no correspondence whatsoever to back up what they are saying. It’s as if you have to take their word to be the absolute truth. Sure, they can say they promised their sources confidentiality. But it makes me feel the reader is being taken for a ride. And the authors may just end up being the next Billion Dollar Whales judging from book sales.

Within the book are 8 pages of photographs and a good number of them are from *eye roll* Getty Images. Long story short, I’m expecting more. And this book under-delivers. I think I’ll stop reading and move on to another book.