‘ALi BABA’ Amazing TOY BAG: Where’s My ‘Frozen’ merchandise?!

Ali Baba Amazing Toy Bag

When I spotted the ‘Amazing TOY BAG’ being sold at the Buzz Convenience Store at Hougang bus interchange this week, I couldn’t believe my eyes: Frozen-themed merchandise at $2 a bag? Sure, it’s what we’d call a “blind bag” and I won’t know if I’m getting a figurine or watch or some other ‘Frozen’ merchandise, but that’s why it’s fun, no? I could be getting a sticker book or maybe some plastic earrings. And at $2, that’s quite a steal. Also, it’s sold at SPH’s Buzz, and not from some random seller online, so I guess you’d consider this ‘legit’? As I had a $20 voucher to use, I grabbed some snacks and drinks and a handful of toy bags. Threw in two Hello Kitty Tumbler Toy Eggs too.

To my horror, when I got home and opened the bags, I found that there was no Frozen merchandise within. Even though the bag was plastered with images of Elsa and Anna, the toys inside had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with them.

Random, non-Frozen, toys:

Ali Baba Amazing Toy Bag Singapore

Oh, the disappointment! Then I found, in tiny print at the bottom, the words “The illustrations on the pack are for decorative purpose only.” Man. That got my goat. NO, you DO NOT print pictures of Elsa and Anna all over your product packaging and then give us some random nonsense we don’t need. Will have to check with Disney regarding this.


Did a quick video to record my opening of the last two bags. Did this on camera so people know I’m not lying when I say I’ve bought 4 bags and there’s no Frozen merchandise to be found. There isn’t even a sticker of Elsa and Anna. 😦


It’s the same with the “Hello Kitty” eggs. The Tumbler Toy Eggs got me disappointed too. Why would I want some random candy, unidentified plastic star, and what looks like a sticker or temporary tattoo?! I want something (anything) Hello Kitty related!

Ali Baba Tumbler Toy Eggs

Will ask Sanrio what they think about this.


If you’re a parent, do be advised that you can disregard whatever is printed on the bag. The toy inside can come as a complete and utter surprise. Let your kids know too, that if they want to spend their $2 daily allowance on such toy bags, that it could contain something totally random. I think I saw other bags with Pokemon images. And I wonder how many kids bought them thinking there’s a Pikachu or Jigglypuff within. Sigh.

Update (13/6/18) I have received a refund from Buzz, which has also indicated that it’s pulling these items from its shelves.