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There’s nothing quite like a lovely testimonial to brighten up my day. πŸ™‚ I’ve been very fortunate to have some really cool students from all walks of life, who allow me to coach them in setting up their blogs and/or websites. And Natalie’s one of them. She’d initially approached me saying she’s a “tech-phobic doctor” but I’ve known all along that just about anyone can learn to get comfortable with WordPress. In the past, I’ve struggled with learning how to blog and trying to set up a website (the horror!) and so I want to take the pain out of the learning for the people I meet. I wished I had a guide back then, but I didn’t, so the best thing for me right now is to condense the years of learning and picking stuff up on my own, and transferring that knowledge to my students in a matter of hours.

In this post, I’ve put together some tips for people who have signed up for classes or coaching regarding blogging or website creation (it doesn’t even have to be with me), so we can all maximize the time spent learning and get the most out of each session:


And don’t simply struggle with the ‘idea’ of creating a blog or website. Actually do something. You might want to start with as it’s free! Natalie spent some years thinking about starting her own site but happily contributed articles to various publications. The number of backlinks she could have gotten is astounding. And if you’re going to invest in a domain name, web hosting, etc, you might also want to invest in hiring a coach to help you get up to speed quickly. There are few things more frustrating than spending money on a site and not knowing how to use it.


Doesn’t matter if you’re learning about Blogging or about Internet Marketing, it has to be hands-on, and you have to be given the opportunity to repeat each step multiple times until you get it. I detest demo-only cooking classes, which I find to be of no use to me. When I get home, I don’t know how to ‘fold the dough’ or judge if it’s of the right consistency. Similarly, if you attend a class, and head home with only a thick manual, of what good will that be? You HAVE TO get your site up and running during the class, not after.


Natalie truly impressed me with the prep work she did beforehand, in ensuring she had three drafts so we could post them immediately during the session, after a few tweaks. Because she had done the work, we were able to work on aspects like SEO, photo uploads and (basic) editing, among others.


Be persistent, not pesky. Stay in touch with your coach or trainer. Email is best so people can reply at their convenience. Phone messaging can get a little intrusive at times. But if you keep in touch, the learning never stops. I’m both a coach and a student. So each time I learn something new, I can pass on the knowledge.

If you need help with a new blog or website, feel free to contact me via the form below:


January 2016: Over 130,000 PageViews, Upcoming Blogging Workshops

January 2016 stats

Let’s just say that 2016 has gotten off to a really good start for me. πŸ™‚ The start and end of each year is usually VERY quiet, blogging-wise. I usually take off for the holidays and so do many other people. But I guess it’s true that when you do good, you do well. In Dec/Jan, I went for more volunteer trips, and also put in more effort in blogging about my adventures, and the stats are very encouraging. I don’t usually get 6-figures (not $$$, but traffic) but in January 2016, this blog received 134,457 hits! I did not make the news, got no media attention whatsoever, but with good ol’ hard work and grit, I’m pretty pleased with the results.

And best of all, I’ve had the opportunity to continue coaching and teaching interested individuals regarding the art of Blogging, and sharing with them my passion for writing and meeting inspiring individuals. πŸ™‚

Here’s Fauzi, who met me for one coaching session, and whom I’ve kept in touch with ever since. He says that it was “time and money well spent” and I think that’s the highest compliment I can receive as a blog coach. And note how he mentioned time first. Time, to me, is more important that money, because you can lose (and earn back) money, but there’s no retrieving time.

Blog Coaching Testimonial

And the coaching never stops after the class. I do still catch up with Fauzi and find out how he’s progressing. I even took time off to help him out (as his “assistant”) during an interview with Josephus Tan, a lawyer, and also to meet Chew Chor Meng, whom Fauzi wants to interview for his podcast series on people who ‘bounce back’ after encountering obstacles and ‘failure’.

Me Fauzi and Chew Chor Meng

Blogger Grace Tan meets Josephus Tan

I don’t charge thousands of dollars for any of my classes and coaching sessions, but my aim is to deliver thousands of dollars in value to my students, whom I consider my friends too. But let me be clear that not every one of them will automatically become a friend of mine if we have a clash in values. For instance, I value punctuality. So people who turn up late for my classes are blacklisted for eternity. Likewise, I value hard work and creativity, so people who just want me to constantly spoonfeed them with my ideas, instead of bothering to come up with their own (preferring to watch TV and eat ice cream instead), will never become close friends of mine. If you’re a decent person who is willing to work hard, loves to write and share ideas, and wants to learn more about Blogging, then do get in touch with me:Β

And now a shameless plug for Fauzi’s upcoming podcast launch: On 28th March, which happens to be next month, Fauzi will be launching a series of podcast interviews he has done with very inspiring individuals. I sat in for the one with lawyer, Josephus Tan, so I know that the quality of Fauzi’s podcasts is really good. I’m definitely looking forward to the 28th of March, and I’d recommend you to mark your calendars too. In the meantime, do check out Fauzi’s blog atΒΒ πŸ™‚

And as I tell all those who purchase my book, “Happy Blogging!”

Blog Club: Pre-Christmas Lunch Buffet at Chiso Zanmai, Clarke Quay

Besides my blogging workshops, I have a Blog Club for a select few. It’s similar to a mastermind group, or “inner circle”. Instead of frequent meetups, we chat online in our ‘closed’ facebook group and via email. So, it was such fun to catch up with most of them today over a Japanese lunch buffet at Chiso Zanmai, Clarke Quay. πŸ™‚

After the meal, we had a “gift exchange”. Here are all the presents stacked up at first…

* Carol is so amused *

Gift Exchange

A group pic when we are done:

Blog Club at Chiso Zanmai

I’m really thankful for this group of bloggers I really like. It’s hard to explain – it’s kinda like we are all on the same frequency. We are the ‘easy to get along with’ sort of people, and those who are not on the same frequency as we are, will tend to drop out of the group. I’d say it’s the ‘Law of Attraction’. πŸ˜€

At the end of the day, blogging AND making money is real fun. But what truly warms the cockles of my heart is being in the company of awesome friends. πŸ˜€

[Interested in joining my Blog Club? Come by for a workshop, and if we’re of the same ‘frequency’, you’ll get an invite!] *I’m still working on the workshop dates, but you can drop me an email (gracewwg at gmail dot com) anytime to register your interest. πŸ™‚

F1 Weekend: Full House at my Blogging Workshops! :D

Blogging Workshops 21 and 22 Sept 2013

The strangest thing happened over the weekend: EVERYONE turned up for my blogging workshops. I had expected that some would have called in sick, or had work, or got abducted by F1 aliens. But every single participant turned up. πŸ˜€ And on Sunday’s session, every one of them turned up early, before the appointed time. I was very impressed. So, THANKS GUYS!

My workshops, on both Saturday and Sunday, were for those who already had existing blogs. So I didn’t have to explain what Blogging is, and how to set up a blog. We went straight to tackling issues that bloggers commonly face, such as how to attract and keep loyal followers, how to get featured in the media, and how to get more blog traffic.

The best part for me about conducting these workshops is that I learn from each participant as well. As I teach, I learn. And as I share, I grow in knowledge. So if you would like to attend my next Blogging Workshop, drop me an email at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com! More details at the end of this post! πŸ™‚

Here’s what they said:

[Saturday, 21st September 2013]

Terence, trainer: “Dear Grace, your workshop is simply awesome! I have more clarity now about what I want to share on my blog. Thank you for your generous sharing. May you continue to inspire!”

Rui Min, NUS undergrad: “I got my questions answered and I learnt much from your blogging tips. I cleared my doubts on what I should focus on for my blog and maybe, I’ll work towards publishing travel guides from my travel blog someday!”

Kirbie, part-time wedding emcee: “I like the intimate setting and how Grace is very willing to share her thoughts and views – I learnt a lot!”

Elyse, love coach: “I feel Grace is very generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. I enjoy her “straight to the point” advice and thoughts”.

Benjamin, speaker, trainer and coach: “I enjoyed the 2-hour Blogging workshop and it was definitely a good experience to know that you stay extremely congruent to your voice online and offline”.

[Sunday, 22nd September 2013]

Joanna, makeup artist: “I like the open sharing, with lots of space and time for discussion. Grace is straightforward and gives practical advice. I had a good time. Thanks for the advice!”

Nasri,Β awaiting NS enlistment: “I like the sharing session and enjoy the advice that Grace gave. I hope there will be more sessions and a second book please (and more to come)… you’re such an inspiration!”

Jia En, Digital Marketer and Blogger: “I like that I learnt how to be consistent in blogging by making a commitment – like blogging every Sunday. Thank you Grace, I really appreciate your time and sharing”.

Steven,Β age 66: “I liked being given the opportunity to ask questions about Blogging and how to make money from my blog. I learnt, too, from the questions that my fellow workshop participants were asking”.

Leesa, part-time property agent: “Thank you, Grace! I learnt so many things about how to blog and the various do’s and don’ts! Please organize more sessions for monthly reviews and various stages in Blogging”.

Carol, beauty blogger: “It’s an interesting platform to have a sharing session with the other bloggers. Now I know how to generate traffic for my blog!”

I want to thank all these participants for being committed and for showing up for the workshops, and being so willing to share their own blogging journeys with all their ups and downs.

The Next Workshop…

Subject: Monetizing Your Blog

Date: 20th October, 2013 (Sunday)

Time: 9amΒ to 5pm

Fee: S$500

Venue: Training center in an easily accessible location. Details to be confirmed later.

Course Details:

1) How YOU can begin monetizing your blog right now: Tips and Strategies no other blogger will teach you.

2) Crafting your USP to reach out to the media for interview features. PLUS, I will share with you my media contacts, and do link-ups for you.

3) Exploring monetizing opportunities not directly linked to Blogging.

4) How to get 4,000 or more Facebook likes within a month without paying anyone (so your followers are people genuinely interested in what you do, and not ‘paid’ to like your page). Why get more page likes? So advertisers will pay you more!


Email me at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com. I accept payment via PayPal and bank transfer. πŸ™‚