8 Cool Bouquets You Can Buy Or DIY For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Bouquets

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and people selling bouquets in Singapore are putting out some fresh ideas and very cool blooms. There’s that Old Chang Kee goodies bouquet, for one. (I hope it comes with their signature chicken wings which are so tasty!) I’ve rounded up some of the prettiest bouquets you can get on Carousell in this blogpost, and they don’t involve pricey flowers. It’s actually a good idea to order a bouquet from a trusted online seller or a less-famous florist if you don’t want a repeat of last year’s Valentine’s Day fiasco, when two popular florists couldn’t fulfill over 350 orders, leaving many people disappointed. It’s an even better idea to DIY the bouquet yourself. I’m sure she (or he, let’s be fair) will be very touched by the gesture. 😀

Chicken / Old Chang Kee Bouquet (*replace the ‘Happy Birthday’ topper with an ‘I Love You’ one :D)

Chicken bouquet

From Carouseller @gubahancinta ($90)

This is a chicken and Old Chang Kee (goodies) bouquet. Each food item is individually wrapped so that’s hygienic but if your date is all about #zerowaste, be warned that this wouldn’t be the best bouquet. That said, if you’re watching a movie on Valentine’s Day, I wonder if the cinema staff will stop you guys from entering the theatre with this bouquet as it’s (outside) food, isn’t it? 😀 But if you do get to watch the movie with this bouquet, you can certainly ditch the popcorn. Sotong balls, please! 😀

Vegetable Bouquet

From Carouseller @magicalblooms (Price unknown)

I’ve never received a fruit and vegetable bouquet before, but I think it’d be pretty cool. It certainly won’t be for parading down the streets with, but would make for a healthy and delicious dinner. 😀

Chocolate Bouquet

From Carouseller @rohmini ($50 bouquet only, or $55 with box and card)

A chocolate bouquet is always a good idea, except when you’ll be out in the sun. 😉

Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

From Carouseller @rohmini ($95)

Hello Kitty Cookies Bouquet

From Carouseller @aomsin_bakery (Price unknown)

Cupcake bouquet

From Carouseller @lizbridalroomdeco ($50)

Teddy Bear Bouquet

From Carouseller @caramelcustard (incredibly low price of $5 – check first!)

Tsum Tsum Bouquet

From Carouseller @myhannahouse (Price unknown)


Disclaimer: If you were to purchase any of these bouquets seen here, do assess the credibility of the sellers before placing any orders or making any payment. I will not be held liable for any losses whatsoever. 😉