10-Day Challenge With BRAND’S Lutein Essence + GIVEAWAY

BRAND'S Lutein Essence 10 Day Challenge

During the recent festive season (2017 crossing into 2018), I did a 10-Day Challenge which involved drinking BRAND’S Lutein Essence for 10 days (among other tasks) and I invited some of my friends to join in too! I got to make some interesting discoveries (such as spotting a GIANT monitor lizard during my first visit to Little Guilin) and thoroughly enjoyed not suffering from any of the effects of digital eye strain because the challenge involved digital detoxing, looking at the greenery around us and also, eating and enjoying Lutein-rich foods. 😀

BRAND'S 10-Day Challenge Review

The Challenge is actually pretty simple. The toughest days by far are Day 3 and 6 because you have to stay away from your mobile phone and also go enjoy the greenery around you. <- If you live close to the Botanic Gardens, I have to say I’m so envious! 😀 I’ve recently discovered how much I like brisk-walking around the Gardens; visiting Swan Lake, posing for pictures in front of the very-popular gazebo, and also being in the midst of all that flora and fauna. Ahhh~~~

Watch this video and take part in my giveaway! 😀


*WIN* If you think you’re up for the 10-Day Challenge, I’m picking 3 people to receive a Blue Light Protection Kit from BRAND’S, so head over to my Facebook Page to participate in the giveaway! 😀

BRAND'S Lutein Essence 10 Day Challenge