Brand’s Innershine Pre+Probiotics & Sesamin with Schisandra Extract

brand's innershine pre + probiotics

If you still think Brand’s sells only chicken essence, you’ve seriously got to check out their ENTIRE range of products. Yesterday, I got to learn more about the Brand’s Innershine Pre+Probiotics and their Sesamin with Schisandra Extract at a sharing session held at Popular’s Bookfest in Suntec. Brand’s also offered participants a goodie bag with items I found interesting because they were so unexpected. 😀

Anyway, here’s a quick crash course for all you folks who weren’t present at the session yesterday. You probably know all about probiotics already and how you can get them in yoghurt and other fermented foods. Prebiotics is the ‘food’ for the probiotics, and can be found in foods such as garlic, asparagus, flaxseed, seaweed, etc. We have about 100 trillion microbes in our gut, more than the total number of cells in our body. And when you have more good than bad bacteria, you get improved immunity and even better complexion! If not, there is an increased risk of allergies, fatigue, falling ill often, etc. The key is to find a good prebiotic that feeds only the good bacteria, and not the bad ones. That’s why Brand’s has xylooligosaccharide in this product: Brand’s Innershine Pre+Probiotics.

You can consume it straight from the sachet or add it to cold water like I’ve done:

Brand's Innershine pre+probiotics review

It’s said to have a “tasty peach flavor” but honestly, I think it tastes just like plain water which smells like a peach-flavored beverage. 😀 In case you think it’s sweet, it’s not. So go ahead and add it to your salads, juices and desserts. Kids should take 1 sachet while adults take 2, after meals. It’s incredibly convenient to carry around, even when you’re traveling, and it doesn’t require refrigeration at all. To purchase, visit and use coupon code PRE15OFF for $15 off a box (u.p. $49.90 for 30 sachets).

And here’s what was in the goodie bag given out yesterday: Soyfresh Hershey’s Chocolate Flavoured Soy Milk, Kang Kang Wholegrain Hokkien Noodles which unfortunately will expire in 5 days’ time so I’d better cook them soon, and Pre+Pro samples. 😀

brand's goodie bag


Brand's sesamin with schisandra extract

As for the Sesamin with Schisandra Extract, what you’re safeguarding is your liver, which has over 500 functions in your body, and is your 2nd largest organ. The sesamin (from just 0.5% of a sesame seed) helps in liver protection, regulating blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol, etc. But if you were to try and get sufficient sesamin from eating sesame seeds, you’ll have to eat a whole lot of them. So it’s easier to just get supplements, according to Brand’s. Schisandra is from the Magnolia vine and works in a similar fashion to sesamin, but is also an adaptogen (help balance your hormones), combats inflammation and can aid in cognitive enhancement.

This product should be taken after meals. You take 4 tablets daily if you’re over age 15. This product is probably unsuitable for kids, since they don’t need them. XD

I think Brand’s can probably work towards reducing the number of tablets required. Four’s just too much for me. I have trouble swallowing tablets – I end up drinking more water than usual. 😀 Why not put all that goodness into ONE tablet, or have it in sachet form like the Pre+Probiotics?

In any case, if you’d like to purchase this product, use coupon code SCHTRY15 over at and you’ll get $15 off each box of 120 tablets (u.p. $48) plus free delivery.

How I’m Keeping To My Health Resolution

Health Resolution

Last year, my health resolution was to go to bed by 10pm every night, and I wasn’t successful 100% of the time (obviously). But by and large, I kept to it and reaped the health benefits of sleeping early – from a better complexion to not needing any sort of caffeine or sugar boost to get me through my day. This year, building on the habit I’ve formed in 2017, I also want to incorporate more ‘nature time’ into each week. But it’s terribly easy to say “I’ll go for nature walks every weekend” or “I’m going to hit the gym 5 times a week” and eventually realize that the initial enthusiasm doesn’t last very long.

This is why most gyms are pretty empty by February:

gym meme


The reason I want to head out more often is simply, to get fresh air and to take myself away from digital devices. The latter is possible because I’m not one of those crazy people who continue texting WHILE cycling.

texting while cycling

Photo Source:

It’s so dangerous, guys!

To help me keep to my New Year’s Resolution, I’m incorporating a ‘reward‘… that already exists. 😉 Before I go for a meal I know I’ll enjoy (such as a buffet, or a chili crab dinner), I’ll head out for a run, jog or even just a brisk-walking session.

I’ve recently gone for a 40-minute walk before enjoying the curry chicken dinner my Mom cooked, and repeated that another time before a dinner with steamed crabs. 😀 Because there’s a “reward” after the brisk-walking session (as if fresh air and great views aren’t enough), it’s easier to keep to this New Year’s Resolution. In fact, I think I’ll have no trouble keeping to it the whole of 2018. Feel free to check in with me at the end of the year!

Also, I’ve asked 4 other women, who run various businesses, to share with me their health-related New Year’s Resolutions. So watch this quick video I’ve put together for you:


As Eugenia (co-founder of hafbox) mentioned in the video, we get exposed to blue light when we use our computers and other digital devices. And yet most of us have trouble reducing our usage of these devices, possibly because our work demands that we face these screens for many hours a day. *You can even track your screen time on your mobile phone by downloading a free app – my friend found that he uses his handphone up to 12 hours a day! To find out how blue light harms our eyes, read this blogpost I’ve uploaded previously.

You can combat the harmful effects of blue light by getting enough lutein in your diet, from foods such as kale, brussel sprouts, asparagus, and dark green leafy vegetables. If you’re not getting enough lutein from food, then supplements would really help.

Since participating in the 10-Day Challenge with BRAND’S Lutein Essence, my friends and I have found that we’ve taken more ‘eye breaks’ from screens, incorporated more lutein-rich foods in our diet and spent more time outdoors. This has helped our eyes feel less tired and less dry. And it’s really convenient to just drink one bottle of the lutein essence a day.

So here’s a gift for you to kickstart a healthy 2018: A promo code for BRAND’s Lutein Essence, so you can give your eye health a boost this year. Go ahead and share it with your loved ones too!


This code is valid only till 31st March 2018. So, hurry and get S$3 off your purchase of BRAND’S Lutein Essence from Lazada.

lutein essence promo code