Why Buka Puasa At Gokako (Paradigm Mall) Is A Great Idea

Paradigm Mall jb food

I’ve never really been inclined to dine at Gokako despite walking past the restaurant a couple of times while at Paradigm Mall, but my adventurous dining companion has always been insistent about trying the food here. The banners outside feature sliders in three colors, and I’m not a big fan of burger buns in colors like bright red, yellow or green, so I haven’t been drawn to this place. But he wanted to try the food here so (perhaps reluctantly on my part) yesterday, we sat down for a meal at Gokako, and I realised what a gem of a makan place we would have missed out on if I had stubbornly decided to eat elsewhere. 😀 The Ramadan dinner special (see image below) is really good value for money. Most importantly, the food is delicious.

For just RM39.90 NETT (which is probably around 14 or 15 SGD), this meal for two is really filling…

Gokako Paradigm Mall Menu

I totally approve of the nasi lemak pasta. You know how McD’s nasi lemak burger is either a hit or a miss, right? This nasi lemak pasta is definitely a HIT. We had the ‘curry’ version of the chicken and I have to say the curry paste is really thick – that spice hits you right away. Maybe we’ll try the ‘original’ version next time.

Paradigm Mall food

The Zicaza pizza doesn’t look like much but, boy, is it tasty! It has a super-thin crust, you don’t see much in terms of pizza toppings (save for the spring onion) but the flavors are pretty complex. It’s like a mixture of both sweet and savory at the same time, and if you eat this while watching football on TV, you’ll probably finish the entire pizza in no time at all.

gokako paradigm mall review

But my favorite dish has to be the quail. Maybe because we don’t usually eat quail at home or when dining out. 😀 The entire bird is roasted to perfection. Because it’s much smaller than chicken, it’d probably be easy to overcook the bird. But this one managed to remain succulent. My only complaint would be that one bird isn’t enough! Two of these yummy roasted quails, please! 😀 Also, I love the plates. I need to get some of these cheery-looking plates.

Paradigm Mall jb food

The staff were kept super busy as the crowd descended on Gokako when it was time to break fast. When we arrived after 8pm, many diners had left but the tables had not been cleared yet.

gokako paradigm mall


You should definitely pop by before this Ramadan special ends tomorrow! 😀

Gokako is located at Level 4 of Paradigm Mall, Lot 4F-49.

Tel: 07 – 2323114