Baek Doo San Korean Food @ Junction 8’s Foodcourt

Was craving for something hot, delicious and nutritious yesterday ‘cos I was tired from waking up early and meeting two people who drained my energy. *Hence the pictures in this post aren’t going to be exceptional, ‘cos I was tired and hangry. Haha! Just wanted to fall into a seat at the nearest F&B establishment and ‘recharge’ with good food. πŸ˜€ Since my darling picked the Food Junction foodcourt at Bishan’s Junction 8, and one of the first things to attract my attention was the poster promoting the Ginseng Chicken, that’s what I had! πŸ˜€ He picked the BBQ Combo, which came with saba fish and chicken, and cost $7.50 while I had the chicken soup (half chicken only) at $9.50. Gosh. I’ve found myself some Korean comfort food.

The BBQ Combo wasn’t overly salty. I don’t even know how they got the taste just right. For people with high blood pressure, this should be fine. Love that there’s kimchi in separate dishes too. And oh! You can get a mini bowl of soup for free. (I think you might even be able to get refills since there was another poster saying there’s free soup and side dishes when you dine here. But don’t quote me on that.)

But what I wanted wasn’t free soup. It was ginseng chicken soup!

The chicken’s tender and falling off the bone, as you can see in the picture. And the soup’s pretty good. I was surprised to find rice at the bottom but *ahem* apparently samgyetang has chicken, garlic, rice, jujube (red dates) and ginseng. You’ll have to stir this well as it’s ‘richer’ and saltier at the bottom.

I think I’ll be back again soon. Either that, or I’ll try cooking this dish at home myself. πŸ˜€

Where To Buy Fortune Cookies in Singapore

fortune cookie singapore

It’s that time of the year when you’ll be able to get your hands on fortune cookies pretty easily! If you’re still wondering where you can buy fortune cookies from right here in Singapore, I have two recommendations which you’ll read about below. Interestingly, the fortune cookies sold in Singapore tend to come with 4-digit numbers on the paper slips within the cookies. I think it’s because 4D punters like activities which will give them more numbers to bet on. πŸ˜€ I’ve actually bought 4D with the first set of numbers I got from a cookie this year and the amount I’ve won is shocking (details below). But for now, let’s just focus on the taste, message contained within as well as the pricing and just where to get those cookies!

In the first picture above, I have fortune cookies from Guardian Singapore. I got mine from the store at Punggol’s Oasis Terraces. For a bag of 30 cookies, it’s S$5.95 but you can get two bags at just S$8, so each cookie will cost you only 13 cents.

I like the message in their cookie:

fortune cookie message

I’m trying to find a solution to a messy problem. Indeed, my problem is that I have trouble keeping my personal spaces tidy. Time to read Marie Kondo’s life-changing book again. Wait… it means it wasn’t life-changing the first time round. Damnit.

The other place you can get fortune cookies from in Singapore is Garden Fortune Cookies. Their office is located at 1 Ubi View #03-12 Focus One, Singapore 408555. The location is a little bit inaccessible for the general public unless you own a vehicle. The pricing is also steeper, at $8.80 for 30 pieces (29cents a cookie). *If you are too busy to make your way down to their office, they can send the package over via qdelivery for $4.50. You can find their website at

Their pricier cookies come in a box though so it might be a good gift option for some.

where to buy fortune cookies

I actually bought 4D with the numbers from one of these Garden Fortune Cookies and alas! I won the ultimate grand sum of zero dollars. Not even a consolation prize. So that was upsetting. The numbers were: 2675. Maybe the 3224 from the Guardian cookie will do the trick. πŸ˜‰ If it doesn’t, then I’m SO DONE with fortune cookies. Hahaha!

*The message within the cookie from Garden stated “Hope your day is sunshine and flowers with happy thoughts to fill the house.” Sounds pretty weird. Actually now I can’t wait to open the rest of the cookies to see what other funny things they’ll say. πŸ˜€

As for the taste, I prefer Garden’s as it’s not as hard. The one from Guardian is a bit too solid for my liking. Flavor-wise, they are about the same. These aren’t gourmet cookies after all. It’s just for a bit of fun during Chinese New Year.

The Wallet Shop: Best Place To Buy Wallets in Singapore

the wallet shop review

When my darling asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I replied “A good night’s sleep”. Basically it meant ‘don’t chat with me at night and don’t wake me up in the morning either’ – no Christmas buffet is getting between me and my beauty sleep. πŸ˜€ As for him, he wanted a Bellroy wallet because it’s apparently famous for super slim wallets, and I’ve never even heard of the brand before. Anyway, I got him a Bellroy wallet from The Wallet Shop and I also got myself a Billabong wallet in pink – it’s so pretty! πŸ™‚ The Wallet Shop seems to have been around for the longest time, no? When I was a student, I’d already been their customer. And at that time, another store us students used to patronize was 77th Street, which has shut down already. So what’s the reason for The Wallet Shop’s ‘longevity’? πŸ˜‰ I’ll ask them next time.

As for my personal shopping experience, I have to say that I find it tough to buy wallets online because I don’t get to feel the quality of the material, hold it in my hand and see if it’s just the right size. And unlike clothes which you can get for less than $5 online, wallets usually tend to cost a bit more so I really do prefer buying them in stores. Especially when there’s a promotion.

Our Christmas gifts from The Wallet Shop:

the wallet shop

First up, my pretty pink Billabong wallet. Actually it looks more of a peachy pink color under sunlight. I like that it has A LOT of card slots. A total of 20! Can you believe it?!

billabong wallet singapore

As for the Bellroy wallet, let’s just say it’s so skinny I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t slip through his fingers at some point. But who cares? As long as the recipient likes the gift. πŸ˜€

bellroy wallet singapore


I decided to prank him on Christmas Eve so I’d prepared two wrapped ‘presents’. I presented him with the smaller, squarish one first as I figured it looks like a box containing a wallet, which he’ll be expecting. Inside, it’s actually a box of KitKat that was lying around at home that I just grabbed and wrapped up! πŸ˜€ His expression was *tears* priceless when he discovered it’s chocolate; tried to mask his disappointment and tell me he loves KitKat. Then I handed him the other wrapped present and said it’s a Christmas card within – believable ‘cos it’s so slim. And then he’s like “Oh you managed to find the wallet? How? Where?” (@_@)

bedok mall christmas wrapping paper

I think I enjoy pranking people a little more than I enjoy receiving presents. Haha!

In any case, if you like the wrapping paper, it’s from Bedok Mall / The Art Faculty. The artist is Jovan Neo, an individual with autism who loves city scenes. I really like Jovan’s artwork. I think having it printed on wrapping paper is simply brilliant.

Dress Your Kid In Fashionable Outfits From ιš‹ζ£  Sonia Sui’s Label

sui tang tang label

I’ve only just found out that Taiwanese actress / model / host Sonia Sui (ιš‹ζ£ ) has a fashion label that not only has clothing for women but also for kids! πŸ˜€ Gosh! The label’s called Sui Tang Tang. And yes, I’m already eyeing a few pieces for myself; now all I need to do is lose a bit of weight to look as good as she does in those outfits. Muahaha! *I guess we should all be familiar with Sonia Sui, right? She got really famous after the drama series ‘The Fierce Wife’Β ηŠ€εˆ©δΊΊε¦». Who knew that models could also act so well?!

The Fierce Wife

At 1.73m tall, Sonia obviously looks good in most outfits, but what I really love is her sense of style. And now we can literally shop her style over at

If you’d like direct links to the outfits shown in the first image above, click on the links below:

And here are some of the ladies-only outfits which have caught my eye:

sui tang tang clothing


sui tang tang clothes


I love the pastel shades, how easy it is to mix-n-match the pieces, and the price points, really! Sure, you have to pay a bit for shipping (I think it’s about $10 for 3 pieces or so). But overall, it’s still really affordable.

Head over toΒ now! πŸ™‚

10 Best-Dressed Mickey Mouse Figurines At The Raffles City Exhibition

Mickey Go Local exhibition at Raffles City

The one in the middle was designed by singer JJ Lin! But it didn’t make it into my Top 10.

I’ve read so much about the Mickey Go Local exhibition at Raffles City that I simply had to pop by and have a look. There are apparently some 90 Mickey Mouse figurines on display. And they’re special because they were all dressed up by Singaporeans from all walks of life – from President Halimah Yacob to singers JJ Lin and Nathan Hartono, to regular folks like you and me (I think I saw some designed by secretaries, medics, etc). If you’re wondering why it’s 90 figurines when we’re only celebrating Singapore’s 53rd birthday this year, it’s because Mickey is 90 lah. While some of the 90 ‘designers’ went all out in decking the 60cm-tall blank Mickey figurines they received, others painted parts of (or all of) Mickey in one color and called it a day. One even twirled celluloid film around blank Mickey and called it a wrap. Alamak! How can?!Β So this blogpost is to celebrate those 10 ‘designers’ who showed real effort, creativity and skill in putting together Mickey figurines that are definitely worth bidding for in an auction.

Mickey by Henry Liew

Mickey by Business Director, Henry Liew

This is Mickey after my own heart. There’s Pandan cake in his right hand, Pandan Cheese Rolls for ears, an Ondeh Ondeh nose, Sagu Kueh shoes, etc. This isn’t the only Mickey with an ondeh nose (who copy who ah?!) but this version looks delicious. I like.

Mickey by Nick Shen Wei Jun

Mickey by Celebrity, Nick Shen Wei Jun. Hard to snap a good pic of this Mickey without getting a hand or ear of another Mickey in the shot. Haiyah! Placement, guys, placement!

Chinese opera has been a big part of Nick’s life and his passion for preserving this Chinese traditional art is commendable. Top marks for that spirit!

Mickey by Li Nanxing

Mickey by Li Nanxing

Actor Li Nanxing’s Mickey is not the only one at the exhibition holding sticks of faux satay. But his looks the most realistic. I think I read somewhere that the actor cut up pieces of sponge and burnt them to achieve this satay look. Top marks for effort, ok? Also, this Mickey, like a few others, is donning the ‘Good Morning, Singapore’ towel. But this one looks neat and clean.

Mickey by Melissa Tan

Mickey by Artist, Melissa Tan

It could easily have turned out cat-astrophic if attempted by anyone else. But because it’s the work of artist, Melissa Tan, it looks fabulous. Should be a piece any cat lover would treasure. I like how there’s a white cat in the pupil of Mickey’s left eye. πŸ˜€ More importantly, the cats all have tipped left ears – the tips of the left ears have been clipped to indicate that the cats have been sterilised, as is common among community cats in Singapore.

Mickey by Lester Lim

Mickey by Creative Director, Lester Lim

The inspiration behind this piece was the Grand Prix and Lester was aiming for a “retro vibed aesthetic”. The creativity of this Mickey figurine design is definitely miles ahead of many others. πŸ˜€

Mickey by Dennis Chew

Mickey by Dennis Chew

This Mickey is every driver’s nightmare! πŸ˜€ The parking attendant’s (or “summon auntie”) job is definitely one that’s been phased out (quite rapidly) with cashcard parking everywhere. It’s a good time to remember the cute auntie who often put fear in people’s hearts. πŸ˜€

Mickey by Zi Qi

Mickey by Artist, Zi Qi

It’s almost unfair to pit celebrities and normal folks against actual artists, no? πŸ˜€ In any case, this is artist Zi Qi’s contribution to the exhibition – Mickey as an ice cream. Should be placed next to the ice cream booth in Disneyland, or even Universal Studios Singapore! πŸ˜€ It’s that pretty!

Mickey by Gina Tan

Mickey by Actor/Singer, Gina Tan

This blinged-out Mickey is supposed to have “elements of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian”. So, go figure! I think that’s a songkok, and there are gold bangles, and what else? It’s too dazzling and my eyes hurt. And oh! It’s placed, unfortunately, next to an escalator so itchy fingers have already removed some of the sequins on Mickey’s left shoe. Pity!

Mickey by Janice Ling

Mickey by Student, Janice Ling Li Ying

I like the stars on Mickey’s cheeks. And that Merlion theme – it’s a must-have, no? And those YouTube and Instagram logos on Mickey’s hand? I’m not sure. I wish I can feel it in my bones. I’m guessing social media has put information within easy reach.

Mickey by James Seah

Mickey by Actor, James Seah

“Phua Chu Kang Mickey. Best in Singapore and the whole wide world” reads the caption. πŸ˜€ This Mickey will definitely bring a smile to any Singaporean’s face. I like that James included the obiang gold chains.


So there you go! My Top 10 Best Dressed Mickey Mouse Figurines list. πŸ˜€ I do actually have one Mickey on my Worst Dressed list. I’ve been contemplating whether I should share a picture of it (the ‘artist’ might get upset, right?). But I guess art and especially “fashion sense” is highly subjective. So… *deep breath*, here we go…

Mickey worst dressed

On Mickey’s ears are the characters that form the word for ‘Xinyao’ – “a genre of songs that is unique to Singapore. It is a contemporary Mandarin vocal genre that emerged and rise to fame in Singapore between late 1970s to 1980s” according to Wikipedia. Then there are names of some singer-songwriters repeated here and there and titles of songs.

At first glance, I thought someone had put some kind of potent curse on Mickey. What with the red between and above his eyes. Really unfortunate, I think.

I’ll be honest. I actually wondered (hopefully not out loud) why this Mickey was allowed to be placed in this exhibition. It’s as non-inclusive as one can get – how will the Malays, Indians, Eurasians, and many others e.g. tourists know what this is all about? Why not just write “O$P$” in red across Mickey’s forehead? More ‘local’ and just about anyone who has lived here for some time will know what it represents. πŸ˜›


I do think that the gift store at Raffles City should sell a miniature of this Mickey figurine so people who visit the exhibition can purchase one and decorate it. I think I’ll be happy to shell out S$50 or more for one. And then upload a picture of it on IG to take part in Raffles City’s contest. Wouldn’t that be more meaningful than getting cushions and tshirts and water bottles? That said, I did get some wristlets and pouches! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

That’s all from me. Do you have a favorite Mickey figurine from the exhibition? I’m curious about how much you’ll pay for it in an auction! πŸ˜€


ThaiLily Restaurant Next To United Square: Surprisingly Good Thai Food in Novena!

thailily restaurant review

It’s easy to overlook this Thai restaurant located next to United Square. If not for Eatigo, we wouldn’t even know it existed. Usually we’re just so distracted by Udders Ice Cream – mainly debating whether we should get ice cream or not – that we don’t even realize there are other restaurants and eateries and shops along the same stretch. ThaiLily Restaurant serves REALLY good Thai food. I think the chef must be from Thailand. In the restaurant, they even have framed pictures of the late King of Thailand and his wife. We enjoyed everything that we ordered, even though we’ve never been here before and didn’t ask for any recommendations from the staff!

In the picture above, you see the Thai Prawn Cake ($12) that comes with an addictive sweet sauce. πŸ™‚ Below, you’ll find the Green Curry w/ Seafood ($10) + $1 for white rice.

good thai food in novena singapore

The fish in the green curry is especially good. And the curry really will leave you wanting more rice to go along with it. We also tried the Tomyam ($10) with clear soup, and while it was good too, I wished it was more packed with ingredients.

The stir-fried glass noodles with seafood ($8) was well worth every penny. Seasoned to perfection, and with a generous helping of seafood, this is not meant for sharing. No, really. You’ll want to eat it all yourself. I sure did.

Thailily restaurant singapore

We had a glass of their iced lemongrass ($3) which, interestingly, tasted like something out of a can. Usually, at other Thai restaurants, the lemongrass seems freshly prepared. Somehow I didn’t like ThaiLily’s version.

The next time you’re at United Square or the Novena area, just cross the little side road to get to ThaiLily for a good meal. In this picture below, you’ll see a motorcyclist right in front of where ThaiLily is located… and the adult-and-child pair about to cross the road is in front of Udders. Get some good (spicy) Thai food then walk over to Udders for ice cream. Sounds like a plan? πŸ˜€

thai lily restaurant novena

Thai Lily is located at 165 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307618.

We went by when there was 50% discount via Eatigo, so the bill for everything we ordered came up to just S$22! πŸ˜€

FinalStraw’s Collapsible Straw Ships In November; Knockoffs Already Flooding The Market

I remember watching the FinalStraw video a few months back and when I saw the product on Shopee (I think it might even have been advertised as “final straw” or something like that), I ordered one and it’s now in my hands! Unfortunately, it’s not the real deal. BUT the pink case is gorgeous, and so far, the straw works just fine. For the uninitiated, FinalStraw is a reuseable, collapsible straw that fits into a tiny case you can hang on a keychain. Because the metal straw is divided into 4 parts, it can be folded, just like some walking sticks that the visually-impaired use. It’ll certainly fit into any handbag, clutch or pocket.

collapsible straw singapore

A size comparison with my ibanking dongle. Incredibly lightweight too!

The Original FinalStraw costs 20USD (if pre-ordered) and 30USD (retail). I bought mine for S$6.80 which is about 5USD. Shipping from China is incredibly fast as well. So yes, many manufacturers are riding on the publicity generated by FinalStraw and making lots of money from shipping out their products a lot faster than the original guys!

final straw kickstarter update

Final Straw knockoffs

What businesses can learn:

  1. Patents. Make sure you have them.
  2. Expect there will be copycats. Provide lifetime warranties, which the copycats won’t give.
  3. Speed. I can’t believe I’m getting my collapsible straw 3 months ahead of the people who pre-ordered them way before I went on Shopee and bought something similar.

Would I invest in another collapsible straw? I’m not sure. I’ve just bought a whole lot of glass and metal straws. I’ll test them all first. πŸ˜€


To pre-order the original FinalStraw, head to

ZARA Sale + Lunch @ Siam Village

zara singapore sale

Before a scheduled lunch appointment with a pal today, which I’d turned up for early as usual (read this post regarding how upset I can get sometimes if people are late and choose to lie along the way), I found that there was a ZARA sale happening in the building where his office was located. MY GOODNESS! Just about everything was going at $8 a piece! It made me wonder why I didn’t get there even earlier, so I’d have more time to shop! πŸ˜€

The ridiculous prices:

zara 2018 sale

The location is 190 Macpherson Road, Wisma Gulab. It’s at level 1, near the entrance. I’m not sure if they’re even open during the weekends but my pal told me that there’s usually more / new stock during weekends. So, if you happen to be in the area, just swing by lah!

As I had about 15 – 20 minutes to shop before meeting my pal for lunch, I picked out only 3 pieces. And that made me very happy already. πŸ˜€

Lunch was at Siam Village (77 Jalan Wangi, Sennett Estate, Singapore 349388). I don’t think I’ve heard of Siam Village before. But my pal said the Thai food here is good, so I was happy to go along with his recommendation. If the place is good enough for the GM of a listed company, I’d think it’s good enough for me. LOL.

I had the Phad Thai Seafood Noodle. At Chinese restaurants, people usually order fried rice to “see” if the chef is skilled. For me, at Thai eateries, I order phad thai. If it’s good, I’ll certainly try the other dishes next time too. πŸ™‚

siam village macpherson

And it’s delicious! Together with a drink (Thai Ice Tea / Lemongrass / Barley), it’s just $9 per set!

siam village macpherson review

As for the Crispy Prawn Cake, it’s $11.50 for 2 pieces or $18 for 4. Their Thai Style Fish Cake is less pricey, at $8.50 for 6 pieces or $14 for 10 pieces. Apparently, the Salted Egg Chicken Drumlets are really good too. <- Have to try these next time!


I’m really unfamiliar with the Macpherson area, so it was truly a surprise for me to be able to enjoy a yummy Thai lunch and also indulge in some ZARA shopping right here today. TGIF indeed! πŸ˜€

Chicken Hotpot @ Sengkang CompassOne: French Fries In My Hotpot! OMG!

chicken hotpot singapore review

In place of Next Door Deli at Sengkang’s CompassOne, there’s now Chicken Hotpot, which supposedly comes from Shanghai, “69 Wujiang Road”, as the laminated card on every table proudly proclaims. According to, Wujiang Road is “the most popular snack street in the city”. To most Singaporeans, of course, 69 Wujiang Road has no particular significance. πŸ˜€ But if you’re up for some hotpot that apparently, people have been raving about (who, exactly? I do not know; that’s just what it states on the card), then you might want to give Chicken Hotpot a go. There are outlets at Serangoon NEX, Bedok Point and Novena Square2. We had dinner at the outlet located in CompassOne’s basement 1 this week.

When you step into the eatery (I’m not sure if I should call it a restaurant since there’s not much space – they’ve really packed as many tables as they can into this space so unintentional eavesdropping on every other couple’s conversation is a real possibility), the first thing you’ll notice is that there are two appetizer dishes already laid out on every single table. I’m a little concerned about this as the dishes aren’t covered. Even if they don’t attract insects, they’ll probably get a layer of dust by the time the hungry dinner crowd comes by.

chicken hotpot review

( We asked them to remove the two side dishes. So don’t ask me about the taste. I won’t know. πŸ˜€ )

What I do know is that they have crinkle-cut fries in their hotpot dish! OMG. After the recent shock of having him order chicken chop hor fun at the Oasis Terraces foodcourt, I thought I’d be prepared for anything mindblowing that’s food-related. Evidently, I wasn’t ready for this…

Chicken Hotpot CompassOne

Apart from the hotpot mains, there’s a whole host of other ingredients you can pick from their chiller. Prices are stated right on top…

chicken hotpot compassone

chicken hot pot review

Here’s the Chicken Hotpot menu. Basically just a few mains to choose from, then you can grab other ingredients at a la carte pricing. The ‘small’ serving is just right for 2 pax. I also had the Peach Lychee Soda, which was quite enjoyable. When eating something spicy, it’s always such a treat to have something fizzy and sweet to drink. *And the “mild spicy” level of the hotpot is, to me, already fiery. (@_@)

chicken hotpot price

chicken hot pot menu

chicken hotpot sengkang compassone

During our visit, I found the staff very attentive and helpful. One lady in particular, a middle-aged auntie whose name is probably Candy (if my memory serves me well) with a big pink hair clip, was very helpful in offering broth refills and displayed much initiative in replacing the heating element below the pot when it ran out. She was almost fussing over our table like a concerned parent or grandparent would, so that was really sweet. πŸ™‚

As for the taste of the hotpot dish we tried, I’m happy to report that it’s not incredibly thirst-inducing (so don’t worry, you won’t have to go buy a 1.5litre bottle of water at Cold Storage after a meal here), but I found the spices so intense they almost made my tongue go numb. I’m more a fan of, say, Japanese cuisine in which chefs try and retain the natural flavor of ingredients, letting them ‘speak’ for themselves. Anything that’s overpowering kind of turns me off.


We had 50% off our bill thanks to Eatigo, plus an additional $1.50 rebate from Shopback. (<- Click on the links to sign up and enjoy the same benefits)

Final 3 Days: Ben & Jerry’s Two-Weeks Of FREE Ice Cream Giveaways @ Lau Pa Sat

ben and jerry's singapore promotion

Since I first heard the news about Ben & Jerry’s Scoopitiam at Lau Pa Sat, which is giving away free scoops of ice cream daily from 16 to 29 July, I’ve been wanting to pop by. πŸ˜€ Today, I had the chance to stand in line and get a taste of the Chocolate Shake It Truffles ice cream. Yummy! (Yes, free ice cream tastes the best) πŸ˜€ Make your way down to Lau Pa Sat from now till 29 July, before the awesome-ness ends!

ben and jerry's free ice cream

At the head of the queue, it splits into two lines: one for the chocolate ice cream (YAY!) and the other for the coffee (a.k.a “Chillin’ The Roast Truffles’). It was very clear to me that chocolate’s the crowd favorite. If you’re a coffee fan, congratulations, you get to move forward to the shorter queue ahead. πŸ˜€

Ben and jerry's scoopitiam

Instead of cups or wafer cones, you can have your ice cream with rainbow bread or wafer biscuits.

ben and jerry's flavours

I’m quite sure mine’s half a slice of rainbow bread. But I’m not complaining. The ice cream was SO good, with a chunk of I-dunno-what (brownie?) in the middle:

ben and jerry's free ice cream lau pa sat

Apart from giving out free ice cream, the sweet Ben & Jerry’s crew even helped provide some shade from the sun.

ben and jerry's crew

I’m sure many people who are sensitive to ‘dollars and cents’ will think this move by Ben & Jerry’s does not make any financial sense at all. You’re giving out ice cream? And letting people get multiple servings as long as they queue up again? You’re renting a space at Lau Pa Sat for 2 weeks to give away ice cream? Wow. (@_@) You must be siao.

But I think it’s about cultivating brand loyalty. All these people who work in the CBD area will certainly not bat an eyelid about paying $20+ for one or two pints of ice cream. I think they’ll certainly appreciate the gesture. Most would even ‘jio’ a colleague or two to join the queue with them, to share this “good news” about free ice cream. And the product itself (the two new flavors) are delicious. People are taking pictures and sharing them on social media. Grateful bloggers like myself are writing about this event, without being paid.

I think it’s money well spent. The next time I’m at the supermarket and I have to buy a pint of ice cream to take home, guess which brand of ice cream my hand will naturally reach out for? The one which offered me a free tasting of their new flavor and also had their staff hold umbrellas over our heads to provide some relief from the sun, or the other brands which did nothing for us? It’s a no-brainer. πŸ˜‰