Uma Uma Ramen @ Forum The Shopping Mall

Uma Uma Ramen review

I don’t think I’ve ever set foot in Forum the Shopping Mall before. And I wonder why. It’s like an oasis of calm amidst the madness that is Orchard Road. Why we have to spend $1.3mil to rejuvenate Orchard, I have no idea. Just have better decor for all the major celebrations, and bring in newer brands (I’m already sick of malls having all the same brands such as H&M, Uniqlo, etc). As it is, Orchard Road is very busy, prompting my friend to ask yesterday, as we were on our way to Shaw for a preview screening of ‘Book Club’, why there are so many people who don’t have to work. 😀 I’m sure lots of them are tourists anyway. Also, I didn’t realise there’s a ‘Jamie’s Italian’ restaurant at Forum! It’s on the same level as Uma Uma Ramen too.

Here’s what I found on the web: “Uma Uma is proud to be 100% MSG-free! Established in 1953 in Fukuoka, Japan, Uma Uma serves delicious ramen, made according to a family recipe, with a robust and aromatic tonkotsu stock.”

Also, there was 50% discount when we dined at Uma Uma Ramen with our Eatigo reservation. In the picture you see above, the Uma Uma Ramen cost just $8++ with the discount. And right below is the Bushi Tonkotsu, which was $8.50++.

Uma Uma Ramen promotion

I like that they don’t use MSG in their ramen. In terms of quality, though, I have to say that it pales in comparison with what I’ve eaten in Japan. Not sure if the chef here is Japanese. The char siew is rather tough, the egg looks sad, and the noodle portion’s a little small. And I’m also embarrassed to be complaining when we’ve enjoyed 50% discount. 😛

Anyhow, I ordered the Mentaiko Tamago ($3.50++) as I knew it would be good just from looking at the description of the dish. It’s served with Japanese mayo, the not-so-secret ingredient that makes everything yummy. <- I have two squeeze bottles of the mayo at home.

Uma Uma Ramen forum the shopping mall

Hot green tea costs just 50cents a cup. They even served us an entire flask of tea, which was great since we could help ourselves to a refill. 😀

uma uma ramen tea

Service was excellent. The young lady even asked us if we’d enjoyed the meal when we were making payment. Of course I said we did. What else could I have told her? (@_@) Gosh… I miss the ramen in Japan.


Uma Uma Ramen is located at #01-41/42/43 of Forum The Shopping Mall. Yes, there’s GST and service charge, but with 50% off via Eatigo, I think it’s still worth a visit.

Uma Uma Ramen


5 Best Moving Companies in Singapore

Recently, a reader wrote to me asking for a blogpost like this, so here it is – the 5 best moving companies in Singapore. I believe there are dozens, if not hundreds of movers in Singapore, and it can get really confusing, ya? When looking for a mover, I look at their track record and more importantly, their customer reviews, especially those on Facebook. It’s easy to see how many 5-star (versus 1-star) reviews they have gotten. I value punctuality / reliability, care taken in packing and transporting items, and of course, cost. 😀 Here are the 5 movers I’d recommend, in no particular order…

#1: Shalom Movers

Shalom Movers Singapore

Image from Shalom Movers’ FB page

I see their lorries the most frequently. If you don’t already know, Shalom Movers was given the GOLD award for being the Best Moving Company at the Expat Living Readers’ Choice Awards 2018. Apparently, some 3500 respondents took part in the voting organized by Expat Living. Seems like people who relocate to SG really like these movers. 😀 Contact them at 6287 6117 /

#2: Union Mover

best mover singapore

Image from Union Movers’ FB page

I like how everything’s stated in this image / poster. Get a free quote if you’re on a tight budget and want to do a price comparison. *wink*

#3: Xpress Movers

best moving companies in singapore

[Screenshot] Reviews from Xpress Movers’ FB page

I think punctuality is really important, so I’m including Xpress Movers in this list. They’ve gotten some glowing reviews from fans on Facebook. Contact them at 64010086 /

#4: Faith Relocation and Moving Services

Faith Relocation and Moving Services

Contact them at 8323 9251 / 

#5: The Helping Hand (援手之家)

Christian moving company singapore

82 out of 111 reviews on Facebook were 5-star reviews. Contact them at
6283 2204 /


If you have a mover you’d highly recommend I include in this list, feel free to drop me an email and tell me why you LOVE them! 😀 I’m open to updating this list and including gems I’ve missed out on. 🙂

Updated: 19/06/18

Gary Vaynerchuk Is Speaking At The National Achievers Congress 2018!

National Achievers Congress 2018

When I first saw the event banners for the National Achievers Congress a.k.a NAC 2018, I was pleasantly surprised that it featured Gary Vaynerchuk! No, scratch that. I was OVERJOYED that Gary will be speaking at the NAC! (How ever did Success Resources manage the guy to come over – seems he’s so busy all the time!) I’ve been following GaryVee’s videos on Facebook and have enjoyed them immensely, despite the dude’s frequent use of the F-word. Gary gives such good advice regarding money, marketing, and management of one’s use of time and resources. It would be a shame to not hear him speak when he’s here in Singapore for the NAC. Even if you don’t know who the rest of the speakers are, just getting to hear Gary speak would be well worth any ticket price. 😉

Here’s the event synopsis, courtesy of Success Resources:

The National Achievers Congress (NAC) is conceived by the founders of Success Resources, building on the dream of connecting the world’s best to every single person hungry for success. Whether it’s in the fields of personal development, finance, investments, business, or technology, NAC strives to share this wealth of experience with the rest of the world, inspire them, and drive them towards growth and greatness. This annual flagship event stages world-class speakers in one location, providing individuals access to the best strategies, skills, and tools to help them become masters of their own personal and professional lives.

This year, the theme revolving around the NAC will be ‘Reinventing Business, Building Dreams’, and Gary Vaynerchuk, The Real Business Hustler, A Brand & Marketing Thought-leader in his own right, will be gracing the event. He is a venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times bestselling author, and an early investor in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo and Uber. Gary has also been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists. He rose to prominence in the late 90s after establishing one of the first e-commerce wine sites, WineLibrary helping his father grow the family business from 4 to 60 million in sales. Over the 2 days, Gary will be joined by 10 other speakers including Chatri Sidyotong, Founder of ONE Championship & Asia King of Martial Arts, and Henry Patterson, World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur at age 14.

We’re now in the age of entrepreneurship and start-ups, the age of blockchain, of online stores, digital media and social media marketing. The world is moving FAST and if you’re still playing catch-up with everything that has happened in 2017, you WILL want to get in on this as soon as possible.

What you will learn:

How to transform your fears into motivation and start doing the work that you want, instead of the work that you currently have.
How to leverage on the trends and tools of social media in order to build your business, grow your brand, and reach a wider market.
What it takes to build your company from scratch without any relevant experience, and how to weather the challenges you will face.

Over 25 years, millions of attendees have gathered across more than 30 countries to hear, see and learn from world-renowned speakers such as Former US President Bill Clinton, Michael Porter, Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Hopkins, Jay Abraham, and Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, and more at the NAC.


Sign up now at:

Match Your Accessories to Your Business Attire

accessories for business attire

Being a businesswoman can be a tricky thing. Some people will look to discredit you, some will ignore you, but you still need to be professional at all times.

One of the more pleasant tasks you will have is picking out outfits and the accessories which go well with it. However, even then, you must know what is acceptable and what is frowned upon. This short guide can help you choose the appropriate accessories, as well as the place where you can buy some high-end jewelry.

Engagement Rings

Even though you are a businesswoman, that doesn’t mean that you do not want to have a personal life as well. If you are engaged, chances are that you already have an engagement ring. That means you no longer have to worry about things like this

However, you do need to consider whether your ring suits your outfit. With such an important piece of jewelry, it is much more acceptable to choose the attire to the ring, than the other way around. Depending on the material and the design of your engagement ring, you have several options.

If your ring has an impressive design and size, you might want to wear minimalist clothes, in order to focus attention on the ring. If on the other hand, it is more subtle, your attire can be less strict, but still professional. Make sure to choose colors which complement or match that of your ring, though.


Earrings may seem to go unnoticed most of the times, but in fact, they do make an impact, although not as strong as some other jewelry pieces. If you are going in for a meeting, reserved studs should do nicely. If you prefer, you can have the diamond encrusted ones. If you choose something more conspicuous, once again, the attention may be drawn to the fact that you are a woman, rather than your accomplishments.

On the other hand, when you are at a work related party, you can give yourself a bit of a slack, and don wire hook pearl earrings. Pearls convey the message of reserved, yet beautiful elegance.


When it comes to necklaces, the old saying less is more seems to be appropriate. There doesn’t seem to be a suitable way to complement a business suit with a necklace. Naturally, if a necklace has some personal significance to you, wear it. Other than that, a reserved thin gold chain should probably be the line. Various bracelets and anklets are pretty much out of the question, however.

A Watch

If you can, invest in a high-end watch. Not only will it last you a lifetime, but it can score you some points with fellow businessmen and business people who know good watches as a person with taste and class.

Not only does a watch look good, but it is also a functional item as well. In this hectic time, being punctual is imperative for successful people.

Silk Scarf

Business suits tend to be bland, to say the least. Typically, they are monochrome of blacks, grays, and navy blues, and they leave very little room for improvement. However, you can break that monotony with a colorful scarf.

A dash of color in a drab world of suits may be just the thing to help people remember you. There are numerous patterns and colors to choose from, and you can have your custom made as well, for that extra special feeling.

These are just some suggestions on how to pick a suitable accessory. However, ultimately it is you who should feel comfortable wearing it, so it is you who should find your own style and wear it proudly.

Book Review plus Giveaway: Arianna Huffington’s ‘Thrive’

Arianna Huffington THRIVE

*Update* The winner of this giveaway is Nancy Wee! (Email sent)

I knew this would be a good read even before I got my hands on the book! After all, the author is none other than Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post fame. I have to say that this book does not disappoint, and I foresee myself reading it again and again.

This book really ‘speaks’ to me because it seems to know intimately some of the challenges I face. For instance, Arianna shares about how we need to redefine ‘Success’. Society dictates that you are successful when you have two things: Money and Power. However, these things are not what people remember you for when they attend your funeral wake, and not what goes into eulogies either!

Were you kind? Were you happy? Were you genuine? Were you a good friend? Were you a good daughter? Were you a joy to have around?

THESE are the things that go into eulogies. So why do we spend our lives chasing after Money and Power, when they ultimately do not matter?

Most of the time, I don’t care about these things. People tell me that I should be less happy now since I don’t earn the 6-figure income that I used to earn in a job before I turned to full-time blogging. I give these people a knowing smile while thinking that ho-ho, they know nothing about the 7-figure Happiness I enjoy now.

Also, I don’t feel the need to own a big house. The bf thinks we should apply for a 5-room flat, or a 4-room flat, at least. Because we are both NUS graduates and people would EXPECT us to be able to afford bigger flats even if it’s just the two of us living in it.

I usually look at him like he has gone insane when he says these things.

Give me a 3-room flat any time.

I don’t want a maid or any other person cleaning up after me in MY house. And I don’t want to spend all of my time cleaning a huge house either. I don’t need that much space, though admittedly I have many shoes, bags and books. (I’ll learn to live with less) I want a house just big enough for us, and requires very little time to clean and tidy up, so we can have more time for movies, date nights, traveling, hanging out with friends, blogging, enjoying life, etc.


If you judge me based on my choice of residence, instead of how I am as a person and as a friend, then just let me say that I don’t want to have anything to do with you. Because you evidently don’t know a thing about me. 🙂

Secondly, this book also shares about how society encourages people to work themselves to the bone. If you are busy, if you are working long hours, if you’re working overtime, if you are constantly on the phone and ‘closing deals’, people seem to think that’s a good thing. I guess this is because being busy implies that you are earning more money and striving to get more power – the two things that society values.

However, who cares about whether you have fed your soul? Who cares whether you are getting enough sleep or not? Who cares whether you are battling the effects of stress, depression or burnout? The truth is that no one cares. BUT, you had better start caring for yourself!

Like this book has mentioned, very few people are supportive of those who lead the 4-hour work week lifestyles. They look down on these people as being lazy buggers, good-for-nothing losers, or worse. In fact, most people don’t think that being a blogger is a profession. I have had everyone from teachers to advertisers question me on whether my full-time job is indeed ‘Blogging’ and whether that’s even a “real job” (their words, not mine).

No, it’s not a real job. It’s just a great job. And if you cannot appreciate it, thank goodness I can. 😀

So, if you would like to know more about these weirdos like me, and about how to redefine Success on your own terms, and how to really THRIVE instead of just being good at what you are doing, then read this book. You will never regret it.

I’ve made a few notes of the tips which have leaped out at me:

Arianna Huffington THRIVE

Here are 5 of my favorites:

1) Work in 90-minute sprints

2) Train your mind to be still (so I did the drawing of a stick figure fishing with no bait on the fishing hook)

3) A ‘red light’ at the traffic junction is a reminder to you to BREATHE and enjoy the moment

4) Do the 10-finger gratitude exercise


Go ahead and grab a copy of this book wherever books are sold near you. It costs just S$27.99 before tax. Or take part in my giveaway…


To WIN a copy of this amazing book, leave a comment here and tell me what your profession is, and why you want to read this book. 😀