Latest Slime Bazaar At WOOW Plaza Singapura :D

Slime Bazaar Singapore

If you’ve never been to a Slime Bazaar before, my advice would be to get mentally prepared for it. When the slime fanatics descend on the bazaar, it’s like when Apple fans burst into the store to get their hands on the newest iPhone. And it’ll leave non-fans wondering “eh, free ah?” Visiting my first Slime Bazaar at WOOW outside Plaza Singapura, I was shocked to see so many teenagers spending an afternoon during the June school holidays shopping for slime. The venue is not exactly ideal as it gets really hot in the afternoon, and you’ll be sweating as if you’re at a sauna.

At the more popular booths, the slime gets snapped up really quickly. But fear not, as these young entrepreneurs usually have more stock in their plastic bags and luggage.

Slime Bazaar

I’ve seen cloud slime, glossy slime, clear slime, butter slime, etc. At this bazaar, I got to check out Chocolate Slime too. Doesn’t it look like chocolate ice cream?

Chocolate Slime

And oh, there’s Unicorn slime too, complete with a plastic horn. 😀

Folks who are crazy about slime tend to be, overwhelmingly, female. You’ll even find some girls sitting on the ground outside Plaza Singapura as they can’t wait till they get home to play with their new purchases. This slime ‘trend’ is still well and truly alive. I don’t think it’ll die down anytime soon. For one, there are always new kinds of slime to create, experience and play with. Secondly, I think it has the same effect as playing with a stress ball. It helps soothe the user from the pressures of school (maybe?) and engages the senses of sight, touch and also smell! Many of these slimes are scented. 😉

Slime Bazaar Plaza Singapura

An event organiser should really look at doing a ‘Slime Expo’ of sorts. Bring in vendors selling glitter, clay, contact lens solution, glue, etc, and of course, the slime sellers. There can be workshops on how to make your own slime too! *ka-ching*


Tips For People Going To Their 1st Slime Bazaar:

#1: Get there early so you can look for your favorite slime seller and get up close to the booth.

#2: Prepare a shopping list (even a mental one is fine) of slimes you want to get so you can purchase them and quickly leave – when the weather is hot, you’ll definitely want to be indoors where there’s air-conditioning.

#3: Bring a cold drink with you so you can sip on it while you wait to make payment. Yes, for the popular booths like the Bobba Slime one, you’ll actually have to WAIT for quite a while just to make payment. Bring a handheld fan if you have one too!