Review: Cadbury GLOW – The ATAS version of Cadbury Chocolates

Cadbury GLOW supermarket

I’m a big fan of Cadbury chocolates. In fact, I come from a family of Cadbury fans! So when I received a press release regarding Cadbury GLOW exactly 4 days ago in my email, with no actual gift of chocolates, I had to get off my bum and hit the supermarket to find a box of these chocolate pralines.

If you don’t already know, pralines have a chocolate shell with a soft, and sometimes liquid, filling (I’ve just Googled this).

And the Cadbury GLOW ones taste of hazelnut. In fact, there’s a hazelnut paste within the ingredients list! And here’s a random fun fact: the Cadbury GLOW pralines are made in Slovakia, which Wikipedia says is a “high-income advanced economy with one of the fastest growth rates in the European Union and the OECD”. Interesting. I’ve never been there before. It’s some 9,457km away from Singapore – I Googled.

The long distance between Slovakia and Singapore must be one of the reasons why this chocolate is so expensive. It costs S$9.90 for 16 pieces and S$14.90 for 24 pieces. That’s 62 Singapore cents per chocolate praline! For comparison’s sake, there’s currently a Ferrero Rocher promotion at NTUC –  you pay S$7.20 for a box of 16 (each piece costs just S$0.45).

So… if I’m paying 38% MORE for Cadbury than Rocher… it’d better taste extraordinary, no?

Cadbury GLOW

Once you remove the purple cover, you will likely be wowed by the shiny gold box, which you can open to reveal 4 columns of individually packed chocolate pralines:

Cadbury Glow 16 pieces

For someone opening such a box for the first time, I must admit that there was undeniably a ‘wow’ factor.

It’s Cadbury like I’ve never known it to be. It’s now… what’s the word… ATAS!

The disappointment sets in quickly once you open the wrapping though. The chocolates are NOT made to survive Singapore’s weather. So make sure you keep them chilled or only open them in an air-conditioned setting. I’m used to keeping chocolates on my desk, without any air-conditioning, and most do OK. But these Cadbury GLOW ones just become mushy and stick to the inside of each wrapper.

So… make sure you keep them chilled and tell your gift recipient to keep the chocolates in the fridge unless they want a sticky, gooey mess.

Taste-wise, it’s pretty good, no doubt. I like the liquid center which delivers a surprise when you bite into the otherwise-familiar Cadbury chocolate exterior.


Why is Cadbury GLOW more expensive than the usual Cadbury chocolate range we are used to? My thoughts:

  1. The packaging is beautiful – we’re definitely paying for the classy packaging
  2. It’s limited edition – that definitely warrants a steeper pricetag
  3. You can send a personalized note or video via to the recipient of your chocolate pralines
  4. It’s probably available only in 3 countries: Singapore, Hong Kong and India

All in all, I think it’s a Christmas chocolate offering from Cadbury that Cadbury fans will still enjoy. Once Christmas is over, I’m definitely going back to purchasing the more affordable range of chocolates from Cadbury! 😀