Mizu Cafe @ City Square Mall: Good Food, No GST, No Service Charge

mizu cafe city square mall

It’s not our first visit to Mizu Cafe and definitely not our last either. If you’re looking for good food at City Square Mall, make Mizu Cafe your first stop. The food is delicious, inexpensive and best of all, the service here is great too! Today we had the Lor Mee w/Fish Cutlet ($6.80) and Custard Pork Ribs Rice ($8.80). There’s no GST and service charge either! AND you can use FavePay. Also, you can look out for Fave deals. 😉 I think the lor mee is decent; and you can choose to have either fish or chicken cutlet to go along with it. The Custard Pork Ribs are awesome – no bone, delicious sauce, and just a small serving of rice (you’ll definitely eat it all).

mizu cafe review

While he had coffee ($2), I picked the Lemon Honey Green Tea ($3.80) which looked really pretty but was actually quite sour. I wonder if someone forgot to add the honey! 😀

mizu cafe singapore

For dessert, we had the Fruity Aiyu Jelly ($5.80) and Honey Grass Jelly ($2.80). The aiyu jelly came with mango shaved ice plus a scoop of vanilla ice cream too. Perfect conclusion to this meal.

mizu cafe menu

I like that they serve the honey separately. And they include these orchids with just about every item – it feels like you’re at a resort somewhere. XD And this place doesn’t charge GST nor S.C. Amazing, no?

mizu cafe singapore review


It’s easy to overlook this little eatery, but it definitely worth a visit…

city square mall mizu cafe

Mizu Cafe is located at #B1-04, City Square Mall

Tel: 6835 9123