Toys For Children with Special Needs

I received a press release on February 4th 2015 about Christmas gifts from Duracell and Hasbro which were given to students in the early intervention programme at Rainbow Centre Singapore.* This press release came later than a #latergram but I thought what could be salvaged from it is useful information about toys which are suitable for children with special needs.

(*Rainbow Centre is a voluntary welfare organisation catering to students below 18 years old with special needs associated with Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, developmental delay and multiple disabilities)

(**All pictures in this blogpost were provided by the PR firm working for Duracell and Hasbro)

Rainbow Centre Singapore

Some Toys Suitable For Children With Special Needs:

1) Cupcake Tower (pictured above) or Cake Mountain

“Hasbro toys like Play-Doh’s Sweet Shoppe series are a hit with children as they are colorful, large and have functions such as cranking to roll out the dough into little balls, squeezing the Play-Doh out of the syringe to create noodles, and the molds that enable children to create different shapes. Some children will engage in pretend play with others using Play-Doh to create food items.”

2) Baby Alive

Hasbro Baby Alive

“Hasbro toys like Baby Alive’s Snack and Spill Baby are great for eliciting social interactions for familiar activities like feeding. It can be used to facilitate learning of routine, day-to-day activities like using cutlery and simple feeding actions.”

3) Color Me Hungry Hippo

Hasbro Color Me Hungry Hippo

“A great Hasbro toy that caters to either younger children or children with high supports needs is the Color Me Hungry Hippo that gives children some sensory feedback when they play and interact with the toy. The chips required to place into the Hippo’s mouth are easy to hold and slot, and the sounds and lights enhance the play experience and motivate the children to engage. The overall quality of the various toys also ensure safe and fun playing opportunities for the children.”


*Disclaimer: I have received neither monetary nor non-monetary incentives for uploading this post, and I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of these toys, having never played with any of them before. Please exercise your own discretion, or seek professional advice, before purchasing any of these items for your children.