Durian Delivery SG: Phenomenal ‘Old Tree Mao Shan Wang’ Durians! :D

Durian Delivery Singapore

I’ve always thought that Mao Shan Wang (or MSW) durians are probably the most prized / most desirable durians you can get in Singapore. But after trying the Old Tree Mao Shan Wang (also known as TSW or Royal MSW) I think I cannot go back to eating “regular” MSW anymore. Oh no! (@_@) So, if your wallet allows, just go straight for the TSW. Or, if you’ve ordered both the MSW and TSW, eat the MSW one first and end your durian feast on a high with the TSW. 😀

*The durians featured in this blogpost are from Durian Delivery Singapore.

Here’s What I Like About The Durians From DurianDelivery.com.sg:

#1: Very small and flat seeds. So there’s SO MUCH FLESH!

Durian GIF

#2: Very fresh durians

Apparently, the durians are transported from Pahang* directly to Singapore, packed and sent straight to your doorstep. I was very surprised to find one of those moisture absorbing sheets under the durians – usually you only find them under meats purchased at supermarkets.

*What this also means is that there might be delays due to unfavorable traffic conditions. The durians reached my place almost an hour later than expected.

#3: Packed so well. You can put the durians in the refrigerator (they taste SO GOOD chilled as well) and there’s no smell at all.

durian delivery 2018


Pricing of durians from Durian Delivery:

The durians are dehusked and divided into 400g packs. You’re paying just for the flesh of the durian and not the heavy husks so the prices will reflect this fact.

For MSW, it’s $21.90 / pack of 400g. If you get 800g, it’s $39.90.

For TSW, it’s $29.90 / pack of 400g. If you get 800g, it’s $57.90.

*From reading other blogger reviews previously, I’ve found a promo code on one of their blogs for 5% discount! 😉 So quote “youcanbefree”. You’re welcome.*


Whatsapp your order to 93874394 now! 🙂