Flavour Flings: Slightly Pricey Halal-Certified Brunch Place in Hougang

flavour flings dada ayam pasta

On Facebook, they’re known as “THE PLACE WHERE Singapore’s NATIONWIDE SALTED EGG YOLK PHENOMENON STARTED.” But as I’m not one to chase food trends (‘cos weight and waistline won’t keep up), I picked this place by accident while trying to find a cafe for brunch, and since I’ve never been here before, I didn’t know about its claim to fame. Thanks, Eatigo! We ordered only two items at Flavour Flings and one dish (the Dada Ayam Pasta you see above) helped me appreciate why they named this place as such. It’s an adventure for your tastebuds – whether you’ll return for the same dish, or treat it as a once-off affair, it all depends on you. *wink*

The Dada Ayam Pasta ($14.90) tastes like a mee rebus + pasta fusion dish. It’s totally unlike anything I’ve tried. Yet I don’t dislike it. Actually it’s difficult to go wrong with a hearty dish involving chili padi and some sort of pasta. While I’ve never liked chicken breast meat (please give me the drumstick whenever possible), I found the small chunks here palatable. The “house braised sauce” is pretty good, though I didn’t ask what went into it. Go try this dish. 😀

*Beware! That chili padi packs a fiery punch.

Flavour Flings review

The Brunch Burger ($19.90) needs a little more work. I like the burger (that deep fried breaded chicken was surprisingly good) but the scrambled eggs needed more seasoning. For $19.90, I’d also expect something a bit more filling, not what resembles a slider. Or, at least, it should come with a beverage. Flavour Flings is, after all, located at the foot of a block of HDB flats in Hougang, so prices seem a little steep to me.

Flavour Flings

What’s great about this place is the cosy setting. It feels like you’re visiting a friend’s home. You grab a plastic stool, help yourself to some water, admire the decor, and wait for the food to be served (you won’t know what to expect but you’d suspect it should be good). *They’ve plastered blogger reviews and media recommendations at the entrance. 😀

Some of the house specials:

  1. Salted Egg Yolk Brick Toast ($13.90)
  2. Chicken Cutlet w/Swiss Raclette ($23.90)
  3. Jolly Juice ($6)


Flavour flings hougang ave 1

Flavour Flings is located at 121 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1348, Singapore 530121.

Tel: 62860051.