Thai Food @ Folks Collective China Square: Hits & Misses

folks collective review

We visited the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival on Opening Day last week then went to Folks Collective for food. You’ll definitely want to visit the Carnival on a near-empty stomach or else the gravity-defying rides will have you mimicking the Merlion. At Folks Collective, the decor can probably only be described as eclectic, with mismatched chairs and furniture, a Chinese medicine chest in one corner and a gramophone at the other end. But we picked this place not for the decor, but because we wanted to have some Thai food for dinner. 😀 It appears that some of the staff here are actual Thai folks, which we took as a good sign.

In the first picture you see above is their Khao Soi ($14.90), what they describe as Thai laksa with (two) chicken drumsticks under “crunchy golden noodle ribbons”. There’s also meesua underneath those “ribbons”. The taste of the broth was not quite to my liking though… I can only say it’s probably an acquired taste. What I really like is this next dish: Chargrilled Pork Skewers ($8.90) which is a must-order dish, imho.

folks collective china square review

Next, there’s the Black Pepper Beef Stir Fry ($14.90). As you can probably imagine, it tastes just like something you can order at any zichar stall in your neighborhood. So I wouldn’t come here just for this. The beef is tender and juicy though, so props to them.

folks collective singapore review

But my favorite dish of all has to be the Roasted Duck & Lychee Red Curry ($12.90). It’s such a strange combination. Why would you put roasted duck slices in red curry? And lychees? What is this – a dessert?! But it works! And it’s DELICIOUS. My goodness. Just order this curry and the pork skewers and white rice. Perfection.

folks collective thai food

Two pictures of the decor:

folks collective singapore

folks collective china square


And don’t forget to head over to Shopback (claim your $1.50 cashback) and then book via Eatigo for 50% off your meal at Folks Collective. The place is really quiet on Saturday evenings too. You can make a reservation and bring the entire clan.

Address: 20 Cross Street, 01-25 China Square Central, 048422