Who Makes The Best Bak Kwa: Lim Chee Guan, Bee Cheng Hiang or Fragrance?

Bak Kwa brands in Singapore

[200g each, at about the same price S$10-S$11]

I’ve always wondered (1) whether there is a real difference between bak kwa from company A and bak kwa from company B, (2) why people queue for HOURS to buy bak kwa during the period leading up to the Lunar New Year when it is available all year round, and (3) how much exactly do these bak kwa chains make during Lunar New Year, such that they can keep their stores open the entire year and sustain manpower costs and all! Obviously, I won’t get the answers to every single question! 😀

So, before prices increase, I’ve bought bak kwa from 3 of the leading brands: Lim Chee Guan, Bee Cheng Hiang and Fragrance.

I found the bak kwa from Lim Chee Guan to be a little more tender. Bee Cheng Hiang and Fragrance had ‘sweeter’ tasting bak kwa, and the latter brand had a bit more spice (pepper?) in it. The bak kwa from Bee Cheng Hiang didn’t go through much quality control as well, as more than 50% of the surface area was charcoal black, on top of being drier and a little difficult to chew (tough luck if you happen to be wearing dentures).

So yes, I have to conclude that Lim Chee Guan has the better tasting bak kwa and I also bought the spicier version of their bak kwa separately, and it is absolutely delicious! I wouldn’t say it’s worth an hour-long wait though. I’ll just eat it at some other time in the year. 😀

Do you agree that Lim Chee Guan serves up the best bak kwa? If not, where do you get your Lunar New Year bak kwa from?