Horizon Bistronomy at Punggol Settlement: Yummy But Small Portions

Horizon Bistronomy King of the Sea

So he told me that we’re going for French “fine dining” at Punggol Settlement this evening, and knowing how he likes to joke, I thought it would just be a simple meal at Horizon Bistronomy. When the mains were served though, I commented that “Wow, it’s really fine dining!” (because of the small portion size) and his reply was “Is there a char kway teow stall nearby? Never mind, we can go for char kway teow after this!” 😀 *We didn’t, unfortunately.

Horizon Bistronomy puts out beautiful plates though. The dishes here are definitely great for IG pics. He ordered the King of the sea (S$26.90 + 10% service charge) and I had Horizon’s Duo of Pork (S$25.90 + S.C.).

His King of the sea dish came with “miso infused king salmon” (can’t taste the miso though) on a bed of zuchinni and shitake mushroom ragout (quite yummy) and a grilled lobster claw with mustard foam.

My choice of the Horizon’s Duo of Pork has slow braised pork belly (braised for 24 hours, according to the menu), with sous vide kurobuta pork tenderloin, a roasted cauliflower puree, miso infused grilled daikon, and grape mustard and pork jus.

Horizon's Duo of Pork

Basically, it’s two mouthfuls of pork tenderloin and two mouthfuls of delicious pork belly, and I was done with the meal. 😀 Perfect for people on a strict diet – I definitely burnt more calories running here.

And if I could comment on their menu… I’d say that corresponding pictures for each dish listed would be most helpful. I really don’t like menus which only have words on them.

Horizon Bistronomy Menu

The view, though, is fantastic. As today’s Friday, most of the tables have been reserved. Thankfully, he’d made a reservation before we jogged over from my place. 🙂 And oh, there’s no GST at the moment. But it seems that the restaurant has plans for a second outlet, so visit while you can, before the additional 7% kicks in. *wink*

Horizon Bistronomy punggol settlement

We skipped dessert at Horizon Bistronomy as I felt that S$16.50 for a lava cake is rather steep. We headed to Wayne’s Chill Out on the same level as Horizon and ordered our usual waffle and 2 scoops of ice cream (chocolate and vanilla). Disappointed that there’s no Mango today, but the Vanilla ice cream is pretty good!

For some unknown reason, there was more Vanilla than Chocolate:

 Wayne's Chill Out

This cost only S$12.50. Hehehe.

If you don’t already know, Punggol End is pretty happening now. There are many restaurants, shops, bicycle rental stores, and even a Giant supermarket. You can even ride a horse nearby at Gallop Stable or rent a Flickr at Jumando. Don’t say bo jio! 🙂

*Punggol End is accessible by bus – simply hop on to service 84 which originates from Punggol Bus Interchange and alight in front of Gallop Stable after the bus does a U-turn.