Review: Fusion Spoon at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Fusion Spoon review

Pic Credit: Kar 🙂

After Food For Thought shut, Fusion Spoon took its place. And I think this new concept just might work. Fusion Spoon looks like a restaurant but there are no servers. You find a table, then head to the self-ordering kiosks, make payment, and wait for your order number to appear on the screen, at which point you head to the collection zones to pick up your food and beverage. My lunch companion had the rosemary chicken (which came with the most delicious-looking crispy skin) while I went for the chicken curry. As I’d brisk-walked from one end of the Botanic Gardens to the other end (where Fusion Spoon was located), I couldn’t care less about the number of calories ingested during lunch. 😀 *By the way, staff at the Botanic Gardens will tell you it takes about 45 minutes walking from one end of the Gardens to the other. But if you’re walking really fast, 25 minutes is possible too! 😀 You don’t have to take a taxi unless you’re really running (haha!) late.

Fusion Spoon Botanic Gardens review

I had the Nyonya chicken curry served with prata (instead of rice). The prata was SO good. It was thin and crispy and went so well with the curry! 😀 I would come back again just for this combination!

I found the mushroom soup oddly sour though, so I’ll not order it again. I didn’t even finish half of it. (>_<)

By some extraordinary stroke of luck, the weather stayed cool and there was good cloud cover, and it only rained when we were ready to head home. I even got to shoot some footage of the beautiful swans at Swan Lake. I’m in love with this place.

The gorgeous gazebo at the Botanic Gardens…

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Spotted this little furball (which looks like it’s wearing a bib) among the plants:

Singapore Botanic Gardens photography

If you’re popping by Fusion Spoon, it’s closest to the Tanglin gate of the Botanic Gardens. Head to where the Visitor Centre is and you’ll see a sign pointing you to Fusion Spoon at the basement. 🙂