National Achievers Congress featuring Gary Vaynerchuk: 9 Lessons From 9 Speakers

National Achievers Congress Gary Vaynerchuk

As I’ve watched Gary Vee’s videos on Facebook more times than I care to remember, it was a fantastic experience seeing him ‘live’ on stage right here in Singapore at the National Achievers Congress (NAC)! 😀 I took 10 pages of notes for this 2-day event (13th and 14th July 2018), but I’ll pick out 9 takeaways from this year’s NAC just for this blogpost. 🙂 You know, it’s funny how I’d won a pair of VIP tickets to the NAC via a Facebook contest, and then I also won an autographed copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book ‘Crushing It’ at the event via an Instagram contest. (To Clarence, if you’re reading this, the copy I’d already purchased via is yours. Happy Birthday!)


I’ve paraphrased some of what the speakers have said:

Speaker: Peng Joon, Internet Marketer

“The person who can pay MOST to acquire a customer WINS.”

Chatri Sityodtong

Speaker: Chatri, One Championship

“To be a WORLD CHAMPION, it’s about the inches. Keep getting better.”

Speaker: Sandy, Trader

“Change jobs, build businesses, go on BIG adventures.”

Speaker: Rajiv, Business Coach

“Be HUNGRY for success”

Speaker: Patrick, Property Investor

“The greatest poverty is a poverty of DREAMS and ACTIONS.”

Henry Patterson National Achievers Congress

Speaker: Henry, 14-year-old Serial Entrepreneur

“The most important thing for me is to GIVE BACK.”

Speaker: Sean, Value Investor

“Assess the BUSINESS, not the stock!”

Speaker: Aaron, U.S. Real Estate Investor

“Why are you using your time and skill to make SOMEONE ELSE rich?”

Speaker: Gary Vaynerchuk

“Everybody else SUCKS too!”


Gary Vee National Achievers Congress

This year’s NAC event has been especially memorable because there’s GARY VEE (who nearly caused a stampede), Chatri from ONE Championship and Henry (14 year old serial entrepreneur). If you haven’t already guessed, these 3 people had no programs to sell. Sure, Gary and Henry had books for sale. I bought Henry’s at S$35. And here’s a funny story:

I was at the book table and Henry’s mother, Rebecca, was collecting payment (in cash) from people who wanted to buy the book (there were something like twenty copies only) and Henry was so obliging in taking pictures with everyone. I fished out $35 from my wallet, and then the new friend I’d made was asking Rebecca if she could buy the book the next day instead as she didn’t have cash on her. So I helped pay for her book too. Then the guy standing in the queue behind her also needed cash to buy the book. So I had to dig out money I stash inside my handbag for times when I’d forgotten to bring my wallet out. And in total, I paid for THREE books. So, sure, we can move towards a cashless society and all, but there’ll certainly be instances whereby it’s good to have at least $50 in your wallet! Come on, people. Hide some money somewhere. Between your phone and the phone case is another place you can leave some moolah.

If you’re ever wondering if you should attend the NAC (again) simply because you’ve felt it’s like a series of seminar “previews” one after another, I think you should just look at the lineup of speakers and see if there are people who don’t have anything to sell you but have so much to give to inspire you. For NACSG2018, Gary, Chatri and Henry have done that for me. 🙂

Punch Machine

Gary Vaynerchuk Is Speaking At The National Achievers Congress 2018!

National Achievers Congress 2018

When I first saw the event banners for the National Achievers Congress a.k.a NAC 2018, I was pleasantly surprised that it featured Gary Vaynerchuk! No, scratch that. I was OVERJOYED that Gary will be speaking at the NAC! (How ever did Success Resources manage the guy to come over – seems he’s so busy all the time!) I’ve been following GaryVee’s videos on Facebook and have enjoyed them immensely, despite the dude’s frequent use of the F-word. Gary gives such good advice regarding money, marketing, and management of one’s use of time and resources. It would be a shame to not hear him speak when he’s here in Singapore for the NAC. Even if you don’t know who the rest of the speakers are, just getting to hear Gary speak would be well worth any ticket price. 😉

Here’s the event synopsis, courtesy of Success Resources:

The National Achievers Congress (NAC) is conceived by the founders of Success Resources, building on the dream of connecting the world’s best to every single person hungry for success. Whether it’s in the fields of personal development, finance, investments, business, or technology, NAC strives to share this wealth of experience with the rest of the world, inspire them, and drive them towards growth and greatness. This annual flagship event stages world-class speakers in one location, providing individuals access to the best strategies, skills, and tools to help them become masters of their own personal and professional lives.

This year, the theme revolving around the NAC will be ‘Reinventing Business, Building Dreams’, and Gary Vaynerchuk, The Real Business Hustler, A Brand & Marketing Thought-leader in his own right, will be gracing the event. He is a venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times bestselling author, and an early investor in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo and Uber. Gary has also been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists. He rose to prominence in the late 90s after establishing one of the first e-commerce wine sites, WineLibrary helping his father grow the family business from 4 to 60 million in sales. Over the 2 days, Gary will be joined by 10 other speakers including Chatri Sidyotong, Founder of ONE Championship & Asia King of Martial Arts, and Henry Patterson, World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur at age 14.

We’re now in the age of entrepreneurship and start-ups, the age of blockchain, of online stores, digital media and social media marketing. The world is moving FAST and if you’re still playing catch-up with everything that has happened in 2017, you WILL want to get in on this as soon as possible.

What you will learn:

How to transform your fears into motivation and start doing the work that you want, instead of the work that you currently have.
How to leverage on the trends and tools of social media in order to build your business, grow your brand, and reach a wider market.
What it takes to build your company from scratch without any relevant experience, and how to weather the challenges you will face.

Over 25 years, millions of attendees have gathered across more than 30 countries to hear, see and learn from world-renowned speakers such as Former US President Bill Clinton, Michael Porter, Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Hopkins, Jay Abraham, and Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, and more at the NAC.


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