Glow & Yummilicious Cafe @ Bedok’s East Village

We had an early dinner today, thanks to Eatigo. XD For 50% off, we had to make a 4pm reservation at Glow & Yummilicious Cafe (or Glow Yummilicious Cafe). When my darling first said the cafe’s called “Glow”, I thought we’ll be having poke bowls, acai smoothies and the like. Turns out there’s none of that. The cafe’s signature items are the Penang Prawn Noodles and Penang Char Kway Teow. Also, if you’re lucky, you might be able to try their colorful Xiao Long Bao. Today, we only got to savor the traditional Shanghai Xiao Long Bao.

For $8, you can get a bowl of prawn noodles or a plate of their char kway teow. The Xiao Long Bao cost $8 for 6 pieces and $9 for 8 pieces.

Decent. Though I’d have appreciated having more of the ginger. 😀

The prawn noodles (in the first pic you see above) seemed like they were in a very dangerous-looking broth. Dangerous only because it looks terribly spicy. However, it’s milder than it looks and you will even be able to taste the sweetness in the soup. It’s a more-than-decent bowl of Penang Prawn Noodles though you may or may not raise an eyebrow at the $8 pricetag. But at 50% off via Eatigo, it’s definitely worth it.

As for the char kway teow, my darling and I both felt it’s a little overly salty. But it’s likely still manageable for most people. I think seniors would think it’s just right. And the noodles even have a slight char to them, which I love. The prawns are plump and I think the only thing I miss is blood cockles – there aren’t any in this cafe’s version…

I need those cockles or else it’s not char kway teow for me! 😀

Despite there being no cockles in the CKT, I don’t dislike this cafe. Simply because the lady boss is super friendly. She wasn’t intrusive at all, like she didn’t ask if we live around the area, how we found out about her cafe, etc. Instead, she even told us where she worked previously, how much the rental for this eatery is, how her rental’s cheaper than her neighbors’, and when the lease will be up. For a kaypoh person like me, meeting someone like her is the best as she’ll satisfy my curiosity without me having to ask many questions. (But, of course, I don’t share what she told me lah, since those details can be ‘sensitive’, ya?) 😛

And oh… her name’s Catherine. Hence the eatery’s logo / mascot is that of a cat, and there’s some cat decal on the wall you see when you enter.

I ordered the Korean HongCho (Vinegar Fruity Drink) that costs all of $4. Catherine had told us that the Eatigo discount applies to the drinks as well. But it seems that it’s not the case.

Anyway, it wasn’t unpleasant. Rather sour, yes, but since I’d ordered vinegar, I knew what I was in for.

There are 8 tables in the cafe, so it can comfortably seat 16 people. I’m not sure if that TV is there permanently or if it’s removed when the place is busy.

What you may be happy to note is that the mall (East Village) offers complimentary parking DAILY from 12noon to 2pm. And apart from that, parking rates are comparable to the open-air carpark across the road. So you might as well park at the mall if you’re dining or shopping there.

Glow is in pink… and near one of the entrances/exits of the mall:

I do think it would make sense for Glow & Yummilicious Cafe to serve more dessert items too. For now, they have Sago Gula Malaca / Green Bean Sago at $3. Because what I ordered today was appetite-whetting, what with the spicy prawn noodle soup and the sourish korean beverage, I was actually craving for something sweet at the end. Even ice cream would do.

But I guess we could have gotten dessert easily from one of the other shops within East Village. Also, Glow needs to issue receipts. When we asked to pay for the meal, Catherine said it was $16 and my darling paid her, and that was it. No receipt, no tally of items. And it was only after we’d stepped out of the shop that we found it didn’t add up.

$8 for Xiao Long Bao

$8 for CKT

$8 for Laka

$4 for the drink

With 50% off, it should be $14 and not $16. 

But $16 for everything we’d consumed was still a fair price to pay. Would we return if we have to pay full price? Hmm… I’m not sure we will.

But we might return to East Village to check out the other shops. For today, we took a quick walk around and saw a few interesting ones…

There was a steady stream of customers getting churros at Chulop!

And this is random, but there’s also a betta shop here:

They have lots of trophies from betta competitions… go in and have a look…

And there’s even a Putu Piring Cafe!

The putu piring are priced between $3.20 and $4.70 for a box of 4. Choose from Gula Melaka, Coconut, Chocolate, Durian or simply get a mix of flavors. 😀 They do also sell Fruit Rojak ($4.50) and Char Kueh & Tau Pok ($4).