Green Signature @ Waterway Point: The *Optional* Appetizers Will Cost You $5!

green signature waterway point review

Because there’s an awesome deal on Fave by Groupon, whereby you can get a $25 cash voucher for just $10, we returned to Green Signature at Waterway Point for dinner yesterday evening. After we got ourselves seated around a table, one of their staff came over with two small dishes – peanuts and some pickled vegetables – and placed them on our table. We immediately told her we didn’t want them. I’d suspected it’s not complimentary, yet I didn’t know how much it’d cost. So when I was settling the bill at the cashier’s, I asked. And was told that each small appetizer dish costs $2.50, so I’d have to pay $5 for these two items which no one ordered, if we hadn’t said ‘no’. Wow. I can imagine how much this ‘initiative’ would add to the company’s bottom line if all the customers (or, at least, a large majority) went ahead and accepted them (either thinking nothing of the fee, or assuming it’s free of charge). However, I suspect that it’ll leave a sour taste in one’s mouth when you see the extra $5++ on your bill at the end of your meal, if you’d thought the restaurant was offering you something ‘on the house’.

On Green Signature’s FB page, it’s easy to spot ‘complaints’ regarding the $5 appetizers:

Green Signature Facebook Page

That said, service was good! Like when we were dining at Chicken Hotpot in CompassOne, there’s was a middle-aged lady who was so sweet to us at Green Signature. I think her nametag read ‘Ah Moi’ or something like that.

We had a (large) serving of ‘Hotplate with Assorted Mushroom Green Tea Flat Mee’, that costs $14.90++. There’s egg between the noodles and the hotplate, so it was delightful. Ask for some pickled green chili and some red chili sauce as well. It’s really yummy. At Green Signature, we’ve already decided that mock meat dishes are not as good as those which involve only vegetables and mushrooms. 😀 You can’t go wrong when you avoid meat + mock meat.

green signature waterway point

green signature waterway point review

This time round, I had the Pumpkin and Peanut Porridge ($8.90). See? If my porridge already contains peanuts, why would I want to pay an additional $2.50 for another appetizer dish of the same peanuts? Really doesn’t make sense to me. The porridge tastes very good when eaten with the mushrooms from the noodle dish above. 😀 They complement each other well.

We also had the Honey Lemon Citron Tea ($3.80); not too bad, just a little too diluted with lots of ice and probably too much water. But for people who don’t like their drinks to be too sweet, this is perfect.

vegetarian food waterway point punggol

I think we’ll be back again, whenever there’s a good promotion going on. Otherwise, yes, prices can be a little steep for what is essentially vegetarian / vegan food. If you’re popping by soon, why not get their Fave voucher ($10 for $25 cash voucher)?


Green Signature is located at #01-29 of Waterway Point, where Zakka Modern Thai was previously.

Green Signature @ Waterway Point: 2nd Visit

Green Signature Waterway Point review

We had an early dinner at Green SignatureWaterway Point this evening, and enjoyed 50% discount. I ordered the Abalone Sliced Fish Porridge ($9.90) which, despite the name and menu image, would come with only mock meat. I really did not enjoy the look and taste of the mock items. Truth be told, it’s best not to eat mock meat if you want to abstain from meat. The real deal is 1000 times better, in my opinion. XD And we also shared a platter of Assorted Vegetables in Sambal Sauce ($14.90), whose pricetag was actually very surprising considering the small portion served up. I’d think six to eight dollars would be more reasonable since it’s just a few slices of brinjal, string beans, ladies finger and snow peas.

He went for the Hotplate Sesame Chicken Mee Sua ($14.90), which was not only colorful but also came in a decent-sized portion. Guys should totally order this dish if you want to feel full / satisfied after the meal. 😀

Green Signature Waterway Point

This meal would have easily cost over $40 without drinks, if we didn’t enjoy any discount. That’s kind of steep considering it’s all vegetarian food, ya? We can possibly spend the same amount (converted to ringgit) in JB and gotten ourselves some chili or black pepper crabs with our meal. (Of course, business costs are much lower across the Causeway, that I know) So as one Minister has rightfully mentioned, we’ll not stop visiting our neighbor because the food’s just too good there. 😀 Therefore we shall not quibble over the price of water. 😛

And having vegetarian food for an early dinner simply means I’m feeling hungry just as I’m about to head to bed now. (>_<)


Green Signature is located at #01-29 Waterway Point (East Wing). Tel: 6242 3919.

Green Signature: Vegetarian Food At Waterway Point

Green Signature Waterway Point

Green Signature is one of Waterway Point’s new additions and I had lunch there today. I was feeling a bit sad that Zakka Thai has been replaced by Green Signature. But I perked up at the sight of the S$1 Claypot Rice with Chicken in Gong Bao Sauce. S$1? Where can you find $1 Claypot Rice in Singapore?! What’s the catch? Well, you have to buy a drink, and I did. Their Homemade Barley drink costs $2.30++. Take a good look at the poster and you’ll see a claypot dish brimming with “chicken”, veggies and mushroom, and you can see almost no rice. That’s the Expectation. And now… here is reality:

Waterway Point Green Signature review

What went through my mind when the server put the dish in front of me was “erm, so much rice, and just half of the ingredients shown in the poster?” Looks nothing like what’s advertised. But for $1, you really cannot complain, ya? As for the barley drink, it was incredibly diluted. Basically, it’s water that looks like it could be a barley beverage.

I actually found the taste of the food decent. The seasoning’s done just right so it’s not too salty. The rice even had that burnt/charred smell and taste – I know some people love it.The claypot keeps the dish steaming hot throughout the meal so if you’re a slow eater, this will ensure the food doesn’t get cold before you’re done. However, be very careful. I nearly got myself scalded when the back of my hand accidentally brushed against the claypot. It’s SUPER hot. If you’re dining with young children, make sure you keep the claypot out of their reach otherwise you’ll have howling and wailing kids in no time!

I didn’t finish the rice as it’s pretty charred at the bottom:

Green Signature vegetarian food at Waterway Point

For a total of just S$3.90, it was a so-so meal. Would I be back again soon? Maybe. I’ll give the other dishes a try. This place is opened by the AONE Group. You’ve probably tried their porridge elsewhere before. 😉 Very smart of them to take over this outlet that used to house Zakka Thai. They’ve kept the furniture and the kitchen looks similar. Probably didn’t have to spend very much on renovation.

That said, sit as close to the entrance as possible. The further into the shop you get, the more cramped the seating space is. 😉

Green Signature is located at #01-29 of Waterway Point. Tel: 6242 3919.