Lobang King App: Free For Merchants To List So Should Groupon Be Worried?

Lobang King Singapore

More than a week ago, I received a press release regarding a new mobile app called “Lobang King” (how very Singaporean!) and the PR took about a week to respond to my queries, hence I’m only blogging about it now. 😛 What you need to know: unlike Groupon, there are some deals a.k.a lobangs which you can get for FREE (usually one per person) and merchants can list their products and services FOR FREE at this point. The PR person says they are “exploring at this moment whether we could make this feature permanent” but I have my doubts at how feasible this would be as apps, unfortunately, aren’t created and maintained for free. And PR services cost money too. 😛

So, if you are selling something (anything, really), go list it on Lobang King. The pool of customers is small right now – I noted only 1,000 downloads (Android) – but the list of merchants is small too which means you can get spotted by users easily unlike on Groupon (a.k.a. Fave) which has an avalanche of deals on most pages.

Here are two deals I spotted:

Lobang King Rochor Beancurd House

If you don’t already know, the beancurd at Rochor Beancurd House is delicious! And lots of local celebs head there for tau huay. A 50% discount is always welcome! 😀

And I found an F.O.C deal. Claim a free bottle of herbal tea when you pop by Oriental Herbal Tea in Tampines Central. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I’ll surely keep a lookout for it now.

Lobang King Oriental Herbal Tea

The sad thing is I have to actually be present at the store before I can “KOPE” the deal. If I’m staying in Jurong, I certainly won’t travel to Tampines just for this freebie. By the time I get there, the 291 bottles may have been snapped up by people who live nearby.

Lobang King merchant

Right now, there are so few lobangs, it’s almost pitiful. What’s taking those merchants so long to list here? It’s FREE!

Lobang King

Lobang King app

My personal experience with downloading and using the app to look for deals: Signing up as a user was horrific – it took 3 attempts. Apparently, NOT identifying my gender (which is an optional field anyway) means the signup process would go smoothly. If I try to input gender, nothing happens. 😛 And within 5 minutes of using the app, it crashed once. Oh well. Teething issues, I guess.

I have uninstalled the app, as there’s not much storage space in my handphone right now. And there aren’t too many merchants I’m interested in either.

But I certainly will download it again when more businesses come on board. The Lobang King sales team sure needs to get their engines started. There are so many merchants on Groupon / Fave. Call them, maybe? 😉 When it’s free to list, I don’t see why businesses would say ‘no’.