Be Sure You Can Handle a Trucker’s Life

Making a break from work

Being a trucker is a lucrative business opportunity, and the job doesn’t sound too difficult. However, before you commit to it, you should really know what you are letting yourself into. This is especially true if you want to take out a loan to finance your new truck.

If you want to learn more about financing a truck, you can visit this page In the meanwhile, what can you expect from a trucker’s life? Here are some of the most important things you need to know.


The first thing you need to be aware of is the immense solitude you will be subject to. The majority of a trucker’s day is spent on the road, i.e. alone. During your breaks or at your destination you can have normal human interaction, but for the most part, you will be alone.

Of course, there are other truckers you can talk to on the radio, but that is hardly a substitute for a real human connection. So, before you embark on this career path, think about how well you deal with monotony and solitude. Do you need human companion every day? Or are you a loner who only occasionally wants to interact with others. The latter group is better suited for a long haul trucking job.


The people you will meet will largely be strangers. You will be driving to distant places and towns you don’t know and talk to people you don’t know anything about. You need to face the fact that the majority of people aren’t too keen on truckers and tend to be a little apprehensive to openly hostile when talking to one.

People who care about you, like friends and family are usually hundreds of miles away and that can be particularly stressful for sociable people. However, being on the road does give you the chance to be alone with your thoughts. Your loved ones and friends will be happy to see you when you return. The majority of trucking companies require you to be on the road for a few weeks, followed by a week or so at home.

Medical Issues

Truckers sit a lot, there’s just no escaping it. You need to sit at the wheel and put those miles behind you. However, with sitting come some medical issues. Before you start as a trucker, be aware that these illnesses are quite common among truckers.

  • Neck and back problems due to long stints of sitting and holding your arms outstretched, as well as from the uncomfortable seats
  • Obesity from the lack of movement and exercise.
  • High blood pressure and diabetes as a result of the obesity
  • Depression which comes as a result of not being accustomed to the solitude
  • Exposure to noxious chemicals, be it the cargo or the fumes from your own tailpipe, as well as those around you
  • Fatigue which comes from long hours of driving

Fortunately, the vast majority of the solutions to these medical problems are in your power to stop and prevent. Taking frequent breaks can help with the fatigue, and doing a couple of minutes of physical exercises can offset the back and neck pain, as well as help you stay in shape.

In addition, newer trucks have specially designed ergonomic seats which additionally help with the posture problems.

The Traffic

People who aspire to be truckers tend to be good drivers and like spending their time in traffic. However, you need to be aware of the size and proportions of the truck you will be driving. Furthermore, your cargo needs to be secured and you will have to learn what to do in case of an accident.

Trucking is a difficult job, but if you feel like you are ready to deal with everything it has to throw at you, this can be an opportunity of a lifetime. As Forbes reported, truckers are in high demand at the moment.

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How NOT to request for a guest post slot

Guest Post

I received an email today from a lady who wants to guest post on my blog. For the uninitiated, people like to guest post on other people’s blogs because you can get readers from that person’s blog and also a backlink when your blog’s url is indicated in the blogpost.

This lady, Flora, has a site with an ranking of over 2 million, which is probably why she’s asking people if she may guest post on their blogs.

guest posting

Learn from her how NOT to request for a guest post slot:

1) Pretend the blogger you are contacting doesn’t have a name. Hi whom ah?

2) Don’t do spell-check, even though your email is a very short one. What is a “gust post”?

3) Don’t use a question mark even when you are asking a question – How about this topic “ Learn the skills to move fearlessly in your business career “.

4) Think people desperately want your article which they have not even read. Even though they have already found your command of the English language questionable. – Note:  I would like to provide the article free of cost with the back link of my website

5) Imagine that people want “unique” content, and not well-written content. – I hereby assure you that I will provide you the unique content. 

6) Make it impossible for people to not send you a reply – Please share your opinion about this. Waiting for your reply.

7) Have your email signature in RED, because you are oh-so-important. 


I am not accepting guest posts for this blog UNLESS you are a blogger I am friends with, and I invite you to do a guest post.

If you’d like me to blog about your website / product / service / article, let’s discuss advertorial rates. 😉