Gyoichi Sashimi: Fresh Salmon Platters To Delight Fans Of Sashimi

Gyoichi Salmon Sashimi Platter

He told me he’d ordered 1.2kg worth of salmon sashimi via Fave (previously Groupon) and I was to await the delivery. As I’m not used to ordering sashimi by weight, I had no idea what the portion size was like and whether we’d be able to finish all that sashimi by ourselves. So I got my sister’s help. And when the sashimi arrived (two whole platters of it), my sis and I had trouble finishing even one platter on our own. LOL! If you’re having a barbecue party, a gathering, a birthday celebration, etc, it would be a good idea to serve one platter of this salmon sashimi for every 8 to 10 people, maybe? Trying to eat it all yourself is not a great idea. Take it from me. 😀

I like that Gyoichi provides 1 bottle of sashimi shoyu for each platter. That’s a lot of shoyu. There’s also wasabi in tiny packets. *I’m not a fan of their wasabi ‘cos it lacks kick; too mild for my liking.

The thick slices of salmon sashimi will surely delight any fan. But if you try to finish one platter all by yourself, you might not want to eat salmon sashimi again for the rest of the year.

Gyoichi Sashimi Platter

Taken using sis’ iPhone

The Ordering Process: Pretty simple. Just drop them an email with your preferred delivery date and timing. Give the company around 5 days’ advance notice. They gave us a bit of a shock when we were informed a day before the scheduled delivery that the “flight” was delayed for some “24 hours” and so we wouldn’t be able to get the sashimi when we wanted. That got him a little upset. Turns out they manage to get their supply on time and so it was all a scare for nothing.

The Follow-up: First, there was a confirmation SMS stating that the platters have been delivered. And of course I knew that already, since I was the one who received the delivery. LOL. The SMS also included (repeated) advice on keeping the uneaten sashimi in the chiller and to cook the salmon if it’ll only be eaten the next day. Also, a call-to-action to leave them a review on Facebook. I don’t usually leave Facebook reviews unless an experience was truly exceptional (could be good or bad). The little hiccup with the ordering doesn’t make me feel inclined to leave a review. Anyway, here’s a blogpost; which I suppose is even better. 😛 Then came an email with a 12% promo code with a few T&Cs. Under normal circumstances, I would have ordered another platter and used the (soon-to-expire) code, but we truly OD-ed on salmon sashimi, so pardon me if I don’t eat raw fish again anytime soon. 😀

If you’re craving for some sashimi, pop by Gyoichi Sashimi’s website.