Get Your New Hair Color At This Japanese Hair Salon in Singapore

Belleza De Midori

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Have you ever wondered what is the difference between the hairstyles and hair colors favored by Japanese ladies versus Singaporean ladies? Do you know how to pick the right shade to match your complexion and how to help that color last a little longer? We posed these questions and more to two of the stylists at Belleza De Midori, a Japanese hair salon located in Velocity at Novena Square. If you’ve read the previous blogpost, you’ll know that together with fellow blogger Tiffany, I got a new hairdo at this salon.

Yuan (pictured below) was the stylist who gave Tiffany a new hair color (or perhaps I should say ‘colors’ as there were three). He patiently explained which of the Hoyu hair colors would suit her complexion, provide a chic and natural look, and still look good even when her hair gets longer and she hasn’t done any touch-ups.

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Top 3 Tips From The Stylists At Belleza De Midori:

#1: Pick a hairstyle and hair color that suits your lifestyle. Do you lead a hectic lifestyle and often fail to have enough time in the morning to tong your hair properly? Choose a simpler and easier-to-manage hairstyle. For a more natural look, have your stylist pick a color that suits your complexion.

#2: Use color shampoos if you want your new hair color to last a little longer. Your regular scalp or treatment shampoos have harsher chemicals compared to color shampoos, so you’ll find that these harsh chemicals strip your hair of its new color a lot faster.

#3: Wait for a month before changing your hair color (again). Give your hair and scalp some time to rest before getting yet another hair color. Unless you need regular hair color changes for work (maybe you’re a model?) or if the previous stylist did a bad job of coloring your hair, it’s advisable to stick with your new hair color for at least a month before thinking of changing it.


Yuan is a stylist from Malaysia, who has been working here in Singapore for almost 7 years. Yusaku is Japanese and has spent more than a decade working as a hair stylist in Japan, Australia and now, Singapore! Tiffany and I asked them some questions and you’ll see a snippet in the video below.

And if you’ve not watched the previous video, here it is:


~ Ready for a new hairstyle / look? ~

I’d highly recommend you make an appointment before heading down to the salon as the stylists have a busy schedule. CallΒ 6358 2900 to book a timeslot. *Psst… there’s 20% discount if you are appointing either Yusaku or Yuan to be your stylist for the day. πŸ™‚ Tell them you read this blogpost. πŸ˜‰

Belleza De Midori is located at #03-43/44 of Velocity, Novena Square.

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*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Belleza De Midori. πŸ™‚