Heavenly Wang @ SAFRA Punggol: That Laksa Is Delicious!

Heavenly Wang Laksa

After our massage at The Spa this week, we headed to Heavenly Wang cafe for dinner and because the curry chicken was already sold out (for good reason), we ordered the laksa and ‘Ah Ma Mian’. I won’t be ordering the Ah Ma Mian (or the Ah Gong Mian) ever again but I’ll have that laksa any day! 🙂 If you’re having a meal at Heavenly Wang, just take my recommendation and order either the laksa or curry chicken, or both, if you’d like. 😉 And you can even use your NS50 vouchers for payment here!

The Heavenly Wang outlet at SAFRA Punggol is a little different from outlets elsewhere in Singapore. There’s one air-conditioned section where you’ll enjoy having your meals.

Heavenly Wang SAFRA Punggol

And there’s another section outside where you can get seated on one of their (long) sofas and enjoy some coffee or tea with friends, just as you would in someone’s living room. The tables are a little lower there, so it’s not recommended for meals.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t actually a food review post. I just wanted to keep a reminder of what to order when I next visit Heavenly Wang again. Muahaha! 😀