Waku Waku Box: Get Hello Kitty Items Direct From Japan!

Waku Waku Box

The Japanese phrase “Waku Waku” can be loosely translated to mean ‘excited’, ‘thrilled’ or anticipation of something fun that’s about to happen. And I guess that’s exactly the case with Waku Waku Box. I first came across the Waku Waku Box account on Instagram and I thought it was absolutely brilliant! There’s a new Waku Waku Box every month, and each has 15 specially curated Hello Kitty items from Japan. Each box costs $38 and is shipped worldwide via Japan Post Airmail. I think that’s a really small price to pay for a box of Hello Kitty goodies!

For this month (February 2017), there are 15 items including a tote bag, cookie mold, make up bag, bamboo chopsticks, bread mold, cup, etc.

Delivered to you for just $38!

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There are a couple of reasons why I think this (small) business is brilliant:

#1: Anyone Could Have Done It, But This Individual Did

If you’re living in Japan (i.e. land of Hello Kitty), you get access to tons of Kitty items that Kitty lovers all around the world are craving for. What’s more – you get them cheaply. There are Kitty items in Daiso and the 100-yen shops, so picking 15 good items and packaging them for sale to Kitty collectors the world over is such a brilliant idea. You simply put together one sample box, post a picture and list of items online, take orders, then fulfill them. No need for inventory, no need to liaise with sponsors or suppliers, and best of all, you can reach out to customers ALL OVER THE WORLD.

This makes me wonder what people elsewhere could want from Singapore. Tiger Balm? Bengawan Solo’s pandan cakes? Nah. I really don’t know. 😦 #TakeMeToJapan

#2: Not A Subscription Service

I’m wary of businesses which want me to ‘purchase’ 6 months or 12 months’ worth of ‘boxes’ right away. The boxes for the first two months may be great, but what if the rest are lousy? I’ve already handed over my credit card details and it’s too late. And I end up with so many boxes of ‘stuff’.

I’d long suspected that those beauty subscription boxes won’t do too well. And many seem to have died a natural death. Same for those fruit-and-nut supplies boxes.

With Waku Waku Box, you place an order for a box that you want, and you’ll only get that month’s box of 15 items. Perfect! It also keeps the business owner on the lookout for great items every month. ‘Cos if this month’s box has less-desirable items, then sales will suffer as a result. As a consumer, I love when business owners are kept on their toes and do not become complacent after having gotten my money upfront. 😀 Same reason why I don’t sign up for facial, hair or any other packages.

#3: The Price Is Right

I like that the box costs just $38 for 15 items. If we take it that you pay $2 for each item (total of $30) and just $8 for shipping (airmail with a decent box so items inside don’t get damaged), you’ll be left wondering what the business owner makes. So I think one has to be really savvy in order to sniff out the best Kitty items that can be acquired at a low price, so as to earn a tidy sum from the sale of each box. 🙂

Marketing is also simple, especially on Instagram where there are so many Kitty lovers. The latter might also get in touch if they need a certain Hello Kitty item from Japan. Instead of waiting for someone on Airfrov to get it for them, they might want to get in touch with Waku Waku Box too.


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When getting a Waku Waku Box, quote my name ‘GRACE‘ and you *might* get a special surprise with your box *WINK WINK* 🙂 Head over to www.inselly.com/wakuwakubox now!

*Pictures courtesy of Waku Waku Box*