Hussain Muslim Food: Cheap and Good Nasi Padang in Kovan

Hussain Muslim Food review

If you’re looking for good nasi padang at a very affordable price, definitely pop by Hussain Muslim Food at the Kovan hawker centre. When we went by for lunch today, there was a pretty long queue, and it’s no wonder why. Those two plates of food you see above cost a total of just S$5. And with a cup of sugarcane juice we shared, this lunch-for-two cost under $7. Food in Singapore really can be as inexpensive or as pricey as you’d like.

And as the lady ahead of me in the queue shared, online reviews may not be accurate, and queues could be deceptive. I agreed with her. There’s this nasi lemak place that’s very famous and not too far from where I stay – the food was so bland and boring that I couldn’t believe we’d queued for so long. As for her point about online reviews, hmm, I’m so brutally honest especially with food reviews that if you don’t trust what I say, you shouldn’t even be reading this! 😀

Anyway, here’s a picture of the queue + the stall (the one with the red signboard). It’s near impossible to miss.

Hussain Muslim Food

It’s time to tighten our belts, really. The electricity bills are going up soon, right after water. And *cough* GST?

So, lots of thanks and love for stallholders like the folks at Hussain Muslim Food who keep prices low for all of us. *Truth be told, the quality of the bergedil can make or break my experience of nasi padang from any stall. And the ones here are soft enough for my liking. So… to quote someone famous, I’ll be back! 😀