2-Hour Full Body Massage at RM48 / SGD16: JA Skin Solution in JB

JA Skin Solution Taman Century

If you’re heading over to JB and you’d like a full body massage, manicure or pedicure, one place you can consider is JA Skin Solution at 114 Jalan Harriman Tarum, Taman Century. It’s located along the main road so if you’re going to Taman Sentosa (大马花园) for food, or shopping at Plaza Pelangi, you can drop by JA first. We actually found this place via Fave a.k.a. Groupon (*you can change the ‘location’ portion and see the deals in Malaysia while you’re still in SG). There was also a RM9.60 promo cashback with a promo code applied. So the actual price we paid for this was SGD12.80 per pax. Of course, there was the offer of top-ups before the treatment commenced:

JA Skin Solution pricing

I picked the detox essential oil, which was supposed to be lemongrass – can’t say I really smelled it during the treatment though. I took it to be a ‘tip’ for the staff. Yes, the lady with the really long nails you see in this picture above did the treatment for me.

Within the room, the furnishing is sparse. And you’ll probably notice the peeling paint below…

JA Skin Solution JB review

I like the lymphatic massage. It started off with a back scrub, then (cool) steaming, then the massage and finally there’s a ‘mask’ applied all over. Of course, a shower right after was necessary…

JA Skin Solution JB

The shower stall with peeling paint on the wall

I think this outlet may require renovation. The peeling paint on the walls can be quite an eyesore. Other than that, the floor’s pretty clean, especially since customers and staff are supposed to walk around barefoot. The area near the entrance, where manicures and pedicures are done, is nicely furnished.

Regular prices: Express mani / pedi are at RM20 and RM28 respectively. Facial treatments cost anything from RM119 to RM450, and massages from RM128.


JA Skin Solution

114, Jalan Harriman Tarum, Taman Century, 80250 JB, Johor