Jamie Oliver Knife Set: Redeemable At NTUC FairPrice :)

Jamie Oliver knives

If you don’t already know, you can get your hands on the Jamie Oliver knife collection at NTUC FairPrice, at up to 88% off the recommended retail price! 😀 There’s even a knife block and sharpening steel for you to redeem. And I’ve already got one item from the collection (guess which one it is?) 😀

Jamie Oliver knives NTUC fairprice

The original retail prices of these items are rather steep but now you simply have to collect points when you shop at FairPrice (1 point for every $30 spent) and once you have a minimum of 5 points, you can start redeeming these items at special prices.

And ta-dah! I’ve redeemed the Chinese Chef’s knife. Haven’t used it yet though 🙂

Jamie Oliver Chinese Chef's Knife

I found one line on the back of the box pretty funny: “This versatile knife is also great for chopping veg into matchsticks”. I’ll just have to watch out for my fingers then. 😀

It’s only $19.90 if you have 10 points. So far, I have cooking pots and storage containers from FairPrice. And I think this collection looks awesome. I’ve seen Gordon Ramsay sharpen a knife with a sharpening steel before and apparently there’s a particular angle / technique to it. If I find that video again, I’ll post it here. For now… happy shopping and cooking!~