7 Of The Coolest BE@RBRICK Designs Up For Charity Auction

If you don’t already know, 313@Somerset and ActionCity are celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee with an SG50 BE@RBRICK competition and charity auction. Up for bids are BE@RBRICKs designed by MediaCorp artistes (like Xu Bin, James Seah, Carrie Wong) and other celebrities too. And here are my top 7 picks, out of the 50 designs available for bidding:


bearbrick Zhou

This is probably a BENGBRICK more than a BE@RBRICK. But I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€ Gurmit Seng (aka Phua Chu Kang) should most certainly bid for this one! I love the detail – chest hair, mole, thick gold chain and of course, those famous yellow boots! This, for me, is a winner. Don’t play play ah! ๐Ÿ˜€


Sheila Sim bearbrick

I know Sheila is a fan of polka dots. And I love what she has done with this BE@RBRICK. It’s feminine, cutesy, playful with a hint of haughtiness (that nose, mainly). And… if you look closely, she has a mole just like the BE@RBRICK! TOO COOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


bearbrick Keith Png

I love the creativity behind this BE@RBRICK by Keith Png. He has totally transformed the bear into a bee – with a mustache and red shoes no less! I love what he has done to the ears of the bear. Just paint them white and have the bear in front of a white background (in this case, his white shirt) and the ears ‘disappear’ to reveal just the bee’s antennae. He sure puts a lot of thought into the things he does and the clothes he wears. ๐Ÿ˜€


bearbrick Alfie Leong

This BE@RBRICK by Alfie Leong is a refreshing burst of color. I love those randomly drawn lines! ๐Ÿ˜€ I just hope it wasn’t done using correction tape. Hehehe! Looks like it could fit into some arty-farty place, whether it be an atas restaurant or a museum. Yes, I’d love to take it home. ๐Ÿ™‚


ย bearbrick Adeline Tan

I think this floral design is really cool – I love how the colors selected are so pleasing to the eye. It’s likely a nice piece for any living room, and certainly a conversation starter as well. Why Adeline Tan named this ‘Meet me at the overhead bridge’, I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll have to check out the exhibition to find out.


bearbrick Jayl Chen

This is one wacky design – there’s Mr Kiasu with red-rimmed spectacles and a red ribbon a la Hello Kitty. And those hilarious eyebrows!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ *The back of the right ear seems like it needs a bit of touching up, maybe.


bearbricks Han Xiang Chua

I’d love to see what the actual BE@RBRICK looks like. I like the addition of the safety pin on top. And I think it’d be pretty cool if actual fabrics were used.

ย ~

Bids start from $50 at 8days.toggle.sg/313bearbrick and the auction ends on October 5th. Proceeds go to the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN).

To view all 50 BE@RBRICK, head down to 313@Somerset’s L1 Atrium from today till September 27th. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lady First SG Episode 13: Queen of Elegance

{ For a list of the products featured in this episode, click here }

It’s the last episode of Season 2. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I was rather surprised the crew didn’t bid us adieu in this episode, making me hopeful there’s a next ep. But there’s no preview for another ep on the official website so this is it, I guess.

This episode is about elegance, so, if you have learnt nothing at all from the entire season, at least get some final tips on elegant hair and attire from gurus Keith Png and Wu Yi Lin.

It came as a shock to see Lina cry in this episode. But she’s been an actress since forever, really. (I used to watch her in City Beat – who remembers that?) So I’m not sure if she was really moved to tears by just a change of hairdo. Hmm.

Yi Lin gave her a low ponytail look, which I’m not exactly in favor off. Cos she looks matronly both before and after. Haha! But I love the tip of using aย blusher brush to get hair spray onto her hair, and tidying up the loose ends, instead of spraying it on directly from the can.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore


Silver is a fan of the fashionable ‘punk’ looks thatย Arissa Cheo (wife of Van Ness Wu) likes putting together. She’s hot, for sure:

Arissa Cheo

Arissa Cheo

(You HAVE To check out her blogpost (from 2012) about her room tour – she has a serious shoe collection:ย http://www.carteblanche-x.com/arissa/2012/01/a-w-i-s-s-a-s-room-k-e-e-p-o-u-t/)

Keith was super embarrassed during this segment, but still managed to get Silver to get a change of bra, and introduced Triumph’s new Forever Young collection.

Also, I loved how he showed us examples of outfits which look good but need not cost very much, such as this gown going for just $36:

Silver 1

Lady First Singapore


For Kelly’s new hairdo, Yi Lin recommended that she use a hair thickener or mousse, and that she must choose the right styling products if she doesn’t want to use too many bobby pins.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore


As forย Cheryl, she wears black outfits to work thinking it represents power and authority. However, the color looks too stern and lifeless on her. Keith puts her in an absolutely gorgeous outfit from Ted Baker instead, and she looks stunning! I love the splash of color and those floral pants (though I don’t think they’ll suit everyone!) ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore

Also, Keith helped her accessorize with pearl earrings and bracelet, and a crystal-studded watch from Swarovski. I love the whole look. Keith is truly a fashion genius!


Candyce looked like a disaster before her hair makeover. Because permed hair gets frizzy easily, use hair wax to tidy the look.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore

She looks so much better after the makeover! ๐Ÿ˜€


Well, that’s it for the entire season! I’m not sure if there’ll be a third season. But I love the changes this season – subtitles, fitness tips, featured product lists, etc. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, ladies!

Head over to this same post on StarHub Community, leave me a comment, and you might be the winner of the Samsung K! ๐Ÿ˜€