Kim’s Place: Forget The Hokkien Mee, Order The Crispy Thai Sauce Chicken Instead

Kim's Place Hokkien Mee

You’ll probably know Kim’s place because its owner is famous for frying hokkien mee while wearing a gold Rolex. I haven’t seen him in action yet though. But I’ve been to the outlet that’s not air-conditioned (like your regular kopitiams) and the atas one with air-conditioning and rather snotty staff. If you want to try good Kim’s Place Hokkien Mee, go to the outlet at Jalan Eunos (no air-con lah), but if you’d like to try the other dishes they offer, you can dine in air-conditioned comfort at their restaurant in Joo Chiat Place.

The Hokkien Mee you see in the picture above looks good… but tastes so-so. It’s coffeeshop standard. Absolutely nothing to shout about.

The drinks were more than decent. Go ahead and order their water chestnut and barley drinks. They’re really gao, unlike the watered down versions you get everywhere else.

Kim's Place review

Sambal Kang Kong – decent, but definitely eat this with rice 😀 (*Oh man, now I’m hungry)

Kim's Place Sambal Kang Kong

Skip the assam curry fish head. So watered down and mild. Rather disappointing. And there’s not enough meat to share among 4 people. 😦

Kim's Place Assam Curry Fish Head

The oyster omelette was good, especially ‘cos the oysters were huge. 😀 (*Aiyah I really can’t do this food blogging thing at night; so hungry…)

Kim's Place Oyster Omelette

And for the best dish we tried that day: the Crispy Thai Sauce Chicken! 😀 Spicy yet sweet, crispy yet tender. My goodness! Why didn’t I dabao some home?!

Kim's Place Crispy Thai Sauce Chicken

I think it’s a good thing to be known for just one particular dish that you cook really well. However, quality control is SO important when the business expands and there are multiple outlets.

Also, it’d be really nice to meet the Rolex Uncle at least once. 😀


Kim’s Place is located at 43 Joo Chiat Place S(427767). There’s an open-air carpark diagonally opposite the restaurant. 🙂