#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #6: ieat Polaroid Sandwich

This 6th and FINAL creation is inspired by Dr Leslie Tay who owns the very popular food blog ieatishootipost.com.

I’m calling it the ieat Polaroid Sandwich:

Zespri ieat polaroid sandwich

This is edible art! LOL 😀

You probably want to know what went into making the sandwich:

Zespri Inside The Polaroid Sandwich

I eat only wholemeal bread hence this is a wholemeal bread sandwich with tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and kiwifruit inside! This sandwich ended up being my sister’s supper! 😀 I believe the doctor will agree that this is a very healthy sandwich – no mayonnaise or any such nonsense! 😉

I created this sandwich because I’ve been very inspired by what Dr Leslie Tay once told me.

I had asked him how food bloggers like himself take such awesome pictures.

He told me that there’s really no “secret”. Just take a thousand photos and you will find at least one that looks really good! Of course, technical know-how is important, but what I took away from the interview with him is that I must keep practising.

Also, despite his busy schedule, he even gave me an impromptu photography lesson. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to take pictures which look as good as his, but I’ll certainly do my best!

I learnt, too, that no matter how famous you are as a blogger, always remain humble and be willing to teach those who come after you. 🙂

So there you have it, folks!

The secret to taking good photos: practice + 1,000 photographs!

Snap Away! 😀

Zespri ieat polaroid sandwich

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#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #5: Super Kiwi & Bikini Babe

This is my 5th kiwi creation for this Zespri kiwi blogger challenge, and my 3rd today. Grace really doesn’t know when to give up! 😀

I’m just so inspired, and I have so many bloggers I want to kiwify. I just don’t have enough time!!!

But here’s a blogger I think I definitely should kiwify: Smith Leong.

If you recall, I’ve once interviewed Smith for this blog. Check out the really AWESOME blogpost here.

And here’s a very old picture of Smith (hehe!) – you can tell who is his favorite superhero:

Smith Leong Superman

He’s one of those guys who are ‘not shy’ about telling you that he’s awesome. Awesome at what, exactly? LOL! 😀 And oh, he’s also a sex blogger, but let’s not go there, shall we? 😛

Smith is one blogger who inspires me because of his unique perspectives about Life, relationships, and even the blogosphere and Blogging!

Out of the many things that he has said to me in the few conversations that we have had thus far, a couple have really struck me.

There was once when we had lunch at Harbourfront and somehow the topic of blogger popularity (in particular, mine) came up. And he told me, in all brutal honesty, “Look around, in this restaurant, anyone here knows who you are? No, right? You are not famous!”

Of course, I didn’t think he was being mean or anything. But it told me something – you are either someone or you are not. Either you are awesome and people know who you are, or you are just nobody.

Like ice cold water poured down my back, his words really shocked me. And I think I haven’t fared too badly since. I’ve won at this year’s Blog Awards, and I’ll be appearing on TV screens come September when the episode for ‘Off The Path’ is aired on Channel U. 🙂 I have Smith to thank. Smithankyou! 😀 And oh, Smith blogs at Smithankyou.com. Really!

And you also wouldn’t think of getting relationship advice from a sex blogger, right? Ok, maybe you would. But I won’t. Turns out, Smith’s pretty good at dishing out good advice! LOL!

I once asked him how he handles the fact that he and his wife seem to be very different character-wise. He’s outgoing and loud while she’s a teacher and quite the opposite. How does he ensure he doesn’t neglect her when he goes out partying and all?

And Smith, as usual, has it all figured out. He told me that when his wife doesn’t have any engagements, he spends time with her. When she’s busy or out with the gals, then it’s his time to go party with the boys. This way, she will not feel neglected by him, even when she doesn’t want to go clubbing or anything like that. So smart!

I certainly passed on this piece of relationship advice to my fiance! LOL! No mahjong unless I am overseas on sponsored trips! 😀

And my special kiwi creation for Smith is…

*Tah dah*

Zespri Super Kiwi and Bikini Babe

I call them Super Kiwi and Bikini Babe.

Sex blogger mah. Must have bikini babe somewhere. LOL!

And of course, there’s a Super Kiwi Smoothie…

Zespri Super Kiwi Smoothie

The Super Kiwi Smoothie has been certified as being “Delicious!” by Yours Truly. 😀 I added 2 green kiwifruit, 2 small bananas and some ice cubes and blended it all into this power-packed smoothie! 🙂

Heading off to the beach!

Zespri Superb Day At The Beach

*Signing Off*

*P/s: I sliced my finger while creating Super Kiwi. So, unless you are well trained at wielding a knife, don’t try this at home! 😛



#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #4: Hello Kitty Kiwi Chocolates

If I hadn’t run out of gold kiwifruit, I would have made gold kiwi Hello Kitty chocolates, and named them “Heart Of Gold Kitty Chocolates”. Hehe!

In any case, I think green kiwifruit goes well with desserts which are sweet. 😉

My vegan friend and fellow blogger, Amanda, recently gave me a Scooby Doo Chocolate Mud Spread that she specially got for me from Australia, among a whole lot of other chocolate gifts! So sweet right this girl? 😀

Presents from Amanda

So I used the Scooby Doo Mud Spread to make Hello Kitty chocolates with a green kiwi center. 🙂

The Making Of

And these chocolates are inspired by fellow blogger and fellow Hello Kitty fan, who goes by a fictitious name ‘Ai’.

My first meeting with Ai was at the Greenwich V Amazing Race back in 2012. She kinda stood out from the rest as she was wearing her Hello Kitty spectacles. And there was an awkward moment ‘cos she caught me staring. *OOPS!*

Ai Sakura

I was looking (alright, staring) at her because I couldn’t quite figure out whether she’s local or Japanese. And the Hello Kitty specs sure did not help! But as it turned out, she was so friendly, and she actually smiled at me when she saw me looking in her direction.

I was SO shocked! Most people would just stare back and give you the “what-are-you-looking-at?” glare, right? I can’t even remember whether I had the courtesy to smile back or not! LOL!

And like my previous blogger inspiration, Daniel, Ai sticks to her principles as a blogger. I even wrote about her in my upcoming book ‘Blogging For A Living’! Ok, now you so hafta buy the book, right? 😛

So, for my fellow kitty fan, I came up with Kitty chocolates. And you know what, I seldom make these Kitty chocolates and only 2 people have received them thus far (one of whom is Ai herself!) 😀 And to answer my own initial query, Ai [not her real name] is definitely local and she has stayed in Japan before, hence the many Japanese references in her blog. So these chocolates symbolize getting to know someone better – my first impression was that she’s Japanese, but I later realized there’s more beneath the surface! 🙂

Maybe I’ll make more chocolates for her! LOL!

Using kiwifruit this time…

Fresh out of the freezer, and looking a little frosty (HAHA!)

Kitty Chocolates

But soon, Kitty starts perspiring in this SG weather!

Sweating Kitty

Still cute! 🙂

I’d have loved to do a Hello Kitty Kiwi Chocolates giveaway. But the chocolates would have melted into a very sweet mess by the time they reached the intended recipients. So… I’m having a Hello Kitty Giveaway instead:

Hello Kitty Kiwi Giveaway

Just hop over to my Facebook page to participate! 😀


#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #1: Insane Rubix KiwiCube

As you most likely already know, I’ve taken part in Zespri’s 14-day challenge. As part of the challenge, I have to put together some yummy creations using Zespri kiwifruit. 🙂

And I thought to myself… “Why not create kiwi dishes inspired by my favorite bloggers?” 😀

So… if you are ready… here’s my first blogger inspiration. I’ve interviewed Adrian Fiorino from insanewiches.com for this blog more than 2 years ago! Check out the interview here.

His *arguably* most famous insanewich has to be the Rubix Cubewich:

Rubix Cubewich

And I did something *almost* as insane…

Presenting to you… *drumroll*…

The Insane Rubix KiwiCube:

AmazingZespri Insane Rubix KiwiCube

For this 100% healthy (and very juicy) rubix kiwicube, I used green kiwi, gold kiwi, orange, watermelon and rock melon. Of course, you are welcome to use any other fruit you have at home. But do include kiwifruit as it contains 2X more Vitamin C than oranges and 5X more nutritional goodness than apples (Source: Zespri), thus making it a superfruit! 🙂

Even though it can be rather troublesome to cut everything into cube form (I’m sure there’s a professional tool for this but I just don’t own it yet!), it looks delightful and I think both kids and adults will love it. 🙂 Get your kids involved and teach them Math at the same time – “How many kiwi cubes are needed to form the Insane Rubix KiwiCube?”

Go on, grab some yummy kiwifruit at your nearest supermarket! 🙂

AmazingZespri Kiwilicious

And I want to hear from you! 

If there’s a blogger you think should inspire my next kiwi dish, leave me a comment! 😀 Or throw me a challenge? Giant rubix kiwicube? 😀

AmazingZespri An Eye For Kiwi

See you back here again soon! 😀

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Zespri’s Amazing Blogger Dinner: It’s All About Kiwifruit!

Zespri gave a group of bloggers a dinner treat at Fern & Kiwi on Wednesday and not only shared with us nutritional tips and information about Zespri, but also amazed us with the kiwifruit creations served to us for dinner! What a sumptuous start to the beginning of the 14-day Zespri Blogger Challenge! 🙂

I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

First up: Seafood Salad – marinated prawn, scallop, snapper tossed with Zespri kiwifruit! *yumz!*

Seafood Salad


The fiance ordered the ‘Canterbury Plans’ Charred-Grilled Lamb Cutlets with mashed potatoes and kiwi relish

*Also Yummy!*


I ordered the Pan Seared Pacific Snapper Loin with Lyonnais potato and kiwi coulis

Too small a portion… I want more!!!



Kiwi Panna Cotta and fresh Kiwi Compote

* A lil too sour but good to complete the meal *

Panna Cotta

And it’s not a Zespri dinner without a kiwifruit platter!

Kiwi Platter

And here’s fellow blogger, Dawn, taking a picture of her hubby (who’s from NZ, and hence also a “Kiwi”) and the platter of, well, kiwis.

Dawn and Adam

And here I am, plonking a kiwi plushie on the fiance’s head. LOL!


All right! That’s all folks!

I’m gonna go think up some awesome (haha!) kiwi creations that will, hopefully, be even better than what was served at Fern & Kiwi! Muahaha. I guess that means I’ll have some sleepless nights. (@_@)