PlayMade vs KOI @ Waterway Point

playmade punggol waterway point

PlayMade opened its fifth SG stall at Waterway Point last week and the 1-for-1 opening promo ensured a continuous line of folks queuing up to hand over their moolah. But the real test, of course, is whether PlayMade will continue to be popular once the promotion is over. I popped by around 1.30pm today to try their Earl Grey Milk Tea and see if people are still flocking to PlayMade or if they’ve returned to their old favorite which is KOI. In the picture above, you can see a handful of customers waiting for their drinks outside PlayMade. And… here’s the queue outside KOI…

There’s all of just one lady…

koi waterway point

As for PARTEA nearby, well, the staff are probably having a party of their own since there are no customers. Maybe LiHo downstairs is doing a little better since it’s not located near PlayMade.

Well, fun times are ahead. Will PlayMade be able to take over the crown as the most popular bubble tea store in Waterway Point or will KOI be able to take back the lead? It all remains to be seen.

Truth be told, I think KOI’s Yakult Green Tea is better than PlayMade’s and GongCha’s Earl Grey Milk Tea beats PlayMade’s too. I actually haven’t found a favorite among PlayMade’s beverage offerings yet. XD But I like the Chrysanthemum pearls. If they take it off the menu, then I might stop going to PlayMade.

I think KOI should take immediate action to win customers back or else it’ll feel the pressure – I’m sure rent isn’t cheap at Waterway Point. I’ve seen too many stores close for good. Some things KOI can do would be:

  1. A 1-for-1 Valentine’s Day drink promotion
  2. Bigger cups. I love the XL size at R&B Tea. I think 1-litre cups are great for sharing. And you can charge a premium; people still think it’s worth it.
  3. Funky toppings. Sure, it might be following in PlayMade’s footsteps but since KOI’s drinks are already good, it might as well work on the toppings. Mango juice pops / lychee juice pops, anyone?