Lady First Singapore 女人我最大 by Starhub – Episodes 7 and 8

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The experts on episode 7 are Bryan and Kevin(yay!) 🙂

And here are 11 Whitening Tips from this episode:

1) Some products with vitamin C should only be used at night as sun exposure can result in the undesired darkening of skin.

2) Jacelyn Tay’s recommendations, including eating white fungus and birds’ nest.

3) After all skincare and sun protection steps have been done, you may consider oral supplements. Just ensure all products are safe for use and don’t have dangerous, banned substances.

4) Don’t squeeze lemons – the flesh has vitamin C but what’s in the skin could counter the whitening effects of the vitamin C.

5) Choose the right cleanser and ensure you exfoliate your skin! Before age 30, exfoliate once a week, and after age 30, exfoliate twice a week.

6) After exfoliation, use sunblock before going out.

7) If you have dark spots/pigmentation, Kevin’s recommendation is the Beauty Republic Cosme Device which comes with an LED light.

8) If you use too many products with different SPF levels, it may cancel out the one with the highest SPF!

9) UV rays are present everywhere!! As a guide, anywhere there is light, there are UV rays.

10) Bryan shows the pressure point to hit when your skin is itchy. It will also make you fairer.

Lady First Episode 7

Cover your knee cap with your palm, spread your fingers and the spot where your thumb lands on is it.

11) Bryan’s recommendation to counter dark spots: lavender flower spray, pink crystal, gold flakes(?)

Parting words from Kevin: While sunblock is important, a little sun is good for your bones!

~ Episode 8 ~

[14 Tips For Taking Your Look From Day To Night]

This is an interesting episode as it reveals how Singaporean ladies actually can’t be bothered with touching up their makeup throughout the day, and often don’t bother with dolling up for events after work because they simply are too busy and have no time to get a change of outfit or ‘glam’ up their makeup.

So here are 14 tips from Kevin and Clarence to get you from a day to night look:

1) When going on a date after work, know that black outfits are bad. Kevin says the color is “mysterious” to men, and conveys the impression that you are difficult to understand. Choose soothing colors instead.

2) Don’t reveal too much. Just show a little bit of shoulder for instance and it will ensure your guy will want to see more. Ooh. (@_@)

3) When you look tired, get a massage for your face and neck. And to touch up your makeup, use a waterproof eyeliner and blend it out with a finger quickly before it gets dry. You can use a dark green eyeliner for your lower lid (end portion). Use a glitter eyeliner to make your eyes sparkle and a silver eyeliner for the inner eye portion.

Candyce - Eye Makeup

4) Definitely use makeup remover even if you think your makeup is already gone at the end of the day. A good idea would be to use one which is 100% olive oil.

5) Your clothes must reveal your strengths, e.g. if you have a full bust, don’t conceal it under an outfit with multiple folds.

6) If you have thin lips, avoid using red lipstick which highlights how thin your lips are and makes you look like someone who is perhaps, miserly and unfriendly.

7) Use a herbal mist spray for moisturizing and rejuvenating tired skin. Follow up with powder – press gently and do not drag. For tired eyes, use lightweight powder.

8) Stick on your false eyelashes FIRST before using eyeliner! Unless you are going for a “thick” makeup look, then use liner first, attach your falsies then use liner again to fill in any gaps.

9) If you have a warm skin tone, go with orangey red lipstick. If you have a cool skin tone, choose a red lipstick with blueish undertones.

10) To prevent lipstick from staining your teeth, stick a finger into your mouth, as if you are sucking your finger and pull your finger out.

11) To prevent lipstick from staining your wine glass, lick your lips first. Once wet with saliva, the lipstick will not get transferred over to your wine glass.

12) If your arms are fleshy, sleeves should be wider and not tight around your arms or they’ll make you look fat.

13) Going clubbing? Have your own style. Don’t dress like everybody else!

*Save A Passerby Segment* Kelly hit the streets to find an office lady who would agree to a makeover by Clarence. Everyone rejected her till she “found” someone – once again, a Watsons blogger (Elaine) – who pretended to be slightly reluctant. (@_@)

Elaine - Fake Passerby

14) If you have fleshy legs, choose chunkier footwear. If you choose thin stiletto heels, your legs will look even fatter.

Silver Ang - Clubbing Outfit

Ultimately, it is as Kevin said, know your strengths and flaws so you can highlight your strengths and conceal your flaws.

Stay beautiful!