Lady First SG Season 3 Episode 2: Fashionista Mums

Lady First Singapore Season 3

This second episode of season 3 seems to be a first for Lady First Singapore, in which celebrity moms are invited and they bring their young children with them! As you can see from the picture above, the kids are not quite content to stay seated. There’s Jaime Teo’s daughter in the midst of vacating her seat, and Eelyn’s son could be heard screaming during a good portion of the show. Lina and Shuqing’s children were less… erm… active.

But it’s interesting to watch how the moms react to their kids’ behavior during the filming. :)

Gurus Kevin, Dawn, and Keith dished out advice for moms who want to look their best even after having children. Here are some tips I’ve gotten from watching this episode:

Lady First Singapore Eelyn1) If you don’t want to have an uneven skin tone, make sure you wear sunscreen (and ensure it covers your neck and collar bone).

2) Applying too much loose powder makes you look like you have too much makeup on and it also makes your fine lines more visible. If you have dull or sallow skin, don’t use pink lipstick. Instead, pick a coral shade.

Lady First Singapore Lina Ng

3) If you want to adopt Victoria Beckham’s fashion style, choose outfits with high necklines so it’s harder for kids to grab at your clothes when you carry them. Choose clothes in bright colors too if you’re not wearing any accessories (again because the kids will grab at them). You can even make your kids your ‘fashion accessories’ by dressing them in handsome outfits. *wink*

Lady First Singapore Season 3 exercises for moms

4) Make sure you keep exercising even after having children. It helps keep you in shape and can also be a good bonding time for you and your children. Here, Dawn demonstrates the ‘Superman’ exercise. You can also do squats together with your kid – work those thighs (especially the inner thighs)!

Lady First Singapore Shuqing

5) When using a BB cushion, use light, patting motions instead of spreading the product onto your face! Use a cream blush and apply it a bit higher than usual for a more youthful look!


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Lady First SG Episode 13: Queen of Elegance

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It’s the last episode of Season 2. :( I was rather surprised the crew didn’t bid us adieu in this episode, making me hopeful there’s a next ep. But there’s no preview for another ep on the official website so this is it, I guess.

This episode is about elegance, so, if you have learnt nothing at all from the entire season, at least get some final tips on elegant hair and attire from gurus Keith Png and Wu Yi Lin.

It came as a shock to see Lina cry in this episode. But she’s been an actress since forever, really. (I used to watch her in City Beat – who remembers that?) So I’m not sure if she was really moved to tears by just a change of hairdo. Hmm.

Yi Lin gave her a low ponytail look, which I’m not exactly in favor off. Cos she looks matronly both before and after. Haha! But I love the tip of using a blusher brush to get hair spray onto her hair, and tidying up the loose ends, instead of spraying it on directly from the can.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore


Silver is a fan of the fashionable ‘punk’ looks that Arissa Cheo (wife of Van Ness Wu) likes putting together. She’s hot, for sure:

Arissa Cheo

Arissa Cheo

(You HAVE To check out her blogpost (from 2012) about her room tour – she has a serious shoe collection:

Keith was super embarrassed during this segment, but still managed to get Silver to get a change of bra, and introduced Triumph’s new Forever Young collection.

Also, I loved how he showed us examples of outfits which look good but need not cost very much, such as this gown going for just $36:

Silver 1

Lady First Singapore


For Kelly’s new hairdo, Yi Lin recommended that she use a hair thickener or mousse, and that she must choose the right styling products if she doesn’t want to use too many bobby pins.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore


As for Cheryl, she wears black outfits to work thinking it represents power and authority. However, the color looks too stern and lifeless on her. Keith puts her in an absolutely gorgeous outfit from Ted Baker instead, and she looks stunning! I love the splash of color and those floral pants (though I don’t think they’ll suit everyone!) :D 

Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore

Also, Keith helped her accessorize with pearl earrings and bracelet, and a crystal-studded watch from Swarovski. I love the whole look. Keith is truly a fashion genius!


Candyce looked like a disaster before her hair makeover. Because permed hair gets frizzy easily, use hair wax to tidy the look.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore

She looks so much better after the makeover! :D


Well, that’s it for the entire season! I’m not sure if there’ll be a third season. But I love the changes this season – subtitles, fitness tips, featured product lists, etc. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, ladies!

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Lady First SG Episode 12: Forever Young

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Pauline Lan admits to going to the doctor’s for a bit of help with retaining her youthful looks. But for the rest of us who do not wish to go under the knife or get any injections, what sort of pills, potions and lotions can help us look “forever young”?

The gurus Bryan and Kevin make their recommendations – from hydrating gels to Tibetan yoga postures. Whether you have dry skin, rough skin, matured skin, hyper-pigmentation or fine lines, this episode of Lady First Singapore can help you!

Dry Skin

Kevin recommends that the 3 things we must do is to cleanse, moisturize and protect our skin. He raved about the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, a hydrating gel that contains nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, nano-Ceramide, collagen, and with 1000 times more anti-oxidizing effect than Q10.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

Available at Astalift stores (ION Orchard #B3-66, #JEM 01-20) at S$148 for 40g OR in a Trial Kit (inclusive of 15g of jelly) at just S$60 *I called the ION store to check the pricing on 21/8/14*

Rough Skin

Charlyn has had skin troubles since giving birth to her kid. And Bryan recommends eating the locally-grown bananas, available only at Little India. Steam the bananas just like you would steam sweet potatoes. According to him, they are very nutritious.

Lady First Singapore

Also, he recommends the Riiviva Microderm skin-resurfacing tool which can reduce fine lines and the appearance of dark spots. Avoid using this tool on areas with acne, wounds or if you have eczema. Go over any one spot with the tool just once. At the end, gently press on some soothing rose lotion and avoid any rubbing. Follow up with any product containing aloe vera or collagen.

Fine Lines

Kevin recommends the Nuxellence Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid, which contains more than 10 floral extracts. Apply immediately after cleansing your face, spread it out with your fingers then massage it in, moving your hand in an upward motion from side of nostrils to temples, for an instant face-lifting effect. In 28 days, fine lines will be reduced by 93%, according to Kevin!

Lady First Singapore


Candyce says she drinks the Wen Ken Three Legs Pe Pa Kao as it is “helpful in relieving sore throats, reduces phlegm and nourishes the lungs”. Bryan says it is recommended to take a teaspoon of it with warm water every night.

He also recommends some yoga stretches, as usual.

Give yourself 8 minutes of ‘me’ time / relaxation time every day to purify your body and mind. Eat some dried fruit, light a beeswax candle, and wear a silk scarf scented with an essential oil. Apparently, wearing silk helps ladies feel relaxed and thus can contribute to the slowing down of the aging process. Also, read some positive-thinking books that make you happy, and have some of your favorite crystals next to you. Then try these:

1) Abdominal (deep) breathing

With a silk scarf around your neck, place your hands on your belly and breathe in deeply through your nose and let your breath out from your mouth.

2) Butterfly Stretch

With the scarf on your legs, flap your legs against the ground. It should produce a sound each time your legs come into contact with the ground.

Lady First Singapore

3) Belly-shrinking Hip Rotation
Sit cross-legged on the floor and with your thumbs placed just under your ring fingers and clenched into fists, place them in front of your hip area. Rotate your hips in a circular movement five times while holding your breath. Keep your back and arms straight.

Lady First Singapore

Matured Skin

A makeup look for people with matured skin:

Lady First Singapore

1) Use a pearl base with a high moisture content, and which is not oil-based

2) Apply translucent foundation so the look isn’t cakey

3) Wear tinted sunscreen

4) Use a water-based under eye concealer (By Terry Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer) and pat it on gently.

5) Mix white and champagne-colored eyeshadow

6) Dab shimmer powder across your eyelids

7) Use eyeliner to fill the space between your lashes. To gauge where your eyeliner should end, imagine an extension of your double eyelid crease at the end corner of your eye – that is where your eyeliner should end

8) Use smudge-proof mascara

9) Use eyebrow powder for a less severe look. Straight brows are in this year

10) Apply a coral orange lip gloss as blusher with the help of a sponge

11) Pick a subtle rose-colored lipstick


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Lady First SG Episode 11: Bags Attack

This episode will likely rank as one of my top favs in the whole two seasons of Lady First Singapore! :D It’s all about bags! I can’t believe the team was so awesome as to put together an ENTIRE episode about bags! My goodness! They really know what women want! :D

A long time ago, I started an online blogshop selling bags (and the store’s called ‘Bagging Rights’) because I thought it made more sense than selling shoes or clothes because the latter come in many sizes and you’d have to keep so much stock! But with bags, it’s one size fits all, no?

Still, there’s so much to note with regard to having the bag match your body shape (e.g. don’t carry an over-sized bag if you’re petite) or personality, and how to care for your branded bags!

lady first singapore

In this episode, the gurus Keith and Kevin introduce bags from Saint Laurent, Longchamp, Fendi, Loewe, Ferragamo, and more. Check out the list here.

I have realized that when I carry bigger bags, I tend to put more things into the bag, and it really weighs down on my shoulder and causes aches and pains! So I now try to carry backpacks for a more even weight distribution, or carry smaller bags.

lady first singapore

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag

I LOVE the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag in baby pink. It’s just so pretty! Here I am with the same bag in red…

Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour

Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour

Pretty eh? :D


Here are some tips from the show regarding accessorizing with bags, and for bag care:

1) Cleaning your branded bags: use lens cleaning cloths without fibres as fibres might stick to the bag’s surface. Do not use newspapers to clean your bags as the ink might get transferred onto your branded bag! Always pat dry instead of rubbing off any residual moisture.

2) Crossbody bags are ‘hot’ right now, and bags in a blue-green shade are trending!

3) If your bag has a chain, clean it with a lens cleaning cloth when you are home so as to prevent bacterial growth on the chain which has come into contact with sebum from your skin. Also, do not store your bags immediately in a cabinet. Let it ‘air’ for a bit after you get home.

4) Adjust the length of the straps to suit your height:

Lady First Singapore

5) Use tassels and bag charms to jazz up plain-looking bags:

bag charm

bag charm

bag charm

bag charm

6) You can even transform your bags using necklaces and earrings! Talk about recycling! :)

bag charm

7) Interesting designs – let your choice of bag reflect your personality:

Lady First Singapore


The famous Karl Lagerfeld bag charms made from mink, fox and goat furs:

Karl Lagerfeld bag charms

Karl Lagerfeld bag charms

The amount you’ll spend on one of these is enough to buy you a branded bag. ;)


All I want now is an episode on shoes or watches. :D Hehe!

Samsung K

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Lady First SG Episode 10: Cover Up!

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In this episode, it was quite obvious that the producers saved the best for last. I was totally blown away by how severe acne scars could be covered up to resemble flawless skin! :D If you missed the episode but are reading this now, lucky you!

Dexter and Xiao Kai help the 5 ladies with their woes: wrinkles and yellowish skin tone, too-high foreheads, dark eye circles, square-shaped face and harsh jawline and finally, bad acne scars.

Xiao Kai made an interesting statement – that women with oilier skin tend to develop fewer wrinkles! People with dry skin get more fine lines and wrinkles than those with oily skin! (Also, Xiao Kai had a sideburn transplant *gasp*)

Wrinkles and Yellowish Skin

Tip #1: Add color correcting cream to your makeup products

Lady First SG

Tip #2: Use a moisture-rich foundation

Tip #3: The less makeup you use, the better. Too much foundation will make you look old

Tip #4: No concealer is needed. Just ensure you use the right shade of CC cream and foundation

Tip #5: Use an orange-colored blush for a healthy glow

Tip #6: Skip the loose powder as your skin is already too dry especially around the eyes

Too-High Forehead

Lady First SG

Tip #1: If you have bangs, and oily hair, bring powder with u. Using a tissue, pat some powder onto your bangs so it’ll absorb the oil

Tip #2: Avoid buying hair pieces which are too shiny – they look fake

Tip #3: Use hairspray to ‘harden’ the roots of your hair then use a hairdryer set to cold air or medium heat for a quick blowdry, then attach the hair piece

Dark Eye Circles

Lady First SG

Tip #1: Use concealer in a color close to your skin tone and start at the tear trough area (pictured above)

Tip #2: Use only a tiny bit of concealer towards the end of your eye, so it doesn’t appear unusually white. Spread it out and blend with your foundation

Tip #3: Gently tap on the loose powder so you don’t rub the concealer off

Tip #4: Add (mousse) blush as a distraction from your dark eye circles

Lady First SG

Square Face, Strong Jawline and Protruding Ears

Lady First SG
Tip #1: Use the L’Oreal Professional Steampod to straighten and moisturize your hair

Severe Acne Scars

Lady First SG

Tip #1: Use a pore minimizing primer (gel) and mix it with foundation or concealer. Gently pat it on

Tip #2: Use a concealer brush when applying concealer over the pimple

Tip #3: Pat gently to fill your pores with powder, especially if you have ‘potholed’ skin like Constance’s


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Lady First SG Episode 9: Tropical Winter Fashion

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It’s kind of an oxymoron, yes. Tropical winter fashion? I’m still quite rebellious where fashion is concerned. I really do like my tank top + shorts + slippers combo, and I like putting on little to no makeup! (I do believe in skincare though) Hehe. In this episode, gurus Keith and Kevin show us how to rock the tropical winter look. They also shared that nature-inspired menswear is fashionable right now! ;)

15 Tips For The Tropical Winter Fashionista:

1) To rock the ‘sweet punk’ look, note that piling on colors at the end corners of your eyes works only if you have deep-set eyes like the Westerners or Indian ladies. Otherwise, apply your colors at the corners of your eyelids with thin strokes, and with a contrast color on top, such as fuchsia and blue as shown below:

Lady First SG

2) Wear contact lenses in a purplish shade – it’s difficult to go wrong with this color as it’s both ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ tone, and should match your makeup and skin tone.

3) Draw the blue line first (in picture above) before using black liner, if you are a beginner.

4) You can use a pencil for the first color then black liquid eyeliner.

5) Avoid large patches / swathes of color which will make your eyes look puffy.

6) Make your eyes look wider / longer by drawing contrasting geometric lines.

7) For the grunge look that Vee is trying to pull off, wear shapewear even under a thick jacket. Choose Triumph’s which can (supposedly) lower your body temperature by 1.27degrees.

Lady First SG

8) Choose a body sculpting bra with large side panels for more support. Put on the bra first, before your shapewear.

9) Quilted panels on a skirt make you look skinnier.

10) For the leather jackets, choose a lighter color (e.g. white) instead of black all the time. This makes the look less ‘heavy’. Alternatively, choose those which come with two materials e.g. chiffon and leather. Going sleeveless is recommended so it doesn’t get too hot. Be sure to choose the right cut and material.

11) If you want to sport ulzzang lips, ensure your lips don’t end up looking too dry and wrinkled, like Candyce’s. Pearl powder is good for the runway but not for everyday use.

12) Choose Laneige’s LED lipsticks, which have over 35% moisturizing serum. You can use a magenta-colored one then a berry red one.

Lady First SG

13) Nude colored boots or booties make your legs look longer.

14) Some boots have perforated soles to let your feet ‘breathe’ and cut-outs so the look is less ‘tense’.

15) Choose neon nail colors based on your personality, e.g. darker shades for clubbing and pastel / ‘macaron’ types for outings with girlfriends. And use crystal nail sheets on alternate fingers, not on all nails.

Lady First SG

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Lady First SG Ep 8: Thigh-tanic

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With the help of the gurus (Jackson, Keith and Liu Yan), this episode seeks to combat lower body issues. Three groups of people are especially susceptible to such weight issues: white collar workers, students and TV addicts. This is because sitting for long periods of time can lead to the accumulation of fat in the belly and hip regions.

12 Tips to Combat Thigh-tanic Issues:

1) Avoid pleats if you have wider hips as they create unnecessary emphasis on the lower half of your body. The reverse is true if you are really skinny and seem to have ‘no hips’ or bum. The same applies for outfits with prints and gathers. lady first sg

2) Save yourself from stretch marks by not drinking too much alcohol, and by avoiding drastic weight gains and losses.

3) If you already have stretch marks (the white, silvery or purplish ones are the worst), use firming and whitening products and massage in circular movements.

4) Oils with high fat content (such as olive oil, rosehip oil) are great for the anti-stretch mark massages.

5) From the time you realize you are pregnant till after you are done with breastfeeding, you should diligently do the massages to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

6) Wear a seamless girdle if you need help creating a firmer-looking tush.

7) To create the illusion of a fuller bum, wear high heels.

8) Avoid wearing floral pants if you have fat thighs. Choose those with smaller prints if you absolutely have to wear them. Avoid contrasting colors. Stretchy jeans are good, especially those with ‘shadows’ down the sides, to create the illusion of slimmer legs. A-line skirts work as well.

9) If you have a fuller bum, then avoid wearing jeans with elaborate designs on the back pockets as these draw unnecessary attention and make your bum look bigger. Skinny jeans are a no-no so avoid following fashion trends blindly. Bell-bottom jeans might be the key.

10) Do some hip slimming exercises like squats, and placing a tennis ball at the back of your knees and moving to the right and left of the ball. lady first sg

11) Wedge sandals can make your legs look longer / slimmer. Lady First SG

12) Wear heels with pointed toes or in nude shades if you’d like to make your legs look longer.

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Lady First SG Episode 6: SOS Quick Fix

This episode is for those times when you need an emergency quick fix for your hair or skin. Experts Wu Yi Lin and Bryan are quick to point out that we do still have to work on our skincare and haircare and cannot make the ‘quick fix’ our daily fix!

1) Candyce : Greasy Hair

Candyce says she uses an oral spray to help her feel calm so her body secretes less oil. The spray purportedly helps you relax and focus too. This Rescue Remedy Spray (get 15% off by following the link at the end of this post) is to be sprayed directly onto the tongue.

For more immediate effects, use dry shampoo. Word of caution: this cannot replace hair-washing!

Yi Lin shared that there are different dry shampoos for pregnant women, women and men – so get the right kind. Those with a spray nozzle to produce fine droplets are best – don’t get the liquid kind which can lead to clogged follicles. Hair thickeners can clog follicles too!

Lady First SG

Part your hair and spray from 10-15cm away, layer by layer. Then attach some hair accessories. Pearl hair accessories are trendy. When using a ‘hair claw’, don’t just clip it on – slide sideways and push upwards.

Lady First SG

2) Lina: Dull-looking Skin

Bryan recommends the Wang San Yang 王三阳 Jasmine Flower Tea. He says you should drink this mindfully; kind of like conscious eating.

Lady First SG

He also recommends using the Nu Skin ageLOC® Galvanic Spa System for 5 minutes, 2 times per week. This device helps in reverse aging, and has different ‘conductor heads’ for slimming, reducing fine lines, etc.

3) Kelly – In Need of a Fuss-free Hairdo

Yi Lin showed us how to just tie 2 braids, give them a twist and secure with a flower hairclip.

Lady First SG

She also mentions that trendy now are hair accessories with pearls and diamonds on them.

4) Celyn – Pimples

Bryan says the special acupoint zhangmen can fight skin irritations and prevent obstetric problems. Pressing this liver meridian nourishes the internal organs. If pressing it hurts, this means the liver is overworked (from late nights or alcohol).

Lady First SG

Yoga-lovers would also be familiar with the tree pose, which activates stem cells and keeps acne under control. Raise your foot as high as possible then raise your arms overhead and say “XU”.

Lady First SG

Once again, drink tea. The ‘shui hsien tea’ (a type of oolong tea) from Fujian, should be consumed before 3pm so it won’t keep you awake at night. Avoid tea after meals; wait half an hour before consumption.

5) Silver – Flaky, Itching and Dry Scalp

Yi Lin recommends a pre-wash scalp treatment (Phytopolléine Botanical Scalp Treatment). Leave for 20mins then rinse it out or go to bed. Use your fingers (not the nails) to press and hold for three seconds on various spots on your scalp.

Lady First SG

Then interlace your fingers, relax and lean back for 3-5 seconds:

Lady First SG

Run your knuckles down the side of your neck, in a ‘guasha’ fashion.

Lady First SG

*Wash your hair even after using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo does not replace regular hair-washing!

[For a list of the products featured in this episode, click HERE]

Lady First Ep 5: Hairstyles That Make Men Go Ooh La La

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This episode is all about how to turn heads with a stunning hairdo no matter whether you have long hair, short hair or curly hair. I wondered if there was any tension within the studio as two hair gurus were featured in this episode. :D

Yi Lin was a natural before the camera while Dexter tried too hard to keep facing the camera while doing his demonstrations – he should have been focused on his subject instead. ;)

Based on the street survey that Kelly conducted, it was found that guys like girls with big curls best.

lady first sg

Take note of the tips associated with your current hairstyle, whether you have curly, straight or short hair, or whether you like wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail.

Curly Hair – Silver

1) Comb through your curls with your fingers, so they look more natural

2) Use a leave-in conditioner before utilizing a curling iron. It can protect your hair from the heat and also help ‘hold’ the curls

3) Men love it when you wear your hair in the over-one-shoulder style – exposing a bit of neckline drives men crazy ;)

lady first sg

Straight, Long Hair – Celyn

1) Part hair in a zigzag fashion so your bangs don’t look as flat

lady first sg

2) For the Princess-y half ponytail, push the ponytail up before adding a hairclip

lady first sg

3) Use a spray to add shine to your hair

The Bun Hairstyle – Hayley

1) Use dry shampoo – it removes excess oil from hair

2) To make a bun, use a thicker sock unless you have a lot of hair. Cut a hole at the tip of the sock, around where your toes should be, then roll the sock outwards into the shape of a donut. The sock should match your hair color. With your hair through the ‘donut’, roll your hair outwards till the bun is formed, and use 2 hair pins to secure it in place

lady first sg

lady first sg

3) Use a serum to reduce frizz

lady first sg

The Ponytail – Kelly

1) Tie a ponytail at the roundest part of the back of your head

2) Tie a French braid for use as a ‘hairband’

lady first sg

lady first sg

Short Hair – Vee

1) If you have heavily damaged hair like Vee’s, don’t use sticky styling products – use more lightweight ones

2) It is trendy to wear your hairband ‘low’ – down your forehead. Use the hairband to push your fringe upwards first so it doesn’t look ‘flat’

lady first sg

[For a list of all the products featured in this episode, click here]

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Lady First SG Episode 3: The Male Revolution

lady first sg episode 3

Are Singaporean men “oily” and “sloppy” like Pauline Lan said last year? According to this episode, yes they are! But help has arrived in the form of gurus Wu Yi Lin and Keith Png!

Yi Lin thinks there is a lot of room for improvement while Keith believes that men go to the gym and get good physiques but wear the wrong clothes after.

Kelly did a survey (at Bugis+) and asked the ladies what they disliked about the way Singaporean men dressed. Some complaints included the pairing of jeans or pants with slippers, an evident lack of effort in dressing up, polo shirts with the collars propped up (ah beng style), long hair, greasy hair, looking sweaty.

And the male respondents said they: live nearby so they felt no need to dress up, drove to this location and hence would not have met many people along the way, were just hanging out with buddies, prioritize comfort over style, chose outfits which kept them comfortable in Singapore’s hot weather.

Having the 5 male guests on the show was such a welcome surprise!

There was Yew Kuang (a director) who was carrying a backpack in a less-than-glam fashion, Daren who wore an outfit with sleeves which were too short plus pant legs which were not rolled up properly, Li Ming Lun was sporting a weird-looking fringe, Jeremy was decked out like a Christmas tree with way too many accessories, and Jason (last year’s winner of Manhunt just sported a really strange hairdo.

(1) Yi Lin thinks Ming Lun posed the biggest challenge of all. He has a flat back-of-head plus he had a couple of bald spots, with most of his hair growing at the back of his head.

Yi Lin used the Phytostim thinning hair Fortifying Spray ($94.40 after discount) and the Wella Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray on Ming Lun.

She recommends botanical therapy for its volumizing effect on hair, leave-in treatment, and scalp treatment.

Lady First SG

(2) Daren flaunted his pearlie whites and shared that he uses Pearlie White Blanc Perfect Professional Whitening Toothpaste (check out the giveaway at the end of this post!)

However, Keith said that while having clean and white teeth is a plus, Daren should also avoid wearing tight outfits with floral prints, as they give him a ‘playboy’ and not-too-sincere vibe.


  • Wear clothes in the right size. Your outfit should not be too tight.
  • If you are muscular, your choice of top should be made from stretchable fabric. Use layering of clothes and do a mix-and-match. Wear a summer jacket made of light, breathable fabric, especially in Singapore’s hot weather.
  • Wear ankle socks with loafers.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

(3) Yi Lin commented that Jason has a rather big head (when taking into consideration his sloping shoulders).

She added some curls to his hair then used a matte finish product

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

(4) For Jeremy, the ladies’ team felt he was wearing ugly underwear, while Keith thought he should not carry too many items in his pockets (and should carry a bag instead).

Candyce recommends Triumph HOM Men’s underwear – “made of sensitive polyamide microfibre – an exceptional material preventing overheating and allowing the skin to breathe – or in elastane cotton for cotton fans.”

Probably the sexiest pair she brought:

Lady First SG

Keith says the trick to layering bracelets is to “focus on the tone”. He also recommended studded shoes from Dr. Martens.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG

Keith also made Jeremy wear a hot pink cap and a scarf around his hips.

Lady First SG

(5) For director Yew Kwang, Yi Lin brushed his hair towards the back of his head, used a non-greasy styling product to add volume to his hair by massaging the product to his hair roots.

Lady First SG

Lady First SG


  • Avoid greasy and glossy products
  • Make your hair look and feel light
  • Use matte finish hair products

 { Giveaway }

I will be doing a review of whitening toothpastes from 4 different brands, including the Pearlie White Blanc Perfect that was recommended in this episode.

whitening toothpastes

I am giving away 1 set of the Pearlie White Blanc Perfect toothpaste as I have two with me. :)

All you need to do is leave a comment on this blogpost (<- click here) and tell me what stains teeth (hint: an example would be something people like to drink every morning). :D