Lamborghini Singapore: The Test Drive My Pal Won’t Soon Forget

test drive lamborghini singapore

Last week, I brought my pals with me to celebrate Huracán Day at the Lamborghini Satellite Showroom at Suntec City. And Max even went for a test drive. The usually too-cool-for-words photographer pal of mine could not stop gushing about the experience, even when we’d left the showroom and gone to Mad For Garlic for food. I joked with his wife, ‘Angie’, that he’d wake her up at night just to tell her “vroom vroom”. The sound from that Lamborghini engine is incredible. And all the contours on their cars are so sexy.

lamborghini singapore test drive

Award-winning pastry chef, Janice Wong, also created an edible chocolate installation (on the feature wall) specially for Lamborghini, with 500 chocolates in green and yellow.

Lamborghini Singapore

For many, a Lamborghini is an object of envy. Few would be able to own one here in Singapore. Because of the speed limits on our roads, it might also be impractical to own one if you love the thrill of driving a fast car. But I think it is a status symbol that many would love to have. My pal, ‘Angie’ (short for Angelina Jolie) is a fan of this particular one, because it has seats in orange. LOL. She also said that every single color Lamborghini picks for their cars somehow works – whether it be orange or green, red or white. I have to agree. lamborghini singapore suntec city

For those of us who don’t have a million dollars to spare, there’s also supercar rental available at Suntec City. Prices start from $298++ for a 15-minute street circuit tour, to $798++ for 60-minutes around Singapore. Check out

If you DO have that million dollars, then make a date with Lamborghini Singapore for a test drive. *wink* Also, follow them on Facebook for updates: