London Fat Duck @ Waterway Point: Definitely Try Their Roast Duck And Pau!

London Fat Duck is one of the last few restaurants to finally be open for business at Waterway Point. I knew it’d be swamped with customers when it’s finally open, so I waited for a while before popping by yesterday with my pal. The reason I wanted to visit was because of its name – London Fat Duck – which made me feel like I’d be missing out on something if I don’t dine here at least once, even though I don’t like roast duck. Yes, I’m totally not a fan of roast duck. Even at our reunion dinners for Lunar New Year, I’ll avoid the roast duck dish. But after my meal at London Fat Duck, I’m now a convert.  I’ve discovered that it’s not that I don’t like duck. It’s just that I didn’t taste really yummy duck before this. LOL!

At London Fat Duck, I’d recommend that you try two items: their signature roast duck, of course, and the Crispy London Duck Snow Bun which is good enough to rival Tim Ho Wan’s (or it may even be better than THW’s!) Come, let me show you the pictures my pal took:

London Fat Duck London Roast Duck Noodles

London Roast Duck Noodles (S$8.80) *Choose either the Soup or Dry version

The duck meat was amazingly good. Tender, moist, and absolutely tasty. I even told my friend that come CNY next year, Punggolians are DEFINITELY gonna be queuing to order the roast duck here. Confirm, guarantee, chop. I know I’ll definitely be ordering this for CNY. FINALLY I’ll be able to indulge in duck at reunion dinner. Hehe! The noodles are pretty good too but I cannot do without pickled green chili. *Just ask the wait staff for it, and they’ll get you the chili. 🙂

London Fat Duck Seafood Congee 'Ting Zai' style

Seafood Congee ‘Ting Zai’ style (S$7.80)

The porridge is good, but I wouldn’t say it is awesome. I appreciate the time and effort the chef must have put in to cook the congee till it’s so fine. It’s great for people who are feeling under the weather – maybe if you’ve had your wisdom teeth extracted, or if you are recovering from a bout of flu. Good comfort food. But I don’t think I’ll be ordering this as a main, ‘cos I’ll definitely get hungry again very quickly.

London Fat Duck Signature Black Pepper London Duck Bun

Signature Black Pepper London Duck Bun (S$5.20 for 3pcs)

I did not expect the black pepper bun to be actually black (or rather, a very dark grey) in color. I thought it was just black pepper on the inside, you know, just added to the filling within. Unfortunately, it was a HUGE disappointment. I took one bite and kinda decided I had enough. The black pepper bun was served after the snow bun, and because the snow bun was SO GOOD, I couldn’t help but be disappointed by the black pepper one. 😛

London Fat Duck Crispy London Duck Snow Bun

Crispy London Duck Snow Bun (S$5.20 for 3 pcs)

Besides their roast duck, when you are at London Fat Duck, you MUST order the snow bun. And eat it immediately when it’s served. It is really, really delicious. And yes, I think it can rival Tim Ho Wan’s world-famous char siew bao. The Fat Duck version has the same crispy outer layer but it seems to be even thinner than THW’s. And the filing is delicious. Go try! I highly recommend it!

Just one bite and I’m hooked:

Waterway Point London Fat Duck Crispy London Duck Snow Bun


Chinese Tea (S$1.50) *free top-up

I like that Fat Duck offers free top-ups of their chinese tea. In fact, the wait staff are so full of initiative that they keep coming by to see what we need, whether the food’s all served yet, and whether I need more tea. I give this restaurant TOP MARKS for service quality. Absolutely fantastic service.

Wasabi peanuts (S$3), Wet Towels (30 cents each)

When you get to the restaurant, you’ll be served some wasabi-coated peanuts. Well, I have to admit that the peanuts ARE tasty, however, they are probably not worth the S$3 I got charged for them. I’ll just return them next time. And yes, I’ll bring my own wet tissues during the next visit, since my home’s within walking distance. 😛

This meal for 2 cost a total of S$37.78 including 10% service charge and 7% GST.


London Fat Duck is located at #01-23 Waterway Point. Tel: 6385 9557.

*Lots of thanks to my pal, Bosco from Hearted Moments Photography, for the pictures taken of this meal. 😀


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