Gold Grill: ‘Singapore’s First Infrared Light Grilling’ BBQ Restaurant

Gold Grill Upper Thomson

Gold Grill at Upper Thomson Road is a Korean-Thai Fusion BBQ Restaurant that I didn’t know existed till he bought the voucher via Groupon (now called Fave, by the way). Besides the novelty factor of having a rotating grill and infrared light to cook your food, I found that the marinates and sauces they use here are very tasty. Make sure you try the infrared light grilling. Your food will get cooked really fast so beware of charring! 😀 We were feeling very hungry after our MacRitchie treetop walk so it was great that we didn’t have to tolerate a long wait before the food could enter our tummies.

*Do beware of burns too if you’re seated close to the grill. I wouldn’t recommend you seat children near the grill as well. He complained of some discomfort after the meal. Apparently the arm that was closer to the grill experienced something akin to a mild sunburn (?). I thought it was weird ‘cos he should have moved away from the grill if he had felt any discomfort earlier on. I experienced no such discomfort.

They have cool packaging for the wet wipes though:

Gold Grill bbq restaurant

I might pop by again if I’m in the area and up for a treat. Since we tried only the chicken platter, there’s still the beef and pork platters to try. At this point in writing, the Groupon / Fave voucher is still on sale so head over to to get yours. 🙂

You’ll enjoy free flow drinks if you purchase the Fave voucher too. Just two options though. When we visited, it was lime juice and passionfruit. It might be different during your visit. Alternatively, you can order the drinks on the a la carte menu and pay for those separately.

*I did Google to find out if infrared grilling is safe, especially when we are using it to cook food. Apparently, it is. But if the food gets charred, and you eat it, then it might not be great for your health. I’ll leave you to do your own research, and draw your own conclusions. My take is that the marinated chicken here is delicious, and that special sauce they use for the prawns is good too. I heard that customers love the mushrooms here, but I didn’t try those during our visit. So I just may go back again. 🙂

Infrared light grilling

Gold Grill is located at 215 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574349. Tel: 9329 4978.