MAKER UNO: Your Robot Pet With A Motion Sensor

Motion Sensing Robot

I spent an hour today learning how to make this robot pet you see in the picture above, and I consider it an hour well-spent. This Maker Uno project turned out to be even more difficult than learning to program and fly a drone. I have zero knowledge of circuitry and things like motion sensors, breadboards, and even jumper wires! (>_<) So it was certainly an intense hour. Once the robot is assembled, though, it can move forward on its own and once it detects an obstacle in front of it, it reverses. Apparently, the sensor uses echolocation (like bats do) to measure the distance between itself and the obstacle. How cool is that?!

Here’s what it looks like when all the wires are in the ‘right’ place, and before I stick everything together with tape:

Maker Uno Singapore

If you think it looks like one big mess, yup, I think the same way too. 😀 But it’s really cool – when you connect it to your laptop or a powerbank via USB, the wheels start turning immediately.

Now I just have to figure out the coding portion for the Maker Uno, and dress up my robot pet! 😀