Marriott Hotel Singapore: Gym

I knew the Marriott Hotel Dinner Buffet would be a hearty affair. Hence I made my way to the gym after check-in at 2pm. On level 4 of the hotel is the Fitness Centre and Spa.

The gym is of a decent size (fairly large, actually), with free weights and all.

Marriott Hotel Singapore

And if you need personal training…

Marriott Hotel Singapore Marriott Hotel Singapore

Imagine my surprise when I saw this basketball court right next to the gym! It’s been a long time since I last played basketball, so it was a really nice workout today!

Marriott Hotel Singapore

Outside the gym, there is a beverage corner. After sweating it out in the gym and on the basketball court, a cup of milo and some crackers was definitely welcome. 🙂 All free of charge! 😀

Marriott Hotel Singapore

Gonna head to the gym again in the morning! I have to. Because of tonight’s dinner *burp*. The dessert segment was awesome! Review will be up soon!

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